Oct. 18, 2021

4 Reasons You Should Live and Work Remotely in South Dakota | Move to SD with The Emond Team



Are you thinking about moving from your populated area to a more rural one? If so, is South Dakota on your shortlist? With more and more companies allowing employees to work remotely, South Dakota might get great option for you. Let's talk about the four reasons you should move to South Dakota to work remotely, and three reasons you shouldn't.

Hi everybody. This is Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. A realtor working right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to South Dakota, rapid city, the black Hills, and the wonderful things about our area. Be sure to hit that subscribe button hit that little bell.

be sure to See all of my rapid city and the surrounding area videos. Right. So before we talk about the reasons why you should or should not move to South Dakota, let's talk about South Dakota itself. South Dakota is a Northern Midwest state just below surprise, surprise North Dakota, but we don't talk much about North Dakota.

Now, when you think of South Dakota, you probably see this now of course, that does happen, but there's so much more to our state Prairie vista's, rugged Badlands, beautiful lakes, scenic mountains, South Dakota, split in half by the Missouri river. Which does create West river and East river, which in itself is another whole rivalry.

East river is primarily Prairie land farms of corn beans and sunflowers. West river is generally more rugged country making way for horse and cattle, ranches and hayfields. Sioux falls is the largest city in South Dakota. It's population being around 190,000 people. Rapid city is second with its population.

About 75,000 people. The capital is Pierre South Dakota. No, it's not Pierre. It is Pierre at 14,000. The next largest cities are Aberdeen Brookings in Watertown between 20 and 30,000 people and Mitchell Yankton here in Pierre, Spearfish rebellion, Brandon and boxelder are between 10 and 20,000 people. Now don't let the size of this community scare you.

Each one has its own claim to fame, its own community feel. And with Midcontinent communications, providing broadband internet services to most of these cities, you should be able to get the connection you need to work remotely, wherever you're at all right. Now that I've learned more about South Dakota, let's go into the four reasons you should consider remote working in the state of South Dakota.

Reason. Number one, the space, the final frontier, the population of South Dakota is about 880,000 people. In 77,184 square miles to put this into perspective, the Denver Metro area has about 3 million people in 60 square miles. That's over three times the entire state of South Dakota in 60 square miles.

If you're looking for a little more space for that neighbor, we got it. You could even settle on some acreage just outside of town. We'll have to make sure though you have that internet connection. Do you believe there are parts of South Dakota that have a limited cell service number? Two, no state income Taxes.

Yep. You heard that right? File your federal income tax forms and be done with it. South Dakota also is a business friendly state. It's in the top five of CNN monies, best States to start businesses. There are no corporate income taxes. There are no corporate gap or gains taxes and our energy costs are relatively low.

With no state income tax, we do get hit on a few other areas, sales taxes on almost everything with the state tax of 4.5%. You can expect to spend 5 to 6% on sale it tax  in most cities plus property taxes. They're not the cheapest in the world. However, even with these taxes, the cost of living in South Dakota, significantly lower than many other metropolitan areas in the United States.

Number three a stable economy. Remember the housing crisis in 2008 home values across the country were dropping 40%, 50%, 60% in rapid city. We dropped 10%. I just started my real estate career back then and was working with Prudential real estate. We had a corporate person come up and say, Hey, this is like heaven up here while everyone else across the country is doing more foreclosures and short sales.

We were still working with buyers and sellers for whatever reason, South Dakota seems to remain steady economically through the tough times even during this pandemic of 2020, we were concerned about the tourist season being really low in the black Hills, but it actually turned out to be a huge year with travelers coming from all over the United States, spending more time in the States and camping and finding ways to have social distance in our area.

Number four. Freedom South Dakota has always had a very strong approach to personal freedom and responsibility. During this COVID pandemic, South Dakota has remained open. There've been no forced closures on the state level, no mass requirements or restrictions. The governor put the responsibility in the hands of the South Dakota people giving us the freedom to decide while encouraging to follow the procedures and guidelines.

Of course, depending on what side you're on, this is either heralded as greatness or condemned as foolishness, but it shows the resolve of the state of South Dakota towards personal freedom and responsibility. South Dakotans are proud Americans with a strong work ethic and a willingness to get things done.

So let's talk about the three reasons why it might not be the best place for you to work remotely. Reason number one, the snow. Yes, that's right. We get winter here as part of the toughness of South Dakota. Did you get the car started yet? How long has it been running? It better be warm by the time I get in there.

The severeness of the winter depends greatly upon that area of the state your planning on moving to check out this video to learn more about the weather in the rapid city area. If you can't stand cold, if you don't want to trade in your real wheel drive fancy car for at least a front wheel drive car. And if you don't like building snowman then South Dakota.

It's probably not the place for you. Do you want to build a snowman? Reason? Number two is rural. We're a bit remote out here. It's a five-hour drive across the state. In fact, a three-hour drive that's just to start to get somewhere from rapid city it's five hours to Sioux falls, it's five hours to Bismarck and it's five hours to billings, Montana.

It's six to seven hours to Denver. There are times along the state highways. You might only pass half a dozen cars. South Dakota is small town living at its finest. Now. This might drive you crazy. You might need to hear the traffic to fall asleep. You might need to go see people every night, go through a different concert, a different venue, a different event.

Now, there are certainly activities and events in south Dakota cities, but they won't rival the hustle and bustle of many metropolitan areas. You measure properties and acres and distances and hours. If this sounds scary to you, South Dakota might not be the place for you. Reason. Number three, if you plan to change things.

So I've left the most important one for last, please hear me out. So South Dakotan are very strong-willed. Determined, mostly genuine people. We like our freedoms. We liked the way things are We like the way things are built. We're not interested in people coming from out of state and changing the way things are.

Now. Don't take me out of context here. There are plenty of things that need some help. There are plenty of issues that we have that need to be addressed. If you come into one of our South Dakota cities and join governments and clubs, the express purpose causing radical change. You're not going to be very well welcomed or appreciated.

We love what we have there's room for you. If you appreciate what you're moving here for join the South Dakota side, my friends. The force strong with us. All right, everybody there, you have it. The four yeses and the three nos. Although I live and work in rapid city, I have contacts all over the state that I love to refer you to real estate agents across the state, that do business like we do with heart and a smile.

Of course, I am kind of partial to the rapid city and black Hills area so much so that I put together about 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city the download link. is Below. Thank you so much for watching. We've got great information out of this video. Take a look at some of my other videos  either here or here?

Have an awesome day. Everybody. Remember love where you live.

Oct. 4, 2021

What's the Weather Like in Rapid City, SD? | Moving to Rapid City




So what's the weather like in rapid city?


Hi I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is so how's the weather up there. Being a Northern state. There's lots of questions. Like how cold is it? How much snow do you get? Does it even get warm in the summer? Do you live in igloos and have horse-drawn sleighs?

I'm here to answer all those questions for you. Stick around to the end, to find out my favorite weather stat for our area. Let's begin with the one that you're asking the most questions about Winter. Now, whenever you've seen South Dakota on the weather channel, you see sideways blowing snow people standing on a five foot drifts.

And while this does happen some times it's not the whole story. What's the matter you guys cold. It's not so much the heat its humidity that will kill you. Winter usually sets in about November and last through February, the coldest temps are in January averaging about 35 and the warmest in November about 47.

Average snowfall in these four months is about six inches per month, but here's the thing. Thanks to the black Hills to the West. We have banana belt weather. So while we do get the snow, usually what happens is it snows? And then the next weeks it's thirties or forties and even fifties, and the snow melts, the snow we get at the beginning of the year, usually does not last through the entire winter on those days it is 50 degrees.

We run outside, leave our coats behind pretend its spring, and the next week we get another snow system and it starts all over again. Well, we have discovered is that winter is the time to be enjoyed, not endured. We've discovered the amazing views of winter hikes. We've seen ice caves. If you love snow skiing and snowboarding, Terry peak is open for the season.

And even when it's too cold to go out, we love to snuggle in watch movies and play games. Now don't get me wrong here. We get snow. It gets cold. Some weeks are below zero with stupid, crazy cold wind chills. So if this is something that's a hard, no for you. Rapid city might not be the place for you then comes March.

March is this tug of war between winter and spring. Sometimes it's winter. Sometimes it's spring many times. It's multiple spring snowstorms that melt the next week. with Temperatures in the fifties it's sprinter. The average temperature in March is 47 degrees, but it's also got the highest average snowfall amount of 11.6 inches.

Take a look at these videos that I put together at the end of March of this year. Really showcase what it's like. It's March 31st sun is shining. The birds are singing 60 degrees outside. It's beautiful. It's April 1st 30 degrees. It's snowing and we're supposed to get eight inches tomorrow. Finally in April may come spring.

With average temperatures are 55 degrees and 65 degrees. We can start to go outside without coats. I love the spring the smells. The birds come back, the green start coming out. The daffodils start blooming. It's an amazing time to be in the black Hills, but don't be surprised if having snowball fights is in your spring to-do list.

Check out this mother's day, where we were making snow chairs and Snowman and had a fun time. These Springs nose drop deep wet snow, which is amazing to play in. but usually. They're gone the next week, June through August, spring are summer months. The average temps in June are 76 in July and August are right around 85.

Once summer hits, we hit the road running and enjoy all the wonderful activities in the black Hills and the Rapid City area. What's amazing about summer in rapid city in the black Hills is our low humidity. Our 90 degree days don't feel like 110 and you can still open the windows at night and let in some cool air.

Yes, it does get hot. There are weeks of 95 to a hundred degree temperatures. You're going to want your AC in your house and in your cars. We thought we could tough it out without AC in our house. But first week in June, my wife handed me the credit card and said, get some AC. Now we love summer in the black Hills.

We were lake people. We love to go out on a path to the Lake. Angostura lake, go kayaking, go water skiing. So many trails to go hiking, campfires, camping so much to do in summertime in the black Hills, September and October, we're bringing the glorious fall months. We usually hope for a warm September to continue our Lake days, but it's certainly great to open up the windows at night and really get that cool air in the house.

September temperatures are perfect. 74 degrees on average and October cools down to a 60 degrees. With the changes in the leaves comes more great smells, leisurely walks and scenic drives in the black Hills. You notice them using the word. Usually a lot. South Dakota is known for its crazy weather patterns Spearfish South Dakota holds the world's record for the fastest temperature change.

It changed 49 degrees in two minutes after a Chinook wind came and warmed up the atmosphere. We've raked leaves. And our jackets on Thanksgiving day in 2013 when snowstorm. Atlas came by, that was on October 3rd. We had a long winter that year. But into January, 2020. It was 50 degrees. I was running around town with my windows.

Open. The weather in South Dakota is never normal. The weather patterns I described happen more often than not. Now for my favorite rapid city weather stat, rapid city enjoys 225 days of full or partial sunny a year. That's a lot of nice sunshine that makes life a lot easier on those cold winter days and those beautiful summer mornings sunshine.

We have lots of sunshine. So for a quick recap, snow. Yes, igloos. Not so much sunshine, lots summer check four distinct seasons. You bet. If you've enjoyed this video and it's provided you valuable insight of the rapid city weather patterns, please hit subscribe and hit the notification bell. Each video is packed with Rapid city information to help you make your decision on moving to rapid city.

Check out this fun video I made about winter and rapid city. And remember, love where you live.

Sept. 20, 2021

From 3 Bed, 2 Bath to VanLife | An Emond Team Client Story



It was the most money I've ever held in my hand. You're like, I've never had a check that big, like ever everybody Tristan Emond here, mindful living Realty in rapid city, South Dakota. I got a chance to sell a home for a client early this year. Not for the normal reasons, but because they were going to sell everything out and move into a van.

And I got a chance to talk with Vinny and Elise. In their van, check it out. Let's start with the story of how you got into van life. So I remember Vinny back in like 2015. I believe your job was going pretty good. You were always out vacationing and, uh, it seemed like you were like, okay, I need to grow up now and get myself a house.

And I think he knew, at least at that time kind of go with me from your thought forms at that point. So I was traveling, uh, took a couple cruises to the Caribbean. Um, really liked traveling a lot, decided I should get a nice house. I was dating Elise at the time. So I've looked for a bigger house. I went for a three bedroom, two bath, think this was going to be our house.

This was going to be the one we were going to build a family. And, you know, I have people over entertain, stuff like that. And then, uh, we went to Hawaii. Couple of years ago and we're like, man, we would really like to have a life full of vacation, a life that we don't need a vacation from. And, uh, so we got to brainstorming.

And Elise kind of found this thing. A van life went on YouTube. So I followed a few couples that were doing the van life already. And one of them was really big and, they had like millions of followers and they were down in South America and I'd been following them for a while and saw how they were like living in the sedan.

And I kind of showed Vinny and been like, I don't know how they're affording to do this. And so we just kind of looked into it a little bit more and more found more people that were doing it and how they budgeted everything. And then kind of decided that we could probably do that. Yeah. So, uh, we got to talking and we got engaged and then it was like, do we do this van?

Do we not? And then, uh, there was one night we had a conversation on how bad do you want to do this? And so. She took a sticky note. I took a sticky note on, it was like from scale of one to 10. How bad do you want to van life 10 being like, let's do it right now. One being like, not at all. And I think I had a, an eight and you had a seven.

Yeah. And so then we started the process of buying the van. Um, And then working on it. Uh, we got married in the process, so it took us a while, but then we decided we're just going to sell everything, save up as much money as we can, and then take off at the end of, uh, 2020. Well, that's really cool. I remember you coming to my office, you know, like, Hey, I want to, I want to talk to you.

So you, we got to my office, we sat on the couch and he said, you know what? We're going to sell everything and live in avan. And I want. Well, I've seen people do that, but what and you were just like, yep, we've got ourselves a van we're going to retrofit it. And then next thing you know, we're putting home on the market, go through about how that would be.

Were you guys through the process of the house when we contacted Trisan and I told him, Hey, well, let's get this thing going. We wanted to move really fast. But the housing market at the time was really hot. So we knew once it got on the market would probably sell quick. So I contacted Tristan and. We got to talking and he's like, all right, let's make it happen.

And then he came over to the house, he took a look and he's like, how soon do you want this on the market? I was like tomorrow. So we just want to make things happen. So went through the process. Um, we got it sold. We went with an aggressive price and we got, we wanted, which was really awesome. Um, then after they went under contract, it was like, it kind of got real, like, okay, we're about to get rid of this house.

So then we kept trying to downsize. We kept. Getting rid of stuff, selling things, they had some stipulations they wanted in the contract and we got all those taken care of. Um, and then cleaning up the house. It was slowly getting more and more real that, you know, we're about to live in a van and it's like, okay, Then we moved everything out.

It turns out we had way more stuff than we thought. We ended up filling her parents and basement full of stuff. And we're still going through it to this day, but we're slowly getting rid of stuff, but now it's like, okay, so let's, we're going to live in a van. It's pretty cool. You know, we've been in a van for a little over two weeks now and uh, so, so far it's been going great, but it's.

Very less stressful. I don't want to worry about mowing the grass or fixing stuff around the house. You know, it takes like five minutes to clean this whole van. So yeah, doing the dishes takes like 10 minutes and it's super simple. So it's just a simpler way of life. Closing the house. Papers are signed.

You go to the title company, you pick up the check last check for the place that you were in forever or the past few years, the place that you got married in. And at that moment, what did you, what did you think, what did you feel? Did you have a huge celebration? Was like, Holy crap. What, what was your emotion at the time when you, when you grab that check?

When actually when we went to pick up the check, we walked in the check, wasn't even ready. The lady was walking down the aisle or the hallway and she's like, you're Vince Herman. I was like, yes, sir. Or yes ma'am. And she's like, here's your check? I was like, yes, I got it. And I looked. It was the most money I've ever held in my hand.

Like, I've never had a check that vague, like ever. So I looked at it showed Elise and she's like, I was like, we're going to the bank right now taking it to the bank. So we hopped in the truck, drove to the bank, cash, the check. And then, uh, we looked at it and I was like, instantly, we just paid off the van.

So we have no debt whatsoever. We just paid everything off and then live in these next few months, you know, still working full time. It's just saving up more to travel longer. At least I know that you spent a lot of time with the upgrades, with the fixing, with the, the painting, all these other things.

Tell me more about how you went through that process and what you were doing in the interim, taking it from a, basically a panel van to creating your home. COVID actually sped up that process quite a bit. So I was serving tables prior to COVID and so March kind of hit and we went into kind of a shutdown.

So Vinny was still working full time. So I ended up just taking all of my extra time and throwing it into the van. So we insulated the whole thing. We built everything from the ground up everything's made of like plywood, like half inch Birch plywood. And so we bought none of it. Already manufactured. So it took a lot more time than I think we anticipated.

And we have no carpentry experience whatsoever prior to this or electrical or plumbing or electrical or plumbing. So we just kind of taught ourselves as we went and kind of bought things as the money became available. And so. Um, we spent so much time, just even like trying to figure out where we were going to put stuff much less building it, getting the electrical figured out, teaching ourselves how to do all of that.

So it was challenging, but it was fun. Everything's done and get things paid off. Where's your first trip plan? So our first stop is actually a Bismark North Dakota watch out. Um, the reason we had to go to Bismark is most of my family lives up there. And before we take off on this long journey, we want to say goodbye to all of our family and tell him we won't be around for a while, but after that we're going to head West.

Right. And then we're gonna head over into, uh, our goal is to do every. National park and every state. So I'm about through Montana and over into Oregon, California and down. And then, and if we get lost in like a ski resort, so yeah. Well, guys, that sounds incredible. So I, I wanted to follow you if I wanted to check up on your adventures, are you planning on documenting that?

Like a lot of other people are, so if you want her to find us, we're going to be documenting our trip. Uh, our Instagram is freedomoffthegrid. All one word, our Facebook is Freedom off the Grid and then our YouTube channel. That's, we're going to start here eventually is also going to be Freedom off the Grid, and we're going to document all of our travels, be blogging.

Um, Elise is going to do some pictures along the way. And, uh, so if you guys want to follow us, then we'd more than appreciate that. Yes, there we have it everybody Vinny and Elise going from three bedroom, two bath to van life, going to check out all the national parks in the nation. As long as I got a fun to me, I'm not sure I could do it though.

Thanks for watching. Have a great day. and remember love where you live.

Sept. 6, 2021

Black Hills Fall Foliage - Vanocker Canyon, Sturgis South Dakota



Welcome back to Tristan around town its September 20th. So we're right on the edge of great fall leaves and black Hills today we're going down my favorite spot, vanocker Canyon to check out the leaves.

Hey Everybody I am Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel where we talk everything about moving to rapid city and the black Hills area and all the wonderful things about rapid city and these black Hills. And now. Let's go for a drive.

Now it is a little smoky today due to all the fires in the West coast, but we still should be able to see the leaves in the trees. Even though, maybe not be able to see quite the blue sky that we usually see in the distance.

Sometimes you got to climb the Hill to get the shot. Thanks for coming along with me today. I think we timed it about perfect. Next weekend might be used a little bit too late vanocker canyon is just one of the many roads that you can take to the Hills to check out the leaves during fall. Don't forget to check out Spearfish Canyon by far the most popular Nemo road is a great choice as well.

Love it out here in the black Hills, we think you will too. Have an amazing day. and remember love where you live.


Aug. 23, 2021

Where Can You Buy a Home in Rapid City Under $300,000?



I'm so ready to buy a house. I'm thinking Southwest corner of rapid city. Excellent. We can help you with that. How much have you got to spend?  I've been pre-approved for a hundred grand. Oh, um, um, yeah. What do you need? What do you need? What do you need?

Everybody I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. Welcome to my real estate channel, where we talk about moving to rapid city and all the wonderful things here in rapid city. Go ahead hit that subscribe button. Smash that bell. Make sure you get notified of all my rapid city  videos in today's video.

We're going to talk about the different places that you can buy a home under $300,000. We'll get online, take a look at the areas and also give you a sneak peek of a few properties in each price point to give you an idea of what you can buy for that price there. You ready? Okay, everybody here we are on my website, rapidhomesonline.com and I've begun the search for under $150,000 concentrating on the rapid city area.

So as you can see here in rapid city, if you've got to spend under $150,000, you can expect that you're going to go be on the North side of town and maybe a little bit in the South side of town. Notice over here on the left side, you can see square footage is usually considerably smaller. And if there is some anomaly, there's a reason for instance, this one on sixth street, it is totally unfinished.

So while it's a good property, if you'd like to invest in it, if it's something that's, you're going to move right into, it's not going to work. Right. So going back to the map, we can see all the different properties here under $150,000. Generally speaking, if it's under a hundred thousand dollars, There's a reason for it.

For instance, this property in Anamosa, I looked at before, and there are some significant foundation issues, which is the reason it's still on the market and under a hundred thousand dollars as we move up in the price point, closing closer $150,000. You'll see, you will start heading closer towards the South side of town and have properties that might be a little more financeable than some of the others.

Notice this one here on the West side. The only one on the West side, but notice it is 656 square feet. So it's a small little house that was, we run the search for 150,000, 200,000. You'll see it again. And as we begin to the $150,000 price range, a lot of North, a lot of Southeast, and really, we don't start seeing anything closer to West side until we get into closer to the 200,000 where you can see these are getting closer to that price point.

The other thing I'd like to point out through here, as we scroll through these. As if you look here, you can see which ones are under contract. And as we roll through

the majority are under contract, looking at a very hot market in this price point, especially under the a hundred, 200,000 price point, things are moving very quickly in rapid city during the spring. Before we get going to the next price point. Let's look at some properties here so you can get a feel for what you can buy for the amount of money or example this property in St.

Andrew, I actually have buyers that bought this property for 170. You can see that the outside needs some work

inside. It's not  it's not too bad.

Downstairs really need some work. Now we'll pick, go with, to a property closer to 200,000 range

we can see that the property is a little more done, little more move-in ready. Things are a little more prepared for a buyer to move right in. As this was on the West side, we'll see certain things such as older windows, older style homes.

And the occasional blue panneling. Right? Right. Quick break. Let's take a look at where my favorite calculator apps. It helps us calculate that loan into a payment for you. Let's go ahead and click this app that I've got open here called financial calculators. Go to the loan calculator. Now we're only going to enter in $250,000.

If you get a feel for that price point. Interest rates are hanging around right around 4%. So hit the calculate button. We can get a $250,000 home at a 4%.30 year loan is About 1200 bucks a month. All right. Back to the houses. As we move up to the price point from 200,000 to 250,000, we'll see that we have a lot more options in other places of town, including North of the mall, rapid Valley, further out West side, even closer to the hospital down the Southeastern part of town.

And as we get into a property that is closer to 250,000, it could be contrast to the $200,000 one we just looked at. You can see  considerably nicer properties, nicer finishes,

closer to 2000 square feet.

Ready for you to move into, but as we'll also notice within this 250 price point, we have more, a lot of under contract listings as we move from the 250,000 to $300,000 price point. We'll notice that you'll have quite a few more new construction options. Now, typically these are one level finish with an unfinished basement.

Popular subdivisions, such as chapel Valley and other proper subdivisions on the West side of town. As you can see, as we moved along to the next batch, you'll see more properties South and West. And so this is the newer construction Copperfield

properties. Closer to $300,000 will get you considerably more square footage. More bedrooms. We'll have a lot more amenities and features than your properties before.

If you're considering new construction, this might be the perfect place to start just under $300,000 without breaking the bank. So you can see, we have many options in this price point.

And let's not forget the basic,disclaimer it's June, 2020. when I'm rolling through this website and looking at these properties, the prices, sizes, conditions, availabilities, all that information may not be sure if you're watching this say two years later, make sure that you keep in touch with me for the local information.

See how things are going. Typically, rapid city real estate holds very steady, but an upward slant, but you never know what might happen next. If you haven't already check out this video, want to go through each area of the black Hills MLS to give you a better feel for where it is in the city.  Also check out my rap- .

We love rapid city playlist because he, all of the fun stuff about rapid city. Thanks for watching. And remember love where you live.


Aug. 9, 2021

Best Black Hills Hikes - St. Elmo's Peak



Welcome back To best black Hills hike Tristan about town today, its 8:30  in the morning, we're climbing up St. Elmo's peak.

Hey, I'm Tristan Emond, mindful living royalty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel. I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the area and all the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. Be sure to hit the subscribe button, click that little bell should be notified at all.

For all my rapid city videos now... Back up the hill.

When I mean up, I mean, straight up

So apparently someone forgot to do the end shot when we took this hike back in the fall. Thanks everybody for watching. Have an amazing day, have a Merry Christmas and, love where you live .

July 26, 2021

Pros and Cons of Living in Rapid City, SD | Should You Move Here?



There's a saying that goes, well, you can't have everything. And while I think we use that a lot just as, as an excuse, it's true that you might not love everything about where you live. So today I got out my legal pad, I've got my pro and my con. We're going to talk about five pros and five cons about living in rapid city

Hey Everybody I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel. Watch  out everything about moving to rapid city and a wonderful things, but rapid city and the black hills. You sure. To stick around to the end of the video. Cause I've got special guests, Emilia and Charlotte helping me out.

They're really cute. And now let's get to the pros versus the cons con number one long winters. That's right. I'm starting with the cons. Let you know, I'm not messing around right here. So if you watch my weather in rapid city video, which is around here somewhere, you will have heard me say, yeah, we have winter, but it's not terrible.

We get snow. And then it melts. And then we get snow again in the melts, all of which are true statements. But I also said, when do we get the most snow. During the year on average March. That's right. When everybody else, my friends and the other parts of the country, they're talking about spring and they're talking about planting things.

We're still shoveling snow from the driveway, but by March I'm ready to go outside without a coat? I'm ready to start seeing some grass and some dandelions and start seeing the leaves come back on the trees. However, this is snow in March, a lot more spring light. So we out and enjoy it. We will send down Hills.

We have snowball fights. We built snowmen and have snowman contests one year even built a chair and sat in the chair and took pictures with me and my Florida. T-shirt Florida sweatshirts, sorry. And a glass of ice tea. There will be snippets of spring, but snow, winter, it just ain't done yet. Pro number one.

The black Hills. A few years ago, I did a Facebook post and I asked, okay, rapid cityians what do you love most about where we live? Easy. Number one, answer our black Hills playground. It's been especially amazing during this 20, 20 year. When you know, there isn't much anywhere else to go. We climbed up peaks and saw the other side.

We camped out a lake Angostura we've hung out on our boat. Most of the summer, we went rock climbing with friend and we were going sailing in the Moonlight. And that was just a few things we did this summer. And the black Hills has all these scenic drives to go up, to check out my video of Vanocker Canyon.

During the fall, I was on my way to Deadwood for one of their many events. Speaking of events and small towns, Deadwood has all sorts of things going on. So does Spearfish Sturgis Hill, city, even hot springs, have some amazing events that are fun to go to. And when it does snow go find you some snowshoes, go winter, hiking.

The views and the winter, there are amazing. Maybe you can go ice climbing. I don't know why you would, but you could do that too. There's snowmobiling go snow skiing and Snowboarding or you can light a torch and set a wooden beetle on fire con number two, hail hail seems to be our areas national disaster of choice.

Maybe I have a few tornadoes. Of course, we don't get any hurricanes. Occasionally we have some very wet years, but yes, to strong winds and thunderstorms bringing big chunks of ice this year 2020, we've had four significant hailstorms that caused significant damage to homes and cars. Now, while this isn't catastrophic, it certainly is a pain calling the insurance companies, calling the contractors, making sure that your property gets fixed and taken care of.

You certainly go on and make sure you have good insurance. with a low deductible, because you're going to use it. Now this isn't all bad. At some point, your Roof will probably need to be replaced and chances are insurance will replace it way before you'll have to do to the Hail in our area. Pro number two, sunshine.

I love the, see the sun and we get an average of 260 days a year that are either partial or full sun. It makes the winter so much less dreary. When you see the sunshine shining off the snow. Watching the sunset at Pactola is one of the most wonderful things you can do in the black Hills. I've talked with other family and friends who live in areas where winter is cloudy and always gloomy, or it's raining a lot.

Not for me. I love to see the sun. I love that it's out quite a bit of the year here in rapid city. The sun just makes every day just feel so much more positive, happier, and of course, brighter con number three. Construction all my goodness. As soon as there's a little bit of a lapse in the snow in March, all of a sudden here come, the orange cones and the blinking lights all over town.

Now you would think that they would stag around some, so people could travel from one side of the town or the other, right. Nope. Almost this entire year, they've been working on Omaha street, which is our main East West connector sometimes in different places. Then we're working on fifth street up by the hospital, which is our main North South connection.

And then they've been working on main street by the post office. They've been working down sheridan Lake road. So trying to get from  one side of town to the other. Is ridiculous. You know, there's that meme of Julia Roberts thinking and she's together, mass symbols all around her. That really should be a meme that says rapid Citians, trying to get from one side of town to the other, without running it to road construction road construction.

Sure. It'll be better when it's done, but it's always going on. pro number three, rapid city, city of parks. I love my rapid city parks. Quick history lesson back in 1972, there was a flood that took out a lot of rapid city homes and businesses along rapid Creek. Since then, these areas were made into green spaces and parks.

You're never too far from a park in rapid city. The concrete bike path runs all the way through rapid city, nine miles as follows Rapid Creek. There are playgrounds and picnic areas, plus benches to sit and daydream. The trees are big and beautiful. They look amazing. The fall, the squirrels are running around, chattering on next to the sound of the Creek.

Bumbling past there are tennis courts and basketball courts, Frisbee golf course, and even a horseshoe pit fish in the Creek, or let your dog run free in the dog park. So many beautiful places to see and explore con number four, potholes are us. Now you would think after my last con that the roads would be smooth.

I mean, if we're always working on the roads, there must be just a bunch of smooth roads around town. Right. Yeah, not so much, especially in the residential areas that are bumpy and there are a Cracked and any repairs is just adding more asphalt into the mix. Add that on top of the necessary road dips for drainage and bull.

You better not have one of those low riders from back in the day. Wait, are those still popular, including this or the railroad crossings. Now the ones downtown they're being worked on pretty consistently see con number three. But some of the other ones, ouch. You better not be rolling over those too fast or you be flying over them like the General E Lee

like a piece of cake. Cut that one close there hauss. pro Number four, downtown, rapid city downtown. It's just cool. First. You've got your local restaurants, great food, popular places. Then you've got main street square family-friendly events all year long. And its even got ice skating in the winter time, Thursday nights, they block off seventh street.

And if you can dance to a band with a beer in your hand. So even I did that, I love the unique shops, art galleries, and murals. Plus you can pretend to be an artist to canvas and paint and get yourself locked in a room for hours. And one of the escape rooms and Christmas time, it's all lit up and Christmasy.

Watch the parade of lights the weekend after Thanksgiving, then walk down the street or hopefully it'll snow. We just kind of coming down lightly to complete the feel and just feel that holiday season, lots of coffee shops around by to warm up with your coffee or hot chocolate con number five, it's a bit remote.

We're a bit by ourselves out here. Let's take a look at this map. It's about five hours to anywhere. Sioux falls, Bismarck billings. It's six hours to Denver. And because of this, we've got about 150 mile trade radius where all the towns and communities nearby come to rapid city. Now this is great for our economy, but our population is such that we're not first on the list.

for a lot of new stuff. You know, Lyft, we have, we didn't get that to like 2018. I always laugh at those Carvana ads, cars in a vending machine. Yeah. And you can have around here anytime soon. Trendier shopping places like whole foods. Macy's, Nordstrom's nah go to Denver our regional airport. It's amazing to have right nearby, but it's expensive to fly in or out.

We do have Allegiant airlines, which flies Las Vegas and Arizona for relatively cheap price. But of course, anything that you add on top of that is more money, more money, more money. However, this also means we really don't have traffic. I could complain about rush hour traffic through the construction zone on Omaha.

But you're still going to get from one side of the town to the other in under half an hour. Yeah, we're remote. There's fewer people out here. but the Yards are bigger. The people are friendlier and we kind of enjoy it that way. Pro number five, the people of rapid city, you find the people in rapid city to be mostly friendly and helpful.

They'll smile to you. As you walk down the street, your neighbors will wave. As you drive past, everybody's ready to let you be. You. You'll start a conversation with other dog owners at the park. Of course, there's always a few bad apples, but the people in rapid city are genuine, honest, hardworking people.

They might not be neighborhood parties anymore, but if you respectful of who they are on their right to live, they'll do the same for you. The smile and a wave bonus pro number six, freedom. Now I know this seems to be a weird thing to talk about considering we live in the United States of America. With everything that has been happening this year in 2020, we've been honored to keep our personal responsibilities here in rapid city work has continued.

We keep living our lives. We've been fortunate to have the black Hills right next door to escape, to and enjoy. During this time, generally in South Dakota, we have fewer rules, fewer regulations, fewer limitations in place. Yeah. Yes. There are still covenants on properties. No, you can't park 10 vehicles on your property.

Work on them all at once. Sometimes the city of rapid city kind of likes to feel power hungry by saying what they would can and can be done certain businesses and areas, but for the most part it's live and let live. So now we see that con number five. It's actually a problem. The past couple months I've been helping people from all over the country, get into properties, more space, more yard and more freedom.

Does this sound like something you're interested in? If so, be sure to download my 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city. The link is below. Thanks for watching Tristan's video, don't forget to subscribe and please turn on the notification bell. Thanks for watching. and remember love where you live .


July 12, 2021

5 Things to Know Before PCSing to Ellsworth AFB | Welcome to the Black Hills



Have you received orders to be transferred to Ellsworth air force base, Stick around for the five things you need to know.

Hey everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to find a real estate YouTube channel where I talk everything about moving to the rapid city area and all the wonderful things about rapid city and the  black Hills. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button.

Right in that little belt, make sure you notified all my rapid city videos. And now let's get to the five. What can I say? Except you're welcome. Number one. The area Ellsworth air force base is just off the Northern edge in the city of box elder box elder is right along Interstate 90 as you go *WEST* about 10 miles.

You hit rapid city, South Dakota, the gateway to the black Hills. Box Elder has really grown in the past few years and now has around 9,500 people and has been the third fastest growing city in South Dakota in 2020. Compare that to Sioux falls, which is number five and rapid city, which is number eight.

Number two, what is there to do after all its South Dakota right? It's really nothing to do in South Dakota. Right? As I mentioned before, gateway to black Hills, the black Hills is our playground. If you love nature, there's hiking, camping, and fishing. You don't have to operate vehicles that are ATV trails, scenic highways and bike trails, looking for more adventure, wind cave bear country, reptile gardens, there's even a new hovercraft park.

One of my favorite things is zip line and rope climbing court near Keystone. And of course it was all those things. The black hills was known for mount Rushmore, crazy horse, deadwood, Spearfish Canyon. And so much more to do. There's some fun stuff to do in rapid city as well. Downtown. I love main street square.

There are many events like the beer festival, Halloween festivals, so many things during the air. Plus Thursdays on seventh street, there are a Free band free beer garden. You can also explore the unique shops, canvas to paint and escape rooms. Love your craft beers. There's a number of local breweries and even some wineries rapid city has plenty of culture too, with lots of museums, art galleries and events.

And during the winter, we've got the rush, our semi-professional hockey team. Number three, should I rent first even if you're planning on living on base right away, you might be asking the questions. Well, later on, should I rent or should I buy. This question is something that really only, you can answer for yourself, you and your situation and your family, but let's go over a few things that you might consider when you're considering renting a property versus buying a property.

Now, it makes a lot of logical sense, move into an area, make sure that you rent for a while and kind of get a feel for everywhere around all the different areas. So when you buy a property, you're in a spot where you really enjoy living, where you really want to be. And that's great. If that's what you'd like to do.

However, I'd like to point just a few things out to you, just so you understand how things roll. When it comes to renting in our area. Number one, the rental market, it's pretty tough. You might be able to buy a property, even maybe even a better, bigger property for the same month that you can rent for number two, if you're looking for just a six month lease to rent for six months and then to move on from there, it's a little more difficult to find a year lease is pretty common.

So if you're looking for a shorter rental term, the options are going to be considerably limited. Number three pets. A lot of rental properties have two responses when it comes to that, that's either  ah-ah give me your money. You do have furry family members, you may have more options and more opportunities for you and them buying rather than renting.

If renting is the best option for you, I have links and resources that can help you find that rental for you and your family. Number four. If you are planning to buy a home, where should you buy it at? Now, if you were talking to an air force member that has been here 20 years ago, he might tell you box is not the place to live, but things have changed.

As I mentioned before in box elder, there is more new construction out in box elder than anywhere else. The number of developments out there are popping up all over the place. So it's very possible to get it into a newer home, just minutes away from work. If you're the type of person that likes to be farther away from work rapid Valley, which is on the South side of rapid city is a very popular choice.

If you don't mind up to half an hour commute to work, you can live in West side, rapid city or close to the Hills in Piedmont or Blackhawk in 2019, the average home sale price was $219,000. If you need to get into a three bedroom, two bath home in the rapid city and surrounding area, you better expect to spend.

At least $200,000 would be better for you to have 225 or 250 to get into a property that's nicely done and move in. Ready. If you're looking to get a bigger home with more wow factor and more amenities that are expect to spend over 300,000, perhaps you're asking why are Rapid City home homes so expensive to answer this.

Let's check out the map here of the rapid city area. As you can see here, we're hours away from many other major cities. It's five hours who falls five hours to Bismarck, another five hours to Missoula. And it's six to seven hours, seven to Denver, which is the nearest metropolis around us because of this.

Our area has about 150 mile trade radius, which brings in people from all over the place into rapid city for services and shopping that we offer. In this trade radius, we have the largest hospital. We have the airport, we have the civic center where all the events and concerts happen. So we bring all these people to our area for that I don't on top of that, all the tourism for our area, the agriculture and Ellsworth air force base.

And we always have a consistently strong economy in our area because of that. We generally have low inventory, lots of buyers. which Drive up the prices. We've seen an increase in our home prices in our air for the past 10 years. What's great about this for you. So we have a greater chance of getting your home sold and it cleanly.

When you're ready to move for your next station. I have a number of military clients here that hung onto the properties rather rented them out. And hope someday to come back and live in the black Hills. Number five. How can we get your home purchased long distance? Now, hopefully you've got your order soon enough that you're able to start looking around at properties online, and you can start checking out where things are at and what things you really love in the area.

If you get ahold of us sooner, rather than later, we can help you go through the process, get all those boxes checked, and hopefully we can get you moved into a property. When you're ready to actually move out here. The first step is pre-approval. I always will recommend a local lender. They understand what's going around around our market, and if I need to get ahold of them, I can go knock on their door.

The local lenders that I trust have very competitive rates and have been doing a very good job of getting us closed on time. Number two, your orders obviously this is a, no-brainer got to have them. They need to be in writing. If you've got a verbal, we can still go around and look for properties. If you don't have your orders in writing, we're a little hesitant write an offer for you.

Just in case things change because you know, they can, whoever we can always make an offer contingent upon you receiving your orders, which means if you don't get those orders in writing or things change, you can get out of that home purchase, but making an offer contingent upon your orders makes it a little bit weaker.

And then the tough market, it really can be difficult to win out on a property with multiple offers with your contingency. Number three, don't be afraid to contact me and let me help you. There are so much you can see on the line of our property. There's also a lot. You can't see what does the neighbor down the street look like?

Do they have cars over their yard? Is there a drainage ditch in the backyard? Maybe there's huge power lines behind that. You don't like. There's so many things that I can help you see once you've established your favorites. I'll schedule a time to get together with you and either to zoom or Skype or some kind of video conferencing software to go take you through the home virtually I'll take you to the property, open up closet doors.

I'll give you my opinion about the property. Make sure that there's no leaking under the sink. I'll do all the things that you can't see as you're looking, even on some of the virtual tours. Online after we've narrowed down your list by a few video tours. I hope you have a chance to come out here for a weekend and we can take a look at the homes that you love personally.

And go from there. We'll look at the properties we'll to the area. We'll give you a tour of rapid city itself. Give you an idea of where the fun things are, and then we'll write an offer on your favorite. I also like to put together an offer on your second favorite, so that one is ready to go in case for whatever the reason the first one falls apart.

Now, if we need to, I can always, yeah. Right. An offer for you and a property without you physical, looking at the home. Obviously I don't recommend this. There is so much more to do a home than what you can see. There's that feel when you walk in the door that I want to make sure that you're a part of but I'm happy to work with you in whatever situation you're in to make sure you get into that home that you love after you've had a chance to visit, and we get your offer accepted.

We then go through the process of making sure we get the inspections lined up, making sure the lenders are doing their job and doing everything we can to make sure we get closed at successfully. It does take about 45 to 60 days to close on a home in our area. So make sure that you include that in your time frame for when you're coming out.

Our goal is to have everything done and ready so that when you report to base. You'll be able to move right in. I've helped a number of families, just like you PCs to Ellsworth air force base over the years, whether you're planning on living on base renting first and buying later or buying right away, we're here to help you in whatever way we can.

We've done this before. We'll do it again. I hope you've enjoyed this video and the information we've provided has been helpful. If we can help you out in any way, please contact us for more videos about rapid city in the area. Check out this video here, or this video here. Thanks for watching. Have a great day and love where you live.


June 28, 2021

7 Reasons You Should Move to Rapid City | Tristan Emond, Mindful Living Realty



Are you thinking about moving to rapid city? I've got seven reasons why you should, SEVEN! Ah, ah, ah, Stick around. We'll get you home.

Hello. My name is Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. I've lived, worked in, played in rapid city since 1990. And here, I'm going to give you the top seven reasons why you should make the move to rapid city, South Dakota. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to be notified of all of my future rapid city videos.

You learn everything you need to know about rapid city and moving to it. And now let's get on with the show. Reason number one, rapid city is the gateway to the black Hills. Within minutes, you can be immersed in the 1.2 million acre black Hills national forest, whatever your favorite outdoor activity is, whether it's camping.

Fishing hiking, snowshoeing, or even hitting the slopes. You can be at a multitude of beautiful places in under an hour. Wildlife fun attractions, scenic views, historic towns there's just so much to do. We love our black Hills backyard. Reason number two, rapid city, city of parks. I love my rapid city parks. canyon lake park has a fishing bridge and its own Island.

I love to walk on the bike path next to rapid creek in Soiux park. Don't forget to attend one of the many events at Wilson park. There's a bunch of fun playground equipment and Memorial park and stopped by founders park to play sand volleyball, hike up M Hill. And access the array of trails at Hanson Memorial park trails.

There's so many things to explore. Reason. Number three, downtown rapid city downtown is the place to be. It has unique shops, amazing restaurants, the historic Alex Johnson hotel. Cool things to do like canavas to paint and escape rooms. The focal point is main street square, which transforms from ice rink in the winter to an event extravaganza during the rest of the year.

I love downtown during the holidays, when it lights up for the season and the annual parade of lights parade, number four, the climate I know every time you see South Dakota on the news, it's usually blowing sideways. So ice and cars in the ditch. But it's not always that way. Especially here in rapid city, rapid city enjoys a banana belt type of weather, weather pattern where one day we have snow the next day, it's 40 and it all melts here.

We have four seasons, lots of sunshine and low humidity. I grew up in Southwest quarter of Minnesota. So I understand humidity. I remember waking up with damp sheets, putting on damn clothes here in rapid city. You get cooled down enough at night that you could open up the windows and let in the fresh air.

Number five events and music. Homeshow, stock show, gem and mineral show, whiskey and beer festivals, so much more go on at a civic center. Plus there was the Broadway show series, orchestra performances, and a variety of concerts. During the summer, you can go downtown on Thursday nights, where they host summer nights, they have free bands, beer gardens activities for the kids.

In addition to this, you've got the black Hills community theater, Seraphim theater and local performances at coffee shops and bars. And this just scratches the surface of everything going on in rapid city. Number six, the culture rapid city has amazing history from the dinosaurs to the native Americans, to the westward expansion, to the gold rush.

All of which are celebrated in our art displays in museums, the dahl fine arts center displays, local art and host many events and concerts. The museum of geology, will have you staring at dinosaur bones while the journey museum will showcase how rep city God settled. You'll love art alley Prairie edge, the downtown murals, and many other art museums and showcases number seven.

Sports fitness and activities. In addition to the many city parks, there are also numerous outdoor pools an indoor recreation arena with indoor pool, an indoor ice skating rink, and even a YMCA. There are tennis courts, racquetball courts, baseball and softball parks soccer complexes as well as a number of private workout and yoga businesses.

Walk the track two part test out your arm at the Frisbee golf course. And check out the mini beautiful golf courses in the rapid city area. I've just touched on these seven reasons why I love rapid city. I've got a relocation package talking about 13 reasons you want to move to Reverend city. Check on the link below to download that there's so much more to share about rapid city, check out my other videos.

And if you're looking to buy a home in rapid city, check out my website, rapidhomesonline.com.

June 14, 2021

Best Black Hills Lakes - Iron Creek Lake | Tristan about Town



Welcome back to Tristan about town. Today's adventure. I got so excited for iron Creek Lake that I've got to do my intro on location. So here we go.

Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to rapid city in the area and all the wonderful things about rapid city. And the black Hills, don't forget to hit that subscribe button, click that notification bell.

So you'll be notified of all my rapid city videos. Roll tape. Iron Creek Lake. Is this amazing hideaway, just South of spear for South Dakota. It's about a 20 minute drive South of Spearfish on a scenic gravel road.

the Lake is a pristine black Hills gem with a trail circling the lake about one mile

The Lake was created in the mid 1930s by works progress administration, WPA projects.

With wakes and high-speed water cap prohibited. It makes the perfect light for floating kayaking, canoeing. and Just being

one side of the Lake. There's these people that own these vacation homes, still not sure how they managed to get these.

You can also stay the camp ground or bunk it out. And one of the rustic cabins.

There's even a store at the lake, the most necessary supplies for camping. picnicking has fishing license, lures, and bait. You can also rent paddle boats, get snacks and have short order meals.

I hope you enjoy today's adventure with Tristan about town. If you'd like a free guide to the 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city, the link is below. And if you liked this video, you might like this video or this video. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day and remember, love where you live.