Aug. 29, 2022

Rapid City Best Neighborhoods - Red Rocks Meadows and Estates


Welcome back to another edition of Tristan about town, a neighborhood edition today we're off Sheridan lake road and the popular neighborhoods of red rock Meadows and red rock estates. Everybody's Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel.

I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid. And the black Hills and these Tristan about town neighborhood editions, where you go rolling through the subdivisions, checking out the homes and talking about what's nearby. Let's do it. These two subdivisions are in the very Southwest part of rapid city, just along Sheridan lake road.

You'll notice Google has assisted as colonial pine Hills and Google is the only person that has it named that way. We'll start off with red rock Meadows. The Northern boundry is just below poppy trail. East is cog hill and Sahalee drive Southeast port rush road and west is Dunsmore road.

Since it is a couple miles outside our town. Let's take a quick drive.

Red rock Meadows has the majority of single family homes, but there is a row of town homes here as well.

These homes were built between 2005 and 2015.

And set on between 0.21 and 0.37 of an acre.

They are anywhere between three and five bedrooms

with two to three car garages.

And range anywhere from 2000 to 3,500 square feet.

In 2021, there are 21 homes sold in this neighborhood with an average sale price of $444,585. With an average days in the market of five and homes are selling above asking price on average 103% of asking price.

For your children attending rapid city public schools. Coral drive elementary is eight minutes away. Southwest middle school is right next to the elementary school, eight minutes away. And Steven's high school is 15 minutes.

From these subdivisions, it's 13 minutes to the nearest grocery store, 20 minutes to Rushmore mall, 16 minutes to the fun of downtown 13 minutes to Walmart Supercenter with grocery pickup and the many businesses that surround it. 23 minutes to shopping at target Sam's club and more at Rushmore crossing, 13 minutes to the nearest dog park, 13 minutes to monument health hospital, and about 30 minutes to Ellsworth air force base.

Now let's move just a bit to the west to Redrock estates, the boundary for this development on the north of bethpage road, the east Dunsmore and the south and west boundaries are on prestwick road.

Like red rock Meadows, red rock chase has a majority of single family homes.

With a row of luxury town homes.

Homes in this area were built to do 2001 and currently constructing.

That range between two bedroom and six bedroom homes.

On 0.25 to 1.2 acres.

You'll find at least a two to three car garage on each property.

With homes being anywhere from 1900 to 6,000 square feet.

In 2021, there are 11 homes that sold in this area. Their average sale price was $768, 263 their average in market was 29 and they sold for 96% of asking price.

Just outside these subdivisions on Sheridan lake road is the popular corner pantry gas station and convenience store athletic club landscaping shop. And storage units. As you drive back into town, there'll be numerous retail plazas, such as this Buffalo, wild wings, snap, fitness, and more. There's also salons for you and your pet

Dakota dental for kids. And numerous other businesses, including drive through wine. What could be better than that? Walmart super center has pickup grocery and is surrounded by retail Plaza.

Car wash. And gas stations, just a park drive is the ever popular canyon lake park, which is right next to the dog park where you can canoe and paddle board

and stroll down the bike path. Another shopping area is baken park with family fair as the regional grocery store. boyds drug your typical drug store with us postal, substation, and other restaurants and businesses.

Just across the street, a Safeway and hardware store

here. You also find Walgreens O'Reilly's auto parts. And a number of restaurants and services down west main street. And don't forget to get your ice cream cake at Coldstone Creamery. Thanks for watching this episode of Tristan about town neighborhood edition. We should check out this playlist of all the other neighborhood drive-throughs and this video have an amazing day.

Remember love where you live.

Aug. 22, 2022

The Jones's Love the People in Rapid City | Client Testimonial Video


How's it going? Pretty good. Yeah. Good weather today, man. Finally, Hey everybody. It's Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. Welcome back to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. Today. We're also talk to the Jones's to talk to them about their moving to rapid city story.

For about the past four years, I knew that I wanted to move out of our home state and I had been looking and James was not really on board at the time. And so, um, I, last year I wanna say that it was about a year ago this month. Um, a friend of mine that I had been going to like a women's book club with, she had said that her grandmother had told her all these, you know, great things about South Dakota.

And I said, oh my gosh, tell me more. What is, what is up with South Dakota? And so she said that, um, This side, rapid city in particular was a lot like where we lived and James and I lived in a small mountain community and there were trees and a lot of snow and just fresh air . And, um, so I started to look into it and I thought that rapid city was just kind of more of our jam versus Sioux falls.

Um, and. so we went to go see them, right? Yeah. Do you wanna take that prior to go see 'em and they were very excited about moving and they made it sound really good. And I guess in that moment, I just kind of started thinking what's really keeping me here in California. Uh, don't have a deep family connection there other than my in-laws and my mother, but there was really nothing to rationalize.

Staying there, given everything that was going on, having lost my job twice last year, having to change professions, uh, we just weren't thriving. Years before I was the one that brought up possibly moving because of where we live. I knew it was beautiful. And I figured there's other places in this country that might be easier to get buy in that are just as beautiful if not even more.

So, so seeing her excitement about just them moving said, Hey, how can I not do this for her? Let's give it a shot. You know, I mean, as long as we're together, we're all right. Let's see what else is out there? Yeah. So after, um, James told me in our grocery store parking lot, um, that we could do this, um, obviously his pre-reqs were, I have to be able to find a job and we have to be able to sell our house.

Yes. And so, um, I need to find a house and we need to find a. And so for me, because of us purchasing a home prior that year, I kind of already knew the steps that we needed to take. And I knew that we needed to find a realtor. We needed to find a lender and really just start that process. So I got on YouTube right away and just started, you know, putting South Dakota.

Um, realtors, um, South Dakota in itself. So it was not only researching realtors, but I was researching what the state was even about because at the time we didn't have the luxury to, um, put a lot of money into traveling, especially with, um, the way that our state at the time was with their travel conditions.

It wasn't like we can just get up and go here and there and everywhere. So, um, I saw a man in a chicken suit. I believe it was and was like, what is this guy about? And lo and behold, it was you . And I started watching a lot of your videos. Um, there was a few of 'em where I think you made a makeshift chair out of snow.

I believe it was. Yes, I did that. I didn't see that one. Yeah. So I started looking into. Yours. And, and, and so what really caught my eye was you got in your car and you went to the supermarket and you started to show the prices of meat and eggs and your favorite ice cream . And, um, I just really appreciated, um, Your quirkiness can that be a compliment.

I take it as he knows. OK. He knows. Yeah. So, um, I started showing my husband, um, uh, your videos and things like that, and we just kind of knew right away. I was just like, you know, I will say, she says, I want to go with this guy. And I I've learned a long time ago. Yeah. Okay. Fine. No problem. Do it, send him an email.

Yeah. And that's how that started. Yeah. So he just kind of went along with whatever, but that's what really spoke to me was just your time and dedication to go out and, and show what it was really like. Yeah. Not the houses. Yeah. You didn't sit in your office and you didn't say, well, these are the stops.

These are the numbers. Um, give me a call. You know, it wasn't anything like that. It was like, no, let me show you what life is really like out here. And you had more videos like. But the grocery store went because we have six children that spoke volumes to me cuz that's where I spend the majority of my time.

Sure. And money. Huh? And money. Yeah. So I did that. So, uh, James started looking for jobs right away and he was able to acquire a job. Yeah. They, I applied a lot of stuff on indeed. I just applied to a few different places and I got a response back from Sams club here in town. And literally I talked to one guy, one.

um, set up a phone interview to call him the next day he wasn't there. So I spoke to this other lady and we just had a conversation. It wasn't anything. She wanted to know a little bit about me, but we just had a conversation. And the things, once I got here, I understood what the job market was like and how people need people.

So just with my experience and everything, um, she was able to offer me a position as a lead, which actually worked out better for us. Hired me offered me the job in January and held it until March when we got here. And so three days later after we got here, I started work. Yeah. Yeah. Kind worked together.

Yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm yeah. Yeah.

Um, I'll say that, you know, just, we, obviously, we didn't have a luxury of coming here, so we had to look at pictures, photos, all that different houses that were listed. Um, just you being. available and willing to drive wherever we wanted you to drive, to go show us a house, you know, that helped out a lot.

And what I've really appreciated of not only your knowledge of the area and your experience, but when you would go into the home, you would take your shoes off. And you were very meticulous about feeling, um, the floors with your feet so that you could tell us. This is a little off here and you were able to be our eyes, um, because we would zoom with you.

Um, but, and just your willingness to do that, of not being like, no, you need to come and we need to do this, which was an option, but just understanding our circumstance, your willingness to say, okay, I'm gonna go a little bit above and beyond here and take you guys to different locations. Zoom it. And, um, You know, oh, here's the cabinets.

Like just things that we wouldn't have thought to make. I've never, I would've never to do over zoom. Right. Because I wouldn't even known if I was here to understand what the varying, um, angles on the floor wouldn't mean. I would've no idea. Right. I would've just thought, Hey, they just built it weird, you know?

So you telling us about foundations and how things move around here that that really helped out. Yeah. And just, um, your knowledge of. The weather change, cuz obviously it's different in our home state and what we're used to. Um, but just how that coincided with the particular area of, um, cause we have no idea.

I mean it is, things are so different in different parts of the town as far as weather goes. Yeah. It's bizarre. It's okay here and you go out here, there's some mosquitoes and then you go over there. It's crazy windy and it's just, you know, you go out the box out there and the wind is just insane. You know, and then come back.

It's just, we wouldn't known any of that. We just figured, I mean, we've only been in California our whole life, so, yeah. Right. And maybe it's colder in one area, but we don't know. You don't know how things are around here. And even though, um, you were local to the area, I found that you were very, um, you kept it light and you kept it fun, but also professional, um, and honest.

Yeah. And honest. Yeah. And, um, you were very, um, Professional in the manner of entering that person's home and just, you know, not leaving the lights on or not leaving the door unlock or telling us, or just telling us I'm not loving this house for you guys. Yeah. And just because of our basic needs, you know, what we needed, what we needed.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.

How we were able to get this house is, um, what I really appreciated about your services is I told you that we needed a lender and you gave me, um, like your top five of who you would go with. And it was like, okay, this person does this, this one does this. This is who I prefer. And so we were able to go with the lender that you had, um, referred to us.

Or referred, excuse me. And, um, then we got that whole process started of seeing exactly what we were able to afford and what was in our budget. And just knowing, um, leading with that stuff first is always best because then, you know, You could've been looking at million dollar homes for us. we've found some big ones.

You would've found nice ones, nice place of time. Um, but, uh, having that step done, um, and even though you were willing to drive half an hour, 45 minutes to go look at a home, none of the houses were. Available to us because either a offer was in already or 50 offers, were you in? Yeah. And so we had to be really aggressive in that particular market at that time.

And so, um, this house had been sitting for a few months and, uh, we found out that it was a governor's home. And through our lender, we found out that we were able to qualify for it. And at the drop of the hat, she told me that I needed to get you over there immediately. Um, because houses were just slipping through our fingers at this point.

And, um, just the fact that you dropped what you were doing. hurry up and quickly get over here and again, go through the house as you typically do and checking everything out, um, in the snow. If I remember correctly in the snow, absolutely. Um, you've gone in rain and snow. You've gone through a few different conditions to get over here and, um, yeah, you walked through the house and you showed it to us and we were able to put in an offer and it was accepted.

Yeah. So, um, Yeah. That's how we got the house. I think one of the coolest things about the property that we got for you guys is fact that upstairs is new. Yes. Yeah. And basically we got kind of a newer home on the upstairs. Mm-hmm , it's all home new. Yeah. It's all, it's just crazy. Yeah. The price we got for it.

I mean, and we, yeah. And we found the bigness of it for, you know, and we found out, uh, after moving here, you know, just the neighbors and stuff, they told us that they saw. Dig this thing out, pour a whole new basement foundation, everything. So everything is new. Everything is new. Yeah. Yeah. They didn't have that big of a basement downstairs because it was a one bed, one bath house.

Okay. And so they demolished it, redid and dug everything out and put the concrete walls up and everything. So everything in this house is new. So thank you.

Been here eight months now. Uh, has it been that long? Yeah, it has. I just did the math the other day. And I'm just glad your spring. Yeah. I love that everything is close. I mean, we just have to drive down a mountain to do everything. Yeah. You know, um, some places are remote. We have friends that live. quite a bit of ways away, like going to see them, you know, they have properties and stuff with some acreage and it's nice, but I do like the convenience of everything being close.

Right. You know, we're able to do everything in town. We don't in California, especially where we're from. You have to drive quite a bit, you know, to most things. I mean, there are stores and stuff like that, but we would be in one town. Our church was in another town, you know, Stuff like that, or even just a commute to work.

You know, the lady that I used to work for are some of her places where I would go help out. I mean, on a good day with traffic would take maybe 45 minutes to an hour. But when you're trying to drive home, I mean, two and a half, three hours to get home, you know, so that's. That's halfway across the state for us.

Yeah. And it's 10 minutes to work for me. Yeah. You know, so I don't have enough to sit here and leave an hour early to deal with that. Add a couple hours to my Workday just because of driving, you know? And then I work late. So coming home, not a big deal. It's just, you know, a few minutes and I'm here and there's no traffic, so I'll probably get in here another 10 minutes.

But I do like that my kids can ride their bikes on the streets. They can play outside, you know, I mean, it's a relatively quiet neighborhood. I have nice neighbors, which is really cool because we've had some bad ones, you know, in the past. But, um, not because of anything we did I would think your way but yeah, I mean, I do like that we were able to, um, kind of just fit in pretty quick.

I mean, we made some friends right away with where we were staying prior to moving. Um, then once we started a community with school for our kids, you know, that's been working out, found a church finally, um, after a while, and finally starting to get roots here and we've done this before, so we know that it takes time.

Uh, when we first moved up to our last house, mean it took us a while, but you know, after about a few years, you know, I mean it was home. So, you know, we're getting used to everything, but you know, so far so good, the direction we're headed, the opportunities that we're here. I mean, you start getting here and you think, okay, this is a great home.

It's a few minutes from downtown. We got it at a decent price. Um, you know, just looking at the way that the market is going on the low end, we're still up, you know, it's still worth more than what we paid for it on the high end. Like can't believe that they're giving us that kind of an estimate, but I told her, you know, in a few years, this could pay off in a big way and we could get into that house that has a few acres, you know?

So I always look at it as a stepping stone to the next thing. So I told her about our last house. Once you get in and you own a. It changes your position and what you can do, cuz if we hadn't bought that home in 2019, we wouldn't be here today. Mm-hmm right. Yeah. So yeah, I think what I really enjoy about, um, rapid city in general, what they do say is true.

If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute. It'll change. Um, because we have seen, um, it be so windy in what we're normally used to in regards to wind being in like on top of a mountain, um, versus here it's very different vastly different, but I like the wind yeah, I like the wind. I like the cold. I like snow and things like that.

And so, um, within like a few minutes, it was gone. So, um, I'm a little disappointed in the snow though. Cause just wait, I just, wait. It's come March. We'll get to know it's snowed a few times and I went out so excited and there was nothing so, um, but I'm excited for um, the Christmas season to come up. I see that they already set up the ice skating ring.

Um, downtown there's oddly enough, there's a lot to do downtown in regards to like, especially the summer, we were able to just be walking downtown and they were holding concerts for the splash pad and they have a good, um, movie theater downtown, where they ran a summer program for the kids to go watch from pool passings that we had, they could go to the different pools and stuff.

That was nice. That was nice. Yeah, the indoor water park was nice. Um, that was fun. Um, but just the people really is probably my favorite thing. Once the weather, you know, starts to get a little bit warmer and stuff, cause I know we're heading in the winter, but once it gets warmer, then I'll start to, I wanna start to do more of the outdoorsy things that everybody talks about and you know, really start to see.

more than just Mount Rushmore, which was pretty awesome. But yeah, I haven't really had a chance to do much more, but I know there's a lot more out there cuz people do it. You know, they're always talking about it. That's our, I wanna looking forward to yeah. Cuz a lot of locals will agree that, you know, you could do fishing.

If there's lake, you can fish in it. There's hunting, there's hiking. And we buy our meat at the farmer's market now, which is very new to us. instead of. The grocery store talking about why don't you buy half a cow? Happy? Are you talking about people do that? Yeah, we are now looking into buying whole pigs cows.

Mm-hmm all of those things. Yeah. We've bought a beef from a whole beef from a rancher for the past. I don't know, eight years maybe. Yeah. Well, I definitely need that information from you. Cause that is a thing. And I, so I think that South Dakota is definitely wearing on us, you know, cuz um, in our home state it was a lot of, um, convenience, convenience, and this is like the local health food store and things like that.

And I think just because of how the community is, you want to support your local. Farmers. There's a lot of farm tables here. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I think it's neat too, because you learn that people out here do a lot more. I mean, I knew some people who would do stuff, you know, for themselves back home, but not a whole lot.

It was just so easy, but just learning like, okay, there are skill sets that people have out here that might be valuable to learn. And then also, you know, you meet people and you start talking to, 'em like, Hey, I'm sure you how to do this. Oh, okay, great. So now we're talking to people about. Canning and different things like that, that you can, it's crazy.

Right. But they're like, they're willing, they're willing. They, they just like to show people how to do it. And then I've in turn learned a few things, just working around the house and making improvements and stuff. Hey, now I can show somebody else how to do that. So it's kind of. A lot of people have a lot of information and a lot of skills and stuff around here that I think are valuable to know in, in our home state, it was very much to yourself.

It was very much like you do for yourself. And we didn't really know what to do for ourselves in case of an emergency. And while you're out here, I love that you touched on that of the skillset. Yeah. It's just, people are like, oh, I don't know how to do this. Then I'm gonna learn how to do this. And I'm gonna share the information.

Um, I recently went to, so the city of rapid city itself holds free. Outdoor. Um, I guess it's called adventure. Outdoor adventure. Yep. That what said? Yep. Yeah. So it's just this building that every month they have certain skill sets from, um, shooting gun safety, Dutch oven cooking. Um, right now they have ice fishing on how to ch so or archery and it's free.

It's free. You can just sign up and you can go and they have an instructor to teach you, um, basic skills that I feel that we should have known our whole life. But unless you really like the outdoor kind of life, then this is definitely the place to be. Oh. And the simplicity of everything, you know, we wanted only did get your driver's license.

I mean, we made an appointment, but I was in and out in 15 minutes. That's unheard of in California. Yeah. Or even going to the doctor's office. It's so fast and you know, not so rushed. And I was like, well, you don't have hundreds of thousands of people in this county. You know, everybody trying to go to the doctor, you make an appointment, you gotta schedule it like a month and a half hour or something like that.

Um, I like that. And. Again, just everything being so simple, registering my cars. I mean a nightmare. You wouldn't do it. You wouldn't wait until the very last minute to do it back in California, which by the way, I like that we don't have to smog our vehicles. what you're talking. I was just thinking that, cause we got an oil change and I saw a smog sticker in the windshield.

I was like this car smog. We haven't even talked about that every year, every year, every year, the price is going. Um, even though it's in an old car, we got both our cars. Well, we didn't pay a whole lot to register to cars. No, but for doing both of 'em that would've been maybe one, you know, in back in California and we had to do that twice.

So yeah, I, I like that part of it, just the, um, You know, just being able to live your life and mm-hmm, , you know, pay for the things there are services and stuff to offer, but it's reasonable. Um, not paying as much for, you know, utilities and stuff like that. You save some money there, insurance wise and compared to what we were paying for, for sure what we were paying, it's definitely a slash and what we were paying, um, just to run this house, I'd say, um, probably a.

Yeah. Like our bills average, like about $400, which is way less than what we were paying in California. Like our gas bills, only $10 and running. I mean, everything here pretty much is electric. Right? So, um, running the electricity, running the air conditioner during the summertime would never do it in California.

You're gonna have an $800 light bill. Oh yeah. You know, so I think the most I got up to here was 260, but that was running it almost every. You know, and all day, so, okay. I can do that. Yeah. Would never consider doing that in California. It's since insane how much it cost. Yeah. So lastly, I mean, you know, we just wanna thank you for your time and your energy that you, you know, Helped us get our home.

I have always wanted a brand new home. So you were able to make that dream come true in that. And we just appreciate you, your company, your family. Um, it really feels like, um, even over zoom while we were still in California, it still felt like a friendship, you know? And you just didn't leave us here and really quickly, I love this story.

You just happened to stop by and you brought a map and you listed out hand hand wrote all of the places that we needed to go see and, and everything that we needed to visit. And to me, that just meant so much of like, You know, they're new. I want to do this for them. So that has always been one of my favorite stories about you besides the chicken suit.

So on your videos yeah. We're, we're totally grateful and yeah, you'll forever be our friend. We are just so thankful yeah. That you did what you did. Awesome. Yeah. Thanks guys. For ready for watching. Be sure to watch this video on the reasons why people are still moving to rapid city in 2022, and then check out this Playlist.

Thanks. Again, everybody have a wonderful day and remember, love were you live.

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Aug. 15, 2022

Are People STILL Moving to South Dakota? | 2022 Update


Are people still moving to South Dakota? Yes, that's a good one. All right. Yeah. You know, I'm not gonna let you off that easy. Everybody. This is Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything about moving to rapid city. And the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. Now it's been about two years since the start of the pandemic. And after that time, there was all those reports about people moving away from urban areas to more rural areas, such as South Dakota and during the second half of 2020 and all of 2021. That certainly was the case in November of 2020. I did this video, why people are moving to South Dakota. Now that it's 2022, and I've had the opportunity to help many families move into the rapid city area and have spoken to them after they've been here for a little while. It's time for an update, why people are moving to South Dakota in 2022 by far, the number one reason for people moving to South Dakota remains the same freedom. South Dakota never had a statewide shutdown. We've never had a statewide mask mandate nor have we had a statewide vaccine mandate as a result, business and livelihood in rapid city has gone on. We've had the benefit to do as we saw fit through the pandemic for us and our families. On top of that South Dakota is a really easy state to live in. There aren't any over regulations on a lot of business or personal life. It's easy to go buy and own a gun. If you want to go do something, you go do it. If you don't, you don't. As long as you aren't being terribly noisy, rambunctious and annoying, your neighbors, aren't gonna call you in the mentality in South Dakota is live and let live. And for your business owners, it's easy to set up and bring your business here with no corporate income taxes and no government overregulation. South Dakota has been named one of the top business friendly states in the nation. I had one outta state client that was, that was selling his business. And the goal was to move here before that business closed, which would save. Thousands of dollars on taxes, clients that I've talked to after moving here from outta state have talked about how they had the freedom to go walk down the street and say hi to the neighbors, how even getting a straw in the drink at the drive-through restaurant was amazing for them little things like this. Make South Dakota a great place to be a great place to live region. Number two space. The state of South Dakota is about 77,000 square miles. And in those square miles is about 880,000 people, which is the 2019 population census. So in comparison, the Denver, Colorado Metro area has about 3 million people in about 8,500 square miles in South Dakota. We have space now, rapid city on the west side of the state and Sioux falls on the east side of the state, the two biggest cities, we have experienced a huge growth in the past year to couple years, but you're still gonna find single family homes on their own lot, even if it's a 0.20 acre, lot in town, none of these homes that are right stacked next to each other. We like our space and our yards here in south dakota. As you get outside of the city, there are several divisions with some acreage. So you have a little bit of space along with your home. Now, these subdivisions, especially in the rapid city area are very high demand right now. So you gotta bring your money. If you're interested in buying up some acreage in the black Hills or around the rapid city area. But even as rapid city grows, we still have the black Hills national forest, which as a citizen, as a national forest is owned by the federal government. So that's never gonna go away. Yes. There's homes in private property throughout the black Hills, but for the most part, the black Hills national forest is always right there. Ready for the public to enjoy reason. Number three, outside and nature, wherever you're out in South Dakota nature is an amazing thing. We have agriculture as our number one economy in South Dakota. We have some amazing parks on both sides of the state. Plus we've got the Missouri river that runs through the middle of the state. Which is great fishing and boating. And over here in rapid city, you've got a city of parks where there's a bike trail that goes right through the middle of town that follows rapid Creek where there's park after park, after park. And then you've also got the Hanson-Larsen Memorial park and skyline wilderness area for hiking and biking in the center of town. And then there's the black Hills with so many adventures to go on. So many things to explore so many things to do in the black Hills to enjoy nature and to get outside. And on top of all, There's fresh mountain air with no pollution, no reason. Cuatro cost of living. Now, if you go at any cost of living calculator on online, just, just do Google search for cost of living calculator. And you put in any Metro area compared to rapid city. You'll find that the cost of living in general is cheaper here in the rapid city and South Dakota area. Now, of course, this isn't gonna hold true for all of America. There are other states and areas that may have a cheaper cost of living than rapid city in South Dakota. But if you're moving from metropolitan area, Chances are rapid city Sioux falls and South Dakota will be cheaper cost of living for you and your family. Let's add to that. No state income taxes pay the federal IRS, and don't have to worry about any other payments in South Dakota. Now, of course, we have sales tax on about everything and we've got property taxes are a little bit higher than some area, other areas, but as I've been talking with other realtors in the Northern Midwest states, our property taxes are really quite comparable. To our neighbors, even our housing when compared to other metropolitan areas is considerably cheaper. Now our housing prices are going up dramatically. They've gone up 28% since the beginning of 2020 to get into about a thousand square foot. Single level property might cost you around $200,000, but at least you're not looking at half a million dollars just to get into a small house rental rates. Aren't that much better looking at 900 to a thousand dollars for a one bedroom apartment. But from other areas I've talked. That's the deal. When you come to South Dakota, your dollar stretches just a little bit further reason. People are still moving to South Dakota. Number five, no traffic. According to the many people that I've talked with and driven around rapid city, we have no traffic and this is the same for Sioux falls in the smaller towns as well. You can get from one side of rapid city to the other side of rapid city and under a half an hour, if you're in the middle of rapid city, you can be anywhere in 15, 20 minutes and you can be walking down a black Hills trail all by your. Within an hour easy, even in Sioux falls, which is bigger city, you can be from one side of the other and half an hour, 45 minutes. The busiest traffic jams we have are those times in the morning and the afternoon before after school, after work, especially as people come from Westside, rapid city through the gap to downtown and vice versa, but even then you're waiting for one light and you're through the next one. Except for when there's lots of construction going around, we have a state animal in South Dakota during the summer, and that is the construction cone. Now, for some reason last year, they decided to work on the three main arteries through the middle of rapid city that went from west side to east side. All at the same time, our six, eight lanes, Ten lanes of traffic went down to three. So now all of a sudden we had to go, everybody had to go through these construction. And that really bottled up the traffic. But one day I was complaining about this to the world and mentioning that I had to sit through three lights to get through this construction area. And my brother-in-laws who were both have lived in Los Angeles before sighed and said, that's not traffic. You still have no idea what traffic is. And when you're ready to go on a trip, you head out on a highway, you go to nine 90 towards Sioux falls. There's from Sioux falls for city. You set the cruise coast control for 80, 80 miles. And the main goal is just to make sure you don't fall asleep. You don't spend hours of your day sitting in traffic in rapid city and South Dakota, reason, number six, small town living with everything you need. So with Sioux falls being about 200,000 people and rapid city being 75 to 80,000 people. Really, we don't have huge cities and all the rest of the cities in South Dakota are under 30,000 people. But whether you're living in rapid city or Sioux falls, you have everything you need in town. The big box stores are all there. You've got your targets. You've got your Walmarts, your Sams clubs, your department stores, everything that you need to shop and enjoy town is there. Plus you have all the chain, restaurants and amazing unique local restaurant. You might not have the selection or shopping just used to, but you'll have everything you need in town, including your grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, fun things for kids to do little league. All these other things will be in town without the constant pressure of the huge city. It's kind of tough for realtors in our area because it seems like everybody knows three or four realtors. They're not so small that everybody knows everybody, but it can be stinking close sometimes. But if you're interested in one of the smaller towns in South Dakota, chances are not far from a bigger city. That'll have everything you. For instance in the rapid city area, you're only about an hour away from Spearfish hot Springs and the towns of the black Hills. Don't worry. You'll still be able to get your Starbucks coffee or a better local coffee in South Dakota. All right. Reason number seven, people are moving to South Dakota. The people as I've been talking with my clients for the past couple years about what they thought about moving to rapid city and what their experience. The one thing that remains kind of the same, everybody kind of said the same thing was this. They're happy to be here because of the people, people are enjoying having neighbors that'll come by and say hi, but yet not be there always in their face, not be busy bodies. They're enjoying the fact that you're walking down the bike path. You can smile and say hi to someone they'll say hi back. They'll love the fact that kids can take their bike, run around their neighborhood and they don't have to worry about. Getting mugged or the bike getting stolen. I was talking with one client who said that they couldn't even go to the mall because of all the shootings in crime, going on in the mall. My teenage daughter ever since she's got her license, have been running to the mall and target and Starbucks all by herself. And she's never had a problem. As long as you're not here to create problems. The people of South Dakota are known to be friendly. Helping you, giving you the shirt off to the back, it's cleaning off your driveway, watching it over your, your animals as you got town. All the things that neighborhood and community should be. And that's what people are loving the most about rapid city and South Dakota. So yes, people have discovered South Dakota and are still moving to South Dakota, despite the wind, the cold and the winter, but South Dakota, it isn't for everyone. Make sure you check out this video. Don't move here to see why South Dakota might not be the place for you. Thank you for watching. Have amazing day and remember. Love where you live. .

Aug. 8, 2022

Don't Move to Rapid City IF...The Seven Reasons You Shouldn't


No, don't move here. Everybody's Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. Welcome back to my YouTube channel or talk everything while move to rapid city. And the wonderful thing is about rapid city and the black Hills. And since I've done so many great videos about what's great about rapid city, it's time to talk about what isn't. So here they are, the seven reasons you should not move to rapid city. The number one reason you may not wanna move to rapid city, South Dakota. If you don't like the cold. So we're in the north. We have winter exhibit a usually we're probably averaging 20 or 30 degrees during the course of the week, but then sometimes week, weeks of zero degrees and then the wind comes up. Yes. We have wind here as well. And that winter drops to sometimes double digits below zero. And it's fricking cold. And then we get snow and the snow melts, and then we get more snow on the snow melts again, and then there's ice. And then March comes along and we think we're almost the spring. And then we get dumped on about two foot, three foot of wet snow, and then we get snow, April, and then sometimes in may. And sometimes it's just like, would it just get to be spring? If you don't like cold, if you don't like winter, Rapid city, probably not the place for you. Don't move to rapid city. If you don't love nature. Agriculture is the number one economy in the state of South Dakota. There are over 3.6 million cows in the state of South Dakota and within a population of 844 ish thousand people that makes it about four cows per, per person living in the state of South Dakota. Plus there's over a hundred thousand horses putting South Dakota number. And horses per capita, just beyond Wyoming. There'll be farm smells. There'll be manure smells. There'll be smells of fresh cut alfalfa, and they'll be the smells of the Pines in the black Hills. In the rapid city area. The black Hills is an outdoor enthusiast dream with hiking, camping, biking, skiing, snowboarding, everything you can think of outside running your ATVs. Motorcycling. BMXing so many different things to do in the black hills. Outside that if you're one of those people that don't like the outside, don't like to be outside rapid city at South Dakota, probably not the place for you. Don't move to rapid city. If you'd love to shop all the big stores, now don't get you wrong. We do have everything in rapid city that you need. Target Walmart Sam's club, best buy Kohl's Lowe's hardware store. Plus we've got a great selection of local boutiques and shops and amazing restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, we've got a great selection of Cuisine. We just might not have as many as you used to, there might be only one or two Thai food restaurants and you know, our Mexican up here probably isn't really Mexican and our seafood. Well, we got red lobster. I'm standing at Rushmore crossing where you have a lot of great stores from Michael's to target, to bed, bath and beyond, but you're not gonna find whole foods. You're not gonna find Macy's or Nordstroms, and you're not gonna find Costco. And I understand that speaking from other Costco members, if I say, well, we got Sam's club, that's like Sacralidge. So I really won't even say that. So if you love to shop all the huge stores and love miles and miles of shops and stores, rapid city might not be the place for you. However, Denver it's only seven hours away for a weekend trip to go shopping down sixthteenth street street. You might not want to move to rapid city. If you'd like to visit the beach, like a lot, we're a long ways from any kind of beach and the rapid city airport, it's a regional airport. So while it's easy to get in and navigate, there's only seven gates. You could probably be there half an hour early. If you just had carry on and get in with no problem, it's still a regional airport. The main goal is just simply get you to a hub. So you're either going to Minneapolis or Dallas or Denver or salt lake city, and then the cost of that flight. It isn't so cheep. Usually you can't go anywhere for under $400. Now we do have Allegiant flight, so you can go direct to Las Vegas and Phoenix, most of the times of the year and some other times other ones during the summer, but then you've gotta fly during their timeframes. And sometimes those aren't very convenient. And if you wanna hop in the car and drive great, but here we measure time in hours, not distance. A three hour drive just gets you started going somewhere six hours. That'll probably get you to Denver, five hours to get you to Sioux falls, least wise. You'll be somewhere then. But if you wanna go any more warm during the winter to. You're looking at a good 20 hour drive just to get south far enough into the warmth. Now of course, a lot of people up here decide to be a snowbird that live up here during their summertime and go down south during the winter. That was always an option for you, of course. But if you're a travel bug, the likes to travel all the time, flying out a rapid regional airport is not the cheapest option in the books. Don't move to rapid city. If you hate tourists, tourism is a huge part of our economy, especially here in rapid city. In the black Hills, I know they drive slow and they take the wrong turns and they stop and things. What do you wanna move? But when they bring $161 million of tax coverage to the state, And 54,000 jobs. It's really hard to say no to 'em. Last year at South Dakota had 13.3 million visitors, which is the first state to come back from the pandemic. And they're not just around during the summer. We have many, many events during the year that tourists come flock into the black Hills. There's a stock show in February, uh, July 4th during the summer. And of course, there's that Sturgis rally that brings in just as many people to the state as are in the state. Plus there's hunting in the fall and snowmobile and snow skiing in the winter. So if you hate tourists, rapid city, probably not the place for you. Don't move to rapid city. If you think you're gonna get into. Super cheap housing. I know it's it's South Dakota, right? Housing should be cheap, not so much with the lack of inventory, the strong buyer demand from all over the place. Our average home sale price from 2020 has has gotten up 28%. Just to give you an idea. We sold a thousand square foot home, one car garage in December for $220,000 on the east side of town. We're working on selling one, a 1300 square foot home on the west side of town, 275. Multiple offers with over asking price. Bids is all part of the norm right now. And unfortunately the rental rates, they're not that much better. I just saw an advertisement for one bedroom, one bath apartment in a decent part of town, 900 bucks a month with new businesses coming in the area, a new military mission at the well worth air force base. Plus all the people wanting this to move into our area. I don't foresee this slowing down anytime soon. So if you're looking to get a whole bunch of homes for cheap, probably not gonna be in rapid city south dakota. And finally the last reason why you shouldn't move to rapid city, if you are on a big vendetta or mission to change things, South Dakota is full of hardworking Americans that love the state. Just the way it is. Yes. There's issues that need to be addressed. There's things that they probably should be changed. But for the most part here in South Dakota, we enjoy personal responsibility and having the freedom to do things the way we enjoy them. And that's something known here in South Dakota. Wants to mess up. So if that's you don't move to South Dakota. Very good buddy. Don't move to rapid city. If hope you enjoyed the video. It was really interesting too, because I took these videos over just a few days. You can see the different weather patterns just in the week or so that I recorded these. If you were interested to know the 13 reasons you should move to rapid city, go ahead and download my relocation, guide the link it's below. Thanks to get everybody have an amazing day. Remember love were you live.

Aug. 1, 2022

Cowboy UP at The Black Hills Stock Show | Rapid City's Premier Ranch Event


It's time for the second largest event in the black Hills, the black Hills stock show. Hey, everybody's Tristan with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. Talk, everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. Now let's check out the black hill stock show and cinch trade show. The black hill stock show is a 9 day event. That starts the weekend before the first week of February, the cattle events are held. Monument civic center. The PRC rodeos in the new summit arena and the horse events in the James Kjerstad event center at the fairgrounds. The stock show is a huge variety of rancher pride, horse shows and sales, along with stallion Rowe. And roping contest. There's the show and sale for every breed of cattle for both the old ranchers and the new ones, ranch rodeos, PRCA rodeos, sleep, dog trials, and extreme bulls tour. the trade show expands through every level of the monument with cattle, horse, and ranch equipment trucks, trailers. Tractors. I'm pretty sure I need one of these Cowboy boots, Cowboy hats, rope equipment, Western wear jewelry. Kids clothes and about everything else you can imagine while you were there. Check out the Western art show, the petting farm. I'm not sure what this is and enjoy refreshments at the shotguns club and cowboy bar. Remember I mentioned the PRC rodeo there's one each night of the end of the week. Includes barrel racing, wrong sitting Bull Riding. Calf roping with entertainment and fun. If you've never been to a rodeo, it's a unique event to throw on your blue jeans, wear your hat backwards. You enjoy the show. Better, expect to come walking, cuz trying to find a parking spot nearby. Ain't gonna happen. Thanks for coming along with me today to the black hill stock show. Check out this playlist that has lots of other things to do in the rapid city area. Thanks again for watching. Have a wonderful day to remember love where you live.

July 25, 2022

Josh and Tiana Love Living in Rapid City | Client Testimonial

Well, of course, I'm gonna tell you about the wonderful things about rapid city, but I've been here since 1990. What about those people who just moved here? What do they think about rapid city and the black Hills I've had the privilege and honor of helping a number of people move from all over the country to our little area, rapid city, South Dakota, and the black Hills in December of 2021. I sat down with Josh and Tiana and asked them about their home buying experience and their story. Well, you know, a lot of it was driven by Tiana because Tiana's family was from Las Vegas. So it wasn't really an easy decision for us. But I think with the lockdowns and the way that all played out, I think that was probably the big driving force. Yeah. Of trying to find another place, keeping our eye on like the country and seeing like, you know, what states were doing what. And we just, uh, wanted. A better quality of life. You know, we just like the freedom of choice that South Dakota has. You know what I mean? It's like, if you want to do something great, if you don't, that's fine too. It's everybody's got their free choice. So we like that about it. Yes. That was a big part of it. you know what? I think I just liked that I got the vibe from you immediately, that you were gonna be honest and straightforward about things and not be pushy or, you know, steer us in any one direction. You were just gonna kind of work for your client, so to speak and, you know, you were always available. You were always very prompt in getting back with us. Uh, you were great with knowing all the areas, because of course we were just moving from outta state. So we needed somebody who could guide us. You were great at that. So I would just say that would be the, the biggest things that I really appreciated about the experience. Yeah. The videos really helped us kind of like. Get our heads around where we were going, you know, outside of like reading articles online or looking at a map, like it gave us a vision. Yeah. That's true. Your videos, which Tiana got addicted to your videos. So then it was like tristan videos all the time. you know, this is, this is what's going on here. This is what this is. This is what that is. And so then I went down the rabbit hole too. So then it was just extremely informative. The pace I liked it. There's not a lot of tension. When you go outside, you know, there's not traffic everywhere. When you go to a store there's not the entire city at that store, you know, it's just except for black Friday, right? No, I guess. Yeah. I mean, we stayed in on black Friday. yeah. Smart. Yeah. So, but that's really it. Like, I just remember having lived in other places, just the getting in the car, you already feel tense. Mm-hmm here. There's none of that. Yeah. And people are so nice here. Like I. You know, I don't want to generalize it, but like, people are just a lot more friendly here. They're very, uh, family friendly. So if he's having a fit. You know, we're just having a moment. Nobody judges you, they just kind of smile and say like, Hey, I've been there. You know, there's families everywhere you go. And, and yeah, when your kid's two year old's throwing a tantrum, somebody just looks at you and says like, I've been there. You know, they try to help, you know, they'll come in and try to help. We went on a walk in our neighborhood the other day we talked to five or six of our neighbors along the way, you know, Really unusual for us, you know, coming from the places we've come from that we've lived before we don't experience that. So it's a whole different ballgame, you know, it's sort of like, uh, somebody described it as like the city and the country combined, and I guess that's a good way to describe it, you know? It's nice. Mm-hmm yeah. Yeah. We're just kind of a big town. Really. We're not. we're, we're a city, but we're not like a big city by any means for sure. Yeah. But at the same time, I feel like we got everything we need. Like I was telling somebody that the other day too, I'm like, I only need one target, you know, I don't need 45 targets. You know, one target is enough, you know, , you know what I mean? So I like it. I just like that, that vibe of it, it's just really relaxed. Yeah. We sleep really good here. For some reason, like Josh sleeps, like I used to never be able to sleep and now I'm sleeping. so , it's just crazy. Yeah. It's like, you have to find things to obsess about or get stressed out about, you know, they don't just come to you on a daily basis. You have to go seek them out. If you wanna stress , which isn't recommended. That's not doctor recommended. So yeah, another client that said, yeah, you get here and you just go. And I think that's a hundred percent, the way I've I've heard is from other people as. You know, um, that we just don't have that rat race kind of going on. Yeah. If you're coming from a big city, you'll definitely relax by coming out here to rapid city. Yeah. Even going, we, my mom came and visited, uh, a few weeks ago and going to the airport was actually pleasurable. Like it wasn't stressful. They give you free parking for a half hour. It's super easy to get in and out. Um, yeah, it's a beautiful airport. I mean, they had, they checked bags. That was no problem. it was super pleasant and I've never had an experience like that at the airport, so never, never. So yeah, it was really fun and our neighbor works on motorbikes, so that's really fun. It's fun actually. Like he's really nice. It's cool. He's a nice guy. Yeah, he's already. If this sounds too loud, let us know. That's the other thing. Yeah. People are just really polite, you know, and just, I haven't experienced that. I lived in Vegas in Los Angeles before this, and that was not my experience in those areas. And so here in rapid city, when this guy said, Hey, if these motorbikes are ever too loud, just let me know. I'll stop. I've never had a neighbor come to me and say that before. Yeah. So that was just really awesome. Yeah. Really nice neighbor. I'm glad that you had the good experience with neighbors cuz that's you can never. Really, you know, UJA said, I know you moved into a great neighborhood, but you never know you could have an idiot for a neighbor. You know, it, it happens track record. When I saw the motorbikes, I got nervous, you know what I mean? He had a boat before. I think he kind of flips vehicles. So he's had multiple vehicles in and out, and I got nervous at first, cuz I've had that experience before. not here. So this guy's been super polite. It's a really cool relationship. So it's nice. Yeah, really nice neighbors. Definitely a, anything else about the experience we're living here that we haven't talked about that you'd like to mention that comes to your mind right now? . I mean, if you're trying to like grow your family and, uh, you just want a little more space, a little friendliness, like I've just had the best experience going to the park and meeting other moms and, and dads. And we found a really great church that we love and, um, all the local restaurants and businesses that we visited and even the corpor corporations are really pleasant here. Like everyone is just. Um, generally really nice. Yeah. It's just an easygoing place. People are really kind and yeah. If you have a family, a young family or trying to grow a family, I think there'd be a great place for it. Cuz everywhere you go there's families. So it's just. It's like a community that way. So it's nice. Mm-hmm definitely. Yeah, we love, I love it here. We both love it here. Yeah. Hudson loves it here too. Yeah, he did. we got three parks right around. Gotta go to the parks. You walk, you walk and you could to a park around here. So yeah, we went to three in one day. We took the bike. I got a seat for him and we went to three park in one day. It was awesome. Yeah, you can do so much in one day and not. Stressed out or overwhelmed or over tired. Like it's just been definitely such a nice pace for us. Big time. Mm-hmm move to rapid city or don't because it's nice now, so yeah. I love. I mean, our particular house was fully renovated and they did such a great job, but they still kept the vintage charm, like, you know, the Archway and, um, I don't know, it just really fits the neighborhood and it just feels like such a, a family home. It reminds me of my grandparents' homes in a lot of ways. So I really like them. We have beautiful, gorgeous, uh, windows that face the French street. So we really. Part of the community. Love the windows. Yeah. I mean, yeah, so we kind of narrowed it down in the search. We kind of wanted to be on this side of town, the west side of town, because there's a lot of things nearby, a lot of parks nearby and all that. And so yeah, when Tristan was selling us the house, one of the things that he said that stuck with me is he said, you're basically getting a new house on the west side of town, which is like, sort of unheard of, because they did a full renovation here and they did a great job. And we even hired those guys to do a little extra workforce that we wanted done, just because we really appreciate the precision, the craftsmanship that they put in mm-hmm So we just feel like they did a great job with the house and yeah, it's built in the fifties, but it's almost like, feels like a new house. Mm-hmm so that's, that's what we love about. Definitely. Yeah. This sounds like the place for you and your family. Check on this video right here. The seven reasons why you should move to rapid city. And while you're doing that, I love it. If you'd hit subscribe, give me the like in this video and remember love where you live.

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June 6, 2022

How to Survive Winter in the Black Hills | Things to Do in Winter



survive winter

Oh, winter in the black Hills, although it was 55 degrees a couple of days ago. Now it's 20 degrees and snow. So we've known we've got some moderate temperatures during the year. Winter always catches back up with us. Everybody its Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here, rapid city, South Dakota.

Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything about moving to rapid city, and then wonderful things around. And the black hills, D'you what its cold outside. So I'm not going to talk about this right here. Okay. That's better. So winter, winter in the rapid city and the black Hills, what's it like? So when during the black Hills can be all over the place, it can be snowstorm in October that lasts all the way through March.

Or we can have this year. For example, we had a snow storm, one in September with a little snow storm in October, and then we didn't really have any snow again until december. And now it was 35 degrees last weekend. It's going to be like eight on Wednesday and there'll be 45. This next weekend. Look at this. This is a very typical black Hills crazy weather patterns in the winter time.

But it's not always this way. It does get cold. We've got blizzards, we get the wind blowing. And once the wind starts blowing, that brings a windchill factor that drops those temperatures way down sometimes where negative 20, 30 degrees below zero with a windchill in the middle of the night. So let's talk about how it can survive in the winter, the long cold winter.

Cause even if it's a light winter around March, we're really like. Can it just be Spring, I'm tired of not being able to go outside and not have to be bundled all up. I'm ready for the sun. And warmth can just spring tip. Number one, winter in the black Hills is beautiful when the snow comes down and it covers the trees.

It covers the Meadows it's then the sun comes out and it glistens on that snow. It's amazing. The different kinds of landscapes. It's like a whole different black Hills. So take the time to go find and enjoy that beauty. No matter where you go in the black Hills, you can find a drive. That's amazing. In the winter time, my wife and I last weekend, we went up to Rockford and went from Rockford north along Rockford road that pulled up just another side of Terry peak and lead and Deadwood area.

Beautiful little drive, a lot of little meadows some amazing places back there that isn't well-traveled, the wildlife is still out. And while I flew on Custer state park and it's a whole different drive, Spearfish canyon and spearfish. It's also a great time to rent a cabin in the Hills and enjoy the winter views.

We rented a cabin last year on the top of Terry peak with some amazing, winter views we had the sunsets every night. It was a great time. We didn't ski, but we enjoyed being out in the winter and kind of cuddled in that nice little place where we could have put fireplace on watch TV and just enjoy the day. Surviving the winter point 2 enjoy the scenery by going on winter hikes.

Now, hiking is amazing thing to do in the black Hills, no matter any time of the year, but it's a whole different ball game in winter. It's like an entirely different hike. We went on iron Creek trail of near Spearfish canyon. And we got to see the river running between the snowbanks and the snow up on the hill, made our little snowman along the rock and had a great time on that hike.

The other great hike we did was rough lock falls. Now they close off the road. They actually get to the falls and they'd just leave that first snowmobiles. So if you're going to hike it, you got to hike it the entire way. And you're probably going to want to bring snowshoes. And while you're doing your hiking, don't forget to check out the ice caves around rapid city.

The most popular one is community caves, but that's quite high. That's going, that's going up to get up to the cave where you see the water frozen over the cave. Great place. Great hike. Amazing to see, just make sure you're ready to go up that hill. That's a good one and more most important thing to think about when you're hiking in the black Hills during the winter is be prepared.

Now I did put a video about preparing for the winter and I'll put that up here somewhere. So you can check out that, make sure you've got the right clothes because you've got the right water, the right food. Make sure you are prepared if you do that in winter hiking. So you don't get a caught in the cold surviving in the winter.

Part three, snow sports. If you love adventures, there's so many winter sports. In the black Hills, Terry peak is the place to go. If you love snow skiing and snowboarding, they've got all sorts of trails from the bunny hill to the experienced Hills, driving down through the trees. They've got lessons for you and your family, and a great ski chalet to, you know, relax and drink beer.

The next fun adventure in the black Hills is snowmobiling. There are all sorts of places you can read snowmobiles one seaters two seaters and trails all over the place to go and have some fun. And enjoy getting into those back trails of the black Hills last year, my son and I went to big hill, which is just south of Spearfish, just up the hill, about half an hour, beautiful day.

It was with a bunch of snow. We went snowshoeing along there, up there. There was not only miles of snowshoe trails, but also groomed cross-country ski trails and fat bike trails. Not to mention the parking lot was this old trail head. So a lot of things you can do up in the big hill area in Spearfish. Another popular thing to do around here is ice fishing.

Now I'm not a fisherman to begin with, but then you put it on ice and cold, just not my thing, but I've seen a lot of friends go out there and they're pulling in. It's a pretty amazing fish. And having quite a bit, you know, the actual equipment where they bring in the big Hut and everything and a, to warmer on the hut than it was probably it's in your house.

A lot of fun ice fishing in Sheridan lake pactola, like deer field lake and all around the black Hills. And when you're done doing all that, you can still go ice skating. You can go ice skating at main street square in rapid city or Wilson park. They flooded a certain area and you can go. In the park, there also rank at Braeburn park, which is over, just off Jackson Boulevard on the far west side of town.

And of course there's the ice arena in town where not only do they play hockey and other things, but you also have some open skate times that are kind of fun. Got a great story about the ice arena. A number of years ago, took my daughter out to go ice skating, doing the free skate. And there was a bunch of preteen girls running skating, round the skating on the rink.

And this is about the time when frozen had just come out. So of course over the speakers here comes the song, let it go, let it go. And it was hilarious. Listened to all the girls, singing the song as they went around around the ice at the top of their lungs. It's a great place to ice escape plus it's indoors.

So we've got that going for you too. If you're in Deadwood, they also have an ice skating rink in their outlaw square this year. They also did something fun by adding in ice bumper cars. I haven't tried that yet, but it's on the list. That's gotta be amazing. And finally, you can get involved in hockey, whether that's adult hockey, getting your kids involved in youth hockey, there's figure skating lessons, so many more ice things you can do in rapid city.

Did you really enjoy hockey? Don't forget to go down, check out the rush, playing their games at the monument, begging of the monument civic center. We come to number four on the list, all the events that go on in the monument right now, we've got going on with the second biggest event in the black codes area.

And that's the stock show and rodeo here. You have everything from rodeos to stock shows to concerts, to so many fun things at the stock show and rodeo. Lot of people come to town to enjoy that. The monument has so many different events and activities during the winter. And they're inside. Look at this.

Whiskey tips here's that rodeo has mentioning the bands rush games, the black Hills sport show and outdoor expo, amateur hockey games, car shows more concerts, a dart tournament, a holistic wellness, the black Hills brawl fight league. So many different things going on. And the monument, keep your eye out for them.

They'll be there to keep you entertained during the winter time surviving in the black Hills, number five, local winter events, some of which aren't so south Dakotan. My first one is really a lot of fun is burning beetle. So here you go to Custer, South Dakota, you get a torch and you get that was lit and you walked through the.

Residential streets of Custer saying burn beetle burn. And they've got this beetle here, as you can see in the photo in front of you and you let the fire light the beetle on fire. This was in reference to a number of years ago when things were really dry and the beetles were starting to take over some of the trees and starting to kill off a lot of trees.

As some of the moisture came back, the beetle went away and this is our celebration. Conquering the beetle of the black Hills. Once the Beatles burns at the end, they've got fireworks that goes off to enjoy this cool winter celebration and what can be more fun than an outhouse race in Nemo South Dakota, here's where your team makes your own outhouse.

And you've got people that are sitting in it and people that pull it and people that push it and you race. Cause you've got all these different little fun, little outhouses that people have made throughout the. Oh, you have more South Dakota than that. Spearfish has Chinook days. This isn't celebration of the world record temperature change that happened in 1943 in Spearfish in two minutes, it rose 49 degrees.

Wow. They do this festival right with sports music, beer, and a bonfire. You can also find winter festivals that lead and at the miner brewing company in. If you're in Deadwood, they also have a lot of fun events, such as the canine keg pull, where they have dogs, race, pulling a keg. I've also always wanted to go to the snow cross races.

What could be better than professional snowmoblie riders racing around the days of 76 event complex. There's also a winter carnival and free ski up at the big hill trail area that I mentioned earlier. And if you're wanting to drive a little bit, you can go to Sundance Wyoming, where they have a fantastic winter festival, including still skiing behind a horse.

This is a great site to check out this black Hills and Badlands site. I'll post that below. Here's the things involved in February. We mentioned the sock show there's Mardi Gras weekend in Deadwood, the winter fat bike classic, a father daughter ice fishing event that black Hills sports show I mentioned earlier.

Calamities shindig the Sundance winter festival with the skiing and so many more things happening in the black Hills. Also check out the events, rapid city page for all sorts of different events going on in the black Hills as well. Many of which we've already talked about. There's also this thunder on the ice snowmobile event.

This is amazing to me. Cause I remember when I was a little kid, we would have snowmobile races on lake Benton in minnesota. And never to be left behind is the outdoor campus. Want to learn about ice fishing? Here you go. How about dark horse, spearfishing. Go for it. Family Dutch oven cooking. So many different things you could do at the outdoor campus.

This winter surviving winter in the black hills number six, shopping museums and beer. Here. We are in the downtown rapid city webpage, and you can see you're over explore how many different bars and brews are in the downtown area.

Grab your friends go to a brewery, enjoy some beer, enjoy some wine. There's a number of wineries around too. And then check out the many galleries, museums and art, not only in the downtown area, but all over rapid city. And don't forget, check with the mini plays, theaters and movies. You're going to attend throughout the rapid city area.

And when things get really cold and you just want a place to go inside to get away from it all, go to the mall. There's plenty of walking space. There's plenty things for kids to do. There's plenty of different shopping areas and things to enjoy at the Rushmore mall and then go down the street to Rushmore crossing where there a Sam's club target, Scheels, so many different stores in restaurant crossing, and finally make sure that you have fun in the snow.

We're in the black Hills. There's lots of Hills. You'll find plenty places to go sledding, go find a sled. You bought one for 10 bucks at Walmart, go sledding down the hill. And in the spring, when the snow is really nice and wet, do so many things, make your snowman, make snow forts, have snowball fights.

And of course, when it snows in, may you make your snow chair? All right, everybody there, we have it enjoying the winter in the black Hills of South Dakota. Hope you've enjoyed this video. Make sure you watch this video, which I mentioned earlier, preparing for winter in the black Hills to make sure you have all the right equipment, the right clothing and everything that you might need the expectations for winter and the black Hills.

Thanks everybody. Have an amazing day. And remember love where you live.

May 30, 2022

Rapid City Neighboorhoods - Copperfield and Copperfield Vistas


It's time for Tristan About town neighborhood edition.

Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel where I talk everything about moving to rapid city area and all the amazing things will rapid city and the black Hills and these neighborhood editions of Tristan about town.

We drive through the neighborhoods and talk about what's nearby. Let's do it. Welcome to Copperfield and Copperfield Vista subdivisions These subdivisions are located in the Southeast corner. In rapid valley. OF These two subdivisions Copperfield is on the south and Copperfield vistas is to the north subdivision boundaries are copperfield drive to the east, the end of copper field drive to the south diamond Ridge Boulevard to the west with the Northern boundary being new, new roads being built north of Alison lane.

 Copperfield subdivision was built in the eighties and early nineties.

You'll find majority of split level and three level homes between 1,700 and 2400 square feet.

Mostly being three bedroom, two bath, two car garages.

for your school aged children valley view elementary, six minutes away. East middle school is right next to. So it was also six minutes away and central high school is 15 minutes away

in 2021. There were 13 homes that sold. With an average sale price of 288,250 bucks. The average days on market was two and the percent of sale, the list price was 103%.

You're minutes away from Timmins grocery store and the larger family fare grocery store. It's 10 minutes away. You'll be downtown in 13 minutes at Rushmore mall and 11 minutes shopping at target Sam's club and other businesses in nine minutes, 12 minutes to either Walmart, 12 minutes to the hospital. twelve minutes to the nearest dog park.

And about 15 minutes to the front gate of Ellsworth air force base

Copperfield vistas is the newer subdivision that started in 2008 and are presently building to this day.

You'll find mostly ranch and splitlevel homes, and a few three level homes.

All of which being three to four bedroom, two bath homes with two and three car garages.

In 2021, there were 37 homes sold. It was an average of $360,000 in 31 days of market. Considering that the majority of these homes are new construction that accounts for the higher days on market than normal. And the percentage of listed sale is 105%.

Within the rapid valley area, you will find the timons grocery store and gas station. I was mentioning earlier, Goodwill and car washes along east highway 44, theres dollar general or retail strip mall. And convenience stores. The new common cents as an inferno pizza inside the valley is also home to Jolly lane greenhouse and the black Hills Speedway family fare is on the corner of east St.

Patrick street and Campbell street. Next to ACE hardware. Paully's subs and pizzas. And daylight donuts you are also near to the east, north street shopping area, then there's Menards Hardware store and restaurants, such as Popeye's. Sonic and on the border, the closest park is Robbinsdale park with it's playground baseball fields and green spaces, and youth BMX track right next to robbinsdale park

is the leash free dog park the walking path there. It's just about one mile. Thank you so much for watching this video. We hope you enjoy it. Please give us a thumbs up. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button nail that notification bell to make sure you see all of our rapid city and black Hills videos.

Love what you see. Download our 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city relocation guide that link it's below. In the meantime, you can check out this playlist and this video. Thanks again for watching. Have a wonderful day. And remember love where you live.

May 30, 2022

What Things Can My Kids Do in Rapid City?



Kids To DO

Mom, I'm bored. Dad, can I do something? I know these are the things you hear from your kids and you want to know what can I do with my children in rapid city. Hey Everybody I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills.

In today's episode, we're gonna talk about the things to do with your children in rapid city. Now I do have four children. My youngest one is 19. So it's been a while since we really were asking the question, well, what should we take our young kids to do? And really what I've liked to have done is gone to all these different places and check them out, get some live video, show you what everything looks.

But that was going to take me for forever. So I thought we would get online. I'll show you the different websites over 50 different websites I've got for you, and I'll give you all those links below. So you have a great resource of taking your kids places and doing things with your kids. So that's good at it right now, things to do with your kids in rapid city.

All right. So let's start by talking about free things for kids to do in rapid city. Everybody likes free. And so the first thing we talk about is the rapid city public library. The whole second floor is kids zone. They've got books from teens all the way down to primary books and places for kids to read up there.

Plus they've got all sorts of story times and if you follow the Instagram account, you can see all the people that are just really loved to read. They love to dress up and they have a lot of different things going on at the rapid city public library. So check that out. If you're closer to Blackhawk and Piedmont, the Piedmont library is a considerably smaller, but they also have story times and other events to do with your kids.

And of course, is storybook island is one of the premier places for you to take your kids in rapid city. The storybook island has all sorts of different slides and places to visit and crawl through and really enjoy here in the storybook island. And when you're in town, check out main street square during the course of the year, there's also all sorts of things like movies in the park and other fun things for kids to do.

There's a kid's fair sometime during the summer, many of the things that are fun to do in mainstream square. And what better thing to do in rapid city, city of parks, then to go to said, parks. There was a great application down here called this rapid city park site, and it actually shows all the different parks in rapid city

and you can kind of go through each one. Every park has something different for the kids to play on. You can scroll in and see each one and where it's at. You've got lots of parks right here, all along main part of town. You're never too far from a park. All of these parks have all sorts of different places for kids to play different playground equipment.

Some of my favorites are down here in Sioux park and then legacy commons park, which is just, uh, just across downtown, over here. That's a newer part. They put it in with lots of cool new kids' equipment. Even for us big kids. Also in this site shows the bike path map. This gives you an idea of where you can take your kids walking or strolling or biking or striding or whatever down the bike path at different parts along rapid city.

And of course, you've got to go to dinosaur park. Dinosaur parks is an amazing place to check out. Plus there's like a lot, a lot of steps to get up to the. So burn out the energy by have the kids running up and down the steps to check out all the dinosaurs at the top of dinosaur park. Now dinosaur park is open all year long.

Just be careful in the middle of the winter, you go climbing on the steps to make sure they're not icy. The dinosaur park, uh, gift shop of course is open from usually may through October. And while you're visiting dinosaur park, you can check out the many trails that are up there on top of skyline drive. Some of these are flat and smooth and pretty easy to walk down.

Others have some Hills and some things to go and see. So you make sure you check out the different type of, of trails. You want to go check out when you're there visiting Dinosaur park. Another fun thing that we love to do with our kids is called geocashing. So you've got a GPS unit. You go to and you look for different places with your GPS unit and you find these little caches, and you see what treasures are inside.

You take a treasure, you sign in, and then you leave a treasure. And there's all sorts of geocashing all coordinates and stashes all over rapid city and the black hills. So let's get into some of the things that you can do in rapid city might not be free, but they're definitely fun. First place watiki waterpark.

This is a great getaway, especially in the winter to go and have some fun with the kids. It's got big slides for the big kids and little slides and places for the little kids to play. And when things get really cold and you really need your kids to get out of the house and run around, check out, run wild in Somerset.

This undo a play land gives the chances for kids to run around it. All sorts of different things. Kind of looks like the places we went to McDonald's back in the day. Rushmore mall is another great place to take your kids. There's lots of space for them to, uh, walk swiftly, drop the older kids off at fund's own virtual reality.

Take the younger kids, the fun zone inflatables. Ride the donkeys and horses around and even check out the kid play area, the rosevelt center is an amazing place for you guys to go. And not only for the kids to enjoy, but you as well. They've got a great pool with zero entry and some kid places for kids to play lap pools, as well as hot tub.

As you scroll on this website, you can see the different programs and guides that they have, the swim lessons and all the different things that they have going on. You can check here on the activities and classes and see what's going. Right next door to the swim center is the ice arena. Not only do you have open times to go in and ice skate at your leisure, but there also as youth hockey, times, times to learn how to ice skate.

And I think this is also where they look, you can even do curling here, all sorts of things at the ice arena. Now, if you're one of those parents and perhaps you'd like to take your kids to the museums, and there are plenty of museums in rapid city area, the first one to check out is the museum of geology in the South Dakota school of mines.

This is a free museum to, to check out. And it's got a lot of really cool samples of fossils and paleontology, a lot of different, really good things to see. So big geodes, a lot of different rocks after you're done there, you can check out the journey museum, which specializes in the native American history and the pioneer history of the black Hills region.

There's also the dahl fine arts center, which has galleries that change periodically. So you have different events and different things that happen there at the dalh fine arts center. The South Dakota air and space museum, not only has an indoor museum of all the different flights of history, but it also has an outdoor exhibit showing you the size and scale of many planes and bombers back in the day, you can also check out the Suzie cappa.

Art center down downtown, rapid city, and there's so many more museums and places to visit downtown. If that's what you want to take your kids do. But I'm guessing unless they really loved dinosaurs for planes. That's not really what they want. So let's talk about a bunch of different places that kids were really wanting to go to have a lot of fun and heard about some of that energy and to get air trampoline park in rapid city, you can bounce away and trampolines play Dodge ball, jump into a foam pit, all sorts of fun things.

Now I've jumped to that foam pit before. And boy, it's hard to get out of just FYI. A new adventure center is called game on where they have all sorts of laser tag and all sorts of events. And I love this Friday night scape that I've heard about that someday. We're going to take a part of. Also downtown is press start with, which has all sorts of video games, pizza and cocktails for you.

Downtown has another fun place called the VR den, a virtual reality place where you can do all sorts of fun, virtual reality things. Rapid city base camp is a great place for you guys to go as a family, do some climbing and get a feeling for how climbing works in rapid city for the speedy mids and your family, flags and wheels as your indoor amusement.

Got all sorts of things like go-karts bumper cars, laser tag, paint balls, batting cages, all sorts of things to keep everybody in your family. Having a good time. If mini golfing is your thing, the Pirate's Cove and rapid city is a fun adventure park to go with you and your family. There's also putz and glow off highway 16.

This is a blacklight mini golf course with some great theme holes and fun music. If i don't say so myself. Here's another look at the Roosevelt swim center where you can see just all the things they're included in that. So you and your family can enjoy the area. There's also a bunch of other pools around the rapid city area.

The Jimmy Holton pool has zero entry with the youth dinosaur slide and fountains. And you can also check out the park view pool and the horseman pool. And don't forget to enjoy the winter at the main street square ice rink. Have fun skating around we're up to the fires nearby and get some hot chocolate that alternative coffee house.

If you enjoy creating things with the family, canvas to paint is downtown rapid city. So some evening get together and paint a canvas with you and your family or you, or you can paint and create some pottery at pottery to paint

and same thing with prouty pottery, which even has some clay classes and a lot more fun. Lock yourself in a room at the black Hills escape room has been trying to get out. And then go downtown to the Elks historic theater, where you and your family can enjoy movies at discounted rates, and also check out golden tickets cinemas with reserved online seating and lay back chairs.

And of course, I have to mention all the wonderful things you can do. The attractions in the black Hills, reptile gardens is a must for you and your family. You can check out all the reptiles, see the crocodile show. And your kids will love petting the giant tortoises. Next on the list is bear country. The drive-thru wildlife park, where you can see bears in the wild run around your car.

And at the end, see all the baby animals in the park you're doing your kids would probably really enjoy old McDonald's farm, where you can play with the baby animals. Feed the animals, have pony rides and watch the Billy goats play on the bridge. The Rushmore Tramway has all sorts of fun for you and your family.

Look at this map, you've got an adventure aerial park. You've got a zip line, a jump tower, airplanes, slide, scenic chairlift, all sorts of things for you and your kids to have fun in Keystone, just, just below Mount Rushmore. Also near Keystone is the rush mountain adventure park, which is home of Rushmore, cave, mountain coaster, and so many other zip rides and fun things to do.

Then you can take your family to the cosmos mystery area. It's standing on the wall. See why somebody who is all the sudden bigger than you. And enjoy the mystery along highway 16, if your kids are at a dinosaur check out the dinosaur museum, other fun things to do in the black Hills is renting a boat on Pactola or even just checking out Pactola and sitting on the beach are great family things to do as renting an ATV and taking your family throughout the black Hills.

There are myriad of trails in the black Hills and see, as you can see plenty of places to rent an ATV. Where'd your, time's an amazing place to spend in the black Hills as well. Up at Terry peak, you can go skiing and snowboarding. There's even a bunny hill for them to teach you skiing and snowboarding.

Snowmobile renting is another amazing thing to do in the black Hills. This is just one of the many places that rent snowmobiles for you and your family. Other fun things to do in the wintertime is go on a hike. A winter hiking in the black Hills is an amazing experience because it's just a whole different ball game than the hiking during the normal types of the times of the year.

And since we are in the black Hills, it's pretty easy to find a hill, grab a slide and slide on the hill. Rapid city is full of sports and activities for your children as well. There's plenty of dance studios in town, places like the barefoot dance studio have many different style of dances, including modern dance, musical theater, hip hop, and cheer for your kids.

If you're looking for something a little bit different for your children, live it up. Studio in the mall has aerial classes for your children to experience just gymnastics, have just gym classes and fun for all ages, including the school year classes and ninja classes. For those that want just a little bit.

And great way to get out some of that energy. There's also a number of martial arts options. The rapid city wide YMCA has many different activities and programs for your kids. Some of them before school, some afterschool, lot of different things that they do and make sure you check back in the summer to see the different things that they offer during the summer.

The club for boys is a great place for your boys to hang out, enjoy interaction with some, some other. Play some video games and basketball and just have a great place to hang out. If your children love to buy music. My kids enjoyed the black Hills Rock school, where they got together. The band mates learned and played songs and perform them for the parents.

outdoor campus west is a great place for children to have educational classes that are held throughout the year. Not only do they have indoor exhibits, but they also have things like, canoe training fishing lessons and other outdoor skills? During the summer, the school of mines has summer camps. Whether your kids want to build a robot, fire a rocket, or learn to code, there'll be a program for your kids in the summer community.

Education of the black hills also has a number of things throughout the year, such as intro to kayaking, dancing, and some other, a lot of other different things that your children could be part of this year is a great resource that you could go through the parks, recreation and put out a program guide that shows all the different things that you can.

All the different places you can do them at whether it's the pools red cross or Ice arena rapid city, also the variety of sports for your kids, whether it be soccer, figure skating hockey, and of course baseball, baseball can be anywhere from T-ball all the way up to post 22, which is your 19 to 20 year old.

I hope this has given you a many ideas to take your kids and enjoy things with your children and your families. If you come up with any place, I didn't mention put it down in the comments below. We'll make sure that everybody knows about it. So they know where to go when they're taking the kids play around in rapid city.

Thanks again for watching. Have an amazing day and remember love where you live.

May 9, 2022

Homes Cost HOW Much in Rapid City?? 2022 Update



it's money, money, money by the pounds.

Everybody its Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. Today's video. We're going to answer the question. So how much does it cost to buy a home in the rapid city and black Hills area?

Let's go to my website, check out the prices, check out the homes so you can get a feel what you would expect to spend on a property in the Rapid City Area. Right, So the first thing we're going to do is going to take a look at the rapid city areas, because we're gonna be talking about areas and how it relates to price point.

So let's go ahead and look at this. I've just put together this map that talks about the different areas within rapid cityand, and the black Hills, andmostly just highlighted rapid city and the areas around rapid city, rapid city, city limits in blue and the surrounding areas in the yellow.

So let's scroll in here. You can see here that. Rapid city in itself is separated in half by the series of Hills, kind of right here. You've got dinosaur park and the skyline drive right here. And then this is the Hanson Memorial park with the M hill right there. And so this area right in here is the gap taking you from west side or up city to east side, rapid city.

So you can see as we pull out a little bit here, this area here, here, this here, Northwest rapid city Up here is North this is Northeast coming down here to this side of highway of this highway right here. This is Elk Vale road. So this here it is rapid valley and it's not quite exactly my, my lines. Aren't exactly correct.

According to the way things are, but they're giving a good idea. Uh, this bigger part here is Southeast. This is city central city. And this year it was historic west Boulevard district. And that is everything from eighth street, all the way up to skyline drive here. So all the area in here and this over here is Southwest Lets go a little bit as we get outside of rapid city, this here is pine Grove area called pine Grove.

This is called black gap. Cause there's a subdivision down here it's called black back here to pine Grove and then that follows highway 16 down heart ranch. And this Arizona over here this here is down sheridan lake road, as it takes you through these developments down here when you'll see colonial pine Hills.

That's the only one, the only the Google talked about talks about being colonial pine Hills. But all these Red rock estates countryside, all these developments down here are in Sheridan lake road area. And then, and this is Southwest again, and also over here is rimrock highway. This is following following 44 out to 385.

And this up here is a Nemo road now to kind of amend my statement before these areas here, they're partially in town, partially outside of town, but they're the areas kind of still considered rapid city as you get into these yellow areas, we'll talk about other cities. So this is hermosa area. This is mount Rushmore area that takes you by Keystone in this area through.

Up here is a box elder, which is a home to Ellsworth air force base. This area up here is called elk Creek because elk Creek road right up here that follows elk Creek. And these areas up in here, everything from Blackhawk, all the way up to this Tilford area. This is called Piedmont valley and then of course you have the area on Sturgis and there's a road going from Sturgis to Deadwood-lead.

What called Boulder canyon and further out from that you've got Northern Hills, you've got Southern Hills and you've got central Hills as well as Northern Plains, Southern Plains. And then anything. Outside of the black Hills area. Whereas, so those are the areas we're talking about. We'll spend most of our time talking about the areas in the blue and maybe a little bit outside of that.

Just kind of give you an idea of the price points in rapid city and the surrounding area. But I need cover the column bunny, single book column. I even wrong with you. All right. Now let's start looking into the prices of the homes themselves. Now I'm on my website, my site was shows only the active listing.

So we're be dependent today on what is actively on the market right now, but we should get a better, real good idea of what you can find for what price and what areas to a good idea of how to start searching. Now I've got selected. We're just rapid city for now to kind of get an idea of what our first price point up to 250.

What can you get for under an under 250 in the rapid city area? My maps search here.

And this is going from those, the highest price point, all the way to the lowest price point, but you can see right off. What's the first thing you noticed is that anything west side, zero, nothing over here. It's all east side, north side. And of course it's one way out here in rapid valley. So you can see here as we let's go stroll, scroll down here and we'll get to the first page is we'll get to the bottom of this line.

And these ones here at the bottom, under a hundred thousand, all mobile homes, all with no, no land, not no permanent foundation. it's basically a big car, so you have to get cash or special loan to buy. So anything under a hundred thousand is basically going to be mobile home type scenario anything under 120.

I mean, look at this. This is going to be quite the fixer upper to say the least lots of stuff, kind of going on here. I don't look country station Flint. So, I mean a lot new siding, a lot of things going on right there, small little house on the north side of town. This actually is a mobile home here as well.

It's been redone. How about that one? Like that siding. That's pretty nice when they're in under 76, small Lakeridge, definitely a DIY 135. And this is on the south east side of town. East saint Patrick east St. Pat is one of the main areas through town. So you've got a lot of rentals in this area. You've got a lot of busy roads.

They're not, everybody wants to live on east St. Pat, but you can see smaller homes. These are north side as well. This is the Southeast side here. As you can do closer to 150 smaller home, three bedroom, one bath, I'm sorry, this Hawthorne one actually was on north side as well.

That's a manufactured home. This is an older home in west Boulevard. Could be nice. It probably needs some work is my guessing, but 2,400 square feet, four bedrooms, two baths.

And as you get into closer to 200,000, we're starting to gain some bigger properties. This one again, isn't it gonna need some work but definitely should be able to consider the fact that you're going to be spend some money to do some repairs, or you're going to need to do something to get the house, to the point where you're ready to move into it.

I've been to this house here, 130 for 250. I'm kind of surprises to at 250, because it seems like there needs to be enough work in there to really make it worth anything. Even though it says new carpet, new, this new that it actually has a lot of things that are kind of goofy in there I mean that old cabinets and stuff, it's pretty, pretty sad.

The other ones here, this is interesting. This is a smaller, new build, but its only a thousand square feet. So this area here, Brookfield subdivision they do some new constructions, but they are very, very small.

We'll get us some price reductions. I haven't seen the price reductions in awhile.


so with 200, 220, you're getting to the point where you actually can buy some property. That's a relatively decent but it's going to be smaller. It's probably not, could be as nice as you want. And the ones that are bigger efforts for under 250 probably need some considerable work. There's something that's been in the market for a long time.

There's probably a reason why we wanna make sure we take a look at that. All right. So let's go back to our search. Let's see about to my search here. We'll still say in rapid city, but we'll go from the 250 to the 500.

So we get all the quite a bit more properties and as you notice they're farther out so said you was started downtown and then it grew out. So the areas closer to downtown, those are the areas that are in the smaller homes, older homes. And of course the cheaper homes because of that, as things were developed out and out outside of town, things got to the point where you've got bigger homes and hours like new construction, like this areas and Fieldstone, new construction area.

This is a very nice neighborhood. For, for $400,000, you get this type of property is. 2800 hundred square feet probably built within the last five to 10 years. Possibly nice subdivision type property. So you can get to the inside pictures here. Yeah. Yeah. Very nicely done

for $500,000. One thing you notice here on the. On the map search here is that even here in town, there actually should be more in this area, in the west side of town. However they're getting sold. So if I had a more under contracts on it, I could probably find them on this list, but everything on the west side, under 500,000, he's either sold or there's nothing there, right?

Here's a property on, so this area here, this is that you buy a mobile home but it's on some acreage. So a lot of times when you buy in one acre in town that, that kind of gets you a workplace where you need to be, I'm not sure that 350 is quite the right price for this property, but she'll say you got some great views, that kind of thing.

We've got some new constructions for 360 out in the valley, a lot of, lot of new constructions in the valley.

More new construction.

This is a nice rapid valley neighborhood 225, 1800 square feet, four bedroom, two bath built in 2008.

So nice west Boulevard property for 300, but you know, you gotta like wallpaper and this one. How about that? So it needs some updating that. When I say proper here in Dale, drive a little bit bigger lot. It's like it used to be a duplex, but nothing fancy inside. Very basic property, 2000 square feet at Northside property on dolphin.

Tri-level Looks like they did a pretty good job updating this one. This is 275.

New construction here. Here's the west side one. It just went down $17,000. My goodness,

pretty typical west side location at the fifties bill, probably see that says here, you got your 1955. So you have kind of the older cabinets and the fifties look fifties, these original hardware floors. but you're on the west side of town. So you gotta, you got to pay for that. So that's where we get four from 250 to 500, as you kind of mentioned it.

Again Anything on the west side of town, we're starting at 300,000 just to get into something on the west side of town and who knows a condition or a quality. I looked at a property early this year for 250. And it was completely hasn't been touched since the 1970s. So everything needed to be updated carpets, wallpaper, everything.

 So that's kind of what you can expect on the west side of town. And as things continue to grow, we'll probably see the prices just keep going higher and higher. All right, let's go to the next step up from 500. Oops, 500 to 750

In the Rapid city area

We're going to start seeing some more high end properties, a little bit bigger, a little bit finer and a little bit more like for this instance this chipmunk place out Nemo road. So you get a little bit closer to properties out in the Hills and you got a little more land, a little bit acreage.

But anything that has black Hills in the title, obviously the price is going up. Anything that's within 20 to 30 minutes of rapid city is a very hotspot, very desired after neighbor neighborhood. Cause some people want to be, Hey, I want to be in the Hills, but I also want to be close to town. So I'm not far from town.

So that became something that was very. Even a number of years ago, so that all got bought up pretty quick. So if you're looking for a property close to town, with some acreage, and you'll only have 300,000 to spend, you're going to be in trouble. Now you better have above 400 above 500, probably have to get something really nice outside of town.

Maybe it was some acreage or even just on the edge of town. Sometimes in the west side of town, there's some nice properties that are kind of in the foothills that you can get into, but you probably going to need to have at least 500,000 to get him to that side of town. Here's six red rock village.

That's down in Sheridan lake road. Here's a Newer home up here. That's not wanting to load for me.

Let's go back to my map. Here we go.

Here's that property there. So this is their buildings, a few more contemporary style homes up here in Sheridan lake road you can see this kind of a newer look and you actually have some newer constructions here. This one though is probably only about, oh, this one is 3000 square feet actually. And it is a, it was new built, been been, you're buying a twin home though.

You're buying a duplex. So you're only buying half a house, basically. So new, there are some, a bunch of new construction. It's kind of up that way. As, but they're going to have to have a little bit of money to buy any of the Sheridan lake road area. And as you can see in this price point, there's only a few that are active.

Just one, it's a great glass, little home. It's got a great view, but it's sitting kind of on the edge of the hill. You don't have a lot of parking. You'll have a lot of rooms again to make sure you are okay with that. All right. Going back to my search again.

You want a 750 to no limit. Of course. Now we have the fun ones down here is. Million dollar hill, of course, in rapid city, you got skyline drive and there's some nice properties. Other than that, that's where you're going to see a lot more properties out in the Hills. Two to $3 million. These are the ones with nice acreages, big houses.

It's really tough to find a property in the black. That is a smaller house on acreage because back in the day in the eighties, when the seventies and eighties, when they were building these homes, that was the time when you were looking for a big house. We were looking for a big vacation home in the Hills.

So a lot of the properties in the Hills are pretty, they're nice size they're 30,000 square feet, whatever. So finding that 1800 square foot property with a few acres in the Hills, and it's pretty tough. Just kind of give you an idea of how things started and how things that had been built in back in the day.

Let's go back down through here. You can see here, we've got. We're at a 750.

So this one has got two and a half acres and you're, you're kind of with kind of in town, but kind of not in town, some rolling acres there. This is a newly built, a new construction house off Southeast side of town by the elk country states. And we've also got a golf course over there. So you're buying quite a bit of spearfish.

Plus you're getting a nice views of the South Dakota Prairie and the golf course. Here you're out of a property out in black, out in the black Hills, 800,000 for 300, 300, 300. Here's where we're talking 3,400 square feet on three acres, but you need eight hundred thousand dollars to make that happen.

Similarly, we got these, this property out here on white horse, which is on the road up to Custer, but you've, so you've got this big property on, I think the 16 acres, 3000 square feet. And you've got things like that to look at right. And the property, you know, the big property in rapid city, this is in red rock estates.

That's where you're gonna find a lot of your high-end properties as well. Right near the golf course there, I suppose there might be some golf course picture here. Fair, very high end construction, but you're in the subdivision. You don't have a lot of acres. You've put your 0.4, six acres, and it is a subdivision with a lot of other high end homes,

3000 square foot home here. Eight acres 875 grand. All right. So I hope this gives you a good idea, what look at those views and where you can get in rapid city and the surrounding area for over a million dollars. So we're talking about prices in rapid city, and we've also talked about properties just on the outside, in the black Hills of rapid city.

A lot of people have also asked the question, well, what about the smaller towns? Can I get something cheaper? And some of the smaller times, and generally the answer is not really. So let's take a quick look at the bottom end of the price points that some of these cities, just to kind of give you a feel for what you can or might not be able to afford in the cities of showcase what is available.

So let's start up with spearfish throughout the top. And Spearfish is a very popular area. It's become almost more popular and more expensive in rapid city, but you can see here, there are a number of properties here for sale under the 300,000.

Even some for 150. This one looks like a manufactured home here on land. That's manufactured home there for 110 75. That was manufactured home back to my map search. ,

yeah, manufacturer told them they're manufacturing on there. Here's a smaller home there in Spearfish for 300,000 7,200 square feet for 0.15 acre ranch style home.

But as you can see 300,000, isn't getting us a very much of anything, even in the Spearfish area. All right, let's go back to check out sturgis.

But you're looking at being in town in Sturgis.

The same one. There

it's 300,000. Isn't buying very much Sturgis, either back to the map we find.

Let's check out a Somerset to check out Somerset. Somerset is halfway between Rapid City and Sturgis on, I may have halfway, but it's about 20 to 25 minutes away from rapid city along I90

and that's going to be very popular neighborhood in this area. And, and there's nothing nothing for sale. I did sell it. Yeah. In the somerset earlier this year for 305,000, which is probably now at about 350 for the way things are going. But this year is a manufactured home.

Now in hot Springs, you will find some cheaper places. And maybe more of that. The problem is is that not everybody wants to live in hot Springs is an hour away from rapid city. ]not a lot going on in hot Springs at the moment. Nice little town. It's very cute. It's very. historic but there's just not enough going on to satisfy the needs of a lot of people.

You still have your grocery store, but it's definitely a smaller, slower town to live in. I had clients that were coming up from Las Vegas and looked at hot Springs and we're thinking about hot Springs because they want it to really slow down, but then decided that hot Springs was too slow when they couldn't find a cup of coffee at 2:00 PM.

So yes, home prices are going to be cheaper, hot Springs. You might get more for your money in hot Springs. Just make sure that you are interested in living in that area. Yeah, I think that's interesting to check out is lead. Cause you'll also find considerable a few more cheaper properties in lead South Dakota, but consider the fact that lead is built on the Hills.

So a lot of the properties there are built on the Hills. Sometimes you have to make sure you watch out for his foundation properties, foundation problems. Excuse me. And lead gets lead-deadwood gets 195 inches of snow a year. Hill city. There are some interesting options in hill city. However, very, very hard to find a property to buy in hill, city and Keystone, lots of commercial activity around there.

A lot of course tourist tourist area. So it gets hard to buy anything in that area. However, you can find new construction here, but these properties are small 1000 square feet for 220,000 brand new same thing here. This is probably about 700 square feet property for 205,000 property here on for 240.

And a two bedroom, one bath 816 square feet. So I'm assuming you're just going to buy a new construction here as well. As I kind of mentioned, as we were showcasing the properties on my website, home prices are up in our area 15% over last year, which is crazy unusual for our area, but that's the way things have been.

In 2021. Now many people are asking, well, you know, the market's going to crash, right? Prices are going to come down. Well, that's something that not really expecting to happen. Area considered the 2008, 2010 market crash. When the rest of the country was down 60%, we went down six. 6%, that's it. We always seem to somehow be isolated from what's happening in the rest of the country.

Be it, our remoteness, whatever it is that that happens. We usually have a pretty strong economy in the rapid city area. So I can't see how the prices are going to come down. Anytime soon. We've got lots of businesses coming into area. We've got a new mission coming from the Ellsworth air force base.

I'm talking with a lot of you that are thinking about coming into. So I'm not anticipating that things are going to slow down anytime soon, or that prices are going to come down because really the only way that prices would come down is if we get to a position where instead of being more buyers than sellers, we have more sellers than buyers, right?

We've gotta switch that market. And I can't see that happening in the near future. Homes are still selling for over asking price was multiple offers in 2021. I am seeing some price reductions. I'm seeing some things kind of slow down a little bit, but I kind of anticipate that to jump back a line. Once everybody gets back to work in January of 2022, who knows though, I could be wrong as always.

If you have any questions about the home prices in rapid city or about what it takes to get into a property in this, in this market, don't hesitate to give me a call, send me an email, make a comment below. I'll be sure to answer that as long as it's not offensive comment. Thanks so much for watching everybody have a wonderful day.

and Remember love where you live. Every little piece, every little piece. We could make a million by slicing him, dicing him for hokey. We could sell every little shell there's enough of him to go around money, money, money by the pound.