Jan. 24, 2022

Rapid City Neighborhoods - Parkridge in Southwest Rapid City


 Welcome back to tristan and about town neighborhood edition. We're back to the Southwest side, rapid city, those homes and neighborhoods surrounding Meadowbrook drive and parkridge drive.

Hey everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel where I talk everything about moving to the rapid city area. and all the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills In these tristan about town neighborhood editions

we go roll them. The subdivisions. Let's go check it out. You find the parkridge area as those homes and neighborhoods south of Western avenue, west of stockade drive north of Nicholas drive to the end of park Ridge Homes in this area were built between 1970s and the 1980s.

The majority of the homes are ranch in three levels homes with a few two-story  homes mixedin .

for your school aged children. Your elementary students will go to Meadowbrook school about five minutes away. Your middle school students who go to Southwest middle school about five minutes away. And your high school students who go to Stevens about seven minutes away

 homes in this area have a square footage of two to 3000 square feet and most have a garage.

In 2020, the average sold price of homes in this area was $320,000. And they were on the market for an average of 23 days.

 How far away are you from services? Grocery is at baken park about eight minutes away. Rushmore mall is about 16 minutes away. You're 12 minutes away from downtown. You're 14 minutes away from south side Walmart, 17 minutes away from target Sam's club and Rushmore crossing, shopping. Six minutes away from the nearest dog park, 15 minutes away from the medical unit

and for our military members, 25 minutes away from Ellsworth air force base.

At baken park shopping center, you'll find your family fare, grocery store Boyd's drug store and pharmacy along with post office and shopping center to include an urgent care and restaurants across the street from Macon park. It's Safeway and another shopping center, including hardware store fitness center, and other shops in this area is also Walgreens  O'Riley's auto parks and the goods and services of west main street.

Don't forget to get your ice cream cake. At Coldstone Creamery, the south side, Walmart complex includes your super Walmart with grocery pickup and shopping center, including your Verizon store and dollar tree nearby. Walmart is also your carwash and gas station, just north on park drive. It's the popular Canyon lake park complete with its open spaces, picnic areas, and beautiful trees, kayak and fish on the lake and walked through the  park on the bike path.

Other nearby features  include the Meadowbrook golf course with its beautiful greens. Next to rapid Creek dairy queen.

Amazing pizza and sandwiches at piazanos and barks and bubbles for your four legged friends. Thanks for watching this video. We hope you enjoyed it. Please give us that covenant thumbs up. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and nail the notification bell to see all our rapid city and black whose videos love what you see.

Download our 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city relocation guide. That link is below. And then you can check out this playlist and this video, see you next time to remember love where you live.


Jan. 17, 2022

The Weather Events of Rapid City - Snow, Wind, Hail and more!



Snow ice and hail oh my! Snow ice and hail oh my!

Hey everybody, I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. Talk, everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things of rapid city and the black Hills in today's video. We're going to talk about the weather events of rapid city weather events.

Number one. The wind. So apparently the wind is a huge issue for a lot of, you have had a lot of comments, a lot of questions about the wind of South Dakota. So it has its own video stick around to the end. I'll show you share with you where that video is. Weather event. Number two, the snow. Of course we're in the Northern part of the United States.

We get snow here in rapid city and South Dakota. State-wise our state ranks, right? I'm on the 15th of the list, which is about 40 inches per snow annually, depending on which website you look at. Number one of this list vermont with 90 inches of snow every year. And of course the caboose, Florida with 0.01 inches per year, you guys were wanting to get some snow down there.

It's a lot of fun to play with. Now, breaking it down by city, rapid city, we get about 50 inches of snow per year. On average, based on these sites that I've been looking at where Sioux falls is around upper forties. Now the difference though, between rapid city and Sioux falls is that over here in rapid city, we have the banana belt weather.

So we'll get the snow. And then two weeks later it would be 50 degrees. That'll melt. Here comes another round of snow. We'll get a little higher 40 degrees again in the middle of January that all melt. So we don't usually see the same snow that's on the ground. At the beginning of the year as we do in the end of the year, whereas some parts of the Eastern state of South Dakota, that that  snow that they have the beginning of the year is on the ground in some fashion the entire year, or it certainly it's a lot colder over there.

So it takes longer to melt. Now there's a big difference when you get into the black Hills, of course, lead South Dakota has 195 inches of steel per year. On average. That's four times what we get in rapid city. He'd be like this beautiful spring-like day in rapid city or Sturgis or Spearfish, you drive up the hill a little bit into the black Hills and it's like a complete winter Wonderland.

The next thing they're talking about in regards to the snow is, as I mentioned before, snow melt, snow melt, and sometimes that melting then freezes at night and we have a deal with ice. Now. Ice can be a lot of fun if you've got a 4-wheel drive pickup truck and you want to spend some doughnuts in some parking lots.

But it certainly makes driving and travel a lot more difficult in our area. Just got to learn how to drive on the roads and take the right precautions at the right time. All right. Sometimes we even have ice storms where rain is coming down and freezing right away and it's collecting ice on everything.

The biggest key issue here of course is trying to get into your car if you have to drive around. And obviously it's not recommended to go driving when you're got an ice storm. But it can also collect on some of the power lines, create so much weight and down the power lines in those areas. Now, I could tell you a few stories about ice and driving from Sioux falls to rapid city, but instead we'll talk to you about the next thing still brings them out and that is blizzards.

Now since we have less humidity, most of the time over here in rapid city, the snow that they get most of the year is lighter. It isn't that wet, heavy snow that you make snowman and snowballs from so many times the accumulation of the snow is as much of the problem is the snow blowing it's blowing across the road, reducing the visibility.

It's bringing drifts along with it. When it blows across the road, creating problems, trying to get from one place to the other. And if you're driving in the snow at night, it looks like star wars space time. But yeah, winter can get long sometimes in March and April when we're ready to just have some spring.

That's when we're getting the two foot of heavy wet snow, those spring snows, they usually melt really quickly afterwards, but sometimes it's just, will you please just stop snowing? Now, it's time for weather event. Number three, the one year, all worried about that would be hail. If there's one weather event that we're known for outside of the snow is hail.

We do have hailstorms, we have them regularly and we have them frequently. So I did all the research to find out, well, how much hail do we have in reference to the rest of the country? So first let's look at the top 10 numbers of hail loss claims in the United States. We're not even in the top 10.

However, let's flip to this one, which is the major hail in 2020. There we are. Number one on the list. And then the top 10 hail claim frequencies were number one, again, followed right behind Nebraska. And 2020 was a weird year for hail. We had like four major events before July 1st even. 2020 was the first time that we submitted a hail claim for our house, where we had some exterior broken windows.

We had some damaged siding. We had the roof and the gutters that all need to be replaced. Even our metal siding on our back garage needed to be replaced as well for some cosmetic damage. That was some crazy hail to it. Totaled out two of our cars. If you look at this side right here, you can see that no matter where you are on the black Hills, we had substantial hail in 2020.

Now, usually even though hail storms can come up relatively fast, usually, you know, they're coming. They usually come after a hot day. In the later afternoon and you can kind of see it off of the distance and you can kind of feel that "Uh-oh, something's coming", that usually gives you time to make the plans get protected.

But Hey, when you've got an afternoon hailstorms that comes through and you're at work and your car's outside, cause that's where you park it. Sometimes there's not a lot that you can do, but generally we see enough warning so that we know something is coming. A lot of times you can get a feel for the whole weather pattern and just get a feel for, Hey, they'll probably have another afternoon thunderstorm.

Cause that's the way things are going. And I want to be protected just in case it happens to turn into a hailstorm. So the answer really is just simply being aware of what's happening around you, what the weather's doing and having good insurance. In our area you want to make sure that you have a deductible low enough to cover the hail damage that was bound to happen.

Having a deductible of four or five, $6,000 is really not a deductible at all. When you're going to replace your roof. Before the end of its expected lifetime, you can probably expect to replace yourself at least once every 10 years due to hail damage. The other thing to do is make sure that you ask questions about your insurance.

Sometimes your insurance doesn't cover cosmetic damage on your metal surfaces. So if you've got a metal garage that gets beat up by hail. And it's just all kinds of cosmetic, some insurance companies won't replace that. So make sure you've asked your questions about what is covered and what is not covered in your hail insurance.

Now, what about your cars? Again, the answer there is have some pretty, the insurance makes sure we have the comprehensive insurance to cover your car in the event of a head claim that if you don't have a garage or a carport or a way to protect your vehicle, the other thing to keep in mind, especially when you're buying a vehicle is the gap.

The difference in payment between what you can buy a car for. And what insurance gives you for the car. You know, it's kind of one of those, it depreciates it because you drive it off the lot. We bought a 2014 Kia forte for the children because they had a lot of cool gadgets and they really liked it. And we were, we're kind of P the people that buy car and driver forever.

Well in 2020, yeah. It got totaled and totaled pretty easily actually, because the value of that car didn't hold over time. The Nissan center that we had. Actually, we got a better deal for that. Got total. But we were able to replace that easy enough, where we kind of lost a few bucks on the Kia when we went to replace that one after the insurance claim came through.

So long story short, know what's going to happen. Be aware of the weather patterns and surroundings and Hey, get some good insurance. Weather event, number four, tornadoes. Now here in the rapid city, black Hills area. We don't see a lot of tornadoes actually touching down. They'll usually go north or they'll come back around the black Hills.

It just kind of skips over the black Hills. Now that being said, we did have a weird landing of in Spearfish canyon last year. I believe of a tornado. And then I remember a long time ago, we lived in north side rabbit city, so a little bit more closer to the Plains. And we were there on, in our basement watching video with some friends and we knew that there was a tornado warning, but we didn't.

Thinking anything about it afterwards, we go outside and there's that feeling of, you know, just after the storm feeling. And there's a few rough shingles everywhere. So that probably got a little close. I don't know if he actually touched down or not. Now when I grew up in Tyler, Minnesota, Tyler, actually our tornado that took out the town at one point.

So I remember being in school, always having the tornado drill and our tornado was a big thing. Well, not so much over here, you got most places. You'll have a basement. If not, you probably have a tub and chances are the tornado is not going to be a very big deal. Now as you go north and east rapid city, that's what Trinity has happened a little more frequently as they pop over the black Hills and pop it to the Plains.

But rapid city, not so much event number five, fire now I realize that fire isn't a direct weather event, but since we live. At the gateway to the black Hills national forest, where 75% of the forest fires that have started have been lightening related, it seemed like it would be a great time to talk about fires in the area.

Now the fire season over here, it goes from about may to October. Once the weather starts getting warm enough. And a lot of it depends upon how dry the year is. So previous years we've had very wet years. This past year, it's been a little dry. We've already had a couple of fires this year because we've had a little bit less snow, a little bit less weather.

So it's been a drier year. So, you know, those signs of the black Hills national forest talks about the fire danger. Yeah, they've been a little bit closer to this way lately now because the black Hills national forest is part wilderness area park tourist playground with campfires and park. Full-time homeowners.

There's certainly plenty of potential for fires within our area. And if you do own a home in the black Hills, things such as fire defensibility, cutting down of trees to make sure you have defensible space and things like this. All affect you and your homeowner's insurance. Now, according to the black Hills national forest website, over the past 30 years, they've been tracking forest fires there.

Actually. What about an average amount of 99 forsest fires a year. Which actually surprised me. I didn't realize that there were that many there's also where I talked about 75% of them were lightening related and majority of them were the south side of the Hills where the more of the wilderness areas are located.

That being said. Just a few months ago, we had the shorter fire, which is just up Nima real we're actually just beyond my office here. There was a fire that started in a residential neighborhood that burned a lot of acres and got even close to rapid city where you could see the fire from Canyon lake park.

Now the firefighters did an amazing job that protected all the homes. I think only one. Home. And a couple of outbuildings were lost that whole procedure. They made sure they evacuations were done on time. Nobody's lives were lost and everything was done really, really well, but it was over previously burned.

Fire Actually got to the same neighborhood in 1988, so it didn't have as many trees to climb up and crown across the roads and get into anywhere new that way. So if you're looking for that home in a black hill, surrounded by trees, or even with a view, fire is certainly reality, but it's something that the national forest looks out for watches out for,

and does a very good job protecting private property in that scenario. Okay. Number six, floods and water, right? The Creek runs all the way through rabbit city, which comes from Pactola reservoir up in the black Hills, hover in 1972, 15 inches of water fell in six hours. And that was up by Nemo, which is this side of the reservoir.

So waters came flowing through down rapid Creek and we'll rapid a Creek, runs into canyon lake, a lot of debris clerked it other way. And at the Canyon laek spillway, all that debris caught. Causing water to just rush over and flood through downtown rapid city and destroying homes along the way, which is why

now you find a lot of green space and park along rapid Creek. This was a unique event, but it was considered a 500 year flood. So they've made a lot of adjustments to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Now, now a number of water levels stations along rapid Creek between pack toll and rapid city to measure the water level.

So we know. What to expect. They've also done a lot of work, even in recent years to make sure that the water has places to go in drainage and ditches along those green spaces and in the parks along rapid Creek, since then, we haven't had a significant flood that caused damage quite like that. However, we do have cyclical years.

Like I mentioned before, sometimes we have dry years. Sometimes we have wet years now on these really, really wet years, like 2019, it seemed like it was raining nonstop from. May to June, we had the saturation of the ground, all the basements, rapid city, they were tested really good in 2019. If there was good drainage, you wouldn't have water in your basement.

If not, you're probably dealing with it. On the plus side of that from realtors perspective, if there was any water damage in the basement, but in 2019, it's by now been adequately disclosed or properly fixed. And we also know that if there was no water damage in 2019, there probably isn't going to be any.

Rapid city also has flood zones. So make sure you know where you're buying your property, particularly along rapid Creek, kind of in rapid valley and even the Southeast side of town. There's some, some areas that are flood zones also on these flood zones, as we'll learn in 2018, there's also potential for, or some flash flooding.

When the ground gets saturated, the rain comes down and you comes to the water, just kind of fills up and floods the road a little bit. Now, maybe you're already saying, dude, why does anybody live there? That's ridiculous. And since I've always lived in the north, I don't know any different. And sometimes I'm like, why do we live here now, once you get, I feel for the weather patterns, you have an understanding of when to go out, when not to go out, when things are going to hit, how to drive on all these roads, it really doesn't become that big of a deal once you really get a feel for it.

And it gets an experience in driving around and understanding, like I mentioned, how those weather patterns work. We ain't got no hurricanes. We ain't got no big bugs.  We ain't got no Gators and in April, like it is right now, it's 60 degrees, not 90. And as I mentioned, the top of the video, here's the video about wind.

Don't forget, check out my overall video about the weather in our area as well. Thanks everyone for watching. Have an amazing day to remember love where you live .


Jan. 10, 2022

7+ Fun and Unique Things about Rapid City


Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. We'll talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. The grass is green. The leaves are going back on the trees and it's time to get out of the studio.

Back on the streets. Today we're going to talk about the unique things about rapid city. Wait, so you're telling me you don't have a Brontosaurus overlooking your whole town. Never fear. Our skyline Brontosaurus is not alone. He is one of seven dinosaurs in dinosaur park on the top of skyline drive. Established in 1936

this is one of rapid city's , premiere free family fun attractions, where you can see up to a hundred mile views at the top of the hill. Yes, there was some stairs to climb. Right. So I had gone up to skyline drive, which is our next segment to take a video of me in front of Skyline drive just like the rest.

Right. Well, I got back to the office, looked at my video clips and this is what was there?

tried to go back to refilm it. But because of the construction, how long it would take me to be there and my schedule, I didn't get it done. And of course today it's cloudy. So, so I thought it'd be fun to do a little behind the scenes of Tristan Emond doing video and hitting all the wrong buttons. Anyway, back to the show. Skyline drive has the best views of rapid city.

This road is about two miles long and you can see all sides of the city, both east side and west side.

Stop at any of the parking spots along the way, get out and enjoy the views rapid city. Plus just off of skyline drive is a skyline wilderness area. This is a 150 acre area park with all sorts of trails. Great views. And even a look at an old amphitheater site that was never used. I gave up here one 4th of July and there was a couple sitting in their classic Ford Mustang, convertible top down, looking out east, watching the fireworks, kind of cool.

We've got a whole alley dedicated to graffiti art. And this isn't in the graffiti that you and I did back in 1989, between sixth and seventh precinct in downtown rapid city is art alley.

Period. Is it constantly changing tapestry, full of amazing graffiti art,

personal political community, global issues, all kinds of different expressions that evolves sometimes almost daily. When I called the city of presidents for nothing 43 presidential statues standing each quarter, downtown, rapid city from Washington to Jefferson, Regan to Obama. They're all here.

Downtown rapid city.

The city president's project began in 2000 to honor the legacy of American presidency. A series of life-sized bronze statues of our nation's past presidents line the city streets and sidewalks. You sculpture privately funded and the pattern of placement was chosen to maintain orderly structure and eliminate any sense of favoritism or political gain.

After the middle of November, the presidential statutes are donned with hats, coats, and mittens, a free will offering from the residents of rapid city. Do those indeed. And for my Norwegian friends, a church made entirely of wood. The chapel in the Hills is an exact reproduction of the famous Borgund Stavkirke in Norway, this chapel was built in 1969. The only metal use was on the ornate door furnishings in locks, instead of nails, they use wooden Dell pins. This free attraction, not only showcases the amazing architecture and woodcarving of Norway, but also has a museum meditation trail and stair-step back patio.

This would be used for weddings and events. What do you get when you cross a carousel? I train and mother goose storybook. Island, of course. Storybook has been in operation since 1959. It was founded by the rapid city rotary club. You'll find all your favorite story characters here from Cinderella to the three little pigs to aladin.

You can't go through a story without hitting your head.

During the Christmas season, the entire park is decorated with lights for Christmas light display. I don't want free. It's great for those kids and those kids at heart. And of course there's only one gateway to the black Hills national forest. The black Hills national forest is 1.2 million acres of public lands.

We've got rugged rock formations, canyons, grasslands, streams, lakes, and unique caves. This includes 11 reservoirs, multiple swimming beaches, over 30 campgrounds, two plus scenic byways, 1300 miles of streams, 13,000 acres of wilderness, and over 450 miles of hiking trails. And all of that is in our backyard. No one else can say we're 33 minutes away from Mount Rushmore, the premier attraction of the black Hills national forest.

We're 15 minutes away from crazy horse and ongoing mountain sculpture. If you've ever come across South Dakota. You'll see, sign after sign saying go to wall drug. We're only 52 minutes away from wall drug, shopping and backyard full of stuff. Badlands national park. It's a South Dakota treasure. That's received lots of great reviews the past few years.

We're only 57 minutes away from the Badlands in 43 minutes, you can be on the wildlife loop and Custer state park. There you'll find the South Dakota traffic jam of buffaloes wandering around. For winter fund we're 67 minutes away from Terry peak, the Black hills premiere snow skiing and snowboarding hill and were only 29 minutes from legendary Sturgis.

Where an ordinary town turns into a motorcycle rally hosting over 600,000 people every year. Hey, thanks for coming along with me today. I hope you enjoyed the ride and enjoyed the views. It was fun showcasing you the unique things about our town of course are so much more. It's going to showcase.

Keep watching the videos, including this one and this one. Thanks for watching. Have a great day and remember love where you live.


Jan. 3, 2022

6 Things You Gotta Know Before Buying a Home In South Dakota



Hold up, slow down. Wait a minute. Before you buy a home in the rapid city area, there's six things. You got to know

Hey everybody I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. Today we're gonna talk about a few things that you need to know before buying a home in the state of South Dakota, state laws, federal laws, things you need to know and understand before you signed that dotted line.

Number one, and really the heart of all of this is don't assume. Real estate varies by rules and regulations, state by state, by state. So don't assume that the way your home is sold or your home is bought in the state that you're in is the same itself. Dakota, for example, here in South Dakota, it's called dual agency is allowed.

That's when I, as a real estate agent can represent both a buyer and a seller and some states that's not allowed, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad thing here in the state of South Dakota. It is still legal at this moment. The other thing to consider is like real estate taxes here, or South Dakota, real estate taxes are paid in arrears.

So when you're paying taxes in 2021, actually paying the taxes of 2020 that were assessed in the fall of 2019. Always ask questions, ask again, verify, ask questions, make sure that you understand that, you know, the procedure that, you know, the processes that you know that everything's in place so that you don't get yourself in trouble by signing something and then realizing, oh, wait, I don't want to do that. Number two get pre-approved.

Don't assume that. Yep, no problem. I've got great. This I've got great credit. Mike comes off the wall. There'll be deal. I'll have it. No problems. Make sure you make the contact with the lender. I've got local lenders. I love to work with that will help you through the process to make sure that all of the boxes are checked.

I hate for you to find the property that you love or you realize, oh wait, we've got a five-year process to get really pre-approved here because there are some hiccups along the way that you didn't realize were an issue. Make sure you get pre-approved first. And then once we're pre-approved. Have the right attitudes and the present market of spring 2021, things are nuts.

Things are a bit crazy. You might be putting offers on a number of different properties before you actually get one accepted. Come with the right attitude. Be persistent, be patient, and be ready to hit the ground running. Number three, we can't tell you everything. I know, I really don't like this part either, but fair housing rules and regulations forbid us from talking about certain things in the area to make sure that we're not scaring you to one area or to another based upon our perception of what is good or what is bad.

As you can imagine, back in the day, there were certain neighborhoods that certain real tours where it start to shift people away from, by saying, well, the blacks are coming in. You better move. So as you can imagine, Uh, it wasn't a wonderful thing. So the fair housing acts, which are a federal national thing, came into effect to make sure that we as real estate agents, don't say, Hey, this is a good neighborhood in, this is a bad neighborhood.

I can tell you how safe a neighborhood is. I can't tell you how good the schools are. I can't tell you about the demographics of a certain area. Those things. I can point you in two directions of resources to find things, but personally, I can not tell you. Yeah, you should stay away from that area. That sucks.

Let me tell you this story to illustrate what I mean, I had a buyer in my car a few years ago and we were driving through a part of town that not every nobody appreciates or feels like it's the best part of town. And as we were driving around, he was like, this is still a big deal. I have no problem with this.

I'm from inner city, New York. So this, this is no big deal whatsoever. Now, if I would have just assumed that he didn't want to look at certain areas because. Well, you know, that's that area, then I'd be making the decision for him right now. You're giving him the opportunity to make the decision for himself on what areas he liked and what areas he didn't like.

One of the best things you can do is go to the area that you're considering at night at dark. And just turn off the car and sit in the darkness and see how you feel. Get a little bit walk around. How do you feel in this area that you're looking at? That's a great practical way to kind of get a feel of the neighborhood that you're considering.

Number four, the buyer agreement. South Dakota law says that we as real estate agents have to let you as the customer, know how we can help them. Now, if we show you more than one home, one time we are required to have you sign documents and these documents are to be what the disclosure of how we can help you.

And it also is a agreement. For us to basically, you got to hire us to work for you. This document contains a timeframe, an area, and a price point to help define where you want to look. Typically, what we're going to do is have you signed this document for a period of six months to make sure that, that we are in contract, basically with you during the whole process.

Now, this agreement gives us the real estate agents exclusive, right? To help you find a property. I understand the thought form of, Hey, I want to use as many real estate agents as possible. And the one that finds me the home well then is the one that's going to get paid. And I understand that from that perspective, but from a business standpoint, I can't be spending my time with you for 30 days only to find out that one, the one time you went with somebody else, they found you that property.

Now there are options we can deal with. In this agreement, for instance, we can make the agreement for one day. So any home that I show you that one day are the properties that I get paid for. If you purchase this. And then that works because the document then covers me for those homes have looked at that day.

So if you come to town, You started driving around, you see a few homes you want to look at and you just go ahead and call the listing agent right away and they show you those properties. And then they slide some documents at you and ask you to sign them. You could be signing an exclusive buyer agency to work with them, which is fantastic.

There are many great real estate agents here in rapid city, but if your plan was to later, meet up with me and have me show you homes. I can't do anything for you because you've signed buyer  agency with another agent. I can't step on their toes because you've already got that agreement signed with them.

And if you want it out of that agreement, you'd have to go back to them and say, Hey. Can I get out of this agreement? I want to work with Tristian and which case they may say yes, they may say no. I had one scenario where I ended up paying a referral fee to release that buyer so that I could work for them.

So be aware when you're ready to buy a property here in rapid city, you'll need to sign a buyer agency agreement with me or another realtor for us to legally show you. And work with you. Number five, it's time to talk about earnest money. All right. We've got Peter approved. You're getting a pre-approval letter in hand.

We've got our buyer agency sign and we've gone out to look at properties. We've got the right attitude. We're not talking about things we're not supposed to. And we find the property. It's time. You're writing an offer on that property. One of the first things I'm going to ask you about is how much do you want to present to the seller on for earnest money?

Now earnest money, doesn't have to be any percentage. It can be 500 bucks. It can be $5,000. It's up to you to decide how much money you want to present. Now, this earnest money is basically your way of saying, this is how serious I am about the property. So if you put in a hundred bucks, That's pretty easy to get back or lose.

Nobody really cares, but if it was $5,000, well, that's a little more heavier pill to swallow. If you end up canceling the contract and not being able to get it back in South Dakota, this is how earnest money works. It is presented at the time of acceptance and it is then cashed in the trust account of the title company or the listing and listing agency.

Then we go through the process of closing the property. If you want to cancel the purchase agreement based on something that we built into the offer, such as all of the special contingency, a home insurance contingency, or a financing contingency, you have a right to get that earnest money back. If however you decide, yeah, today is Friday and I don't want to buy a house anymore.

The seller has every right to keep that money because you broke the contract. Now, before that earnest money can be released either buyer or seller. Both buyer and seller have to sign off on it. So if there are disagreements between the buyer and the seller about who should keep the interest money and who shouldn't keep them on as money, sometimes that money can be a limbo for a little bit of time.

The bottom line here is to make sure that you put enough earnest money to make sure the seller knows that you're serious about the offer, but not so much earnest money. If that's something actually happens and you need to back out, you're not destitute. You'd have to give that money back to the seller.

Number six, and probably one of the most important ones. There is no get out of jail free card. When we put together a purchase agreement on property and we submit that offer. And it's accepted. You are obligated at that moment to fulfill the terms of the contract. There is no three days of your sin policy.

There is no I'm going to sleep on a policy. There is no get out of jail free card. If the sign, the documents and the seller has accepted, you're obligated to buy the property. I will always recommend that you get a home inspection. So you do have that there to protect you in case something does pop up, that you really feel uncomfortable with make sure when you present that offer to the center, think about how I feel when this is accepted.

If the reality is. Holy cow, I just bought a house. And now all of these thoughts and dreams of actually moving to rapid city are real. Yeah. Halt. Yes. If you get cold feet, we can certainly cancel the first agreement and ask for your emergency money back. But unless you decided to cancel based upon a contingency built into the offer, as I've mentioned before, they can keep your earnest money.

Let's make sure when you present an offer. You know, that's what you want. You know, you're going to move forward and you're ready to buy the property. There everybody there, we have it, the six things you've got to know for buying a home in rapid city, South Dakota. I hope I didn't bore you to death with rules, policies, and procedures, but it's very important stuff to understand and realize.

When you're moving into another state, don't assume ask questions, verify information, and there's no jail free card. Thanks everybody for watching. Have an amazing day to remember love where you live.


Dec. 27, 2021

Vacation Homes in the Black Hills - Stay or Buy?




It's time to spend weekend in Hills,

Hey, Everybody its Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything but moving to rapid city and the workflow things over at the city and the black Hills and this episode trust about town. We're staying in a vacation cabin for the weekend at Terry peak. Terry peak is on the Northern edge of the black Hills, just beyond lead and Deadwood, but an hour away from rapid city vacation home that we shade at.

Isn't a neighborhood just beyond the terry peak ski area. This beautiful home had big windows. Big spaces, game room

views all around and a hot tub to boot. We watch movies, play games cooked on the stove and grilled up some steaks.

You love sitting on the deck, enjoying the fire

and watching the sunset each night.

It's March 7th, I'm sitting on the deck in the sun, but no coat on. It's amazing. If snow skiing and snowboarding is your thing. You're minutes away from the Terry peak ski area where this beautiful views. Multiple runs and play areas. Historic lead is only a few miles away and he always check out deadwood and see if he can win some money.

About 15 minutes west of this area is Spearfish canyon. One afternoon. We drove to iron Creek trail and enjoyed the scenery.

made sure to leave a sno wmarker. Letting the world know demons were here, their vacation, home rentals all over the black Hills. You can find them as Poplar websites, such as Airbnb, the RBO and local sites, such as executive logging and black Hills location. cavities.com. There are even a couple of sites specific to some of the vision such as Edelweiss moutian. Pro tip

if you do come up here to Terry peak, stay through Monday. What happens is love people coming up to the weekend had to be back Sunday night, so they leave Sunday morning. So Sunday afternoon, it's peaceful and tranquil. Got you covered. Now that you've come this far in the video, you're probably thinking two things.

The first one is boy tristan you're pretty cool in these videos. Of course, who's the brains in this outfit. My point, exactly. Second thing is, wow. Maybe I should buy a vacation home in the Hills and rent it out. And that's a good possibility for you, but let's talk about a few things you should know before you move forward with this thought form.

First, one more rules and regulations. So first of all, is the county rules. If you're within Pennington county, Which is the rapid city and hill city area, right in the middle of the Hills. They have a lot more rules in regarding to what properties can and cannot be considered a nightly vacation rental, pennington county vacation ordinance has three pages worth of rules, regulations, site plans, all these things.

They need to approve you to be a vacation home, nightly rental. So it's really a lot of work to go through. And sometimes it's not even worth the trouble. Now, if you're buying a home at Pennington county, that already has been a vacation home. It can continue along in that step, grandfathered into it, so to speak.

But if you're buying a new property that hasn't been, you need to get approval from Pennington county to make sure that it's a  legal nightly rental. Now, other counties in the black Hills, such as Custer county and fall river county. And so the south and Meade county, Lawrence county and Butte county to the north east have fewer regulations.

So it's a lot easier to do a vacation home, nightly rental in those counties. The other thing to consider while we're talking about rules and regulations is the covenants of the property that you want to buy. The rules of the subvision might  prohibit nightly rentals might prohibit extra people coming in to the property.

So you want to make sure that the covenants say you're okay with the rentals. All right, now that we've talked about the fun rules and regulations, let's talk about getting into the process of thinking about buying a potential vacation home. So the first question we have to ask ourselves or ask yourself is what is your goal in this type of adventure?

Would it be to stay in the property all summer long and rented out through the winter? That's the case you might want to consider buying a property up in Terry peak, which is closer to this ski area. Do you want to buy a vacation homes for yourself? And if Hey, if you haven't get it rented every once in a while.

Good for you. In which case you have more options as far as where you're going to be and your amenities and that kind of thing. Or maybe you want to make a full-time run of it and just be a vacation rental. And that's mostly what you want to use it for. And just come out here a week or two over the year.

However, those best for you by answering this question for yourself, we can then narrow down where you want to be, what amenities you need to have the services you can offer, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Let's talk about location for a moment. Now people that are coming into the black Hills for vacation, want to use a vacation, home to rent and then go day tripping every day and they make it a vacation on their stay at home spot.

So if it's far, far back away from everything, not as many people are going to be interested in renting a vacation property. If you have to use a snowmobile to get to it in the wintertime. Even less people could be interested in that piece. So you got to make sure that you adjust the location of your property to whatever your goal is.

As far as your vacation, home rental aspirations and to piggyback ride along location is the idea of amenities. If you are having a vacation, we want people to come to. Do you want to have those things that most people are going to want such as a decent wifi signal, maybe a hot tub, maybe there's a view or something, or maybe you're back with somewhere in the trees.

You want to make sure that your property is appealing for the most people as possible. If that's your goal. A property right next to a busy highway might not be as appealing, but you don't want to be too far away from everything else that this takes a long time to get out of where you're staying. But of course, on the flip side, there are some people that like to get away in the black Hills and just get away.

For example, those properties on Edelweiss mountain that I mentioned earlier. They're like 20 minutes from the highway, 30 minutes to the nearest town. So they're a little bit farther back and some of them don't even have any wifi signal. We stayed at one where we actually had a landline that we picked up the phone and called her kids and gave them the landline phone number because there was no cell service.

And that was great to get away for a while because that was, that was her intention. But not everybody will like the fact that no wifi, I can't get ahold of anybody. It doesn't always play with everybody. Sure. Whatever property we're looking at matches the goals that we've talked about earlier. The other thing to consider, especially looking at this from the business side of things is that there's plenty of competition.

There are plenty of black Hills vacation, home rentals available all over the black Hills and all sorts of different areas in places. So you need to make sure yours fits in as far as location, ammeniites, and price. So let's talk about price for a bit. Now I looked up on Airbnb that Terry pit area that we were just at, you can find a rental up there anywhere from $150 to over $300.

Now, maybe you're doing the mental gymnastics right now, 200 to $300 a day. Even if you figured out that you rent the property for half of the year, a little bit of money in there, plus you charge on top of that for cleaning services that doesn't come out of your pocket. It could be a pretty good investment.

Well, let's talk about the price of the homes that you'd be purchasing to get all this done. For example, the properties that I've seen for sale in the Terry peak area have been anywhere between $450,000 to $550,000. And these are very nice 2000 square foot homes, some kind of log or wood siding, very beautiful properties.

And this is the same throughout the blackheads, any property that has some acreage with a house on it, especially a very nice looking house. Probably give you a spend upwards of $400,000 for that property. So make sure you run your numbers, make sure that that was numbers, which your goals. Finally, you need to consider who is going to clean and take care of this property for you while you were away.

Now, there are plenty of vacation home management companies here, the black Hills, and you can hire them to do all these services for you. Make sure that they cleaned prior before you check in and make sure that no frozen pipes everything's operational, that kind of thing. Or you could do it yourself, hire your own cleaners to clean the property, but what's going to happen when emergencies pop up, who's going to take care of them in that scenario.

The other option of course, is to do it like my dad and his wife, do they rent out their house during this time and then spend that time camping out in their RV, in different places in the black Hills. So it's like a extended camping trip. And then when their guests leave, they come in and they cleaned it for themselves.

Get it ready for the next guest. There you go. My friends, here's a few things to think about. If you're thinking about buying a home in the black Hills and using it as a nightly vacation rental, it was an amazing weekend for us. Thanks so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Please go ahead and give me that thumbs up.

And of course, remember to watch this video and this playlist. Thanks again for watching everybody have a great day and remember love where you live.


Dec. 20, 2021

The FACTS about Buying New Construction in Rapid City




Its time to talk about new construction in Rapid city.

Everybody it's Tristan Emond  mindful living Realty, a realtor right here at rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city. And the black Hills, they were going to drive around to different new construction areas of rapid city.

Give you a feel for what they look like and talk about new construction prices, expectations, and everything else along the way. Welcome to Coalbank drive we're on the very north edge of rapid city. The homes being built on this street are mostly single level properties to try to keep that price around that $220,000 price point.

Now, while we're talking about price, let's talk about price that you would offer on a new construction home. Basically, in a nutshell, he ain't going to get a deal. Price is the price. The builder is going to tack on anything extra on top of that. This is actually been going on for a couple of years  now, the inventory has been low enough that builders don't need to discount their prices to get you to buy their properties.

If you don't want to pay a full price, somebody else will. So even when it comes to well, let's ask them to finish the basement and maybe they'll take off a few thousand dollars. Nope. Basement finished will be exactly what base with finished costs. You want to add a fence that will be added on top.

You're generally not getting a discount, on new construction prices in the rapid city area.  One thing that you'll notice with the new home construction is that there are few model homes. This is one of the few model homes that are here in shepherd Hills. So division not only would the simulation have single family homes and also have apartments a 55 plus modular home community and even potentially a

small, tiny home community. We'll see shepherd Hills at this moment. Anyway, is your true spec home community. You have your floor plans, you have your options for finishes and that's it. There aren't any upgrades. Aren't really any change orders. You choose what you want. You put it all together and you, if the bill to get done community first got started late 2020.

By that time inventory was already, already starting to get a little low and buyers were jumping on the chance to buy. Single family home, new construction for around 200,000, just above $200,000 and they got slammed. So right now the whole street, everything is sold. There are lots just waiting for a home to be built.

In fact, when you put a purchase agreement together, they tell you we'll get it closed when we get it closed. And you just wait for your time to get put on the list to get closed when it's done. And that's the way it is right now in 2021 with affordable spec housing, you construction in rapid city. Just to the south of us is rapid valley.

We'll get there a little bit later in this video, but everything you see behind me, that's all gonna be houses. Look, simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom. Wow. I'm sitting here on some vacant, lots in a subdivision called saddle Ridge, just off east, Minnesota and the Southeast part of rapid city.

When you're looking around for new construction homes online. Which notices that different lots are listed differently. Some lots are listed with a floor plan, some show, a home that's a previously built home. Some are listed just as a lot in themselves, depending on the subdivision. Everyone's a little bit different.

Many times they'll have a floor plan already picked out for a lot, just to give you the buyer, a feeling and a visualization of what could be built there. That doesn't necessarily mean that that's exactly what needs to go there, but it gives you an idea at least wise to start with, and then they can start asking questions.

Like, what else can I build here? It is in the middle of March. So things out there aren't as beautiful that I will be in a couple of months when everything gets green and true to South Dakota form. We had a snowstorm this weekend. It's 60 degrees and sunny today, but I wanted to make sure to get this video out to you.

A lot of you mentioned that you were coming in the spring and summer, so I want to make sure that you knew about the options and what to expect. For new construction homes. So quick note, I did video this or the course of two days, and of course, typical South Dakota weather. Those two days can never be the same.

So you'll see differences in lighting. It was chillier year today when I'm recording today, the wind's blowing more today than it was the other day. So you'll see these little subtle changes throughout the way, but I wanted to make sure to get this out to you to make sure that you have the information and if the video wasn't perfect, well, life moves on.

And of course I forgot to bring my replacement battery on my camera. So that ran out. So now I'm using my phone and headset, but Hey, we're getting it done on top of the hill of east, Minnesota is a new development scotland Hills, and you've got to say that Scotland Hills up here, you've got some pretty nice view.

Saddle Ridge had its own exclusive builder up here. Bring your own guy. I would say they got a little bit of work to do yet. Here, I'm sitting on one of the only lots available in high point ranch on a subdivision, just off Sheridan lake road and a popular place. You've heard a call so many times. Colonial Pines.

And why won't you see a great neighborhood? Lots of great views off to the sides, a beautiful community, because it's such a prestigious community. It's also a great place to talk about covenants and hoas. Uh, any areas such as this, some of your covenants may be a little more strict to make sure that everything.

Maintains the same look, appeal and finish. For example, in this area, the covenants require your main floor to be at least 1300 square feet. A lot of other places it's only a thousand other things might include requiring of some kind of stone on the outside, recording certain, some building materials. And you might not be able to park your RV next to your house.

Uh, generally speaking, the hoas in South Dakota are like those scare stories you've heard here about in bigger subdivisions and bigger areas, but they're there to make sure that the look and feel of the community remains the same. Every subdivision will have different covenants with different requirements.

So before you build on whatever lot you're considering building on, make sure you check those covenants. See what's possible. See, what's not possible just to make sure you can park your huge RV next to your house. Now I'm out here at rapid valley. Copperfield vistas subdivision. So let's talk a little bit about what you can expect on a new build and rapid city.

Typically you'll find that most of your new builds will have the main floor finished. Some may have a third bedroom in the basement finished. Just give you that three bedrooms. So you mostly just have the main floor, a third bedroom in the basement. And the rest unfinished, you can always ask the builder to finish out the basement for you, but of course that's just additional money on top.

Normally you'll have a dishwasher and a microwave built in with your kitchen. However, the appliances aren't necessarily always included. Sometimes they have appliance packages. Sometimes they just say, go out and get your own. It just depends on the builder and what they provide. Typically, if you want to go find your own appliances, we can always include those as part of the loan as well.

And the other big things to think of is yard, landscaping, and fences. None of those are being included with the property. That's all on you to take care of later on after the building gets done, consider that when you're putting your numbers together, and thinking about how much money am I going to spend on this new build, make sure you include those numbers there.

And that might include these sprinkler systems, any rock landscaping, all the sod, everything that's included in that for what you need for your property. Finally, your house comes with no window coverings. Have you checked the prices of blinds lately? They're not cheap. So make sure you think about that too.

Window coverings, blinds, and Hey, you're buying a new house, so you probably don't want some new furniture. Right? Always think about these things as well. When you're putting that package of how much is this going to cost me together. When you're talking about new construction properties in the rapid city area,

got on top of my car to show you everything behind me. One day, it'll all be houses here. I'm out of the Southern edge of Murphree ranch estates in rapid valley. I like to call this total division, the guns of division, because we've got names like Remington Wesson. And black Powder road, which is a new area of the development.

So let's talk a little bit about builders in the rapid city area for a moment. You're not going to find any big corporate businesses here in rapid city, any big, huge conglomerate type of builders. Most builders in town are very local. They've got their own local subcontractors and they work well together within the community.

So that's a very good thing. I've worked with a number of builders over the years. And what I found was there are amazing builders, but some of them aren't great as business people. So sometimes it's hard to get floor plans. It's sometimes hard to get the information the early needs and the spec sheets, some information.

So sometimes getting that information to you so you can make an informed decision. It gets to a little difficult if I'm pulling teeth, just to try to get some kind of a spec sheet. A lot of times it's like, yeah, go show, go look at this house over here. That's kind of what it looked like. And so sometimes it gets to be difficult.

Trying to nail those pieces down. The second thing along this line is also making sure that we follow up with all the paperwork. If there are any change orders that all needs to be written down, any decisions that are made all need to be written down and signed, documented. And so sometimes those pieces can take some time.

So have to make sure we stay on top of the builder, make sure we know that what's going on and we keep the constant communication.

Welcome to Elks country estates. So named because the elk country golf course, just that, that way. In fact, there's a hole right behind me in this area. You'll find that homes are smaller, but they are one level, zero entry with features such as huge vaulted ceilings and concrete shingles. The majority of homes are here, are custom built and there'll be more expensive because you've got

better finishes higher end touches. And the area is a little more expensive than some of the other as we visited previously. So these are the things to consider when you're building custom home, that factor into the total cost of your project. Land is more expensive in some areas. Of course, then you've got your finishes.

How expensive are the finishes? How grand are your finishes? How cool is your fireplace to walk in shower? And those concrete shingles out here are a little more expensive, but boy that lasts a lot longer than the South Dakota Hail in case any of you are wondering it's about five o'clock, as you can see, the shadow is falling on my face.

And it's still 57 degrees in March. Welcome to South Dakota spring slash winter slash spring slash winter slash Spring slash something. Weather in South Dakota. It's gotta love it. Everything we've looked at through this video has been in town, city, lots city, water, city, sewer, all pretty easy, but maybe you want a little more space.

Maybe you're looking at a few acres outside of town. I'm up here in elk prairie your states, just north of rapid city, a few miles off elk Creek road. You can get a property similar to this, and it was a little bit of acreage, but you've got to look at a couple of other things, because what you're doing is you're buying a property as a to be built.

So you're bringing in your own builder and you also have to  consider. Okay. Does the property that we're looking at have water? Does it have sewer? Do you have to put it on our own Wells? We have to dig around and septic? Make sure. Similarly, if you're looking at property in the black Hills, you watch a video.

I'll put up here. About buying land in the black Hills. What's different about this as well. Is that some builders, the builders we've been looked at previously, we'll hold that note for you. What you do is you present earnest money and you say, Hey, build this house for me. Whenever they close. You'll close on the loan.

If you're buying a lot up here, you may need to buy the lot and then also bring on the builder. Yeah. And get a construction loan to put the pieces together, to buy and purchase the property. Now, this is a little more of a lengthy process and some of the other properties that we talked about earlier with the here's the earnest money, here's the purchase agreement.

We'll, we'll we'll fund the loan when it closes. So if you're buying acreage outside of town, make sure you communicate with your builder, how they intend to fund and finance the home build and the process. All right. So the next question is. New construction or existing home. And of course the answer is it depends.

All depends on who you are, what you want and your thought forms. The first thing to consider is your budget is the new construction property that you're buying. Right, right. At the top of your affordability range, do you not have any extra cash to do such things such as landscaping, grass, fencing, all those other things, new construction might not be the best idea for you.

Or maybe you need to spend less on a new construction to make sure that you have the funds available to put in that yard, to put in that fence, to the dog, et cetera. It might be better for you to buy an existing house. It's just a few years old with the grass established. The fence is already in and all you have to do is move in now, perhaps you're one of those people that likes everything new, no one else has touched it.

You love that new house smell and you want to create it to be just yours the way you want it. Of course new construction is the best option for you in that scenario and years past, I would say to you, make sure that we look at both to make sure that we get you the best value for your money. Sometimes the new construction will be more expensive by the time you add on all the different things, the landscaping, the blinds, the appliances that are already included in an existing home, but in today's market, the way things are going off the shelves for thousands of dollars over asking price, perhaps new construction is something for you to

take a look at builders are pretty busy right now. As I mentioned before closing date is whenever they get it done. So if time isn't an issue and you have the funds to legitimately buy what you need in a new construction, that might be a way to buy something without getting into this building more than we're at, of course, many lots with new construction homes listed on them are getting sold just as fast.

So make sure that once you make your decision, you move on that. There we go, buddy. You construction in rapid city. I hope you found it helpful if you have any questions that I didn't quite answer, drop them in the comments below. I'll be sure to answer them. Have a good day and remember love where you live.



Dec. 13, 2021

Will the Rapid City Real Estate Market EVER Slow Down?




t's the end of the first quarter of 2021. So it's real estate market video report time.

Hey Everybody, Its Tristan Emond with a mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Now you've heard over and over again from even me people saying, Oh, the real estate. Market's crazy. It's nuts. It's insane. And so today we're going to bring forth a few numbers to showcase. Just where things are at to give you a better feel of the market in Rapid City area.

I'm creating some fantastic slides just for you guys, because Hey, who doesn't love numbers, right. Okay. Whatever. Well, here we go. So let's first look at the average sold price, single family, residential sticking with rapid city and the surrounding areas. The average sold price actually went down from January to March from 257 to 247.

Now, keep in mind, these sold prices [00:01:00] actually reflect 30 to 60, maybe even 90 days previously when everything actually was on contract. So let's look at this year 2021 January sold, ever sold price was $295,000. That's up from December 20, $292,000, but then it just keeps going up 300,000 in February 312,000 in March.

Historically and rapid city.We have seen prices, just veer, very flat to very slowly escalate, maybe a couple of percentage points year over year. But here this year, just from February and March, we've got a 4% increase in home sold prices in 2021. Now of course, the reason for this is economics one Oh one.

Low supply high demand. This next chart showcases the listings added as the input date in each month of 2021. Now these numbers don't reflect the numbers of actives during this during the month, since active is a always moving number, but it showcases how many listings were put on the [00:02:00] market in each month.

So in January, 2021, we had 166. 135 in February, went down a little bit. And unfortunately coming back up to 169 March. Yeah. These numbers there now they're super low. And that's what creates the very strong seller's market. This is we're talking about a strong sellers market. He says, as he segues to his next chart, let's talk next about the list to sale price percentages.

Now this showcases how close the final purchase price got to the actual listing price. And as you can see here, We're starting in January is historically, we have been running about 97 to 98% of purchase price to list price. But here we are a hundred percent. And as you can see from this chart, and ain't going down a hundred percent in January, 101% in February.

In March, I put a hundred, 100-102%. There were like three purchases that were under 75% list to sale ratio that I just took out just to kind of get rid of the outliers, to give a feel for what the real, the real [00:03:00] picture is. Uh, and that became a 102%. And I added days on market on this chart, just to give you a feel of how fast things are selling.

Also in March, there were a number of properties that were sold over a hundred days on the market. Which just probably been one of those deals where finally people got around to buying the properties have been on the market for a little bit longer because nothing else was available and they needed to buy something.

So I said all that in number format to say, this properties are selling very quickly, multiple offers. And of course, over asking price, I was talking to another agent after presenting an offer and asking, well, how many offers did you get? And she mentioned six or 10 or how ever many it was. And then she said, can you imagine somebody presented an offer with only asking price?

So that's where things are at right now, asking price is the starting price you go up from there and see where things go. Now, there have been stories across the nation in bigger locations of property selling for 50 to a 100 thousand dollars over asking price. Well, I've heard of a few of those here.

I haven't heard that being the [00:04:00] norm, asking you for 15, 20, 25,000 over asking price isn't unheard of. All right. So where's this all going? Is it going to slow down or are we going to see things kind of smooth out? Of course, anything could happen, but at this moment I really don't see things slowing down.

Anytime soon, demand is still high. Inventory remains low. And when we do get more inventory, that's immediately gobbled up. And those foreclosures that are in forbearance, well, they're going to be in forbearance. Sounds like now until 2022, which means they're probably not can come to the market until 2023, which would actually be great for the marketplace that would help give us a few more properties for investors to purchase and add them to the, the rental market or to the present, uh, single family home market.

So sellers, whether you list now or you list a little in a few months, probably isn't going to make a big difference. Trying to navigate to the exact high point might be a bit of a challenge. Maybe you wait for longer, who knows, but right now, certainly sellers market you'll certainly get multiple offers for your property.

Assuming it's not a [00:05:00] piece of junk and fundation issues, et cetera, et cetera, buyers are to tell you there, there is no secret sauce to getting your offer accepted. Have you seen anything like this? Runaway? Let me tell you what the hot on hot marketplace out here in the rapid city Wilster market. Let me tell you what the best way that you can get that home bought for yourself.

Let me change the secret sauce. That's right. The secret sauce to getting your offer accepted over everybody. Else's there are 25 things you need to do to make sure your offer gets accepted in this marketplace. Contact me today, send a check for 29 95 95 95, and I'll teach you what you need to know. There really is very little secret.

The more money is going to win. No contingency is going to win. Cash is going to win. The best thing that you can do is get in the game, present your offer, give them the best offer that you can and keep moving forward with persistence and patience. I know that's why I say all the time, but it's the true story.

You saw the prices they're continuing to rise. They're not going to go down anytime soon. Waiting a year may not be the best option for [00:06:00] you now. It depends. Everybody's got a different story. I understand that. And I'm not saying that now is the time for everybody to buy a house. But what I am saying is if you want to buy a property, sitting around waiting for things to hopefully get better, may not be the best option you need to get in the game.

Put in your offers, do everything you can to present the best offer as possible. We'll work with you a hundred percent of the way to make sure you're protected, but also do everything we can keep to get that home for you. Alright Everybody. There we go. Real estate market numbers for this month. I would've loved to be outside in the park, uses information for you, but you know, it's still a little cold looking forward to Spring.

You guys let her remember.


Dec. 6, 2021

The Market is HOT! Why Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Rapid City Home?




I'm sure. By now you've heard the news that it's a pretty hot sellers market here in the rapid city area. And you might be thinking if it's that hot of a market, I can probably just sell it myself and you probably can, but do you really want to deal with all of this? Hey, I see houses for sale. I'd love to come by and take a look at it later today about noon.

Hello I'm with XYZ Realty company. I see you have your home listed for sale by owner, and I've got some buyers it would be perfect fo.

So I see you're selling your home by yourself. Do you realize the stats say that you'll get 30% more money by using a realtor? Don't You want to make more money on your home today?

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He's a contractor and his aunts wife's first cousins. Third cousins. Aunt has been a realtor long time ago. It's that perfect combination, but you can't be there till nine, 10:00 AM. 1115, 4:30 PM and 7:15 at night. I understand that you're not willing to make more money by selling with an agent.

Fortunately. I have some Primo buyers ready to buy your property. So I found this online 59 questions to ask a seller before you buy their home question one, I'm sorry, my 7:15 rescheduled for 6:30. Would that work? My first buyer will be ready to hang on one moment, please. Agent go. No, that's not acceptable.

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Question 49. Have you had any bad look at the roof lately, which will make sure there's no hail there. My second buyer, which is just as amazing as the first buyer will be by right about, Oh, hang on one moment, please. Agent Go. Oh, of course. I'm happy to share with you my, send me six point marketing plan for your property.

We'll make sure to get the most bang for your buck. Talk to you later. That buyer will be by right about one o'clock. Great. I love your house. I want to buy it. Do you have any plans to paint the exterior peeling paint? What do you mean you don't have? I have availability. Well, one o'clock is the only time he's going to be able to come by and if you want the best offer for your property.

My buyers are the best ones for you. How do I put in an offer? The furnace is looking a little old. Have you had a service? You have such a beautiful home. Here's our offer. Here's my buyer's offer. What do I do? I got sign paperwork. All I done. I got it. Here's my offer. And I've got another offer for free from another buyer and here's the other buyers off.

I'm sure you'll find these are the best ones of the crop .When  can I move in. Oh. And my other buyer they presented for as well. So when do you anticipate accepting one of my buyers offers? What do you mean there are other offers? Have you accepted the offers yet? When can I move in? Have you thought about our offer yet?

Did you like our offer any questions about our offer? Have you made a decision yet? There really is no contest. I'm sure

You can let us at the Emond team with our experience, handle all of these things for you while you go about and do your thing. We'll get together and get all the information about your property. So we'll be able to answer all the questions that buyers and buyers agents have. Then we'll guide you through the process of selecting the best offer for your needs.

Sometimes the highest offer isn't always necessarily the best offer. Selling your home doesn't have to be a second, third or fourth job. Rely on  us and our experience to help get the job done while you are out.doing you .I'm Tristan Emond with the Emond team, mindful living Realty, getting things done, right.


Nov. 29, 2021

Just How Windy IS South Dakota??





Hey everybody it's Tristan Emond  mindful living realty realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. We talk everything about moving to rapid city, the black Hills and all the wonderful things of rapid city and the black Hills. One of the questions people are asking me a lot lately is.

How bad this is the wind there? Now I was born in the Southwest quarter of Minnesota. When we moved in 1990, he pretty much came straight across to rapid city. And so I've always been part of the upper Midwest and the wind has always been there. It's always been something I thought was normal. It wasn't even something that added to my what's the weather like in South Dakota video, which I'll post somewhere up here.

So it's try to answer the question. How bad is the wind South Dakota? So quick caveat. I of course live in rapid city. I understand the right wind speeds in the rapid city area. We do have the black Hills that has a tendency to kind of block some of that wind. So the winds and the priority, the winds, even in box elder, it seems like there's a lot more wind than there is in rapid city.

So some of my comments made. Here in this video are referencing more rapid city wind than across the state of South Dakota. If another city in South Dakota interests, you make sure you do your own research, but they'll probably stay pretty close to what I'm saying. So to answer this question, the first question I had was, well, what causes wind.

Anyway, according to the national geographic website, here is what they say. Differences. The atmospheric pressure generate wins at equator. The sun warms the water and land more than it does the rest of the globe. More equatorial air rises higher. The atmosphere migrates told the poles. This is a low pressure system at the same time cooler, denser air moves over the earth surface towards the equator to replace the heated air.

This is a high pressure system winds generally blow from high pressure to low pressure. The boundary between these two areas is called a front complex relationship between fronts cause different types of wind and weather patterns. So, if you've looked at weather maps in these United States, you've probably seen maps like these, where there is this little Swooshy thing that starts in Canada comes down across Montana and flows right through South Dakota on the way to Iowa, as it flows back up.

You've also seen pictures like this with a jet stream flowing in the same swooshy pattern right across the upper Midwest. As you can imagine, we'll have more wind when there's a weather pattern changing or there's something coming. You always know when the wind is blowing theres something blowing in last weekend, I had some clients in town and for whatever reason, we had two days of consistent, 20 to 30 mile an hour winds with gusts that reached up to 80 miles an hour in some areas.

Now that wasn't as bad as the a hundred mile an hour in North Dakota. I might just be prejudiced. Now that was different. That was unusual. Even the locals around town are saying, what's up with all this wind. Usually we may have one day of strong winds and the next day it'll calm down considerably. But for whatever reason, we had two days of really strong winds all by the third day, that was just under 20 miles an hour.

If you do a Google search for the windiest States in the United States, as you might imagine, South Dakota always appears within the top 10, it normally appears in the top five. We hold this honor right along with our Midwest neighbors, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas in the Plains.

There really isn't much to stop the wind. The wind was giving you a bit of a bug. Now you've been here before. Never fear. You'll have to grab out of your head and grab onto something everyday just to get out of the door. But there's typically some sort of wind movement in South Dakota. I found this really helpful site called windfinder.com.

So let's check out this windfinder.com website. So you can see here at the rapid city airport, it's currently blowing and seven miles an hour. Look at this it's January 29th and we've got 40 degrees. It was 50 degrees yesterday. Go back to how things are wierd around the rapid city, South Dakota area.

Here we have a yearly average 13 miles or hours on average gust of 32. I like this table down here. It talks about the speed of the wind per month. You can see here zero one miles per hour, under 10% of the time. Throughout the all the months, you can also see the trend of when picking up through the spring and falling down and during the summers and picking back up again during the fall.

So really what we're taking away from this is if you want to go water skiing and you love to ski on smooth, clear glass like I do, then you go in August. Finally, we can notice that they're really strong wind speeds. Over 25 miles per hour. Really happened only a few percentage at the time, every month, according to this map.

So now let's check out sioux falls real quick. Their wind speed today is about 11 miles per hour. And as usual, they're a little bit cooler than us in the winter time. If you scroll onto this map down here, of course the trends are very similar. Gradually growing into April, going down to August and then back up again through the fall through October, November, what's interesting about this is the high percentage of low speed and the smaller percentage of over 25 mile an hour winds based on this map, the airport in rapid city.

It's actually a little bit windier than the airport in sioux falls. So what are some of the advantages of having lots of wind number one less mosquitoes. Now I'm not going to say there aren't any mosquitoes, but when the wind is blowing, it certainly calms down the activity of those mosquitoes around you.

Aside from those really still summer nights. Number two. Cools you down in the summer, it's always nice to have a little bit of breeze going on. So at least you, when you're sitting in the shade, you can feel a little bit that breeze cools you down a little bit makes that lemonade just a little bit sweeter.

There were three Kite flying go up. The high is number four, wind energy. Now I know South Dakota, isn't the top of this list. But if you go East, there are a number of wind turbines doing their job. It really just is something that you kind of get used to. Just last night, I met with my clients that have been here since November, and I asked them, so have you noticed the wind?

And they said, well, you know, except for those few days of wind that I mentioned earlier, Not as much. You'd love to have the windows open for the breeze to bring in the fresh air during the spring, but not so much when it's blowing that snow around and gets kind of cold. So if wind is something that you absolutely hate, South Dakota might not be the best place for you.

So what's the wind like where you from leave me a comment below and let me know. Thanks for watching everybody have an amazing day and remember love where you live. When you send it flying up there all at once. You're lighter than air.


Nov. 22, 2021

Snowshoe in the Beautiful Black Hills | Tristan about Town




You ready? It's time to go. Snowshoeing.

Hey Everybody It's Tristan Emond here with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel. I talk everything but moving rapid city and the black Hills. And the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. And this episode today of Tristan about town we're snowshoeing at the big Hill trail head, just outside of Spearfish, South Dakota, to get to the big Hill Trailhead go Southwest from Spearfish on Tinton road at this trail.

Head is not only snowshoeing trails, but also dedicated fat bike trails and groomed ski trails across the parking lot. There's also snowmobile trails.

Whatever your winter sport, you'll find it at big Hill trail head

suddenly the trail is gone.

all right, we survived so we went about three miles. There's a bunch of different groups you can go on about. We missed one. So we only went three miles got up here about 10 o'clock. We were here till about noon, couple of hours. If you come up here and make sure you do a few things, make sure you dress in layers.

I took my coat off about halfway through. Make sure your boots are plenty waterproof. I even have some, a lightweight pants and put on my jeans, but I didn't get too hot. So I don't want snowpants, but just to make sure that you stay dry. It was amazing day for hike. The sun was shining. The sky was blue.

The wind was down on quite a bit. And then right now it's 53 degrees. So it's gets plenty warm. Thanks so much for watching everybody. And if you liked this one, check out these other ones while the black Hills hikes and, uh, you know, Hey, Don't forget Love where you live .