July 26, 2021

Pros and Cons of Living in Rapid City, SD | Should You Move Here?



There's a saying that goes, well, you can't have everything. And while I think we use that a lot just as, as an excuse, it's true that you might not love everything about where you live. So today I got out my legal pad, I've got my pro and my con. We're going to talk about five pros and five cons about living in rapid city

Hey Everybody I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel. Watch  out everything about moving to rapid city and a wonderful things, but rapid city and the black hills. You sure. To stick around to the end of the video. Cause I've got special guests, Emilia and Charlotte helping me out.

They're really cute. And now let's get to the pros versus the cons con number one long winters. That's right. I'm starting with the cons. Let you know, I'm not messing around right here. So if you watch my weather in rapid city video, which is around here somewhere, you will have heard me say, yeah, we have winter, but it's not terrible.

We get snow. And then it melts. And then we get snow again in the melts, all of which are true statements. But I also said, when do we get the most snow. During the year on average March. That's right. When everybody else, my friends and the other parts of the country, they're talking about spring and they're talking about planting things.

We're still shoveling snow from the driveway, but by March I'm ready to go outside without a coat? I'm ready to start seeing some grass and some dandelions and start seeing the leaves come back on the trees. However, this is snow in March, a lot more spring light. So we out and enjoy it. We will send down Hills.

We have snowball fights. We built snowmen and have snowman contests one year even built a chair and sat in the chair and took pictures with me and my Florida. T-shirt Florida sweatshirts, sorry. And a glass of ice tea. There will be snippets of spring, but snow, winter, it just ain't done yet. Pro number one.

The black Hills. A few years ago, I did a Facebook post and I asked, okay, rapid cityians what do you love most about where we live? Easy. Number one, answer our black Hills playground. It's been especially amazing during this 20, 20 year. When you know, there isn't much anywhere else to go. We climbed up peaks and saw the other side.

We camped out a lake Angostura we've hung out on our boat. Most of the summer, we went rock climbing with friend and we were going sailing in the Moonlight. And that was just a few things we did this summer. And the black Hills has all these scenic drives to go up, to check out my video of Vanocker Canyon.

During the fall, I was on my way to Deadwood for one of their many events. Speaking of events and small towns, Deadwood has all sorts of things going on. So does Spearfish Sturgis Hill, city, even hot springs, have some amazing events that are fun to go to. And when it does snow go find you some snowshoes, go winter, hiking.

The views and the winter, there are amazing. Maybe you can go ice climbing. I don't know why you would, but you could do that too. There's snowmobiling go snow skiing and Snowboarding or you can light a torch and set a wooden beetle on fire con number two, hail hail seems to be our areas national disaster of choice.

Maybe I have a few tornadoes. Of course, we don't get any hurricanes. Occasionally we have some very wet years, but yes, to strong winds and thunderstorms bringing big chunks of ice this year 2020, we've had four significant hailstorms that caused significant damage to homes and cars. Now, while this isn't catastrophic, it certainly is a pain calling the insurance companies, calling the contractors, making sure that your property gets fixed and taken care of.

You certainly go on and make sure you have good insurance. with a low deductible, because you're going to use it. Now this isn't all bad. At some point, your Roof will probably need to be replaced and chances are insurance will replace it way before you'll have to do to the Hail in our area. Pro number two, sunshine.

I love the, see the sun and we get an average of 260 days a year that are either partial or full sun. It makes the winter so much less dreary. When you see the sunshine shining off the snow. Watching the sunset at Pactola is one of the most wonderful things you can do in the black Hills. I've talked with other family and friends who live in areas where winter is cloudy and always gloomy, or it's raining a lot.

Not for me. I love to see the sun. I love that it's out quite a bit of the year here in rapid city. The sun just makes every day just feel so much more positive, happier, and of course, brighter con number three. Construction all my goodness. As soon as there's a little bit of a lapse in the snow in March, all of a sudden here come, the orange cones and the blinking lights all over town.

Now you would think that they would stag around some, so people could travel from one side of the town or the other, right. Nope. Almost this entire year, they've been working on Omaha street, which is our main East West connector sometimes in different places. Then we're working on fifth street up by the hospital, which is our main North South connection.

And then they've been working on main street by the post office. They've been working down sheridan Lake road. So trying to get from  one side of town to the other. Is ridiculous. You know, there's that meme of Julia Roberts thinking and she's together, mass symbols all around her. That really should be a meme that says rapid Citians, trying to get from one side of town to the other, without running it to road construction road construction.

Sure. It'll be better when it's done, but it's always going on. pro number three, rapid city, city of parks. I love my rapid city parks. Quick history lesson back in 1972, there was a flood that took out a lot of rapid city homes and businesses along rapid Creek. Since then, these areas were made into green spaces and parks.

You're never too far from a park in rapid city. The concrete bike path runs all the way through rapid city, nine miles as follows Rapid Creek. There are playgrounds and picnic areas, plus benches to sit and daydream. The trees are big and beautiful. They look amazing. The fall, the squirrels are running around, chattering on next to the sound of the Creek.

Bumbling past there are tennis courts and basketball courts, Frisbee golf course, and even a horseshoe pit fish in the Creek, or let your dog run free in the dog park. So many beautiful places to see and explore con number four, potholes are us. Now you would think after my last con that the roads would be smooth.

I mean, if we're always working on the roads, there must be just a bunch of smooth roads around town. Right. Yeah, not so much, especially in the residential areas that are bumpy and there are a Cracked and any repairs is just adding more asphalt into the mix. Add that on top of the necessary road dips for drainage and bull.

You better not have one of those low riders from back in the day. Wait, are those still popular, including this or the railroad crossings. Now the ones downtown they're being worked on pretty consistently see con number three. But some of the other ones, ouch. You better not be rolling over those too fast or you be flying over them like the General E Lee

like a piece of cake. Cut that one close there hauss. pro Number four, downtown, rapid city downtown. It's just cool. First. You've got your local restaurants, great food, popular places. Then you've got main street square family-friendly events all year long. And its even got ice skating in the winter time, Thursday nights, they block off seventh street.

And if you can dance to a band with a beer in your hand. So even I did that, I love the unique shops, art galleries, and murals. Plus you can pretend to be an artist to canvas and paint and get yourself locked in a room for hours. And one of the escape rooms and Christmas time, it's all lit up and Christmasy.

Watch the parade of lights the weekend after Thanksgiving, then walk down the street or hopefully it'll snow. We just kind of coming down lightly to complete the feel and just feel that holiday season, lots of coffee shops around by to warm up with your coffee or hot chocolate con number five, it's a bit remote.

We're a bit by ourselves out here. Let's take a look at this map. It's about five hours to anywhere. Sioux falls, Bismarck billings. It's six hours to Denver. And because of this, we've got about 150 mile trade radius where all the towns and communities nearby come to rapid city. Now this is great for our economy, but our population is such that we're not first on the list.

for a lot of new stuff. You know, Lyft, we have, we didn't get that to like 2018. I always laugh at those Carvana ads, cars in a vending machine. Yeah. And you can have around here anytime soon. Trendier shopping places like whole foods. Macy's, Nordstrom's nah go to Denver our regional airport. It's amazing to have right nearby, but it's expensive to fly in or out.

We do have Allegiant airlines, which flies Las Vegas and Arizona for relatively cheap price. But of course, anything that you add on top of that is more money, more money, more money. However, this also means we really don't have traffic. I could complain about rush hour traffic through the construction zone on Omaha.

But you're still going to get from one side of the town to the other in under half an hour. Yeah, we're remote. There's fewer people out here. but the Yards are bigger. The people are friendlier and we kind of enjoy it that way. Pro number five, the people of rapid city, you find the people in rapid city to be mostly friendly and helpful.

They'll smile to you. As you walk down the street, your neighbors will wave. As you drive past, everybody's ready to let you be. You. You'll start a conversation with other dog owners at the park. Of course, there's always a few bad apples, but the people in rapid city are genuine, honest, hardworking people.

They might not be neighborhood parties anymore, but if you respectful of who they are on their right to live, they'll do the same for you. The smile and a wave bonus pro number six, freedom. Now I know this seems to be a weird thing to talk about considering we live in the United States of America. With everything that has been happening this year in 2020, we've been honored to keep our personal responsibilities here in rapid city work has continued.

We keep living our lives. We've been fortunate to have the black Hills right next door to escape, to and enjoy. During this time, generally in South Dakota, we have fewer rules, fewer regulations, fewer limitations in place. Yeah. Yes. There are still covenants on properties. No, you can't park 10 vehicles on your property.

Work on them all at once. Sometimes the city of rapid city kind of likes to feel power hungry by saying what they would can and can be done certain businesses and areas, but for the most part it's live and let live. So now we see that con number five. It's actually a problem. The past couple months I've been helping people from all over the country, get into properties, more space, more yard and more freedom.

Does this sound like something you're interested in? If so, be sure to download my 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city. The link is below. Thanks for watching Tristan's video, don't forget to subscribe and please turn on the notification bell. Thanks for watching. and remember love where you live .


July 12, 2021

5 Things to Know Before PCSing to Ellsworth AFB | Welcome to the Black Hills



Have you received orders to be transferred to Ellsworth air force base, Stick around for the five things you need to know.

Hey everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to find a real estate YouTube channel where I talk everything about moving to the rapid city area and all the wonderful things about rapid city and the  black Hills. Go ahead and hit that subscribe button.

Right in that little belt, make sure you notified all my rapid city videos. And now let's get to the five. What can I say? Except you're welcome. Number one. The area Ellsworth air force base is just off the Northern edge in the city of box elder box elder is right along Interstate 90 as you go *WEST* about 10 miles.

You hit rapid city, South Dakota, the gateway to the black Hills. Box Elder has really grown in the past few years and now has around 9,500 people and has been the third fastest growing city in South Dakota in 2020. Compare that to Sioux falls, which is number five and rapid city, which is number eight.

Number two, what is there to do after all its South Dakota right? It's really nothing to do in South Dakota. Right? As I mentioned before, gateway to black Hills, the black Hills is our playground. If you love nature, there's hiking, camping, and fishing. You don't have to operate vehicles that are ATV trails, scenic highways and bike trails, looking for more adventure, wind cave bear country, reptile gardens, there's even a new hovercraft park.

One of my favorite things is zip line and rope climbing court near Keystone. And of course it was all those things. The black hills was known for mount Rushmore, crazy horse, deadwood, Spearfish Canyon. And so much more to do. There's some fun stuff to do in rapid city as well. Downtown. I love main street square.

There are many events like the beer festival, Halloween festivals, so many things during the air. Plus Thursdays on seventh street, there are a Free band free beer garden. You can also explore the unique shops, canvas to paint and escape rooms. Love your craft beers. There's a number of local breweries and even some wineries rapid city has plenty of culture too, with lots of museums, art galleries and events.

And during the winter, we've got the rush, our semi-professional hockey team. Number three, should I rent first even if you're planning on living on base right away, you might be asking the questions. Well, later on, should I rent or should I buy. This question is something that really only, you can answer for yourself, you and your situation and your family, but let's go over a few things that you might consider when you're considering renting a property versus buying a property.

Now, it makes a lot of logical sense, move into an area, make sure that you rent for a while and kind of get a feel for everywhere around all the different areas. So when you buy a property, you're in a spot where you really enjoy living, where you really want to be. And that's great. If that's what you'd like to do.

However, I'd like to point just a few things out to you, just so you understand how things roll. When it comes to renting in our area. Number one, the rental market, it's pretty tough. You might be able to buy a property, even maybe even a better, bigger property for the same month that you can rent for number two, if you're looking for just a six month lease to rent for six months and then to move on from there, it's a little more difficult to find a year lease is pretty common.

So if you're looking for a shorter rental term, the options are going to be considerably limited. Number three pets. A lot of rental properties have two responses when it comes to that, that's either  ah-ah give me your money. You do have furry family members, you may have more options and more opportunities for you and them buying rather than renting.

If renting is the best option for you, I have links and resources that can help you find that rental for you and your family. Number four. If you are planning to buy a home, where should you buy it at? Now, if you were talking to an air force member that has been here 20 years ago, he might tell you box is not the place to live, but things have changed.

As I mentioned before in box elder, there is more new construction out in box elder than anywhere else. The number of developments out there are popping up all over the place. So it's very possible to get it into a newer home, just minutes away from work. If you're the type of person that likes to be farther away from work rapid Valley, which is on the South side of rapid city is a very popular choice.

If you don't mind up to half an hour commute to work, you can live in West side, rapid city or close to the Hills in Piedmont or Blackhawk in 2019, the average home sale price was $219,000. If you need to get into a three bedroom, two bath home in the rapid city and surrounding area, you better expect to spend.

At least $200,000 would be better for you to have 225 or 250 to get into a property that's nicely done and move in. Ready. If you're looking to get a bigger home with more wow factor and more amenities that are expect to spend over 300,000, perhaps you're asking why are Rapid City home homes so expensive to answer this.

Let's check out the map here of the rapid city area. As you can see here, we're hours away from many other major cities. It's five hours who falls five hours to Bismarck, another five hours to Missoula. And it's six to seven hours, seven to Denver, which is the nearest metropolis around us because of this.

Our area has about 150 mile trade radius, which brings in people from all over the place into rapid city for services and shopping that we offer. In this trade radius, we have the largest hospital. We have the airport, we have the civic center where all the events and concerts happen. So we bring all these people to our area for that I don't on top of that, all the tourism for our area, the agriculture and Ellsworth air force base.

And we always have a consistently strong economy in our area because of that. We generally have low inventory, lots of buyers. which Drive up the prices. We've seen an increase in our home prices in our air for the past 10 years. What's great about this for you. So we have a greater chance of getting your home sold and it cleanly.

When you're ready to move for your next station. I have a number of military clients here that hung onto the properties rather rented them out. And hope someday to come back and live in the black Hills. Number five. How can we get your home purchased long distance? Now, hopefully you've got your order soon enough that you're able to start looking around at properties online, and you can start checking out where things are at and what things you really love in the area.

If you get ahold of us sooner, rather than later, we can help you go through the process, get all those boxes checked, and hopefully we can get you moved into a property. When you're ready to actually move out here. The first step is pre-approval. I always will recommend a local lender. They understand what's going around around our market, and if I need to get ahold of them, I can go knock on their door.

The local lenders that I trust have very competitive rates and have been doing a very good job of getting us closed on time. Number two, your orders obviously this is a, no-brainer got to have them. They need to be in writing. If you've got a verbal, we can still go around and look for properties. If you don't have your orders in writing, we're a little hesitant write an offer for you.

Just in case things change because you know, they can, whoever we can always make an offer contingent upon you receiving your orders, which means if you don't get those orders in writing or things change, you can get out of that home purchase, but making an offer contingent upon your orders makes it a little bit weaker.

And then the tough market, it really can be difficult to win out on a property with multiple offers with your contingency. Number three, don't be afraid to contact me and let me help you. There are so much you can see on the line of our property. There's also a lot. You can't see what does the neighbor down the street look like?

Do they have cars over their yard? Is there a drainage ditch in the backyard? Maybe there's huge power lines behind that. You don't like. There's so many things that I can help you see once you've established your favorites. I'll schedule a time to get together with you and either to zoom or Skype or some kind of video conferencing software to go take you through the home virtually I'll take you to the property, open up closet doors.

I'll give you my opinion about the property. Make sure that there's no leaking under the sink. I'll do all the things that you can't see as you're looking, even on some of the virtual tours. Online after we've narrowed down your list by a few video tours. I hope you have a chance to come out here for a weekend and we can take a look at the homes that you love personally.

And go from there. We'll look at the properties we'll to the area. We'll give you a tour of rapid city itself. Give you an idea of where the fun things are, and then we'll write an offer on your favorite. I also like to put together an offer on your second favorite, so that one is ready to go in case for whatever the reason the first one falls apart.

Now, if we need to, I can always, yeah. Right. An offer for you and a property without you physical, looking at the home. Obviously I don't recommend this. There is so much more to do a home than what you can see. There's that feel when you walk in the door that I want to make sure that you're a part of but I'm happy to work with you in whatever situation you're in to make sure you get into that home that you love after you've had a chance to visit, and we get your offer accepted.

We then go through the process of making sure we get the inspections lined up, making sure the lenders are doing their job and doing everything we can to make sure we get closed at successfully. It does take about 45 to 60 days to close on a home in our area. So make sure that you include that in your time frame for when you're coming out.

Our goal is to have everything done and ready so that when you report to base. You'll be able to move right in. I've helped a number of families, just like you PCs to Ellsworth air force base over the years, whether you're planning on living on base renting first and buying later or buying right away, we're here to help you in whatever way we can.

We've done this before. We'll do it again. I hope you've enjoyed this video and the information we've provided has been helpful. If we can help you out in any way, please contact us for more videos about rapid city in the area. Check out this video here, or this video here. Thanks for watching. Have a great day and love where you live.


June 28, 2021

7 Reasons You Should Move to Rapid City | Tristan Emond, Mindful Living Realty



Are you thinking about moving to rapid city? I've got seven reasons why you should, SEVEN! Ah, ah, ah, Stick around. We'll get you home.

Hello. My name is Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. I've lived, worked in, played in rapid city since 1990. And here, I'm going to give you the top seven reasons why you should make the move to rapid city, South Dakota. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to be notified of all of my future rapid city videos.

You learn everything you need to know about rapid city and moving to it. And now let's get on with the show. Reason number one, rapid city is the gateway to the black Hills. Within minutes, you can be immersed in the 1.2 million acre black Hills national forest, whatever your favorite outdoor activity is, whether it's camping.

Fishing hiking, snowshoeing, or even hitting the slopes. You can be at a multitude of beautiful places in under an hour. Wildlife fun attractions, scenic views, historic towns there's just so much to do. We love our black Hills backyard. Reason number two, rapid city, city of parks. I love my rapid city parks. canyon lake park has a fishing bridge and its own Island.

I love to walk on the bike path next to rapid creek in Soiux park. Don't forget to attend one of the many events at Wilson park. There's a bunch of fun playground equipment and Memorial park and stopped by founders park to play sand volleyball, hike up M Hill. And access the array of trails at Hanson Memorial park trails.

There's so many things to explore. Reason. Number three, downtown rapid city downtown is the place to be. It has unique shops, amazing restaurants, the historic Alex Johnson hotel. Cool things to do like canavas to paint and escape rooms. The focal point is main street square, which transforms from ice rink in the winter to an event extravaganza during the rest of the year.

I love downtown during the holidays, when it lights up for the season and the annual parade of lights parade, number four, the climate I know every time you see South Dakota on the news, it's usually blowing sideways. So ice and cars in the ditch. But it's not always that way. Especially here in rapid city, rapid city enjoys a banana belt type of weather, weather pattern where one day we have snow the next day, it's 40 and it all melts here.

We have four seasons, lots of sunshine and low humidity. I grew up in Southwest quarter of Minnesota. So I understand humidity. I remember waking up with damp sheets, putting on damn clothes here in rapid city. You get cooled down enough at night that you could open up the windows and let in the fresh air.

Number five events and music. Homeshow, stock show, gem and mineral show, whiskey and beer festivals, so much more go on at a civic center. Plus there was the Broadway show series, orchestra performances, and a variety of concerts. During the summer, you can go downtown on Thursday nights, where they host summer nights, they have free bands, beer gardens activities for the kids.

In addition to this, you've got the black Hills community theater, Seraphim theater and local performances at coffee shops and bars. And this just scratches the surface of everything going on in rapid city. Number six, the culture rapid city has amazing history from the dinosaurs to the native Americans, to the westward expansion, to the gold rush.

All of which are celebrated in our art displays in museums, the dahl fine arts center displays, local art and host many events and concerts. The museum of geology, will have you staring at dinosaur bones while the journey museum will showcase how rep city God settled. You'll love art alley Prairie edge, the downtown murals, and many other art museums and showcases number seven.

Sports fitness and activities. In addition to the many city parks, there are also numerous outdoor pools an indoor recreation arena with indoor pool, an indoor ice skating rink, and even a YMCA. There are tennis courts, racquetball courts, baseball and softball parks soccer complexes as well as a number of private workout and yoga businesses.

Walk the track two part test out your arm at the Frisbee golf course. And check out the mini beautiful golf courses in the rapid city area. I've just touched on these seven reasons why I love rapid city. I've got a relocation package talking about 13 reasons you want to move to Reverend city. Check on the link below to download that there's so much more to share about rapid city, check out my other videos.

And if you're looking to buy a home in rapid city, check out my website, rapidhomesonline.com.

June 14, 2021

Best Black Hills Lakes - Iron Creek Lake | Tristan about Town



Welcome back to Tristan about town. Today's adventure. I got so excited for iron Creek Lake that I've got to do my intro on location. So here we go.

Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to rapid city in the area and all the wonderful things about rapid city. And the black Hills, don't forget to hit that subscribe button, click that notification bell.

So you'll be notified of all my rapid city videos. Roll tape. Iron Creek Lake. Is this amazing hideaway, just South of spear for South Dakota. It's about a 20 minute drive South of Spearfish on a scenic gravel road.

the Lake is a pristine black Hills gem with a trail circling the lake about one mile

The Lake was created in the mid 1930s by works progress administration, WPA projects.

With wakes and high-speed water cap prohibited. It makes the perfect light for floating kayaking, canoeing. and Just being

one side of the Lake. There's these people that own these vacation homes, still not sure how they managed to get these.

You can also stay the camp ground or bunk it out. And one of the rustic cabins.

There's even a store at the lake, the most necessary supplies for camping. picnicking has fishing license, lures, and bait. You can also rent paddle boats, get snacks and have short order meals.

I hope you enjoy today's adventure with Tristan about town. If you'd like a free guide to the 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city, the link is below. And if you liked this video, you might like this video or this video. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day and remember, love where you live.

May 31, 2021

Looking for a JOB in Rapid City? What's the Job Market Like?



It's time to answer one of your questions. What's the job market like in rapid city.

Hi, everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. We'll talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. So somewhere along the line, someone decided that we needed to have jobs to make money to live this life.

So we're going to talk about what the job market is like in rapid city and the surrounding area.

well, before we go into those details, let's talk about how your lender. Might look at your job. The first one is your remote workers. You got a job. Doesn't matter where you are. As long as you have internet connection. You're good to go. Lender's going to say no problem. We'll we'll loan on that. Not an issue.

The second type is a job that is similar to what you're doing now. So if you are a nurse. Where you are now, and you come into rapid city and you get a job as a nurse lender will look at that and say, okay, probably not a problem. Just give me a letter of intent from your employer and maybe the first pay stub.

So you should be able to buy a house pretty much right away with that type of job transfer. The third type is when you're changing jobs. So let's say you're a nurse where you are there and you've got a job coming here, hanging sheet rock. Now I just lenders go look at that and say, well, I'm not sure that they're cut out for hanging sheet rock.

Are they going to last for a month or two? And they get fired. So they're going to need to see. Two months, three months, maybe six months worth of work under your belt with that much payment pay stubs to determine whether or not they'll give you that loan. So chances are you'll have to rent first before you can buy.

Before we get that pre-approval letter from the lender. Now, every lender is different. So make sure you talk with your lender and see what they need, but in the case of you changing the type of job that you have, you'll have to confirm with your lender, how that's going to work. And of course, then there's type number four.

My fellow entrepreneurs, those people who have their own business now it's great that you have your own business, but every lender's gonna look at that differently as well. Are they going to consider, well, you're starting up in this new location, so we're going to need to see two months worth of federal tax returns.

Are they going to need to see a profit? So you'll have to check with your lender to see how that works and that scenario, a lot of times, though, they'll need to see that you can make the, make your business work in the newer air that you're in. Now let's get into the job market in the rapid city, in black Hills area.

A few weeks ago, I talked with elevate rapid city, which tracks all the numbers around the black Hills region for these employment numbers elevate rapid city is combination of wrote down. So we wouldn't forget the chamber of commerce, economic development and the rapid city economic foundation, as well as the ascent innovation center.

To begin with. Let's talk about the types of industries in the rapid city and black Hills had area. The first one is agriculture. Now you're not going to see the rows and rows of corn fields and soybean fields. You'll see on the East side of the state, but we do have a lot of cattle and horse ranches and hay fields.

With our amazing black Hills tourism of course, is a huge industry as well. And this includes more than just the summer tourist season to the black Hills for camping, fishing, hiking, et cetera. It also includes such events like the stock show in early February, the home show in March, the powwow and October hunting that starts in the fall.

And of course, winter sports. When the snow starts flying. Another huge industry is healthcare because we've got that 150 mile trade radius. A lot of people come to our area for the medical services that we provide. Monument health is one of the biggest hospitals in the area, and we also have many clinics, medical specialties, dentists and orthodontists.

Another strong industry in our area is the financial sector banks, financial advisors, CPAs insurance agencies. We have a lot of them here. Rounding up. This list is natural resources. And manufacturing from what I've seen, I think we could add very safely construction to this list with all the damage, from the hail of these past years, new housing developments going on and road construction.

I think that if you were involved in the construction industry, finding a job here should not be too difficult. You need to stop and take a moment and talk about tech jobs. Unfortunately, in our area. There haven't been as many tech jobs available as we would. Like, this is an area that the economic development has been working on for the past number of years, fortunately, with the school of mines and technology, Western Dakota vo-tech and black Hill state universities.

These universities are very good at responding to the community and saying, Hey, What do we need? The ascent innovation center is one of these projects. Ascent innovation, provides the space and resources to help start up companies, get their footing and make an impact in our community. All right. Now let's talk about who the top employers in our areas, as you might expect, monument health is the top of the list.

Ellis was the air force base, the post, the number of civilian workers, as well as our military members Black hills energy. Is there a regional electric utility here in the black Hills? They recently built their corporate offers here in rapid city. Just off Highway 16 and have services in a number of neighboring States.

The city of rapid city employs quite a number of people in our area, as well as of course Sam's and Walmart. And as you can imagine with the tourism industry, we have a large segment of hospitality. Employers will tells attractions and restaurants. The last top employer likes to talk about is a company called black Hills works.

This is an amazing company that has provided services to adults with disabilities. For the past 60 years, they provide housing and support. All right. How are you doing? Having fun yet? All right. Well, let's talk about unemployment and wages. So back in March, we had a little bit of a shutdown. Of restaurants and bars, or are going to unemployment rate back in March this year went up to 13.5% Rapid city doing a very good job on recovering that we are now in November about 5.6%.

So we're seeing a very low unemployment rate around the area. As far as the average income is concerned, elevate rapid city. It looks at that as a weekly wage to that  that weekly wage is $849 in December of 2020. That works out to about a $44,500 annual salary. Now the time we need to address the elephant in the room.

Now you'll notice pretty quickly that wages rapid city and our area are maybe significantly less than what you're used to in your area. Especially if you come from a major city or along the coast, please take a look at my cost of living in rapid city video, which I will post up here somewhere. That you can take a look at.

It's important that you look at the cost of living comparison calculators, that you could find online, I'll post a couple in the links below. So you can check those out. When I was doing my research with the cost of living video and I was using this calculator, I was noticing that rapid city had a lower cost of living than many metropolitan cities in areas around the country.

Now, this being said affordable housing is an issue. It's something that keeps seeming to go up and up and up as our inventory is low and our buyer demand is high. Getting into a home in rapid city. That is financeable with just a $12 an hour. Job may be very difficult just to give you an idea of home prices.

We're closing on a property this week, 720 square feet. One car garage, move in ready, but the price is $165,000. More than likely to get into three bed, two bath 1800 square foot home. You'll need at least $200,000 to purchase that property. I wish I had an answer for this affordability problem that we're having right now.

Unfortunately, I don't know where that's going to come from. I just did a search today. There's 197 homes for sale in the entire black Hills MLS area. And with the rising prices of materials builders, can't get them built fast enough and those prices are going up and up and up. Add to that the new bomber mission coming to Ellsworth air force base in the next couple of years, I don't see home prices going down anytime soon.

All right. So where should you go to find jobs in the rapid city and black hills area? I'm sure you've already tried indeed.com and LinkedIn. Another more local one is blackhillshelpwanted.com. The most comprehensive one though is probably at the South Dakota department of labor's website. I'll post the link to that dissolve.

This website provides job openings all over the state of South Dakota. But even if you find a job outside of the rap city and black Hills area, whether it's Aberdeen, Watertown, Brookings, Sioux falls, I have people, I can refer you to, to help you with your real estate needs in those areas. Be sure to check out elevate rapid city's website as well.

They have a monthly blog that talk about the job market, the statistics and everything that we talked about in this video, your employment may or may not be the forefront of your decision to move to the black Hills area. I hope the information I provided was enough to guide you in the right direction to find the tools and resources that you were looking for to help you along the way.

Thank you so much for watching this video, please give me a thumbs up and be like, it asks me any questions below in the comments. I'll be sure to make another video like this one based upon comments of people who have asked me questions, have an amazing day to remember.

Love where you live .

May 17, 2021

The Best Places to Get Ice Cream in the Black Hills | Our Black Hills Ice Cream Adventure!



Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond, and I'm Amanda Thune. We're with mindful living Realty. And today we're on a black Hills ice cream adventure.

Correct candy land just outside of Hill city today.

What'd we get? Peacan Prahling.

Very good.

Here we are stuck. Number two, dairy Swiss, Oreo Marvel, Marvel, Oriel, mint, Marvel, already marveling the size of this thing. Wow.

Okay, thats good.

Yeah, it's good .

Should we tell them what kind it is. What kind it it? It is citrus splosion Not bad. Where are we at. We are at Cream, Hill city, South Dakota.

We are in Custer. Lemon poppy seed. Horatio's Ice cream. Yup, i like that one. Lemon Poppy Seed

And don't forget

the dairy-free strawberry coconut.

It's the purple pipe place Moose tracks Ice cream. Has some chocolatey stuff in there. It it chocolate chips

Those are like those peanut butter cups are that? Oh yeah. Yup. Not Bad.

Going to see Mount Rushmore. I love this view though. Like when you come up on these people, get there at any of them.

and of course you have to go to Mount Rushmore for their ice cream. This is good stuff. Yeah. Tastes like freedom.

Silver lining creamery, rapid city mint, chocolate chip.

Last stop of the day. Armadillo. What is this? Heath Deluxe.

Nice. Woah. Everywhere, Now we are talking. This enough caramel. You need a Candy bar. You didn't make a mess, dude.

well, we share a lot of fun recording this video. If you'd like to see more videos about rapid city and the surrounding black Hills area. Go ahead and hit the subscribe button, click that notification bell. Be sure to see it all of our rep city and surrounding your videos. And if you'd like this video, be sure to check out this video and this playlist.

Thanks for watching. And remember, love where you live.

We need outtakes. Outtakes are important. Are you rolling still?

Yes. Thank you okay. Okay.

May 3, 2021

French Creek Trail | Best Black Hills Hikes by Tristan about Town



Hey, welcome back to Tristan about town. Best black Hills hikes today. We're on a French Creek trail in the French Creek national area. Just off wildlife loop in Custer state park.

Hi everybody. This is Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. Welcome to my YouTube channel, where we talk all about moving to rapid city and the joys of living in rapid city. And the black Hills, please hit subscribe and hit that notification bell to receive all my rapid city videos.

So here's the deal after about a mile 1.3 miles. I think it is. This trail turns into something where you've got to find your own trail. You climb over rocks, you climb over trees, you climb through forest like dense jungle. So if it's trail that you're looking, you're looking for a trail just to walk on down.

This is not, do you want more of an adventure? Come on down.

Oh, look, the actual trail.

Just coming back from our hike, we went about three miles up. It took us about five hours to get up there and back, or of course we stopped to pick a lot of pictures and a lot of video,

the trail was good in some places and others, not so much, it might be good to have a GPS enabled trail app map of some kind. So you can find the trail that you need to, but you'll never get lost. Just follow the river. Do you plan on getting wet? You're going to try to not get wet while crossing some of the river, but at some point you're gonna fall in and then you're just gonna ford the rivers

anyway, pants are a pretty good idea to walk through a lot of long grasses, thorns, thistles. Make sure your legs are protected.

Thanks for coming with me on Today's black Hills hike. I hope you enjoyed it. If you like this one, try one of these other videos. See you next time, Tristan about town. Remember love where you live.

April 19, 2021

Flume Trail - Best Black Hills Hikes with Tristan Emond



Hey Everybody Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty here on today's black Hills trail. We're going to walk part of the flume trail.

We parked off the spring Creek trail head just off Sheridan Lake road. Took us about half an hour to get here from my house. Beautiful day 65 degrees. Sun is shining. Flume Trail is an easy to moderate hike and your Sheridan Lake that you can access from three different trail heads. This is a good trail that you can take your children on.

The historic flume tale takes us back in time to the mining boom of the 18 hundreds. The Rockville flume carried water 20 miles from spring Creek West, or the present day Sheridan Lake East to the Placer diggings near Rockville. The flume operated until 1885 and enabled miners to take over 20 million in Gold.

The entire trail is 11 miles. With a three mile loop, but there are plenty of options to just walk a few miles or stroll by spring Creek.

the most popular features of the trail are the two walk-through tunnels. These tunnels were drilled or blasted through solid rock in 1880.

In 1985, the tunnel entrances were reconstructed to assure safe passage. The rock is metamorphic schist, approximately 1.7 billion years old, likely to be one of the most ancient things you'll ever be able to touch.

Along the way, breath in the fresh air. Stop to smell the flowers, take in the scenery and take your dogs for an adventure. This is the black Hills nature at its best.

Thanks so much for watching my video today. We love or black Hills playground. If you haven't already check out my black Hills playground playlist, and we love rapid city playlist, and don't forget to subscribe for all of my rapid city videos, take care and remember love where you live.

April 5, 2021

The REAL Cost of Living in Rapid City | 12 Expenses to Consider before Moving to Rapid City



Money money, money, you get it. And then you spend it all away. Today's video. What's the real cost of living in rapid city.

Everybody I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel, where we talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. According to faculty.com, South Dakota ranks as the fifth, most affordable state in the union.

in the 2020 study. Well, how does Rapid City fit in all of this? Let's check it out now, before we talk about the cons of living in rapid city, we need to back up, show you the map again, give you a feel for what happens around rapid city. We're a tad bit isolated here in rapid city. We're five hours away.

From the nearest bigger cities. It's five hours to Sioux falls, five hours to Bismarck, five hours to Billings, six to seven hours to Denver. So what this does is it creates about 150 mile trade radius among the communities that surround us due to this trade radius, the tourism industry of the black Hills, the agriculture that surrounds us.

And the goods and services provided to the Ellsworth air force base. The economy in rapid city is usually fairly stable. Remember the housing crisis in 2008, rapid city went down about 6%. Well other cities went down 50% or more. So now that I've set the scene for you, let's go and talk about. Cost of living in rapid city, South Dakota cost of living in rapid city.

Number one, well housing of course housing, rapid city has nothing but grown since 2010. In fact, the median home price sale value in 2010, it was about $160,000. Now in 2020, that's about $220,000 for the past number of years, we've experienced low inventory, high buyer demand. Which of course is the reason for these prices going up with the number of people moving to rapid city, the rental market has been tight as well.

Fortunately, there have been a number of new construction apartment buildings that have helped ease the supply issue, but the prices still remain kind of high. That one bedroom studio apartment will be right around $6-700 a month. Plus utilities. If you're looking to rent a house. A two bedroom, one bath home, about 900 square feet.

We'll be right around $800 to $900. A three bedroom, one bath, 1000 square foot property. That'll get you right around $900 to a $1000 dollars. If you're looking for a bigger house, a four bedroom, two bath, but 1800 square feet. That's going to run you anywhere between $1400 to $1,600 a month. And that of course may not include in utilities to the property.

So what kind of home can your money buy you in rapid city? Let me showcase to you four different properties. We sold this year. Different price points to give you a feel for just this. This first one is a two bedroom, one bath 1300 square foot property with no garage. It sold for about, $150,000. Here's a three bedroom, two bath.

5,000 square foot property with two car garage. That sold for $225,000. Here's a five bedroom, two bath 2,700 square foot property with a two car garage. That sold For about $300,000. And this one is a four bedroom, three bath 2,700 square foot property with three car garage, beautifully done. For $400,000.

So if we take each one of these price points and we consider a 4% interest rate at a 30 year loan, we add in the present taxes and run an estimated insurance. How much would your total payment be per month quick? Disclaimer, this data is all based upon November 2020 numbers. The interest rates will change.

The taxes will change the insurance premium that you get might be different than my estimate, but this gives you a ballpark figure to give you an idea of what a monthly payment might be when you see these properties. Okay. When the work's done. Yeah. So that 150,000 a property. Based upon the previously before mentioned aforementioned its backs and disclaimers run about $950 a month.

That $225,000 property, about $1,400 a month. The $300,000 property about $1850 a month. And the $400,000 property. Right about $2,400 in a month. Cost of living in rapid city point number two, property taxes and property insurance. Now we will be talking about taxes later on, but only made sense after housing to talk about property taxes, as well as property insurance, the average property tax rate for the four properties I showcased was 1.1%.

So that's $300,000 home you can expect to pay about 3,300, the $3,400 in taxes each year. Your homeowners insurance. There are so many factors that come into play. As far as your homeowner insurance rate, it could be your credit score. It could be the age of the roof. It could be the type of siding. All those things play a part in your homeowners insurance policy.

Now here in rapid city, South Dakota in Western South Dakota, because we have this thing called Hail that we have a tendency to seem to accumulate. A lot of our insurance rates are actually a little bit higher than many of the country. If you go to sites like insurance.com. They'll list each state and the average homeowner's insurance premium in that state, South Dakota on a $200,000 property.

It lists us at $2,640 per year. To me, that seems pretty high based upon my experience, talking with my buyers and our own personal insurance on our 2200 square foot home with two car garage, we pay about $1,200 a year for our insurance policy cost of living in rapid city. Number three utilities. We do get cold up here.

So heat something you're going to want to have and believe it or not, the summers get hot enough that you probably want to go and have air conditioning as well. I took a look at the utility data sheets provided by some of the listings in the past year to get an idea of what your average utility costs might be from this information.

A home with gas fired furnace and air conditioner was about $150 to $160 for gas and electricity. You're sitting utilities such as city, water, sewer, and garbage ran between anywhere between $90 and a $100 dollars. Would you need to take into consideration the number of properties in rapid city that were in built all electric, which means they're running those baseboard heaters and probably built in the seventies and eighties.

So they're not quite as efficient that electric bill might be closer to $200 to $300 a month to take care of that baseboard, heat and  window air conditioning unit. The other thing that we can kind of lump into this utility section is homeowners association fees. Now this is more prevalent in communities outside of rapid city, but there are few neighborhoods in rapid city that had HOA fees.

Now these can run anywhere from a hundred dollars a month to a hundred dollars a year. So make sure you include that in your penciling out of numbers for our home. Of course we can't get by without talking about internet. We've got to have the internet in rapid city. We've got two main broadband providers.

Now it'd be Midco and fast. Both have programs running, you buy between $40 to $80 a month, depending on the type of service you get, as far as your TV is concerned, there are so many choices that we're not even gonna spend time talking about that on this video, it's almost like I'm saying, go read a book.

It must be time to go grocery shopping. So in rapid city we have four major grocery shopping options. Our target is a super target, so you can go grocery shopping there. You've got two Walmarts. That's usually where we grocery shop because it's cheaper. And we got three old kids that eat a lot food. Then you also have two safe ways.

And two regional grocery stores called family fair. So I feel like Safeway sometimes going to be a little more expensive. So let's go with the family fairs, split it in the middle lets get inside and check out some grocery prices.

Milk, eggs, cheese, who cares?. What about ice cream?

cost of living in rapid city. Number five, gasoline got to keep those cars rolling. The time of this video gas was $2 and 28 cents per gallon, four 97, octane or regular unleaded gas. Now here in rapid city, we don't have a lot of competition from one gas station together, gas station, the other gas station.

They might vary a couple cents, but usually you're not going to save 10 cents by running across town. So the price. It's kind of the price. Sometimes we may see gas prices. Hike up a little bit. During the summertime, when more tourists are coming out, we have more people in town and, you know, supply demand.

So price sometimes comes up a little cost of living in rapid city. Number six. Coffee. Of course, since we're talking about gas for the cars, we should probably talk about gas for us. We've got a great selection of coffee shops in rapid city, from local ones, such as essence of coffee to regional ones, as you've dunn brothers and pure bean.

And of course we've got the Starbucks and every corner a Large Americano costs you about $3 and 50 cents. A large midstream that is your caramel macchiato, because about $5 and twenty-five cents. And a large Frappaccino with the whipped cream and drizzle cost about $5 and 75 cents. For your coffee enjoyment, it should be need.

Right. Coffee needs. Coffee needs. Okay. Cost of living in rapid city. Number seven, going out to eat restaurants. Rapid City also has several dining options where they're looking for fast food, national chains. Or local cuisine. We've got it all here in rapid city. Your fast food drives you it'll cost you about eight to $10 for your traditional burger combo.

Or you can try your national chain says Olive garden and spend anywhere between $12 to $20 per meal. Of course this doesn't include any drink and desserts, or you can go notch up with upscale restaurant and such has been Minervas restaurant, which will be between 20 and $30 a plate, or go down to the Del Monica grill downtown.

For an amazing steak between 30 and $60 a plate. And of course you can't forget about your staple Chinese food. We like Golden Phoenix. We can get an entree between seven and $9. Your pizza and beer lover. You got to check out the independent alehouse downtown on St. Joseph street. Can I handcrafted  pizza for 12 to $14 plus craft beers, many on tap.

Gotta check this place out. Of course you can always get your single topping hot and ready. $6 little Caesar's pizza. Or your $12 pan pizza for pizza hut or even your 16 to $18 specialty pizza at boss pizza in town love your craft beers. Rapid city has a number of craft beer locations, Dakota point Brewing. For example, you can get a 16 ounce pint there for about $6 fast food Chinese pizza.

Fine dinning beer, not even mention a few of the other great places. Well, you need ready to go to the movies. The golden ticket cinema is our newest retrofitted theater with the reclining seat and full service food a ticket to here is $12.75, not including of course popcorn your food, your snacks, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

You can also check out traditional AMC theaters for $12.75. We'll go downtown to the historic elk center where tickets are only $5 cost of living in rapid city. Number nine. Entertainment, what else is there to do? I'm sure you want to spend a lot of time with the black Hills to make sure you get your annual forest service pass.

These are $40 and that way you don't have to spend the daily, use fees at all the picking areas, lakes and other places you'll want to stop and hike. You also will probably want to get your annual state park sticker so you can explore Custer, state park, anytime you want. And also head on down to Angustura reservoir, which is Angostura state park.

These are $36 a year. Ready to explore the black Hills a parking pass at Mount Rushmore is $11 a drive through bear countries. $18 a person with a maximum of $65 a car. One of my favorite places is the Rushmore aerial park. Go climbing on the high wires for $49 in town. You can practice your putting at pirates mini golf for $9 a round you can check out a rush hockey game between 18 and $40 a game.

Or leading into the artistic side at canvas to paint for $40 a painting session. If you have more refined tastes, you can watch the black Hills symphony orchestra at the performing arts theater for around $32 a ticket. Let's start, forget all the free things you can do around town. Hiking, the trails on Hanson Larson, Memorial park Kyaking and Canyon Lake biking down the bike path and story book Island is even free cost of living in rapid city.

Number 10 gym activity memberships. There are Friday a different gym exercise and activity memberships here in town. Planet fitness is up at the mall and they've got the traditional $10 per month starter package. You can do yoga at a number of different studios for around $60 a month. The YMCAs membership is about $60 a month for access to its pools, workout area in courts.

And for about $30 a month, you have membership to the rapid city recreation center and have access to that pools. And wreckable courts. Of course, this is a very short list of the options that are available, but it should give you a feel for what you can expect at various clubs and memberships around town.

Cost of living rep the city, number 11, caring for your family. Full disclosure here, hearing it again. My youngest child she's 17. We've never used daycare and neither me or my wife's parents are old enough to need any elderly care services. So the information I provided here today has been my research based upon what I can find here in rapid city.

So you don't have to do it. There are a variety of daycare options in rapid city. Premiere larger scale YMCAs type daycares to your home-based businesses. Based on the information I could find online, you could spend from $150 to $180 a week for full-time daycare services. If your child is old enough to just drop off afterschool those daycare services range between $65 and a $100 dollars per week, of course each daycare will have their own rules and regulations about group rates and family rates.

As far as caring for your elderly family members in nursing homes, I wasn't able to find any actual pricing on the websites. Over senior advice.com reports rapid City having a nursing home average of $4,800 to $7,500 a month with an average of $5,580 a month. For that nursing home care cost of living rep city, number 12, Taxes Taxes Taxes

I've been waiting for months to play that clip. As I mentioned before in this video, South Dakota does not have a state income tax. They also don't have a corporate income tax making South Dakota, very business friendly State. However that money's got to come from somewhere. Right. So that's why you'll see our property taxes be considerably higher than other States around the country that actually have a state income tax.

The other thing that you'll find is that we'll have sales tax on everything for South Dakota. Our sales tax rate is 4.5% and each city has their own sales tax. On top of that, the living rapid city, you're spending 6.5% sales tax on everything you buy, whether it be a good, a service, a food, whatever, even them there realtors charging 6.5% sales tax to the state.

Cause that's what we got to do. It'll be interesting to see what happens as far as taxation in the state of South Dakota. And then it, a couple of years, we just legalized marijuana. So we'll see what happens with that tax revenue as it in the years to come. Finally, I have to give you a few tools that you can use to determine whether rapid city is the place for you based on the cost of living and where you are now.

And the description below, I provided a bunch of cost of living calculators. Let's get into one now to show you how it works here. We are in best places.net cost of living calculator. Now there are other websites you can use. I'm just on this one because I liked the way it looks and all the ways I like the way it works.

Um, so we entered where you live now. So let's type in Denver, cause that's say closest metropolitan area to us, uh, come into rapid city, South Dakota, and they'll just keep the income annual income at 50,000 at the calculate button. So now you can see you. If you got a solid 50,000 dollars in Denver, you could actually survive on $34,015 here in rapid city with the same assumptions.

It's interesting here. Now she's crawled down to this. Cost of living index is right here. You can see where a hundred is. The us average rapid city is at or below every us average on except for health care. The only reason I can think of this healthcare is higher is because we do have no competition in our area.

And with our trade radius, we have a lot more people coming to our area for the use of the medical services. So be sure to check out some of these costs of living calculators. See what you think, see how they relate to you and where you area comes from. And  don't be afraid to hit the customized button if you'd like to do that as well.

If you've enjoyed our video today, please give us that coveted thumbs up, hit that subscribe button and make sure you click the notification bell to be notified of all of our rapid city videos, Thanks again for watching have an amazing day and remember love where you live.

March 22, 2021

Rock Climbing in the Black Hills | Tristan about Town



Welcome back to Tristan about town today. We're just beyond Mount Rushmore. We're going to do some rock climbing.

Hey, I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living realty, a realtor right here. Rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about Rapid city and the black Hills. Be sure to hit that subscribe button, click the notification bell to be notified of all my rapid city videos.

Let's get climbing We started our adventure at the wrinkled rock climbing area, just outside of Keystone, South Dakota. Now that is a bit of a work out thanks so much for watching. And love where you live