May 2, 2022

Prepare For Winter in Rapid City - The Things You Gotta Know



Winter is coming. I know it

Tristan Emond here with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel I talk, everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills In this video we're going to talk about preparing for winter.

Are you ready. So it's the time of year again, leaves are starting to fall off the trees, temperature getting colder. So now let's talk about the things around the yard you need to do to make sure you're protected from the cold. Now, first of all, it's November 3rd and it's 70 degrees today. I don't have a coat on it.

It's a weird year right now. You don't usually expect a November 3rd to be outside without a coat on. And look, there's still leaves on the trees. Usually all the leaves are gone. So it's pretty typical. South Dakota weather. We've already had two October snow storms. So now we're on what third fall, something like that.

Changing temperatures, changing weather always keeps you on your toes here in South Dakota . So what as you make the transition from August into September, you want to make sure that you keep your eye on the weather. Sometimes we get some really early frost in September, what it looks like it's going to get below freezing at night.

You want to make sure that you take care of your flowers outside, cover them out with a bucket or something. And honestly, if you've got a garden, putting blankets on top of that will help protect your produce from that early freeze. The other thing your going to want to do is make sure you remove your hoses from the outside spigot. Now the spigot itself.

Isn't going to freeze on you. But when you have the hose connected to the spigot and there's water still in the hose, once it gets really cold, that that water expands, and then it can break into that spigot. So make sure you remove your hose so that it's not causing issues later on down the line. The other thing you want to do is make sure that you hire some money to blow out your sprinklers.

If you've got a water sprinkler system in your yard, make sure you get that blown out because obviously water freezing and pipes makes it an explode. And that's a really hard to take care of really hard to fix. If they're, if they explode in the yard. Now, if it's just getting down to 30 degrees for a day or two, and they're bopped up to forties, fifties, you probably not going to be in too bad of a shape, but if it's getting down to the twenties for weeks and weeks on end, that's when you're going to want to make sure that those sprinklers have already been blown out.

The other, the next thing you want to do is make sure that you clean out your gutters as the leaves, fall and little branches fall in collecting the gutters. You want to make sure that you get all that cleaned out. So when the snow comes and then melt as it. There's plenty of room for the water to do its thing down in the gutter and out the downspout.

So let's talk a little bit about your lawn. So in South Dakota, in August, you're mowing once every two, maybe three weeks by the time September rolls around every so often, you're mowing the lawn just to kind of keep down the areas that grow up. But as there gets to be more and more leaves on the. What'd you do, probably what you're gonna do is you're going to grab your rake and your lawn blowers and put them on the pile.

Hopefully you jump in the pile a couple of times and cleaned it all up again before you finally get it done with it and make sure you used your composite compostable bags so that when you put it into the lawn waste area of that, that's all taken care of. But we, what we have done the past couple of years, which is kind of cheating, but it's worked really well is to use our mulching lanwmower.

And just run the lawnmower over everything. It mulches up the leaves really finely and just drops them into the ground. And of course, letting nature do its thing over the winter and in the spring. So is that the right thing to do the wrong thing to do? I don't really know, but I do know it doesn't take hours to do, and it hasn't done bad for our lawn for the past couple of years.

So get you a mulcher mulch up them leaves. Winter's coming. You were born in the long summer. You've never known anything else, but now winter is surely coming. When it comes to snow removal, invest in a good snowblower and a few shovels.

I like using the sand shovel to scrape off hard snow and ice. When it starts melting. Don't forget your bag of ice melter for your sidewalks and driveways. So the next question about the coming winter that often get asked about is about your vehicles. Do you need a fourwheel drive? Do you have to have snow tires in our area?

Generally speaking ? Not, unless you are planning on going off roading or driving up in, you know, lead really get lots of snow quite a bit. If you're just running around the cities, you generally don't need too much on your cars as far as set of tires or chains or anything like that. And then get the streets plowed off enough so that you can drive around in a typical all wheel drive car.

Like I've got behind me, my kids even drive a front wheel drive car, generally speaking, they get around. Okay. Now that being said, we do have a four wheel drive. And when it's particularly snowy outside That's probably the one I'm going to jump in the most important thing that you want to take care of on your vehicle is your tires.

When you buy that car from the dealership, a lot of times you'll have the, just a smooth summer type tires on them. And those are just going to spend, not give you any attraction, go and get a good all season, a little bit aggressive tire and put them on your vehicles. They're good for all year long. And they'll do just fine for you in the winter.

As long as again, you're not trying to climb up slopes or nothing like that. Your Ford Mustangs and muscle cars, just leaving the garage to the winter, pull them out through the summer. Also make sure y'all fit your car with ice scrapers, a roadside emergency kit that includes emergency blankets, emergency water, and other tools you might need along the road.

It's also a great idea to source some gas. So you had it if you need it.

and I didn't wash my car just for this purpose. You can see what your car looks like. After a couple of weeks, one around in the snow. Now, the city does a very good job of plowing and some of the main roads or town, some of the throat divisions, maybe not so much, but I'll get to it. They don't use straight sand or straight salt.

They have a chemical mixture that they put mostly on the crossroads. It's the stoplights, that kind of thing. So certainly not going to rust out your car like it does in Minnesota, but I certainly recommend you get that undercarriage wash a new car every, so once in awhile you can have the chemical form of they use in the roads after driving you in your car.

And there's a tendency to pock out some of your concrete so if you've got a really nice garage,Unlike me Make sure you use an epoxy coating to protect it. Protect himself. Come winter. Now let's talk about driving this. Now I grew up in Minnesota. I moved over to rapid city. I've always been in a snow climate. Of course I learned to drive in a 19 75 40 LTD.

So things are a bit different. Now, the most important thing to consider with driving in winter conditions aside from of course your tires, like I mentioned, is your speed. I don't care how great your tires are. If you're going 55 miles an hour, I expect to stop. Normally you're going to coast right on through that intersection and probably hit somebody along the way.

Keep your speed low. Be patient, make sure that there's plenty of time to get where you need to go. When you get to the intersection, sort of slowing down a long time before, and then start pumping your brakes. That'll help you slow down to the point where you can actually get stopped at the intersection.

When you get to the intersection and want to make a turn, make sure you're going slow enough and then make the turn without your foot on the brake. When you had your foot cramped on the brake, that's what causes you to skid. Of course, when it's really, really Icy, sometimes it doesn't matter what you do.

You just kind of slide all around. Go slow. Take your time, get to where you need to be.

All right. Now it's time to talk about clothing for winter. Now I know all, you know, there's like a, I would get this, but for you southerners, let's talk about winter. In South Dakota and especially winter in rapid city. So we have, as you've learned from me talking about before a vast array of climates, it can start off one day being 60 degrees.

And then by the end of that day, by the time you're going home for work, it's 20 degrees. So you to make sure that you have appropriate clothing with you or in your car or something, to make sure that you're prepared for said weird events. And since some days like today can be 70 degrees. You don't want to wear sweaters every day of your life either.

So layers is the key. Usually I have a t-shirt on underneath, and then I'll have a long sleeve. Of course on top of that. And then the good old fashioned hoodie sweatshirt, then that usually keeps me warm for up to, you know, if we're just the 60 degrees or 40 degrees now on the same token, you're probably going to want to have a bunch of different jackets because he never know.

The first one I have here is a, just a lightweight jacket. Keeps the, keeps the rain off, keeps the chill off. I really like these three in one tight coats. This one actually has. Inserts and I took the insert off and this is kind of. Not terribly cold, but not terribly warm. So we just 30, 40 degrees. We'll wear this out.

We're going walking lately in the mornings. Um, my wife actually has the insert, so she's wearing the insert and I'm wearing the outer coat and it works pretty good for those middle of the road cold days. And of course you want to make sure that you have a heavy coat, not necessarily a parka. You don't need to have.

Whole fuzzy around the head kind of thing. Also, you want to, I mean, had to see your choice, whatever, but I do like these heavy coats. This one actually is a three and one two, but I generally just keep this for my heavier Winter coat for when it gets really cold. I'm not a scarf person. So I liked the ones that have the zip up all the way up to here.

So I smuggled my nose. Right. So make sure you have a variety of coats for whatever the situation is. Okay. Now I also have for ah pants. I have a, these are basically just a warm up type pants that I wear over the top of my jeans. If it's just a little rainy, use a little chili, these work out really good for that.

And they would work out really good if I would remember to pack them. When we went to Ireland last two, two years ago. And of course there's going to be outside in the snow a lot. You probably want some kind of snow pants scenario where you are protected for, with your skiing or snowboarding, or just hanging out in the snow building snowmen with the kids or whatever.

So make sure you've got plenty of different options for your layers so that you can be prepared for no matter what. No, of course you also want to keep your hands and head warm. So same thing, lots of different options. I've got a thin. And then I've got one of these, uh, glove type ones with the fingertips come off, so you can actually do something, uh, but a glove type scenario.

Uh, and then I should have, which I can't find right now, but you know, these ski type gloves, this one, obviously isn't mine, but it's a good example. Yeah. Get one of these. Yeah. So that's what I would recommend. Your gloves. And of course in a standard stocking campus is great. Hopefully you get one that has a better team than the Vikings at the present moment.

Yeah. But we weren't talking about that. Typically, as far as forward concerned, I'm pretty good running around in my tennis shoes. Obviously you wanna make sure that you get your full other ones and not the running shoes where the water just soaks right. In, uh, like the ones I have right now that are soon to be returned.

Uh, other than that, Uh, these boots here, uh, these keep me pretty warm and they've also got this rubber, outer sole here to keep the water out. And then of course you want to make sure you have some kind of bigger, heavier, a wool type sock who was well, make sure your boots are a little bit bigger, so you can put a couple pair of socks on, on underneath.

And there are other things such as a toe warmers and glove warmers that you can just play when your boot, those things were amazing when it's, when you have to be outside for a long time. And it's really, really cold. Yeah. Try those that really. Now, I know there's plenty of other places that have some really, really good winter wear that if you're going to be outside in the winter, in the cold a long time, you ought to make sure that you get those.

So for example, if you be working outside in the, in the cold, you wanna make sure you get the Carhartt brand coveralls and jacket. Those things work really well. And if you're skiing, make sure you get the actual skiing and winter wear that, uh, you know, like Columbia. And Eddie Bauer and RER and some of these other peoples, they have really great winter clothing.

Cause they're saying always is it's not so much. The cold is a matter of just not wearing appropriate clothing. Cause when we went through really comes in and it really gets hits home and you're stuck at home. Or you feel like your second home all the time. It's important to get out and enjoy the winter.

Put on your coat, put on your, your hats, get your boots on. Go take some winter walks, go skiing, do something out in the outside, even just going for a walk. So you don't get that crazy cabin feel right. So be prepared, make sure you get the right clothing for what fits for you and your style.

The other question I get asked a lot is, well, what about when your power goes out? What happens then? So I've lived in rapid city since 1990, and there was never a time when the power went out for a long enough period of time that maybe you actually think about survival and food and warmth until Atlas Atlas was a snowstorm that came by October 3rd.

2013. And we were without power for about a day and a half. I think it might've been, might've been two days, which really wasn't bad compared to some other properties out miles out from town where the power lines were above ground. All of those power lines broke. And so they were out without power for a week.

So after that point, we got to thinking, well, what should we do? Because what we ended up doing was bringing the propane grill. Inside and using that for a little bit of heat, uh, that, that kind of thing. So we live in all electric house. We do not have a fireplace. And so it was a matter of, okay, what can we do if we need to, if we have to provide some warmth, if we're out without power for awhile, what do we, what do we get?

So here's kind of what we put together. And this is just a few items to, for you to get to thinking about what you might want to provide to make sure that you have in your house as well. So we did get these propane bottles. Propane heaters now. Yes, I know the label says, make sure you use these inside and have air flow.

I understand that, but at the time, we're just, we're looking about a little bit of warmth. You know, we can crack open a window, but these things should provide some warmth for all in one room if we need it. And we've got three or four of these laying around, and of course, then we also got a Coleman camping stove so that we can actually cook if we needed to.

And of course, if you have these things, then you need to make sure you have plenty of power of bottles, fulfilling few bottles on hand to power, said things to include. Matches. And these little things are some Firestarter pucks. I'm not sure if we'd ever actually use these in our scenario, but they came with the package.

I think that we bought. And of course you would want to make sure that you have candles, flashlights and different kinds of flashlight. This is a head flashlight. And of course the batteries to power said, flashlights. And you also make sure that you have a way to power your phones. So get some of these emergency power things for your phones as well.

Obviously, first aid kit, obviously it should have some of that. And then we got to thinking about, okay, food. So we've been stocking up on some food, go to Sam's club, get your case of decibels, get some cases of, of meat and that kind of thing. Make sure you have. Some kind of food in the house, so that if you did there for a couple of days, you've got something to eat.

And of course, with that eating, make sure you have something to drink. So we've got a couple of gallons of water downstairs. We also have four or five gallon water containers, uh, that we have also that will store some water if we need to. And then finally, if you want and go and buy eight emergency supplies.

So that you can feed your people. If you could use a kind of like your meals, ready to eat scenario, you do have to use water, sure again, you need more water to use these as well. Now, this isn't going to, this is a 30 day kit for one person. We figured a couple of days for us, four to six people. We should be able to get by.

That's really, all we were looking to do is what's going to take, to get by a couple of days if we need to now. I mean, if there's a, you know, nationwide EMP blasts, it knocks out systems, this isn't, you know, we're all going to be dead anyway. So this isn't real. Concerning that it's just a matter of how can we get by in a couple of days, if we need to, if the power does go out in Atlas, like it did a couple of years ago.

The other question I get last along this note is how come there aren't that many fireplaces ups up there. I think I've seen more fireplaces in Texas homes than I have up here. It's really quite bizarre, but I think a lot of it had to do with the style of building and the affordability of the building, that kind of thing.

And so of course, back in the day when we started talking about energy efficiency and the way the fireplaces. Originally weren't very, very efficient. And so they got replaced with gas fireplaces, which are great, but again, they're fired by electricity as well. Now, if you wanted to add a fireplace to your property, there are some different wood-burning stove options that should work for you.

Even ones that have, and that pipe out beside, uh, outside the side of the house of the side of a wall, instead of going all the way through the roof, there are a couple of fireplace installation centers in town that can help you do the whole. And help you get set up. If you need that fireplace security for you and your family.

I certainly love the ambiance of a fireplace. I love the. But I really don't want to go around and find and cut blood all the time

to answer your questions for you about preparing for winter. Keep watching my channel for more videos of a rapid city. And now there's not gonna be many days like this. So I'm out of here. Love where you live.

April 25, 2022

Fishing Near Rapid City and the Black Hills

Something's a bit fishy in rapid city, South Dakota. That's right. We're going to talk about fishing in rapid city.

Hi everybody. This is Tristan Emond with mindful living realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything but moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black hills. Today's video comes at a personal request by one of you ask a specificly:

what about fishing near rapid city? I'm going to show you some places to go fishing in rapid city, South Dakota. Canyon lake is rapid city's premier lake

fish off the fishing bridges along the paths or off the fishing bridge.

we're using the boat dock for your canoe or kayak and go fishing in the lake, then go and check out Canyon lake park with its built-in ponds and streams.

and then throw your line in at the waterfalls after the spillway

on the west side of Canyon lake is the Rushmore lion's park that has a walking path going right next to rapid Creek.

Well on this path, you can find many unique and cool places.

one of my favorite spots is a wooden bench at the end of the path, where you can sit and watch the Creek.

Rapid Creek runs all the way through downtown, rapid city from the west side, all the way to the east.

find your favorite fishing spot somewhere along the Creek.

That goes from west

to east

Alright so, confession time I don't fish, even though I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes, you would think that fishing would be part of my past, but all I remember from fishing is standing up the shore, throwing out a rod, bringing it back in and never getting anything. We would rather be on the boat, skiing and tubing, having fun.

Than fishing near downtown rapid city is Memorial park with a fishing pond located just in front of the monument civic center.

this dock pond is a perfect place to throw in your line and see what happens.

and if nothing is biting there just walked down to rapid Creek. Outside of rapid city are many black Hills lakes. There's Iron Creek lake way up by spearfish,

Angostura reservoir down in my hot Springs Pactola and Sheridan in the middle of the Hills and bear view lake, just north of Sturgis. And there are so many other lakes in the black Hills already be sure to catch some fish. And what do you think about ice? Fishing? Fishing is very popular at Pactola and Sheridan lake would, you can catch some fish.

If you're going to be out fishing, you need the place to make sure you get your fishing supplies. Scheels. It's a good place to start.

Of course there's other places you might have heard of. It's called Cabela's

other popular fishing supplie stores are the rooster in the gap.

Dakota angler and outfitter for your fly fishing supplies,

and stores such as fleet farm, runnings. And of course, Walmarts can also check out used gear at played against sports. To learn more about the fishing rules and licenses in of South Dakota, go to the South Dakota game fish and parks website. If you click on the fish link, you can take them to the page where you can purchase your license.

Check out weekly fish, dockings, and even check out the, the various fish species in the black Hills. By clicking on the game species link for South Dakota residents, your annual fishing license is $28. You could also buy a one day fishing license for $8. No, license required for those under 18. And it's only $12 for annual license over age 65, ah, fishing in rapid city.

It's kind of a big deal. I hope this helped give you some great information, showcase some great areas. And there's probably a lot of places that I didn't know about. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day to remember love where you live. .


April 18, 2022

The 8 Secrets to Winning an Offer



Are you searching for a home and couldn't quite get that perfect place for yourself with this busy real estate market. Well, today, today's your lucky day. I'm here to talk to you about the secrets of winning an offer on the house for you today in this market. This is a special offer for today for you and your family.

Just click on the link below for your access to the secret of winning offers. Only $ for you and your friends and your family today Click below.

That's the way it's kind of way its been seeming right. I'm here to tell you there is no secret, but today we are going to talk about the eight steps to a winning offer.

Hey Everybody its Tristan Emond with mindful living realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota, Welcome back to my our YouTube channel where I talk everything about moving to rapid city. And the wonderful things, rapid city and the black Hills. So I'm sure you've seen many of the national articles, real estate bubble is going to collapse.

That's going to have another real estate market collapse, like 2008 and maybe that's true. And in my last real estate market video, I talked about things slowing down a little bit here locally, but I also said, I wonder if it's going to pick back up and guess what? In the past few months I put together a number of offers where all of a sudden.

People were out buying again and quickly. I lost one offer to a cash buyer for $25,000 over asking price. Multiple offers my buyers one, one last week for $15,000 over asking price with six offers on the table. I went to show a property on the Southwest side of town around $458,000. And there was showing after showing, after showing, after showing scheduled,that evening for that property.

So all things might not be selling as quickly as they were earlier in 2021. There's still a lot of buyers out there. Inventory is getting a little bit better, but it's still. And buyers are out there purchasing property. So you gotta be prepared for that multiple offer situation and what you need to know about getting ready for that, doing your homework, and then making that, the offer that best suits your needs, the needs of the seller, and hopefully gets you accepted.

All right. So here we go. Step one is of course the homework phase. Doesn't do any good to go out. Look at properties. If you don't have your approval in place or a bank letter from. Financial institution, Saying Yes. I got cash. We need to have something ready to go. When you're ready to make that offer so that you can just present it and say, Hey, here we are.

We don't need to be waiting a day or two for a preapproval. That's just going to ruin the whole thing. Make sure you got your homework in place. That preapproval needs to be in place. The cashflow needs to be in place. We need to have proof that you can buy the property, however you plan on buying said property.

So here's what I can talk about. Local lending. So rapid city, we're not big, we're small, we're local we're person to person. So your offer is going to be stronger with a local lender attached to it than a national rocket mortgage or lending tree, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Now I've worked with some companies that have worked out okay.

But when I have a local lender involved, I know as a listing agent. I know where I can go find this person. Right. We know what we can get ahold of these people. If the national lending company decides to not do their job, we don't have phone calls and emails and they don't respond to them. We're we're just, we're stuck.

We can't do anything about that, but a local person because of our small local community also wants to do good by us because we send them referrals back and forth. The national company. We're probably a dime a dozen. I strongly encourage you to consider using a local lender for your approval for your mortgage, because when it comes to six offers on the table, although your mind's yours might be the highest offer.

If it's a rocket mortgage type corporation. That might sink a few places down. If this offer over here is just, just a few thousand less, but we know it's going to get done because there's a local lender. So in this first homework step, not only do you have your pre-approval, you also have know what you want and know what you don't want at a property that we're not wasting time and things you don't want to look at, but in some cases that know what you want to don't want, might just simply be a house in my price point, right.

That might simply be the criteria. Enough just to get into something that you can live in and make your own. From that point thereafter, the third part of this is having realistic expectations. Consider the fact that prices had gone up considerably in the past year, even in the past six months, I'm seeing properties where I'm like, that's that much really?

So make sure that you understand that, that great kitchen that you think you're going to buy for $300,000 might not be reality in this market. So check those real expectations at the door. So when you move forward with that price point, watever price point. You can say, okay, I understand not going to quite get what I want, but at least wise I'm getting into something I'm getting to that property in the rapid city area in a tight market.

You have to make fast decisions. You have to move forward quickly. And I know it's tough when I'm saying, okay, wait, when do you go to find out right now? What do you want to do? You're doing right now. So here's where you need to trust your gut. This is where you need to make a decision based less upon what's up here and more upon what's down here.

Ask yourself the question. Well, how does this property make me feel when I'm walking in the door and my smiling, am I? Yep. I can make this work or at least wise have the potentiality of saying, yep. This is, this is property. I think we could make this happen. I'm happy with this. And we're making an offer on this property.

Ask yourself this question. If you were to sell for $5,000 more, would you have. Yeah, I had paid $5,000 more. Or would you have said no five? That was it. $5,000. That's it? That is the question to ask yourself before making that offer, if the extra $5,000 it was worth it or not, what does it feel like? How would it feel when I come back to you and say, Hey, sorry, you lost by five grand.

What's that going to be? What are you going to think? What do you think about that? So when we're looking at properties, not only do we need to make sure that the boxes are checked, square footage needed, bedrooms, bathrooms, price, point, all those kinds of things. We also make sure we trust the gut and say, Hey, how does this make me feel?

How do I feel about buying this property? How I feel if I lost this property, or those are good questions to ask yourself, to find out. Yes or no, I'm moving forward on the property that we're looking at and we're in front of us. All right. We've got a pre-approval in place. We've trusted our gut. And we're going to say, yep, this is the property we want.

Now let's tend to write the offer here in South Dakota. That's a three page form that we filled out. We talk about earnest funding. You talked about purchase price. You talk about home inspections, all of these different things that we want to put together. And obviously we're going to try and make this.

As clean as possible. Now, obviously the most important thing here is to put your money where your mouth is in this environment, asking price is basically a low ball offer. So we've got to present your offer in such a way that'll be stronger than the others without being crazy, stupid in the process as well.

For instance Earnest Money, A couple years ago on a $300,000 property, I may have considered $500 being okay for earnest money. Now, maybe you should make that a thousand, $2,000. Give it a little more umph to make sure that your offer stands out a little more. Now, what about home inspection contingency personally, I haven't done a lot of offers without that home inspection contingency.

I know what other places have talked about, just getting rid of that and moving forward, buying the property. Of course, that's a conversation we can have, but generally. The home inspections are pretty, still normal around here and are included in the said offers. Now sometimes timeframes are a little shorter or whatever, and maybe the seller like, well, it's a seller's market and I'm not going to do a whole lot, but you can have your contingency, that kind of thing.

Now, if you have a home to sell, obviously that creates a challenge on multiple offers scenarios, but sometimes you just got to put it in. Submit it and see what happens. It's really important that your home is already under contract. Before we start putting offers in for properties, because least wise, then we know it.

Hopefully it will close versus maybe it will close someday. So having the home sale contingency in place is better. If your home is under contract where you're at in whatever state you're in. So reallym there's no secret here on the general offer itself. Keep it. Don't add any stupid, goofy stuff in there.

If a few of his contingencies as possible and put your money out there, you would have to pay the piper for what you want. All right. Now I wanna talk about the escalation clause, which is a piece of the offer, which I usually like to include when there's a potentiality of multiple offers or when there definitely is multiple offers.

So most of the time, right with this escalation clause is, is it says that you're willing to pay an X amount of money above the highest net offer that the seller has received not to exceed whatever that number is. So if the vs price is $400,000 and you want to offer $400,000 as asking price plus $500 more than the highest net offer not to exceed $425,000.

So if an offer comes in at 410, you're paying for ten five hundred. If we're offering comes in at 420, you're paying for 420,500. So now if it comes in at 425 your done. And as we've mentioned before, if that becomes in at 425, you're like, yep. That's okay. It's as much, I'm going to feel like paying. I'm okay with that.

Then that's good. If it comes in at 430 and you said gah maybe we shoulda offered the 430 is your max right? Now. Not everybody loves these. Sometimes it causes confusion back and forth, but it's a great way though, of being able to find out the spot between the asking price and your top dollar without actually just throwing money at it.

You know, if you just throw an offer, went home was at 400 and you just throw a 425 at it. Well, what if you could have got it for 410 as the highest offer? 405. Right? And of course we can tweak this escalation clause to, to give it more power where we can say, you know, Hey, we'll pay $5,000 a above.

The highest offer up to X or $1,000 above this up to X, all those kinds of things. We can work that based upon your comfort level and how we can make, make it best work for everybody involved. But I always recommend an escalation clause, even if we had the chance of having a multiple offer, just to make sure that.

You could protect it in this whole, present an offer scenario. Now of course, consider the fact that in most mulitple offer situation, the seller pretty much can do whatever they want. So they might just completely ignore that escalation clause and say, Hey, I'll give you a counter and here's your counter for 423.

And it's up to you to say yes or no, or where do we want to do? All right. So that's what I'm talking about. When I'm talking about an escalation clause, it helps you to get a property for the highest amount that you're willing to spend without just throwing it out there and leaving money on the table. All right.

Another addition to writing the offer is the appraisal gap. The appraisal gap is the difference between the actual. And because we're paying over listing price, usually the actual purchase price. So a lot of times there's a 10, 15, 20, whatever that gap is that we're not going to know until the appraiser gets out there and takes a look at the property.

So we want to make sure that we let the seller know, Hey, we understand that we're offering more than appraisal value. And if that appraisal comes in lower, we're willing to pay cash. Between the difference here and here that gives us a clear indication that yes, you understand that if the, if the home does not appraise for the total purchase price, the whole thing is over with.

So if you got five, six offers in a row, the one that does not mention any kind of appraisal gap coverage, maybe the one that one is set aside, because if the appraisal doesn't come in to that full purchase price, you guys might be having an argument about purchase price. And that's not something you want to do at the end of the transaction.

Let's say we're working on buying a property at $400,000. We've escalated that up to 420 and we get accepted at 420. The appraisal comes in at 400. No problem. We'll pay cash above. Everything's fine. But what happens if that appraisal comes in at 350, suddenly the 20,000. Appraisal gap is now 70,000.

Well, that's a bit different than just 20. So we like to define that bottom end, even if it's a little bit lower than asking price to give the Sellers a little breathing room, least wise, we say, Hey, that appraisal contingency is it effect here's the bottom end, but we understand that we're paying from appraisal value to purchase price.

That then gives the seller clear indication about what they can expect. And there's no arguments later on and they understand, okay, these guys got a feel for how things are going. They got cash support. If we need to, this is a clear and concise. We understand this. So that is appraisal gap. Making sure that you're protected on the bottom end as well.

And making sure that you guys aren't paying too much on that appraisal gap, if that appraisal should settle to come in way lower than expected and suddenly everybody's in a tizzy. All right. I think we're on point number six of our eight tips to winning your offer. And that's suppose the question is cash still king.

Does this still roll sometimes? But sometimes it doesn't don't expect that because your offer is all cash, no contingencies, blah, blah, blah. Then it's going to rule the day in every situation, sellers? They like money too. I've seen situations where I said, we'll take another offer. That's higher than a cash offer to get that extra money.

Even as low as $5,000, even though there are other offers, a quick close, no home inspections, et cetera, et cetera. So if you have. And you want to buy the property with cash. You still have to play the game. So you have to play the market. You wasted. So consider an escalation clause, understand you probably won't have the appraisal part of it, but you might want to consider adding that escalation clause maybe to get above that other cash offer or to make sure that your offer is the highest up to a certain point, whatever you're willing to spend, but don't automatically assume because you have cash.

You're the one that's going to get that offer. All right. So let's talk a little bit about buyer love letters. I know you've heard this about the practice of sending a letter with the offer, talking about how you love the property, make it all emotional and everything. And that's how I would tell you to do it, to make it real, make it about how you feel about the property, et cetera.

Tell people, tell the seller how much you love their property. Some people have done videos. They've done music videos it's gone. It's just gone crazy in the country lately. Now they're having some arguments about whether or not that is legal and ethical, etc. On the realtor side of things as realtors, we, of course can't discriminate because of sex nationality, et cetera, et cetera.

But as realtors, we have a code of ethics, which also has rules about discrimination. Gender familial status and marital status amongst some others. So if I'm looking at five offers on the table and one's a single guy, and one is a family, uh, with a, with 10 kids and one is a single mother. Now I really can't discriminate against any one of these and maybe you as a family person, like the big family.

So you want to give it to the family person. And maybe we've got buyer letters from all three of these people talking about who they are and how they want to buy your property. Now, if the seller decides to choose one offer over the other in this scenario, and the single guy decides that he feels discriminated against because they, well, he's a single guy.

And you are discriminated against him. All of a sudden we've got a little lawsuit kind of thing going on. Hence the question continues. Should you, or should you not present a buyer's letter? There are some states that have made it illegal and ban 'em. Buyer letters. So should you present a buyer letter? I'm not going to say no that you shouldn't, because sometimes it may be the thing that takes you over the edge.

I did have one buyer where the seller specifically, he was selling his family home, that he raised his kids and who he was selling it to. And so I had my buyer write them a letter to talk about. They had some kids and they were going to have more kids and how it was going to be a family home moving forward.

And I do think that that helped buy that property. I truly believe that your offer is just down in the black and white or the paper that we present. And a lot of times, as a listing agent, I'm going to say, Hey, look, here's your buyers. Here's your buyer. Let us not cool. Comp it up and throw, okay, here's our offers, right?

That's what I would do as the listing agent. But it was a buyer's agent. I've done it before. It'll probably be done again. And it's probably something I may recommend. If it warrents it based upon the situation, what's it going to take to make your offer more appealing to the seller in every phase of the transaction?

Number eight does simple. One more money still wins nine out of 10 times. That's just the way it is. All right, everybody, the secrets out without paying $, Is that what I said whatever. Thanks for watching these eight steps to winning offer here in rapid city, South Dakota. If you like what you've been seeing, please don't hesitate.

Hit the subscribe button, notification bell, all the things. Keep watching the videos and remember love where you live .

April 11, 2022

Country Up at the Central States Fair!


Welcome to the central states fair.

This is Tristan Emond with mindful living realty, a realtor right here in the rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel where I talk, everything while moving to rapid city the wonderful things and things to do rapid city and the black kills. And yes, let's talk about the elephant in the room. I did cut myself shaving and it's still there.

I should probably do an advertisement for that sharp razor I wasn't paying attention to. Kids, be careful with your razors. The Central States Fair is a regional fair that showcases the true country of our area that highlights the agriculture of our region with animals, shows country pop stars, and four nights of PRCA rodeo.

The Central States fairgrounds are located on the Southeast part of rapid city with lacrosse streets of the west center street to the north Campbell street to the east and San Francisco street to the south. Parking for the fair is on various fields and lots around fair grounds. So make sure you get there early. If you have a scheduled event,

the slushie station, slushie station.

so close.

Go here too early for bingo. Wasn't Thinking.

Misty. August is a busy month for us here in the black. The first full weekend in August starts the sturgis motorcylce rally, which runs the entire next week. Then after a few days of rest, the chaps go off, the Cowboy hats come on and the central states fair comes to town. There's tractors, South Dakota royalty.

mutton bustin' and a whole lot of animals

You got a cup, must be some food in there. Kangaroos are asleep. They've done their boxing. I've done my job for today. Thank you very much.

Rabbit's here. Check out security. It's going to break everybody out.

Along with that, are arts and crafts, I can do that.

displays diorama's.

And SDSU pie and ice cream. And of course what's a fair without a carnival.

Fair Food

And Rides

I can do next is dying to be fair

Get your grand stand pass to attend events such as motor cross racing, demolition Derby, country artists, such as Josh Turner, Kip Moore, and big and rich the extreme Brock finals and range days. PRCA.

Thanks better. It's coming along with me. Talk to you next time, and remember love where you live.

April 4, 2022

The Top 5 Leash-Free Parks to Take Your Dog in Rapid City


In this episode of Tristan about town, it's going to the dogs. Car rides. You like car rides? Yeah. Car Rides. A walk? Ooh, That worked.

Hey, everybody It's Tristan Emond with mindful living realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel, talking everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills today. I'm with my sister Chantelle. And her two dogs; Izzy.

And we're Sasha? Sasha? Today we're checking out a few leash free dog parks and a few of the dog services in around rapid city. The first part we're going to explore as Robinsdale. Robinsdale Is in the Southeast part of Rapid City. It's right next to Robbinsdale park. So you'll find plenty of parking.

This park has plenty of space with a one-mile path going all the way around it.

However, because it is open, you'll find it's windier than you would imagine

there's little shade.

No water

and no fence between the park in Fairmont Boulevard.

The second park we'll explore is Vickie powers park, which is on the north side of rapid city, north of the mall. It's also close to a playground. So you want to make sure you keep your dogs. Until you get to the least free park beyond playground. There's plenty of room for your dogs to run and jump with parking, bathrooms, and no busy road nearby.

But similar Robinsdale park, there's no water, little shade and can be considerably windy.

Now, perhaps you're thinking of yourself interested. What do you have to have your sister's dogs? Why don't you have a dog? Well, I got four kids and I decided a long time ago. We don't need anything more to take care of. The next stop is wilderness park in the Northwest corner of rapid city. Here's there's two parking lots, bathrooms for your convenience,

a little stream running through the property.

but it's also a narrower space with no fence along city Springs road.

And the playground along one side

the most popular part is Braeburn park, just on the other side of canyon lake park in, Southwest rapid city.

Braeburn park is chock full of trees.

The dogs can run and play in rapid Creek.

You also see old foundations and stairs from when the park was the housing development before the 1972 flood

Because this park is the most popular park, you'll definitely have more dogs and more people to deal with

when it's busy, the parking is limited

and there's only a port-a-potty for a bathroom

it's not too far from the bike path. If you want to incorporate that into your adventure.

FInally, we go to an indoor dog park. What could we be better than beer and dogs. Welcome to bar K-9 in the Rushmore mall. When you've let your dogs run and play while you enjoy a cold beer and snack.

The ramps, tunnels and hoops, make it a fun place for dogs and owners alike. But what about other services for your dog? Starting again in the Southeast part of rapid city, you've got the black Hills animal hospital, Paw tenders, pet care center and safe Haven pet resort, daycare boarding, and grooming services on the Northeast side of town.

There's 4 paws grooming and doggy day. And Petco in Rushmore crossing near Rushmore mall on the north central part of town. There's PetSmart and TLC pet hospital close to downtown is pet pantry and wags to whiskers, pet grooming along with little struts, pet salon and shampooch pet, grooming and bakery in the bakery park area is yuppie puppy mountain view animal hospital.

And all creatures veterinary hospital. As you go on the Northwest side of town, down county lake drive minors, animal clinic with boarding and daycare, barks and bubble, and Canyon Lake Veterinary hospital for those in the Southwest area, autumn Hills veterinary clinic is right next to D-Tails Pet Sallon.

Now, of course all these goods and services, I can't actually recommend since I don't have pets. However, I wanted you to showcase to you all the different services around rapid city, all over the place. You'll find plenty of dog friendly in rapid city. Hope you enjoyed our dog video today. Don't forget to watch this video or this playlist.

Go ahead and hit that light button subscribe and remember love where you live.

March 7, 2022

The Wildlife, Animals, and BUGS of the Black Hills - Are There Bears? ????




It's time to answer the question. Are there  Wookilars in the black Hills?  "There's no such thing as a Wookilar.  You know they said someone down at Auburn cars came face to face with one Ugliest thing he ever saw.  Said they had a face of a pig, big snoot and tusks coming up like that."

I love that Movie.

Hey everybody it's Tristan Emond with mindful living realty a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. We'll talk everything about moving to rapid city and the black Hills. So today we're gonna answer some of your questions about the animals, the wildlife, what you can expect in the black Hills.

So let's answer the question. Are there bears in the black Hills? But before we talk about some of the potentially dangerous animals in the black Hills, let's talk about some of the wildlife you may or may not see during your visit to the black Hills. The first one is very common and that is deer.

You'll see Muley, you'll see white tails you'll see little Bambi's you'll see bucks with great antlers. Just be careful driving across the black Hills road. Oh. Especially in that evening hour. Cause they like to cross the road. So make sure you keep an eye out for those deer. During those times, some of the black Hills residents consider these.

And nuisance. So if you happened to buy a property in the black Hills or in the foothills of rapid city, you'll need to make sure, especially if you're a gardener that you put lots of high fences up around your gardens, because if you don't those, do you like to come in and they help themselves? A lot of the deer in rapid city are so used to people.

When you drive by six feet away from them, they'll just look up at you. Wink, kinda, go back to eating. The other end we see quite a bit in the black Hills is wild turkeys. You'll see them going together in their groups. So I'm get pretty big and you'll get a chance to see them and hear them as they're watering through the black Hills, some black hills residents even feed the turkeys and the deer, and they show up to their yard every day.

If you're lucky driving out along highway 44 into the black Hills, you may see some big horn sheep along the road. If you're even lying. Right on Mount Rushmore is a lot of the where these guys are hanging out is the mountain goats. You'll see the white goats hanging out on the cliffs, just hanging out there.

Stand on this little tiny ledge, right near the rocks of Mount Rushmore. If you're in the Southern Hills, you might see the herd of elk that are known to cross through the Southern Hills at times. Again, that's if you're lucky, one of the more popular animals you'll see in custer state park's wildlife loop is the buroughs.

These cute little for animals. They'll come to your window that put your head in your window, looking for things to eat. Great moments for pictures and just enjoying the boroughs, playing in Custer state park. The other animals you'll see in Custer state park and wind cave, national park are the Prairie dogs.

It's amazing to watch them communicate and run in their holes and pop up here, there, and everywhere stand up at attention, Prairie dogs. In the black Hills, you also see a lot of prarie dogs at devil's tower, which is about two and a half hours away from us in Wyoming. And as you're traveling around the black Hills, especially in the prairies surrounding the black Hills, you'll see a lot of pronghorn antelope running and hopping and skipping.

Finally, you'll see a lot of smaller, rodent type animals around the black Hills. And in rapid city, we've seen beavers at Canyon lake park, little marmots and Sylvan lake. Rabbits in our backyard. And of course, chipmunks and squirrels all over the place. Now what about dangerous animals in the black Hills?

I know a lot of you, you asked the question. Okay. If I go for a hike, if I go for a camping trip, do I need to have bear spray? Do you want me to pack up all my food in the container? What do I need to do in that scenario? What am I concerned about as far as hiking and being out into the black Hills? No, if you are camping in the black Hills, we don't usually put away all of our stuff, but make sure of course that you put.

Food in the car or at least wise habit it's tightly covered because if you don't, you will probably attract the raccoons, the possums, the squirrels it's kind of creatures. That'll come a night and take advantage of the food that you had for everybody else, because Hey, they're hungry. So let's talk about one of the most dangerous animals in the black Hills that is believe it or not

the Buffalo. Now I know when you're driving down wildlife loop, you see them, they're just hanging out in the field. They're crossing the road. They're pretty much seeming to ignore you, but they move fast and they are big. Last year, we had lady get off the back of the bike to approach the Buffalo, to try to get that closer picture that buffalo charged her.

Ended up catching her in her pants, swung her around for awhile and dropped her unconscious as he took off. So make sure you stay in your vehicles. You'll see signs all over the place. And a us local people really give tourists a bad time when they get away from the vehicle and, uh, looked to approach the Buffalo.

The Buffalo were amazing to watch the great to take pictures of, but just don't approach them because there are still wild and they're in their atmosphere you also see a few Buffalo herds that are being raised by ranchers in the, in the black Hills area, the second animal to be watching out for. And this is probably the most poisonous in our area is the rattlesnake.

This will be the, the only snake that actually is poisonous. If we have garter snakes, we've had bullsnakes those aren't poisonous by any means. They'll definitely scare you when you see them along the way, but rattlesnakes are the ones to be watching out for. And they're mostly going to hang out in really warm dry.

Places along the trail or up on top of rocks in all my exploring of the black Hills, I've actually never come across one, but I have seen posts where people have said, Hey, watch out for rattlesnakes. They'd been in the grass they'd been over here. So be aware of the rattlesnakes because those are the ones.

That are really poisonous in the black Hills to be concerned about the third animal we should discuss is mountain lions. Yes, there are mountain lions in the Hills. You probably aren't going to see them. In fact, probably aren't even going to make themselves known to you unless they're really, really hungry.

Generally speaking, they're hanging out by themselves, away from the crowds and away from the people. So your more popular tourist attractions, you probably won't have, have a chance to see them, but if you're hiking by yourself, in the wilderness, all by yourself, just keep an eye out for him. So now we answer the question.

Are there bears in the black kids? And a couple of years ago, I would've said, Nope, no bears in the black Hills. Unless of course you go through bear country, which we'll talk about that later. But lately there have been sightings of some black bears running around the black Hills. Definitely more than a few, according to the experts, but they're not in a stage right now where they're causing any danger right now.

They're on the, just finding food, the playful type stage right now. So they're nothing to really worry about. But if, yeah, if you happen to see a bear in the middle of the woods somewhere, yeah. Don't approach it. Don't go play with it cub. Be smart people. And finally off the distance, you may hear some coyotes again, I've never seen one.

I've never been approached by one. So they are there, but chances are, they're not going to be bothering you because they're off keeping away from you. Yes. My lawyer wife just told me, you know what? You probably should say something in regarding all the information you just put out there about the dangerous animals and what they do and don't do and what their attack you don't, you know, you should do your own research, but this is about from my experience.

Disclaimer, noted. Right right now, let's talk about their birdies of the black Hills. I love the songbirds. You've seen a lot of them in the, in the black Hills area, especially Robbins. We've had some Redwing blackbirds lately. Bluebirds. I've also seen that the little yellow finches Crow, doves, sparrows, all sorts of different kinds of birds.

Flying through the air. If you're around water, you'll definitely see a good collection of ducks and geese. It's fun to watch the little ducklings of the little geese during the spring, follow their mother around. You'll see a lot of these birds at canyon lake. And even when we were boating on Pactola lake, they liked to hang around the boats.

Cause I know, well, you know, these kids and these families they'll probably throw some food out. So you definitely see a lot of water foul in the lakes. You also see plenty of Raptor type birds flying around Falcons Hawks. And if you're lucky, you'll see bald Eagles. We've seen bald Eagles around Nemo road, on Pactola lake.

If you're in the right spot, you can get a chance to see him at the right moment. We've also seen a crane or two hanging out and Canyon lake Pactola Lake and other waterways in the black Hills. And of course, South Dakota is an agricultural state so you're going to see a lot of livestock in and around the black Hills area, cows horses, sheep, goats, even see some alpacas every once in a while.

Of course, then also you have your love of cats and dogs in our area. You'll see plenty of domesticated animals and farm animals in your touring around black Hills and the areas around this seemed like the perfect thing to talk about the bugs. I mean, not really animals, but know. Let's just talk about the books in the rapid city and black Hills area.

First one I know is on your mind is, Hey, what about them? Damn mosquitoes. So fortunately our mosquitoes aren't as bad as other places. So as I mentioned before, I grew up in Southwest corner of Minnesota. It's very humid over there. The mosquitoes were crazy and my parents were from Malta, Montana, and the mosquitoes up there were legendary.

Now here in rapid city in the black house. We have less humidity. So our mosquito population isn't as bad. The past few evenings, I've been able to sit out on my deck without any bug spray, without any candles blowing. And haven't had too many problems with any mosquitoes. Now they are there, they're around and some years are worse than other, for example, 2019, we had all the water, we had standing water everywhere.

So of course the mosquito population then was a lot worse than it is in this year when it's considerably dryer here. And of course, if you go walking by rapid Creek, you'll definitely find more mosquitoes there than you will possibly in your backyard. So they're different out there, but they're just not as bad as other places talking to you, Eastern South Dakota.

The other thing that we've noticed, especially more this year is wasps. You know, they'll come up and they'll put the nest in the softener. Of your house and there'll be flying around. We haven't had any wants bites. It hasn't been too bad, just really more of an annoyance of all the wasps flying around the property.

What about spiders? And there's not a good reason to live in the cold north. We don't have a lot of big nasty, poisonous spiders. Our worst spider that I'm aware of is called is the black widow. But as long as you're not crawling underneath homes and in crawl spaces all the time, you're probably not going to see a whole lot of spiders running around or be meeting up with them.

A lot of people have the homes, bug bomb for spiders. And when you're walking through the Hills and through some trails, sometimes you'll have to go through some spiders webs. But nothing to the extent of being concerned about huge spiders crawling up your skin and biting you to death. And then of course we have our general bugs that are just kind of annoying Millers crickets, grasshoppers, bookseller, elder bugs in each year seems to be a little different when you had a really bad box Elder bug plague, shall we call it.

In September where it seemed like the buildings were kind of half covered with box elder bugs. This year, we seem to have a lot of Millers wandering around every year is usually a little bit different about what bugs we have kind of flying around or being around. But in general, it's the annoyance thing of course, unless you're a farmer in the black Hills and you know, those grasshoppers are eating up your crops.

And what about fish? Fishing is very popular in the black Hills, on the lake streams and rivers here in the back Hills. You find a lot of trout walleye perch Northern and some crappies if fish and  fishing is your thing. There are a number fish and fry campgrounds plus go up to Spearfish to the DC booth historic fish hatchery.

There you can not only feed the fish from above, but also see them below in their underwater tank. You can also check out the fish hatchery museum fish, hatchery boat, number 39, the real car and the beautiful grounds and the free attraction and the DC booth fish hatchery, and Spearfish. The other place to check out is outdoor campus west in rapid city.

This is an educational facility operated by the South Dakota game fish and parks department. It has numerous displays of Western South Dakota habitats and why life and a 4,600 gallon aquarium where you can go underneath and watch the fish through the glass. Where are the best places to go. If you're wanting to see animals and wildlife in the black Hills?

Well, of course you can start. Bear country. This is a drive-through wildlife park. That includes not only bears, but also a lot of different animals and wildlife. It's the major made feature is the end where you see the babies. We, you see the baby bears playing the baby otters a lot of fun at the end, walk around and see all the baby animals playing in their habitats.

If birds and reptiles are your thing. Definitely check out reptile gardens, even at birds and reptiles. Aren't your thing. Check it out. It's got an amazing display of crocodiles. Reptiles, beautiful birds. There's even the giant old Torrise you can pet and take pictures next to if you're looking for the petting zoo experience old McDonald's farm on highway 16, it takes care of that for you here, you can see and pet the majority of your farm animals with the main feature of being in the goats, running cross the bridge from one spot to.

And finally the wildlife loop, Custer state park, which I mentioned before. It's always better to go in the morning or in that little bit late in the afternoon when the animals are a little more prone to be up and about and walking out there, you'll see the buffaloes in the road. You'll see the buroughs

you'll see deer. You'll see antelope. You'll see, might even see some elk down there. It was one of the best wildlife drives here in the black Hills. Now I know I've just touched the surface of the moon. That are hanging around in the black Hills that are fun to watch, wants to be wary of, wants to take pictures of ones to listen to.

I did find this brochure in online, South Dakota wildlife put out by the South Dakota department of game fish and parks. I'll put that link below so you can check this out. It's a cooler brochure talking about the different animals around South Dakota was even a little tiny picture. So you can kind of identify.

I love the wildlife and animals in the black Hills. I love to see when Ryan walking and walking and camping, and I'm sure that you will too. Thanks for what you're watching. Everybody have an amazing day. And remember love where you live.


Feb. 28, 2022

Best Rapid City Parks - Sioux Park





A sundail. Welcome to Sioux park, where you can do almost anything with the dinosaur looking over your shoulder.

Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond mindful living Realty a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel. I'll talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things of rapid city and the black Hills, and this was about town adventure. We're showcasing one of my favorite parks; Sioux park.

Sioux park is located on the west side of rapid city, just south canyon link drive and east of Sheridan lake road.

One of the main features of Sioux park is the full-sized track and football fields. Here the local schools play some of their football games, soccer games, track, and field meets. And this past year final marching band performances.

Plus it's a favorite spot for walkers, joggers and runners.

Located in the Mural walls are four Racquetball courts.

Plus there's multiple tennis courts and a number of soccer fields.

Just on the edge of the park is the Jimmy Hilton pool with waterslides lots of fun stuff, places for the kids. With plenty of parking,

there are plenty of basketball courts for your pickup game. With your friends, horse shoes, anyone just gotta bring your own horse shoes.

And playground equipment for kids of all ages.

Even those big kids.

Yeah, right. I can do this. No problem go. Nope.

Nope. Throughout the park, you'll see a bunch of these green slackline poles. This park was created in memory of Nehemiah Larimer a senior at Stevens high school who passed away on March 28th, 2015. Nehemiah was passionate about slacklining highlining and rock climbing, and he loved to introduce others to these sports.

This park honors his legacy to pursue new challenges and adventures and to celebrate a life of love and balance. There are picnic shelters

and beautiful green spaces for your picnic lunches,

climb trees.

Look up at the clouds, moving by.

listen to the breeze in the cottonwoods

and smile at the songs of the birds. If you're lucky, you might even see the albino squirrels.

Yes, of course, a sundail because why not?

I see a burn behind me that was built after the 1972 flood, when the rapid Creek flooded all the way through the town, creating a lot of these parks, a lot of these green spaces. And so this was part of the work that was done to make sure that doesn't happen. And again,

Another interesting feature nearby. Sioux park is the tree Arboretum, which is just over these stairs. Over the hill. We can check out different species of trees and walk on a little park. One of my all time, favorite things about Sue park is the bike path right next to rapid Creek. The lake path follows rapidCreek, about 10 miles all the way across the city.

From west side to east side, this concrete paths is perfect to run Jog. Bike unicycle or whatever suits your fancy. There are even some bike repair stations along the way.

I love the beautiful views and listening of the sound of the water rushing by at rapid Creek.

Hot out here today had to put my feet in the water

Just across the street from Sioux park is a legendary storybook island and American Legion baseball fields, ofta shade. Hey Everybody I hope you  enjoyed our park tour today? If you liked this video, be sure to give me a thumbs up and if we can to watch this video or this video, thanks again for watching everyone have a wonderful day to remember.

Love where you live.


Feb. 21, 2022

Best Rapid City Neighborhoods - Countryside Subdivision





Hey everybody welcome back to Tristan about town neighborhood edition. We're back off sheridan lake road today. And one of my favorite and subdivisions countryside.

Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty or realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel where I talk everything about moving to the rapid city. and all the amazing things about rapid city and the black Hills and these neighborhood editions of Tristan about town.

We drive to the neighborhoods and talk about what's nearby. Let's do it. Countryside is a neighborhood just outside of rapid city, along Sheridan lake road. The foundries are Sheridan lake road on the south canyon J drive on the west metal lawn drive on the north and Tanager drive on the east. But first we got to get there.

It's about a five minute drive from the light at catron Boulevard to the subdivision.

Countryside subdivision has a majority of split and multilevel homes that were built in the 1980s and 90s.

Most will have garages with over 2000 square feet. and very few townhomes.

Your elementary school, children will go to Corral drive elementary, which is about seven minutes away. Right next to corral drive elementary is Southwest middle school and high schools. We'll go to Stevens high school, about 15 minutes.

In 2020 only five homes sold in this area. The average sold price was 345,000 with an average days on market 11.

It's 13 minutes because a grocery store in Baken park, 20 minutes to Rushmore mall, you'll be downtown in 15 minutes. South side, Walmart is 12 minutes. Shopping at Rushmore crossing with target to Sam's club and other stores. It's 20 minutes away. The nearest dog park is 11 minutes away. The medical community is about 12 minutes away.

And for the military members ellsworth air force space is about 28 minutes.

Just a minute or two from countryside  subdivision is cornerston pantry gas station, and convenience store, along with subway sandwich shop.

In that area  is also a green house. and landscaping business, storage units. Athletic club and red Rocks golf course, once construction is done, you'll be a few minutes away from Sheridan lake popular trails, such as the flume trail and other black Hills scenery

just in town or a couple of retail plazas. They include restaurants, workout, facilities, and the ever important drive-through wine store. There's also banking carwash, just down catron Boulevard is the super Walmart center. Complete with grocery pickup retail stores, big D gas station and rapid wash carwash baken park will be your nearest grocery stores drugstore with postal center.

urgent care, hardware store

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Feb. 14, 2022

Best Rapid City Neighborhoods - Meadowbrook and Arrowhead



Hey everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to the rapid city area and all the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills in these tristan about town, neighborhood editions.

We go roll them through the subdivisions. Let's go check it out. Welcome to the area bordering the meadowbrook golf course and Arrowhead country club. The borders of this area begin with west florrman street on the north Sheridan lake road on the east. The corner of stockade drive and Nicholas drive on the south and just around the frontier drive culdesac on the west.

In this area, you'll find a variety of home styles from ranch to splits to three level homes.

you won't find very many town homes in this area, but you will find majority of the homes have garages.

Most of these homes were built between 1960 and 1980 and just square footage around anywhere from 1500 to 2,500.

For your school age children. Your elementary students will go to Meadowbrook right in the same neighborhood, just a few minutes away. Your middle schoolers, go to Southwest middle school, about five minutes away. And your high schoolers would go to Stevens high school, seven minutes away.

In 2020, the average sold price in this area was $264,000 with an average days of market of 31. However, in the entirety of 2020 only 21 homes sold this area.

So how far are you away from your nearby services? Grocery and Baken park is about six minutes away. Rushmore mall, 14 minutes. You'll be downtown in about nine minutes, south side Walmart. You'll be there in about 13 minutes, Rushmore crossing, including target Sam's club and other stores about 15 minutes away.

The nearest dog park is seven minutes away. And the medical community, 13 minutes for our military members. You're about 23 minutes from the front gate.

At baken park shopping center, you'll find your family fare, grocery store Boyd's drug store and pharmacy along with post office and shopping center to include an urgent care and restaurants across the street from baken park. It's Safeway and another shopping center, including hardware store fitness center, and other shops in this area is also Walgreens O'Riley's auto parts and the goods and services of west main street.

Don't forget to get your ice cream cake at Coldstone Creamery. The south side, Walmart complex includes your super Walmart with grocery pickup. And shopping center, including your Verizon store in dollar tree near by walmart is also your carwash and gas station. Just north on park drive is the poular Canyon lake park complete with its open spaces, picnic areas, and beautiful trees, kayak and fish on the lake and walk through the park on the bike path.

Other nearby futures include the Meadowbrook golf course with its beautiful greens next to rapid Creek dairy queen,

amazing pizza and sandwiches at piazanos. And barks and bubbles for your four legged friends. Thanks for watching this video. We hoped you enjoyed it. Please give us that coming to thumbs up. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and nail the notification bell to see all our rapid city and black whose videos love what you see.

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Feb. 7, 2022

Best Rapid City Neighborhoods - Fieldview Drive Area | Tristan about Town




Welcome back to Tristan about town neighborhood edition, Today we are on the south side, rapid city and the homes surrounding fieldview and parkview lanes.

Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel. Where I talk everything about moving to rapid city area and all the amazing things about rapid city and the black Hills and these neighborhood editions of Tristan about town.

We drive through the neighborhoods and talk about what's nearby. Let's do it.

Welcome to the fieldview subdivision in Southeast rapid city.

It's borders on the north are east Minnesota, and catron Boulevard on the south Campbell street on the east and fifth street on the west.

In this subdivision, you'll find mostly ranch or split level homes. Built between 1990s and the two thousands

you'll have anywhere from 1500 to 3000 square feet and most likely a garage

for your school-aged children, your elementary students will go to grand view elementary, about five minutes away. The middle schoolers would go to south middle school, about seven minutes away in high schoolers to central high school, about nine minutes away.

In 2020, the average sold price is $260,000. And the average days of market is only 13 days.

For your goods and services, family fare grocery store is only seven minutes away. Rushmore mall is 16 minutes away. You can be downtown in 10 minutes. South side Walmart is literally minutes away. Rushmore crossing with Sam's club and target is 14 minutes away. The nearest dog park is five minutes away.

The hospital and medical community is six minutes away. And for military members, Ellsworth air force base about 22 minutes to the front gate.

Other places nearby. Is a circleS Plaza, Robbinsdale park with a playground baseball fields and green spaces and newer BMX track. Right next to robbinsdale park is the leash free dog park I was talking about the walking path. There is just about one mile. She's talking St. Patrick street is regional grocery store, family fare.

ACE hardware, great sandwiches and gyuros at Pauleys and donuts. You run into parkview park with it's swimming pool, softball fields, and kids' playgrounds, the shopping area near the south side. Walmart includes carwash. Gas station a retail shopping Plaza,

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