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Mom, I'm bored. Dad, can I do something? I know these are the things you hear from your kids and you want to know what can I do with my children in rapid city. Hey Everybody I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills.

In today's episode, we're gonna talk about the things to do with your children in rapid city. Now I do have four children. My youngest one is 19. So it's been a while since we really were asking the question, well, what should we take our young kids to do? And really what I've liked to have done is gone to all these different places and check them out, get some live video, show you what everything looks.

But that was going to take me for forever. So I thought we would get online. I'll show you the different websites over 50 different websites I've got for you, and I'll give you all those links below. So you have a great resource of taking your kids places and doing things with your kids. So that's good at it right now, things to do with your kids in rapid city.

All right. So let's start by talking about free things for kids to do in rapid city. Everybody likes free. And so the first thing we talk about is the rapid city public library. The whole second floor is kids zone. They've got books from teens all the way down to primary books and places for kids to read up there.

Plus they've got all sorts of story times and if you follow the Instagram account, you can see all the people that are just really loved to read. They love to dress up and they have a lot of different things going on at the rapid city public library. So check that out. If you're closer to Blackhawk and Piedmont, the Piedmont library is a considerably smaller, but they also have story times and other events to do with your kids.

And of course, is storybook island is one of the premier places for you to take your kids in rapid city. The storybook island has all sorts of different slides and places to visit and crawl through and really enjoy here in the storybook island. And when you're in town, check out main street square during the course of the year, there's also all sorts of things like movies in the park and other fun things for kids to do.

There's a kid's fair sometime during the summer, many of the things that are fun to do in mainstream square. And what better thing to do in rapid city, city of parks, then to go to said, parks. There was a great application down here called this rapid city park site, and it actually shows all the different parks in rapid city

and you can kind of go through each one. Every park has something different for the kids to play on. You can scroll in and see each one and where it's at. You've got lots of parks right here, all along main part of town. You're never too far from a park. All of these parks have all sorts of different places for kids to play different playground equipment.

Some of my favorites are down here in Sioux park and then legacy commons park, which is just, uh, just across downtown, over here. That's a newer part. They put it in with lots of cool new kids' equipment. Even for us big kids. Also in this site shows the bike path map. This gives you an idea of where you can take your kids walking or strolling or biking or striding or whatever down the bike path at different parts along rapid city.

And of course, you've got to go to dinosaur park. Dinosaur parks is an amazing place to check out. Plus there's like a lot, a lot of steps to get up to the. So burn out the energy by have the kids running up and down the steps to check out all the dinosaurs at the top of dinosaur park. Now dinosaur park is open all year long.

Just be careful in the middle of the winter, you go climbing on the steps to make sure they're not icy. The dinosaur park, uh, gift shop of course is open from usually may through October. And while you're visiting dinosaur park, you can check out the many trails that are up there on top of skyline drive. Some of these are flat and smooth and pretty easy to walk down.

Others have some Hills and some things to go and see. So you make sure you check out the different type of, of trails. You want to go check out when you're there visiting Dinosaur park. Another fun thing that we love to do with our kids is called geocashing. So you've got a GPS unit. You go to and you look for different places with your GPS unit and you find these little caches, and you see what treasures are inside.

You take a treasure, you sign in, and then you leave a treasure. And there's all sorts of geocashing all coordinates and stashes all over rapid city and the black hills. So let's get into some of the things that you can do in rapid city might not be free, but they're definitely fun. First place watiki waterpark.

This is a great getaway, especially in the winter to go and have some fun with the kids. It's got big slides for the big kids and little slides and places for the little kids to play. And when things get really cold and you really need your kids to get out of the house and run around, check out, run wild in Somerset.

This undo a play land gives the chances for kids to run around it. All sorts of different things. Kind of looks like the places we went to McDonald's back in the day. Rushmore mall is another great place to take your kids. There's lots of space for them to, uh, walk swiftly, drop the older kids off at fund's own virtual reality.

Take the younger kids, the fun zone inflatables. Ride the donkeys and horses around and even check out the kid play area, the rosevelt center is an amazing place for you guys to go. And not only for the kids to enjoy, but you as well. They've got a great pool with zero entry and some kid places for kids to play lap pools, as well as hot tub.

As you scroll on this website, you can see the different programs and guides that they have, the swim lessons and all the different things that they have going on. You can check here on the activities and classes and see what's going. Right next door to the swim center is the ice arena. Not only do you have open times to go in and ice skate at your leisure, but there also as youth hockey, times, times to learn how to ice skate.

And I think this is also where they look, you can even do curling here, all sorts of things at the ice arena. Now, if you're one of those parents and perhaps you'd like to take your kids to the museums, and there are plenty of museums in rapid city area, the first one to check out is the museum of geology in the South Dakota school of mines.

This is a free museum to, to check out. And it's got a lot of really cool samples of fossils and paleontology, a lot of different, really good things to see. So big geodes, a lot of different rocks after you're done there, you can check out the journey museum, which specializes in the native American history and the pioneer history of the black Hills region.

There's also the dahl fine arts center, which has galleries that change periodically. So you have different events and different things that happen there at the dalh fine arts center. The South Dakota air and space museum, not only has an indoor museum of all the different flights of history, but it also has an outdoor exhibit showing you the size and scale of many planes and bombers back in the day, you can also check out the Suzie cappa.

Art center down downtown, rapid city, and there's so many more museums and places to visit downtown. If that's what you want to take your kids do. But I'm guessing unless they really loved dinosaurs for planes. That's not really what they want. So let's talk about a bunch of different places that kids were really wanting to go to have a lot of fun and heard about some of that energy and to get air trampoline park in rapid city, you can bounce away and trampolines play Dodge ball, jump into a foam pit, all sorts of fun things.

Now I've jumped to that foam pit before. And boy, it's hard to get out of just FYI. A new adventure center is called game on where they have all sorts of laser tag and all sorts of events. And I love this Friday night scape that I've heard about that someday. We're going to take a part of. Also downtown is press start with, which has all sorts of video games, pizza and cocktails for you.

Downtown has another fun place called the VR den, a virtual reality place where you can do all sorts of fun, virtual reality things. Rapid city base camp is a great place for you guys to go as a family, do some climbing and get a feeling for how climbing works in rapid city for the speedy mids and your family, flags and wheels as your indoor amusement.

Got all sorts of things like go-karts bumper cars, laser tag, paint balls, batting cages, all sorts of things to keep everybody in your family. Having a good time. If mini golfing is your thing, the Pirate's Cove and rapid city is a fun adventure park to go with you and your family. There's also putz and glow off highway 16.

This is a blacklight mini golf course with some great theme holes and fun music. If i don't say so myself. Here's another look at the Roosevelt swim center where you can see just all the things they're included in that. So you and your family can enjoy the area. There's also a bunch of other pools around the rapid city area.

The Jimmy Holton pool has zero entry with the youth dinosaur slide and fountains. And you can also check out the park view pool and the horseman pool. And don't forget to enjoy the winter at the main street square ice rink. Have fun skating around we're up to the fires nearby and get some hot chocolate that alternative coffee house.

If you enjoy creating things with the family, canvas to paint is downtown rapid city. So some evening get together and paint a canvas with you and your family or you, or you can paint and create some pottery at pottery to paint

and same thing with prouty pottery, which even has some clay classes and a lot more fun. Lock yourself in a room at the black Hills escape room has been trying to get out. And then go downtown to the Elks historic theater, where you and your family can enjoy movies at discounted rates, and also check out golden tickets cinemas with reserved online seating and lay back chairs.

And of course, I have to mention all the wonderful things you can do. The attractions in the black Hills, reptile gardens is a must for you and your family. You can check out all the reptiles, see the crocodile show. And your kids will love petting the giant tortoises. Next on the list is bear country. The drive-thru wildlife park, where you can see bears in the wild run around your car.

And at the end, see all the baby animals in the park you're doing your kids would probably really enjoy old McDonald's farm, where you can play with the baby animals. Feed the animals, have pony rides and watch the Billy goats play on the bridge. The Rushmore Tramway has all sorts of fun for you and your family.

Look at this map, you've got an adventure aerial park. You've got a zip line, a jump tower, airplanes, slide, scenic chairlift, all sorts of things for you and your kids to have fun in Keystone, just, just below Mount Rushmore. Also near Keystone is the rush mountain adventure park, which is home of Rushmore, cave, mountain coaster, and so many other zip rides and fun things to do.

Then you can take your family to the cosmos mystery area. It's standing on the wall. See why somebody who is all the sudden bigger than you. And enjoy the mystery along highway 16, if your kids are at a dinosaur check out the dinosaur museum, other fun things to do in the black Hills is renting a boat on Pactola or even just checking out Pactola and sitting on the beach are great family things to do as renting an ATV and taking your family throughout the black Hills.

There are myriad of trails in the black Hills and see, as you can see plenty of places to rent an ATV. Where'd your, time's an amazing place to spend in the black Hills as well. Up at Terry peak, you can go skiing and snowboarding. There's even a bunny hill for them to teach you skiing and snowboarding.

Snowmobile renting is another amazing thing to do in the black Hills. This is just one of the many places that rent snowmobiles for you and your family. Other fun things to do in the wintertime is go on a hike. A winter hiking in the black Hills is an amazing experience because it's just a whole different ball game than the hiking during the normal types of the times of the year.

And since we are in the black Hills, it's pretty easy to find a hill, grab a slide and slide on the hill. Rapid city is full of sports and activities for your children as well. There's plenty of dance studios in town, places like the barefoot dance studio have many different style of dances, including modern dance, musical theater, hip hop, and cheer for your kids.

If you're looking for something a little bit different for your children, live it up. Studio in the mall has aerial classes for your children to experience just gymnastics, have just gym classes and fun for all ages, including the school year classes and ninja classes. For those that want just a little bit.

And great way to get out some of that energy. There's also a number of martial arts options. The rapid city wide YMCA has many different activities and programs for your kids. Some of them before school, some afterschool, lot of different things that they do and make sure you check back in the summer to see the different things that they offer during the summer.

The club for boys is a great place for your boys to hang out, enjoy interaction with some, some other. Play some video games and basketball and just have a great place to hang out. If your children love to buy music. My kids enjoyed the black Hills Rock school, where they got together. The band mates learned and played songs and perform them for the parents.

outdoor campus west is a great place for children to have educational classes that are held throughout the year. Not only do they have indoor exhibits, but they also have things like, canoe training fishing lessons and other outdoor skills? During the summer, the school of mines has summer camps. Whether your kids want to build a robot, fire a rocket, or learn to code, there'll be a program for your kids in the summer community.

Education of the black hills also has a number of things throughout the year, such as intro to kayaking, dancing, and some other, a lot of other different things that your children could be part of this year is a great resource that you could go through the parks, recreation and put out a program guide that shows all the different things that you can.

All the different places you can do them at whether it's the pools red cross or Ice arena rapid city, also the variety of sports for your kids, whether it be soccer, figure skating hockey, and of course baseball, baseball can be anywhere from T-ball all the way up to post 22, which is your 19 to 20 year old.

I hope this has given you a many ideas to take your kids and enjoy things with your children and your families. If you come up with any place, I didn't mention put it down in the comments below. We'll make sure that everybody knows about it. So they know where to go when they're taking the kids play around in rapid city.

Thanks again for watching. Have an amazing day and remember love where you live.