I'm so ready to buy a house. I'm thinking Southwest corner of rapid city. Excellent. We can help you with that. How much have you got to spend?  I've been pre-approved for a hundred grand. Oh, um, um, yeah. What do you need? What do you need? What do you need?

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We're going to talk about the different places that you can buy a home under $300,000. We'll get online, take a look at the areas and also give you a sneak peek of a few properties in each price point to give you an idea of what you can buy for that price there. You ready? Okay, everybody here we are on my website, rapidhomesonline.com and I've begun the search for under $150,000 concentrating on the rapid city area.

So as you can see here in rapid city, if you've got to spend under $150,000, you can expect that you're going to go be on the North side of town and maybe a little bit in the South side of town. Notice over here on the left side, you can see square footage is usually considerably smaller. And if there is some anomaly, there's a reason for instance, this one on sixth street, it is totally unfinished.

So while it's a good property, if you'd like to invest in it, if it's something that's, you're going to move right into, it's not going to work. Right. So going back to the map, we can see all the different properties here under $150,000. Generally speaking, if it's under a hundred thousand dollars, There's a reason for it.

For instance, this property in Anamosa, I looked at before, and there are some significant foundation issues, which is the reason it's still on the market and under a hundred thousand dollars as we move up in the price point, closing closer $150,000. You'll see, you will start heading closer towards the South side of town and have properties that might be a little more financeable than some of the others.

Notice this one here on the West side. The only one on the West side, but notice it is 656 square feet. So it's a small little house that was, we run the search for 150,000, 200,000. You'll see it again. And as we begin to the $150,000 price range, a lot of North, a lot of Southeast, and really, we don't start seeing anything closer to West side until we get into closer to the 200,000 where you can see these are getting closer to that price point.

The other thing I'd like to point out through here, as we scroll through these. As if you look here, you can see which ones are under contract. And as we roll through

the majority are under contract, looking at a very hot market in this price point, especially under the a hundred, 200,000 price point, things are moving very quickly in rapid city during the spring. Before we get going to the next price point. Let's look at some properties here so you can get a feel for what you can buy for the amount of money or example this property in St.

Andrew, I actually have buyers that bought this property for 170. You can see that the outside needs some work

inside. It's not  it's not too bad.

Downstairs really need some work. Now we'll pick, go with, to a property closer to 200,000 range

we can see that the property is a little more done, little more move-in ready. Things are a little more prepared for a buyer to move right in. As this was on the West side, we'll see certain things such as older windows, older style homes.

And the occasional blue panneling. Right? Right. Quick break. Let's take a look at where my favorite calculator apps. It helps us calculate that loan into a payment for you. Let's go ahead and click this app that I've got open here called financial calculators. Go to the loan calculator. Now we're only going to enter in $250,000.

If you get a feel for that price point. Interest rates are hanging around right around 4%. So hit the calculate button. We can get a $250,000 home at a 4%.30 year loan is About 1200 bucks a month. All right. Back to the houses. As we move up to the price point from 200,000 to 250,000, we'll see that we have a lot more options in other places of town, including North of the mall, rapid Valley, further out West side, even closer to the hospital down the Southeastern part of town.

And as we get into a property that is closer to 250,000, it could be contrast to the $200,000 one we just looked at. You can see  considerably nicer properties, nicer finishes,

closer to 2000 square feet.

Ready for you to move into, but as we'll also notice within this 250 price point, we have more, a lot of under contract listings as we move from the 250,000 to $300,000 price point. We'll notice that you'll have quite a few more new construction options. Now, typically these are one level finish with an unfinished basement.

Popular subdivisions, such as chapel Valley and other proper subdivisions on the West side of town. As you can see, as we moved along to the next batch, you'll see more properties South and West. And so this is the newer construction Copperfield

properties. Closer to $300,000 will get you considerably more square footage. More bedrooms. We'll have a lot more amenities and features than your properties before.

If you're considering new construction, this might be the perfect place to start just under $300,000 without breaking the bank. So you can see, we have many options in this price point.

And let's not forget the basic,disclaimer it's June, 2020. when I'm rolling through this website and looking at these properties, the prices, sizes, conditions, availabilities, all that information may not be sure if you're watching this say two years later, make sure that you keep in touch with me for the local information.

See how things are going. Typically, rapid city real estate holds very steady, but an upward slant, but you never know what might happen next. If you haven't already check out this video, want to go through each area of the black Hills MLS to give you a better feel for where it is in the city.  Also check out my rap- .

We love rapid city playlist because he, all of the fun stuff about rapid city. Thanks for watching. And remember love where you live.