Hey, everybody is Tristan Emond here, mindful living Realty in rapid city. A new special episode today for you guys. I'm here with Ramsey who is in Sioux falls, South Dakota. So we're going to have a little rapid city versus Sioux falls video for you today. So first of all, I'll have Ramsey introduce himself and tell us a little bit about who he is and how he is over there in Sioux falls.

Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for having me. So my name's Ramsey I actually have been in real estate since 2019. So came from a sales background. Always had a passion for real estate. Just helping people in general from, you know, families finding the perfect home from investors standpoint. People like to find those houses that have opportunity or just building, you know, so with lots and, and whatnot.

So coming from a sales background from the car business, and it was a bit different. But I'm really glad I made the transition and I absolutely love everything about real estate. Yup. It's a lot of the things translate though. Once if you come at it from a. A matter of how can I help you? You know, that it's the same, same idea as far as, you know, selling homes, selling cars, as long as you come from the same attitude, it really kinda makes things kind of makes me flow.

So yeah, so obviously my name isTristan Emond mindful living Realty. I've been in real estate since 2006, so that's 14 years and it's been a while now, my goodness. We started out with some corporate real estate world and then my wife joined me 2010. And then coming 2016, my wife and I said, you know what?

We can do this ourselves. We opened up our own real estate, brokerage, mindful living Realty here in rapid city. So that's my little half story. So we will get going out more about our towns. So Ramsey, tell me a little bit more about Sioux falls. What a population what's it known for? You know, give us a little one, two, three on Sioux falls in general.

Yeah. Sioux falls is literally big city living, small town feel a year to year. I mean, Sioux falls is just growing and growing. The population I want to say is right at around 190,000. And it sounds like we're going to, we're getting a lot more people in here. You know, what it's what it's known for is the Falls park is like one of the main things that Sioux falls is known for.

It's the big Sioux river falls. It's a falls literally in the center of the town. There's so much history with it. So that is, I'd have to say what Sioux falls is primarily known for. I, you know, that's there's a lot more to talk about it, so. And we'll get to that. Of course. Yeah. So for those of you that aren't familiar with your South Dakota history Sioux falls is on the East side of the state on along interstate I-90  and rapid city where I'm at is on the West side of the state.

Rapid city is about 75,000 people in rapid city proper right now. And of course we're doing the same thing we're growing. We're getting more people coming in. R w just outside rapid city is boxelder, which is which owns the houses, the Ellsworth air force base. And it sounds like as long as things move forward, we can get another mission to that base, which is going to bring in another few thousand people.

And if you consider rapid city and then some of the outlying towns such as box elder Piedmont black Hawk. We actually ended up with kind of about a hundred thousand in our community area, as far as that that's concerned as far as population is concerned. And I think the thing rapid city is most known for is a gateway to the black Hills.

And here we are on the way to Mount Rushmore, we've got president's downtown and his statues, we have all these other very presidential things because of course, you know, we're. Right next to Mount Rushmore. So that's the main things, I guess about rapid city. We'll talk more about that here in a little bit.

So let's transition as we talk more, we've talked about our, our city's growing 1990 and I've seen it. Nothing but grow. So it's, it's just gonna keep going. So how's your housing market going? What's what's going on with the housing market over there? Yeah, I wanted to add one thing as well from my side of the state to your side of the state.

I don't think anyone understands like the difference of you know, the physical features of the area over, you know, on the East part of South Dakota, it's mainly all flat. You know, we don't have a bunch of Hills, you get about three hours down I-90 which is the, where we drive from one end of the other in South Dakota three hours down there by Chamberlain.

It completely changes you have Prairie's. You got Hills trees, you have absolute, it looks completely different. So, I mean, that's one thing that I think that I truly appreciate is just with it being, you know, South Dakota from the West to the East, the difference from just going from one end of the other.

Yeah. Yeah. And it's four and a half hour drive. You know, if you go 80, that, which is the speed limit. If you go a little faster, you might be able to hit, well, you're usually between four and five hours, you're getting from rapid city to Sioux falls and yeah, right at Missouri rivers kind of splits the state really instead of.

North Dakota and South Dakota should have been East river and West river. That's kind of how different our, our, our state is. We have East versus West river competitions all the time. So but yeah, it's a little more definitely agricultural all the way around. But East side of the States have considerably more farmland, corn beans sunflowers where West river, a little more cattle ranches, a little more horse ranches, a lot of hay fields, not as much corn and actual farming type.

So a hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, rolling into the housing market over in Sioux falls. I mean, it is absolutely a crazy, I guess you could just say it right now. We have, you know, I'm not sure if it's the same for you over, you know, in rapid city area, but we're getting buyers. I'm getting people from all different States right now.

You know, it's a sellers market currently I'd say the hottest price ranges in town right now, or 200,000 that. Are remodeled up to the 300,000. There's just that in between that has been absolutely blowing up. So those are selling, I want to say within the first day multiple offers. So do you have a lot of new construction opportunities kind of going out or is that kind of tough or where's that at?

Yeah, so new construction East side Sioux falls there. It's, they're building all over on the East side of Sioux falls West side as well too. They are expanding a bit, but North and East side are absolutely blowing up towards the Brandon towards the Harrisburg. It's like. We're connecting to all of these little cities.

As far as current new construction, it gets pretty cold. So they're, you know, they're waiting to break ground. I think they're going to hit the ground running a year within a couple of months, but that new construction is big know. Yeah. Yeah. So I actually got to actually asked that question to you. You mentioned some of the smaller towns around you, so like Harrisburg and tea and Beresford.

Aren't that kind of like. Small town. I mean, fringe almost just kind of subsidiary of Sioux falls in some ways. Right? A lot of people traveling back and forth or, yeah. Yep. So I would say Tea you got Tea South Dakota that's more towards the West side. You have a. Harrisburg in Brandon, that's going to be the East, North ish area.

And then you have Gerritsen. So you got all these little small towns and were quickly expanding to them. I remember, you know, when I was little, it was like, there was a bit of a separation to get to Tea especially that to Harrisburg and, you know, it is just expanding and expanding. So it's connecting to all of these little towns.

Yep. That's kind of how it rolls, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Same thing here in rapid city, I just did a search a couple of days ago, active residential properties in rapid city and actually active residential in our entire MLS. There's 136 properties available for sale. Usually right now we have four or five, 600 as we get into spring and we're getting a little higher to that.

So yeah, our inventory is severely limited and just like you, you know, we're getting offers on properties very quickly. And it's multiple offers over asking price and you know, all these things that, of course, many of you have heard across the country as well. So it's it's, it's tough tough for buyers right now.

Of course, it really good for sellers because they get, they get their, their pick of the letter kind of idea. Right? Yup. Yeah. So and then yeah, do answers also about new construction. Obviously rapid city was built up against the Hills and well, everybody in the. Sixties and seventies had the same idea, everybody else's well, let's go build up into the Hills.

And so that's all built all new construction, just either we're going to go North, East or South. And that's where all the new construction is kind of working around rapid city and a lot of it's going on and there's a one new development that's going to be at 700 acres. I think it's going to be like some 15,000 homes.

I believe in this, this development that they're just starting now. So it'll be a few years before they get all those, all that put together. But right now they're. Building them. I mean, they're getting sold before they can then build them. There are, there are literally streets that have for sale or sold signs on the lots, waiting for the builders to come to get to them.

And it's just a matter of yeah, we'll get to you when we get to you have a good day. Right. So it's kinda nuts. Yup. We're seeing that here as well, too. So I've been working a couple of new construction deals right now and they're just Hey, we're trying to get the framers, you know, to get to that site so they can get the house going for, for my clients.

So, yeah, that's just something that I, you know, with me being newer since 2019 you know, I'm like, is this normal? Is this how, you know, this is how it normally happens? Well with, because of the pandemic delays of some of the materials that's caused additional strain. And then, you know, as we've gotten increasing demand for the supply, and then also then the contractors, the sub subcontractors, you know, their demand is high.

And then when in rapid city here, you know, we had a hail this, this summer. And so all the contractors are busy. They're trying to fix all that stuff too. So it was kind of a crazy mess as far as all that's concerned. And we're gonna start seeing the new construction prices going up as materials. Do you know prices just keep, keep going up for now until that normalizes at some point.

So, yeah. Yep. So let's go into employment opportunities. What Sioux falls known for what what can you where can you get a good job in Sioux falls? Well, you know I'd have to say the medical field in Sioux falls is. Probably one of the biggest opportunities here. There's so much opportunity.

There's Sanford hospital. You have Avera, you have the children's hospital, you have the heart hospital. There's the specialty clinics. So I'd say that's just for the medical field part. And we've got a lot of people, doctors that come in from all over the, you know, again, Sioux falls is known for its outstanding medical centers.

And then from there you have banking and accounting. We have a lot of new banks coming to Sioux falls as well, too. And from what, from what I'm reading, it sounds like it's a very tax friendly place for businesses such as. For banking and accounting. And then education we have. The university center, right in town, Augustana college university of Sioux falls.

We have tech schools. So there's a lot of education opportunities on top of that, just schools in general, again, with us expanding out towards all these little towns and growing, you know, it's just, there's two schools being built right down the street from me over on the East side. So there's a lot of opportunity in those areas.

And then lastly, Sales from car dealerships to retail stores. We are growing in every angle. And I would have to say those industries. Yup. Yes. And I hear Amazon is coming to town. Yep. Yes, Amazon is actually coming here. I want to say there next year is when it was planned. You know, the plan was, it was going to be finished.

That's going to bring in a thousand jobs and there's another big company. I don't know if they've announced it yet. But they're also part of it. Well, I don't want to hear that's good. 500 jobs as well with that company coming in here. So. There's a lot, lot going on. Yeah. And with your proximity too, I mean, proximity is kind of a loose word, but you know, I mean, Fargo isn't too far away, a lot of people hop on a plane and go to go to Minneapolis St.

Paul. Right. And they kind of little commuting back and forth. I imagine it a little more of a big business in Sioux falls than it is over here and outside of the state. Yes. Correct. Yep. Yeah. So here, here in rapid city, you know, we're, we're smaller. We have everything you need. Some of the biggest, some of our top employers are kind of similar.

We do have the medical center you know, and so in Sioux falls, you've got a lot of smaller towns kind of all the way around on the East side of the state, a little more sparse on the West side of the state. So we're rapid city kind of has the only hospital within about a hundred mile radius. So we got everybody coming to town, not only for the hospital, but also for the services for Sam's club, for the shopping and for the concerts.

When, you know, when, if we ever have concerts again, you know, that kind of thing. So the hospital center and all the medical facilities around it is also a huge employment opportunity for us here in rapid city. We've recently joined. I think they joined with Mayo clinic. And it's called monument health now is that is the hospital here, here in town.

And so, you know, that's a huge employment opportunity. We also have a lot of financial. Employee employment opportunities. That's another big one on the list. Ellsworth air force base employs a lot of civilians as well as their, their airmen. And then also anything of course, related to the tourist industry.

Of course with the black Hills, that brings lots of tourism. So if you're an hospitality, workers, restaurants, any kind of the did you attractions everything in the black Hills? All those, those, those types of jobs are very ready really available. Especially as, you know, tourism did it didn't slow down last year, either even with the pandemic.

I think we were actually up because everybody came to South Dakota to camp instead of going and going wherever they were going to go. I think so the laws were a little bit more lax. Yeah. If they wanted to do, I had one guy in Florida that was just trying to get a A box for him the back of his van to come drive up and he couldn't even get that ordered because everybody else is ordering.

It was kind of, you has got an interesting scenario and that scenario, how many people were coming out to different places and camping across the country actually during, during during the last year or so. Yeah, it was a good idea. All right now, we're going to talk about the top three things. That six that's three, three things we love about our cities.

So Ramsey number three, Sioux falls we'll work our way to the best number one. So the number three thing in Sioux falls this may shock a lot of people, but it's things to do. A lot of people ask, you know, what is there to do in Sioux falls depending upon your lifestyle and just share some things that I enjoy it.

And it is eating. So I like to eat, you know there's a lot of different restaurants in town local ones as well, too. So you won't find them everywhere. I'd have to say burger joints. There's a lot of burger joints and we just had this big burger burger battle, 2021 in town. 24 restaurants make a burger for the month of January and everyone in town votes on it.

So yeah, so there's just like a lot of like cool little places to eat. Bike trails, there's a 19 mile or right around 19 miles. It's a bike trail that goes all the way around the town. So from. Majority of it. You'll ride along the big sioux river. It'll take you down by the falls park. It'll take you through downtown and it'll take you basically all around town and it's, it's really pretty.

So I really enjoyed that. If you're trying to get out of the town area, there's the Palisades. That's over in the Gerritsen area Palisades state park. There's it's, it's beautiful trees and a river goes right through there and there's little cabins. You could stay on the river. It's very small and miniature versus, you know, the West part of the state, but it just feels a little, you know, you're a little secluded and you get to be with nature and then good earth state park.

It's another thing to do. It's. Again, there's just a lot of sightseeing. So if you like to golf, we have five golf courses in Sioux falls. And then they've just opened up great shots. So it's just like top golf. So they got the, they got the bays and, and going out and golf. And when it's cold, you know, you get the heat coming down on you.

So that is a few things that I like to do in Sioux falls. And then the water park isn't too far away. Isn't it? Yeah, a good point. There there's a wild water West. It's like 15 minutes off the West side of town. So when you get to the West edge, about 15 minutes away, wild wonder West is a, a big water park we have in town.

They got a nice big, lazy river, a swim up bar and just go-karts paint ball, all sorts of cool stuff to do out there. Yeah, I love waterpark. They took away our waterslides a while ago. So I was looking at that waterpark, but I don't think I follow it on Instagram. I'm like, yeah. Someday take a day tour and spend a day at the water park.

Yeah, it's fun. Yeah. Number three, thing about a rapid city is, is downtown. Actually have some clients had just moved into the Western historical district, which is just. A few blocks downtown, and they've talked about how they've just loved going to different restaurants. And they've been going to trivia every Thursday night at some bars and had a blast doing that and meeting a whole bunch of different people at different bars and different locations and different restaurants enjoying all the restaurants downtown there's a lot of different flavors and different varieties.

And so they've been enjoying those pieces. And then main street square is amazing. Development that they built a number of years ago, where they have video or movies at the park they've got every couple, every month they'll have some sort of event. So I say, you know, they used to a Halloween event or a Halloween event a bridal events, so many different things that they do in main street square during the year.

And then during now, now you can go down and go ice skating. They've got an ice skating rink in the middle of town. That's always fun to wrap around except for this week when it's, you know, negative three degrees. And then also downtown in the summer is Thursday nights. On seventh and we, so they get, there's a band that comes to town.

It's a free band. People get together on the street, listen to music. There's a, there's a beer garden, there's plate spot for kids to play. And just the general atmosphere of getting together, doing stuff downtown, enjoying all the, all the different activities, different things to do downtown. And there's, you know, there's a canvas2paint, so you can bring your family down and paint.

There's the escape rooms. Those kinds of things. And so new, more and more things are being built downtown too. And being brought into downtown to, to make it a great place to check out, to visit, to get what you need to enjoy the restaurants and, and just enjoy altogether. So that's my number three for rapid city.

What's your number two for Sioux falls? Well, my number two would have to be. Events. There's just a lot of events that go on all different times of the year. Like for instance, we were just talking about one of them. I really liked it was the burger battle. You have The St. Patty's day, you know, all downtown there's the zombie walk, they do.

So it's everyone dresses up like a zombie downtown and goes and you know it's cool to see everyone out and about there's hot summer nights, where they bring all the Corvettes in downtown they'd line them all up all over. You have the arts festival Again, similar situation. So there's just a lot of unique different events around town.

Everyone kind of expresses themselves and it's for, I can almost guarantee for every type of person there is something that you would enjoy to go see. So events, so that kind of tied into things to do. I guess you can say that I did on my number three. But then I'd also like to toss in there. Just opportunities.

I'd say Sioux falls with it growing. They're just, there's a lot of opportunity for everyone as well, too. So it's a free market. It doesn't matter what profession or career you're in. It just seems like it's just a great opportunity for anyone. Yep. Yes. Yeah. So you mentioned, you mentioned the arts, is there a lot of.

Kind of different, different types of art stuff, kind of going on downtown and we've got like different murals and different museums and that kind of stuff. I assume you have that kind of stuff too, for the artsy fartsy people. Yeah. Yeah. And they have a, the sculpture walk too. So. There's there, you know, you go to the downtown area, which is like the center of the town and it leads  into the falls park, but there is the sculpture walk where you can go and you'll walk around each point and there'll be sculptures, just like very unique pieces, handmade, you know, and they'll tell the backstory and that those are, are all around downtown.

So you get to kind of, you know, experience the downtown feeling. And get you get a go around and see, you know, these unique pieces of art. And then you could also lead into the falls park, you know, as well too, because that's just a walkaway as well, too. So yeah. Yeah, it sounds similar to, you know we've got the presidential statutes, I think there's right now.

I think there's 30 or 40 statues on each corner and downtown. So you can see all the presidents and their, their life size, you know, you can actually sit next to one of them and then take pictures next to all of them. So it's kind of cool too. We'll go down and there's a, president's walk. You can walk all the way downtown and look at all those sculptures and that's kind of a fun thing for people to do that.

It's unique. Yes, we do. So, yeah. So number two in rapid City is my opinion is parks greenspaces. So rapid Creek runs all the way through the center of town. And rapid Creek comes from the black Hills and just rolls right through town. And among around there is all a bunch of green spaces and they made.

Parks. So you, you can go to a park along the river. There's we've got a bike path that follows the river. Like you guys do. Ours is only about nine or 10 miles. It follows the park all the way along, but that's a great. Placed to, you can bike or walk, do whatever you need to down there. But w whether you're going to Kenny Lake park or Sue park or Roosevelt park, there are green spaces.

The trees are big, and, you know, you can picnic, you can play softball, you can do all of these, you know, plenty of spots for the kids to play plenty of playground, equipment, lots of fun and different things you can do at each park. There's even a golf Frisbee golf. That you can play, you know, and different, different parks at different pools, just so many different parks in a nature place to hang out at.

And even if you're in town, my wife and I find a spot where we grow behind some trees a little bit and sitting on a rock right next to the water. So we're watching the water fall. And except for the fact that you could kind of see some, some cars drive by over there. You wouldn't know that you're in town.

So it's really a good, you can, you can find some nature, even in town. And that includes places like Hansen handsome Memorial park,Hansen-Larsen Memorial park, which is a bike trails. And that's just right in town. And you're like in kind of in the Foothill of the Hill foothills, and then just off dinosaur park and skyline Hill.

Our skyline drive. There's a whole bunch of walking trails stuff over there that you can go into too. So you're looking, you know, hiking in nature without even, you know, getting away from rapid city at all. So that was my number two for rapid city is just all the different places you can escape to nature without really good escaping the nature.

So. Awesome. Yeah. All right. So the, the big one coming up, number one, Ramsey. What's number one about Sioux falls. All right. You might laugh at me for this one, but it's the people. You know, I feel like I've been all over, you know the United States and I feel like there's no place like home. It's just, you know, you get here, you feel very welcoming, you know, just, even if you're out of towners, people from holding doors open, when you're walking in To letting you pull out when you're driving your car and you know, you, there's a little bit of traffic and you need to get in, people will let you in parking spots, you know?

So it's just like, you know, people say hello. So I feel like overall, you know, when people think of the Midwest, You just it's South Dakota period. You know, I think that even when you're on the West side, you know, I've been there plenty of times. It's, there's no place that you can find people that are so welcoming that are just you know, just respectable and accept anyone for who they are.

There's no, you know, not judgy. Yeah. So I would have to say my, my number one is the people here. Nice, nice. Yeah. I had a ups guy that wave, you know, one finger wave on the way past him today. So people wouldn't at you, people talking to you. Yeah. It's it's it's Midwest hospitality is definitely here in South Dakota for sure.

Well, my number one has got to be the black Hills. And last time I asked people in town, I said, okay, everybody, what's your favorite thing about rapid city? And of course the black Hills was always number one within 20 minutes, 30 minutes, you can be on any trail in the black Hills. You can be up in an hour.

You could be looking at it, some mountain vistas all by yourself, taking me to amazing pictures. And w besides that, there's just so many different things to do. We went snowshoeing last. A couple of weeks ago you can go snow skiing. You can go ice climbing when some of the waterfalls, I don't know why you would, but you could, if you wanted to do, you know, snowmobiling just, and that's just the winter stuff.

And then of course, you've got the tourist season where you can go to some of the attractions that are, that are in town. One of the ones that I really love by Keystone is a a zip line, but then also you climb on the ropes and you're up high, you know, on that, on the obstacle course. And that's, that's a lot of fun even for.

For us locals. So just so many things to do and to be a part of in the black Hills. It was really nice during the pandemic, when you know trips anywhere, it was kind of like, you know, like that's going to happen. We spent the summer exploring new places. We've never been, and we've been here since 1990.

So it was. Because there's always somewhere new. You can go to see some new roads. You can go travel down some new trail that you haven't been to some new site that you haven't seen yet. Whether it be an old mine or an old car stuck in the middle of the Hills somewhere and a lot, a lot of the history and a lot of the different towns.

So the black Hills for sure is number one reason to be on this other town. This side of the state is all that that's going on in that side. So. Yeah. I was actually over in the Spearfish area and went hiking and ended up on the trail to the devil's bathtub. You hit that one up and you go about a mile and a half.

And, and it doesn't sound far, but when you're going hiking through, you're like, okay, you know, the trail kind of goes through the water and around and yup. Yup. And then you get to go up and you get to slide down a natural slide into a spring in that water is cold. Yes. I have a video of me hitting that up, but there's just some, there's so much beauty over on the West side, over there.

Right everybody there, we have it. Rapid city versus Sioux falls. Of course you have any further questions, leave comments in the comments below Ramsey, and I'll be happy to answer anything for you. We'll have our, any contact information below as well. So if you want to just pick up the phone and talk to us and we'd love to talk to you what do you think Ramsey any

the last words you want to say. No, I think we covered it all again, if you have any questions about the Sioux falls market my name's Ramsey Salameh. You'll find my contact info in there as well, too. Thanks for having me on the show and I appreciate it. Thanks so much, everybody. We'll talk to you guys later and of course, remember love where you live.

See you guys.