It just felt like home to us. These are the words from David and Ray Emery when they moved to the Black Hills area Hey Everybody, I’m Tristan Emond with Mindful living realty, a realtor right here in Rapid City, South Dakota, the gateway to the beautiful Black Hills. A few months ago, I went to Emery's house and I talked with them about buying a home in the Rapid City area with the Emond team.

Check it out. We lived in California all of our lives. We've been wanting to move out of state for quite a while, actually, and we've looked at other states. Nothing ever really felt felt right. Either timing was wrong or the location was wrong. Our job didn't work out. We happened to swing by South Dakota on a road trip last year.

And the easiest way I can explain it is it felt like home. So we we got here. We spent a few days in the Black Hills and that was really it for us. We just all kind of fell in love with the area, with the people, and we did some research after that. Once we were here and decided we could make it work, this is where we ended up.

Easy Enough.

I appreciate you taking us through all the different areas that we had mentioned that we were looking at. So we knew when we came home to discuss, Oh, this is where we want to be, that's where we don't want to be. When you visited personally the first time. Yeah. Yeah. But even before that you were watching your YouTube channel and you did a little the little drives through the neighborhoods.

And for us, that was that was a huge thing actually being able to see, you know, not just pictures of the houses, but, you know, the areas, the neighbors, the neighborhood with, you know, with the surroundings look like the stores that are close by. Things like that. So that was really important for us and that helped a great deal.

Yeah. On the sales side back in California, that didn't go as smooth as we had hoped or and timing wasn't quite right or didn't go as quick as we were planning on. But even then going through contract here it was it was really simple for us. I mean, once once our house sold, it was I mean, we're just at that point just waiting for the paperwork to get filed on this side.

Yeah, it was pretty much. Yeah. For the rest of the job, right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don't think it could have been any easier on the side There are a lot of good qualities. Yeah, we looked at a bunch of different houses. You showed us a couple virtually before we decided on this one. We had a lot of little checkboxes that, you know, these are the things we have to have.

These are the things we would like to have. And this house pretty much checked them all. The size of the lot came in just right. The size of the house was a little bit bigger than we were looking for, but it were okay with that bonus that the view is phenomenal. Pretty much every direction from this House. The view is amazing.

We like the layout. It worked out for us, for our needs, for our family. The location was perfect, close to the schools. We wanted to be in. A Yeah, we could not just go all right. Yeah. Yeah. Is that funny that I remember that you mentioning because I posted the pictures on Instagram. It kind of is a teaser and you the.

Yeah, And I remember. Okay, so I posed this picture of this guy and I called you and I said, Hey, by the way, I've got I've got my home coming up. This you guys might like. This is. Yeah, I know. Both. Both. Melanie, my wife had already been texting them to me, so I know that. Yep. Yep. So, yeah, yeah.

I don't really follow social media a whole lot when I and her mom do, so. Yeah, they saw your post with a little teaser of this house. I think you had maybe two pictures posted about two or three one kind of, you know, far away. And one of just the view. And using those pictures, I was able to track down what this house was before you came Went an searched it.

Yeah, that's what they track it down and. Yeah, yeah. Kind of got excited before we actually officially went on the market. So we kind of. But I was right, Right. I was like, Yeah, this is it. You go out of this house, my email that was. Yeah. You didn't take long at all. No, it's a wonderful job. I mean, that's one of the things we talk about.

And you knew exactly what we needed and what we were looking for. And Boom you found it. And it was in your price point which was also helpful. Oh, yes, Oh, I the drive for the boys schools is really nice about easy. Their transition has been really good. They've met a lot of new friends and the teachers are pretty awesome too. I like that there's no more traffic to get around when we have to drive around.

It's pretty easy not using Waze anymore I’ll admit I used Waze for a while, like the first week or so, and then after that I'm not using it anymore. So I know the basic way around. Now, grocery stores are pretty easy and accessible. Downtown was really close and nice. Haven't explored enough yet, but you know. Yeah, Target and all that too.

So yeah, it's been fun to go around and find different places. And now that he's back in town, we'll probably go into the hills a little bit more. But yeah, just exploring where you can find me. I love our neighbors. I've met a few of them already. They came over and everyone seems really friendly and nice and all that too.

That's the big change for us. I mean, like it nice to go somewhere and have people actually talk to you and say hi. It was pretty nice. Not feel rushed, not feel like you're constantly on the go, on the go on the go. It's just more laid back and the kind of life that we wanted to have versus feeling on the go constantly because we weren't there in California.

Yeah, yeah. I was more of a laid back feeling here. Yeah. If you like this video, check out this playlist of other testimonials about moving to the area and working with the Emond team. Thanks again for watching that amazing day. Remember Love where you live.