When you start looking for homes in rapid city, the first thing you'll notice is areas. What are these areas? If you've never been to rapid city before you don't know what Southwest is, what Northwest is. And what in the world is pine Grove stay tuned. I've got you covered.

Hey, I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. And in this video, we're going to talk about the different rapid city areas. According to the black Hills MLS, to help you understand where the home is that you're thinking about buying. Tell if you understand how Rapid city is laid out, let's look at this overview here in Google maps.

You can see here as the black Hills are on the West side, East side, rapid city over here and right down the middle, you have skyline drive and M Hill, dinosaur park is right here. What you'll notice is right here through the middle is an area where the majority of the traffic goes through. And this is a dividing line from West rapid city to East rapid city.

This right here, it's called the gap. The other thing to point out is Omaha straight here, but Sharon's going to wish Chicago is the main dividing line when it comes to North rapid city and South rapid city. Now let's look at the zips. This website here did a very good job of showcasing the zips in and around rapid city.

Cause you can see, as we scroll interrupts 57702 accompanies the West side of rapid city 57701 is the East side of rapid city 57703 is the Valley area. If you scroll North, we'll see box elder's 57719. This here is actually 57706, which is Ellsworth air force base. 57769 is Piedmont.

As you scroll here. This, this is 57718, which is Blackhawk and Somerset. These are the main zips of Rapid city, but as we scroll up, we can see more around the area. Hermosa is 57744. Custer is 57730 hill city is 57745 .

So we go out to Sturgis as 57785  Spearfish 57783 lead-deadwood is 57732. This is a great representation to help you understand the zip codes around the rapid city area. Now let's get into areas. Everybody. Here we go. I've got my map put together for the black Hills.

MLS areas that we have. And you'll notice that we have the black Hills here. Uh, rapid city is here in the blue, the surrounding areas in the yellow. And of course, as we go over to East here, we've got East part of South Dakota. So scroll on  a highlighted section here. And we'll start off with North rapid city and you'll be near Walmart here in rapid North rapid city.

The mall is here down here. You'll find some, um, closer to the original homes, which in the 1940s, the 1970s. North of the mall. You've given some eighties homes and some newer construction as we go off this way. And even up here in Auburn Hills subdivision now let's move over to the Northeast section, which is right here.

This is mostly commercial area down in this area here, up here on Dyess Avenue, though, you can get some bigger acreage Prairie properties if you've lost what you're interested in. So that's what we have in the Northeast section. As we scroll down to this area here, this is a rapid dally. The main part of rapid Valley has a bunch of different property types, different ages, different sizes, quite an eclectic bunch here, not the Valley.

Some of them are property areas. Here are the newer areas up here called big sky. And over here is cover field and up here as a newest construction called Copperfield vistas as move out here, we'll go over to.  City center, obviously city center is just that it's mostly downtown. We'll find some smaller properties over here, closer to the school of mines and some older properties down here near downtown beauty of being in the center of city center area is of course you're  walking distance to downtown scrolling down then to Southeast rapid city.

What we'll find here is neighborhoods such as Robinsdale and new Robinsdale new construction down here. As well as being in a hospital environment and medical field. So if you need a job in this medical community, Southeast is a good place to be moving out. Now, just go to West Boulevard. West Boulevard district is the historic part of rapid city.

Many 1900 turn of the century homes outlining what's Boulevard. As you go the up to top of the Hill here, you all have many beautiful properties, as well as a lot of more expensive properties. As you drive by flormann in here going up to Skyline drive as we get into Southwest area, rapid city just right here.

Yes. From 1940 to 1960 neighborhoods in these areas down here, canyon Lake view homes and open this area. golf course properties around here. And as you go corral drive, there's some million dollar properties up here in the Southwest part of rapid city. Let's cool now to Northwest rapid city, you'll find these neighborhoods here are again the 1940s to 1960 neighborhoods, but easy access out south canyon road and nemo road to the black Hills, as you scroll back out and go a little bit further to the West.

I have a Nemo road area, which as you might imagine, follows Nem0 road for a bit, most popular neighborhoods on this road are the Westbury trails and South Canyon Country Estates going back out and go down one, too Rimrock, which follows highway 44 was also called Rimrock rock highway. There's some plenty of black Hills properties along this road, along with heritage homestead, Johnson siding and some Creekside property.

Just to the South is Sheridan Lake road area. And as you can imagine, it follows Sheridan Lake road out of town. Popular Sheridan Lake road neighborhoods include the 1980s countryside, the 1992 area countryside South, as well as communities built around red rock golf course, including red rock Meadows, and red rock estates.

As we back out. Now, we're going to go over to the East a little bit more, and this is pine Grove. Pine Grove includes this area is Southeast of highway 16. Some popular neighborhoods are around the South and the Rockville road. There's some beautiful black Hills properties and townhomes long spring Creek road near the heart ranch resort.

As we scroll up again, can see just to the east of it, which is the neighborhood of black gap. Black Gap subdivision includes good size homes on larger lives and stuff. Now let's talk about the areas around rapid city here in the yellow. As you scroll over here, you can see this is box elder area, of course, box elder and Ellsworth air force base.

Follows,  out a little bit here just to the North  of box elder is elk Creek area. This is elk Creek road here, and you'll find properties along this side of the East side that are Prairie, like, and more black hills foothills as you go towards I-90 Scroll over,  you'll see Piedmont Valley. This contains cities such as black Hawk.

Somerset and Piedmont on the I 90 corridor scrolling up a little bit more. We have the Sturgis area. Obviously this contains the city of Sturgis. As you go outside of Sturgis, there's a road called Boulder Canyon. This is deep BOLO Canyon area properties along this road here. Scrolling out and down, we've go to the property just below black gap.

And that is Hermosa  foothills, which contains the city of Hormosa and the area just South of that, just off to the West is Mount Rushmore, which will be the area from Hormosa all the way over to highway 385 to include Keystone and Rockerville. The other areas include Northern Hills, which includes Deadwood, Spearfish, and belle fourche.

Central Hills, which includes Hill city and the area West towards the state line and Southern Hills, which includes custer and Hot springs as you go to the East, you'll be in Southern Plains, central Plains and Northern Plains. There was one thing that you really needed to be aware of though within the black Hills area, there are two realtor associations.

One is called the black Hills association of realtors. The other is called Mount Rushmore association of realtors. The areas listed in our association are different than the areas literally than the Mount Rushmore association. The easiest way to tell which association this property is listed in, whether it be the black Hills association realtors or the Mount Rushmore association realtors is to look at the MLS number.

If the MLS number is above 150,000, that will be part of the black Hills association of realtors. If it's below a hundred thousand, that'll be part of the Mount Rushmore association realtors, at least as of March, 2020. Yes. I know it's ridiculous, but that's the way it is. Now that you know what area you want to live in, you can hone your search based upon that area to find out the properties that are just in that spot.

Now, if you go to one of the national portals, such as realtor.com and Zillow, they may not have a way for you to search Via by area, but only by zip code. But if you come to my website, rapidhomesonline.com, you can search specifically for the areas you're interested in and get alerts for those properties.

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