Are you thinking about moving to rapid city? I've got seven reasons why you should, SEVEN! Ah, ah, ah, Stick around. We'll get you home.

Hello. My name is Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. I've lived, worked in, played in rapid city since 1990. And here, I'm going to give you the top seven reasons why you should make the move to rapid city, South Dakota. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to be notified of all of my future rapid city videos.

You learn everything you need to know about rapid city and moving to it. And now let's get on with the show. Reason number one, rapid city is the gateway to the black Hills. Within minutes, you can be immersed in the 1.2 million acre black Hills national forest, whatever your favorite outdoor activity is, whether it's camping.

Fishing hiking, snowshoeing, or even hitting the slopes. You can be at a multitude of beautiful places in under an hour. Wildlife fun attractions, scenic views, historic towns there's just so much to do. We love our black Hills backyard. Reason number two, rapid city, city of parks. I love my rapid city parks. canyon lake park has a fishing bridge and its own Island.

I love to walk on the bike path next to rapid creek in Soiux park. Don't forget to attend one of the many events at Wilson park. There's a bunch of fun playground equipment and Memorial park and stopped by founders park to play sand volleyball, hike up M Hill. And access the array of trails at Hanson Memorial park trails.

There's so many things to explore. Reason. Number three, downtown rapid city downtown is the place to be. It has unique shops, amazing restaurants, the historic Alex Johnson hotel. Cool things to do like canavas to paint and escape rooms. The focal point is main street square, which transforms from ice rink in the winter to an event extravaganza during the rest of the year.

I love downtown during the holidays, when it lights up for the season and the annual parade of lights parade, number four, the climate I know every time you see South Dakota on the news, it's usually blowing sideways. So ice and cars in the ditch. But it's not always that way. Especially here in rapid city, rapid city enjoys a banana belt type of weather, weather pattern where one day we have snow the next day, it's 40 and it all melts here.

We have four seasons, lots of sunshine and low humidity. I grew up in Southwest quarter of Minnesota. So I understand humidity. I remember waking up with damp sheets, putting on damn clothes here in rapid city. You get cooled down enough at night that you could open up the windows and let in the fresh air.

Number five events and music. Homeshow, stock show, gem and mineral show, whiskey and beer festivals, so much more go on at a civic center. Plus there was the Broadway show series, orchestra performances, and a variety of concerts. During the summer, you can go downtown on Thursday nights, where they host summer nights, they have free bands, beer gardens activities for the kids.

In addition to this, you've got the black Hills community theater, Seraphim theater and local performances at coffee shops and bars. And this just scratches the surface of everything going on in rapid city. Number six, the culture rapid city has amazing history from the dinosaurs to the native Americans, to the westward expansion, to the gold rush.

All of which are celebrated in our art displays in museums, the dahl fine arts center displays, local art and host many events and concerts. The museum of geology, will have you staring at dinosaur bones while the journey museum will showcase how rep city God settled. You'll love art alley Prairie edge, the downtown murals, and many other art museums and showcases number seven.

Sports fitness and activities. In addition to the many city parks, there are also numerous outdoor pools an indoor recreation arena with indoor pool, an indoor ice skating rink, and even a YMCA. There are tennis courts, racquetball courts, baseball and softball parks soccer complexes as well as a number of private workout and yoga businesses.

Walk the track two part test out your arm at the Frisbee golf course. And check out the mini beautiful golf courses in the rapid city area. I've just touched on these seven reasons why I love rapid city. I've got a relocation package talking about 13 reasons you want to move to Reverend city. Check on the link below to download that there's so much more to share about rapid city, check out my other videos.

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