I'm sure. By now you've heard the news that it's a pretty hot sellers market here in the rapid city area. And you might be thinking if it's that hot of a market, I can probably just sell it myself and you probably can, but do you really want to deal with all of this? Hey, I see houses for sale. I'd love to come by and take a look at it later today about noon.

Hello I'm with XYZ Realty company. I see you have your home listed for sale by owner, and I've got some buyers it would be perfect fo.

So I see you're selling your home by yourself. Do you realize the stats say that you'll get 30% more money by using a realtor? Don't You want to make more money on your home today?

Nope. Sorry, plans change. I can't get there to four. Alright, so I'd like to set up showings for my buyers. Let me swing by and share with you my 76 point marketing plan guaranteed. You get the most bang for your buck. Wait, wait, wait. I got a great idea. My uncle Ned's cousins, brothers, brother is going to come with me.

He's a contractor and his aunts wife's first cousins. Third cousins. Aunt has been a realtor long time ago. It's that perfect combination, but you can't be there till nine, 10:00 AM. 1115, 4:30 PM and 7:15 at night. I understand that you're not willing to make more money by selling with an agent.

Fortunately. I have some Primo buyers ready to buy your property. So I found this online 59 questions to ask a seller before you buy their home question one, I'm sorry, my 7:15 rescheduled for 6:30. Would that work? My first buyer will be ready to hang on one moment, please. Agent go. No, that's not acceptable.

No. We need you to make it better than that. I understand make it happen. Question 23, have you filled out the disclosure form for your property? I'm so sorry. Of course. Our first buyer will be there at 8 AM with all the prior documentation that you need to be sure that they're the most pre-qualified buyer you've ever seen.

Question 49. Have you had any bad look at the roof lately, which will make sure there's no hail there. My second buyer, which is just as amazing as the first buyer will be by right about, Oh, hang on one moment, please. Agent Go. Oh, of course. I'm happy to share with you my, send me six point marketing plan for your property.

We'll make sure to get the most bang for your buck. Talk to you later. That buyer will be by right about one o'clock. Great. I love your house. I want to buy it. Do you have any plans to paint the exterior peeling paint? What do you mean you don't have? I have availability. Well, one o'clock is the only time he's going to be able to come by and if you want the best offer for your property.

My buyers are the best ones for you. How do I put in an offer? The furnace is looking a little old. Have you had a service? You have such a beautiful home. Here's our offer. Here's my buyer's offer. What do I do? I got sign paperwork. All I done. I got it. Here's my offer. And I've got another offer for free from another buyer and here's the other buyers off.

I'm sure you'll find these are the best ones of the crop .When  can I move in. Oh. And my other buyer they presented for as well. So when do you anticipate accepting one of my buyers offers? What do you mean there are other offers? Have you accepted the offers yet? When can I move in? Have you thought about our offer yet?

Did you like our offer any questions about our offer? Have you made a decision yet? There really is no contest. I'm sure

You can let us at the Emond team with our experience, handle all of these things for you while you go about and do your thing. We'll get together and get all the information about your property. So we'll be able to answer all the questions that buyers and buyers agents have. Then we'll guide you through the process of selecting the best offer for your needs.

Sometimes the highest offer isn't always necessarily the best offer. Selling your home doesn't have to be a second, third or fourth job. Rely on  us and our experience to help get the job done while you are out.doing you .I'm Tristan Emond with the Emond team, mindful living Realty, getting things done, right.