So you were there, but you want to be here, but you can't be here until you're done there. And you want to buy a house. So how can we make this work? I got you covered in today's video. It's the eight tips to buying a home long distance.

Hey, I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. We've helped a number of clients move into the rapid city area, large distance with your planning and move to the area. Or just thinking about the possibility of moving to the area you were in the right place. Plus stick around to the end. to get to hold of my relocation guide to the Rapid City area?

Now it's armed with the show. Step number one, contact us. I know, I know you want to do as much research as possible before contacting one of them thar, realtors, if this is you, you're also in the right spot. Go ahead, click subscribe. Get that notification bell, make sure that you are received in my notifications for new videos of rapid city and how to buy a home in rapid city, however contacting your local real estate.

The agent who has knowledge of the local market with knowledge of the area. who has knowledge of even the shopping spots, the malls, the parks could greatly reduce your time, searching for homes, searching for area. searching for that spot. You can cut a lot of time by contacting the professional and saying, Hey, this is what I'm thinking about.

How can you help? We're pretty easy to get a hold of, send us an email, send us a text, hit us up on Facebook messenger, whatever works great for you. We'll find that message. We'll get back to you, even if you're a year or more out. Get a hold of us early, so we can help you really hone in on that place. You want to buy it step two, face to face call.

Once we're connected, we'll set up a virtual face-to-face meeting so we can see each other's faces and see each other smiles. We'll ask questions about what you're looking for in a home. Would you like to do what you're looking for? As far as your dreams are concerned, all these questions were helped us put you in that home that you're looking for and in that area that makes you smile.

Plus, when I can see your face. I can see some answers to my questions before you actually answered them. Number three  specialized Home search set up. Yes. I know you can go to any real estate website, even Zillow and set up a saved search, or you can get listing sent to you, et cetera, et cetera. However, our collaboration system has a few more data fields into it.

We can do some more searching on that, which helps us then plug in more parameters. And then you can get a more specialized, detailed search for you. For example, rapid city is divided into different areas in our multiple listing service. So you can search for more than just zip codes. I did a video about that.

You can watch that right here. our listing alert collaboration center is not only powerful. It's mobile friendly as well. You can go into each listing and mark each favorites, undecided or reject number four, adjust your parameters. Now, after a couple of weeks, you can really get a good feel for what is there, what you can get for the amount of money you want to spend.

And you might be thinking maybe I want to spend some more money. Or maybe I don't want to spend as much money or maybe I want to live in this neighborhood, or I would be in this school system, whatever you decide, as you start looking at properties, we can adjust your searches so that you can get what you want in areas that you're looking for.

Inevitably, you're going to change your mind at some point to determine what you want to have in our area. Number five. Virtual showings. Once you get closer to being interested in buying a property, we'll start going through homes virtually and showcasing them for you. What I'd like to do is use zoom to go through each home.

And I actually walked through the property and opened the closet doors and look under sinks. I make sure that you see everything that you need to see as we're going through the property. Now, there are a lot of 360 degree virtual tour programs out there that showcase the property beautifully. And they work amazing, but what they don't do is open up the closet doors.

They don't voice their opinion of what's going on or how the property fields, all of these things, what I do when we go into property and do our virtual tour with you on that property, Number 6 schedule a visit, hopefully at some point, you'll be able to schedule a visit to rapid city and take a vacation in the black Hills.

Give me one day to show you on rapid city, we'll drive through some neighborhoods. I'll show you my favorite places. We'll look at some parks. We'll show you the areas around the shopping centers. We'll even maybe tour a vacant home or two. That'll give you a better feel for the area and the town. Number seven showings and offers.

If during your visit, you're ready to buy. We'll line up as many homes as possible. Look at it in a day and look at them all. Then we'll have time to schedule second showings on your favorites and finally make an offer in person on the one that you love. We'll even put together an offer on your second choice, just in case that first one doesn't work out.

You've done this many times before you've had military clients fly in for the weekend, choose the best home available that they like to buy. And off they flew out again on Monday morning, we took care of the rest. If you aren't able to personally visit, but still need to buy, we can do it all virtually. And with three signatures.

I don't highly recommend this because there's so much more to a home than the way it looks in the numbers. There's, there's a feel there's connection, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and we've got everything in place to help you do. Just that. Number eight, the closing process over the next  two weeks, we will be your eyes, ears, and legs in town.

We'll schedule the home inspections. We'll follow up with your lender. We'll make sure the title company has everything they need for closing for one couple, we even checked on the construction of it, their new home. You can see their story here. If you aren't able to make it here for closing, we can schedule a virtual walk-through and a mail away.

Closing what happens there is all the documents get sent to you where you're at. And you'll sign a hotel company near you will then nail them back to here in rapid city. We'll we'll close on our day of closing. Then we'll meet you at the door with keys in our hand, and a smile on her face. And he was wine there.

You have it. The eight steps of buying home long distance. Now I've also put together the 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city relocation package in this you'll find moving links, utility information, all the different reasons why we think rapid city is such a great place to download that your copy below by clicking the link in the description.

We're happy to show you our love for the area. Hit us up and lets get going. Thanks for watching. And remember love where you live