Are you thinking about moving from your populated area to a more rural one? If so, is South Dakota on your shortlist? With more and more companies allowing employees to work remotely, South Dakota might get great option for you. Let's talk about the four reasons you should move to South Dakota to work remotely, and three reasons you shouldn't.

Hi everybody. This is Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. A realtor working right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to South Dakota, rapid city, the black Hills, and the wonderful things about our area. Be sure to hit that subscribe button hit that little bell.

be sure to See all of my rapid city and the surrounding area videos. Right. So before we talk about the reasons why you should or should not move to South Dakota, let's talk about South Dakota itself. South Dakota is a Northern Midwest state just below surprise, surprise North Dakota, but we don't talk much about North Dakota.

Now, when you think of South Dakota, you probably see this now of course, that does happen, but there's so much more to our state Prairie vista's, rugged Badlands, beautiful lakes, scenic mountains, South Dakota, split in half by the Missouri river. Which does create West river and East river, which in itself is another whole rivalry.

East river is primarily Prairie land farms of corn beans and sunflowers. West river is generally more rugged country making way for horse and cattle, ranches and hayfields. Sioux falls is the largest city in South Dakota. It's population being around 190,000 people. Rapid city is second with its population.

About 75,000 people. The capital is Pierre South Dakota. No, it's not Pierre. It is Pierre at 14,000. The next largest cities are Aberdeen Brookings in Watertown between 20 and 30,000 people and Mitchell Yankton here in Pierre, Spearfish rebellion, Brandon and boxelder are between 10 and 20,000 people. Now don't let the size of this community scare you.

Each one has its own claim to fame, its own community feel. And with Midcontinent communications, providing broadband internet services to most of these cities, you should be able to get the connection you need to work remotely, wherever you're at all right. Now that I've learned more about South Dakota, let's go into the four reasons you should consider remote working in the state of South Dakota.

Reason. Number one, the space, the final frontier, the population of South Dakota is about 880,000 people. In 77,184 square miles to put this into perspective, the Denver Metro area has about 3 million people in 60 square miles. That's over three times the entire state of South Dakota in 60 square miles.

If you're looking for a little more space for that neighbor, we got it. You could even settle on some acreage just outside of town. We'll have to make sure though you have that internet connection. Do you believe there are parts of South Dakota that have a limited cell service number? Two, no state income Taxes.

Yep. You heard that right? File your federal income tax forms and be done with it. South Dakota also is a business friendly state. It's in the top five of CNN monies, best States to start businesses. There are no corporate income taxes. There are no corporate gap or gains taxes and our energy costs are relatively low.

With no state income tax, we do get hit on a few other areas, sales taxes on almost everything with the state tax of 4.5%. You can expect to spend 5 to 6% on sale it tax  in most cities plus property taxes. They're not the cheapest in the world. However, even with these taxes, the cost of living in South Dakota, significantly lower than many other metropolitan areas in the United States.

Number three a stable economy. Remember the housing crisis in 2008 home values across the country were dropping 40%, 50%, 60% in rapid city. We dropped 10%. I just started my real estate career back then and was working with Prudential real estate. We had a corporate person come up and say, Hey, this is like heaven up here while everyone else across the country is doing more foreclosures and short sales.

We were still working with buyers and sellers for whatever reason, South Dakota seems to remain steady economically through the tough times even during this pandemic of 2020, we were concerned about the tourist season being really low in the black Hills, but it actually turned out to be a huge year with travelers coming from all over the United States, spending more time in the States and camping and finding ways to have social distance in our area.

Number four. Freedom South Dakota has always had a very strong approach to personal freedom and responsibility. During this COVID pandemic, South Dakota has remained open. There've been no forced closures on the state level, no mass requirements or restrictions. The governor put the responsibility in the hands of the South Dakota people giving us the freedom to decide while encouraging to follow the procedures and guidelines.

Of course, depending on what side you're on, this is either heralded as greatness or condemned as foolishness, but it shows the resolve of the state of South Dakota towards personal freedom and responsibility. South Dakotans are proud Americans with a strong work ethic and a willingness to get things done.

So let's talk about the three reasons why it might not be the best place for you to work remotely. Reason number one, the snow. Yes, that's right. We get winter here as part of the toughness of South Dakota. Did you get the car started yet? How long has it been running? It better be warm by the time I get in there.

The severeness of the winter depends greatly upon that area of the state your planning on moving to check out this video to learn more about the weather in the rapid city area. If you can't stand cold, if you don't want to trade in your real wheel drive fancy car for at least a front wheel drive car. And if you don't like building snowman then South Dakota.

It's probably not the place for you. Do you want to build a snowman? Reason? Number two is rural. We're a bit remote out here. It's a five-hour drive across the state. In fact, a three-hour drive that's just to start to get somewhere from rapid city it's five hours to Sioux falls, it's five hours to Bismarck and it's five hours to billings, Montana.

It's six to seven hours to Denver. There are times along the state highways. You might only pass half a dozen cars. South Dakota is small town living at its finest. Now. This might drive you crazy. You might need to hear the traffic to fall asleep. You might need to go see people every night, go through a different concert, a different venue, a different event.

Now, there are certainly activities and events in south Dakota cities, but they won't rival the hustle and bustle of many metropolitan areas. You measure properties and acres and distances and hours. If this sounds scary to you, South Dakota might not be the place for you. Reason. Number three, if you plan to change things.

So I've left the most important one for last, please hear me out. So South Dakotan are very strong-willed. Determined, mostly genuine people. We like our freedoms. We liked the way things are We like the way things are built. We're not interested in people coming from out of state and changing the way things are.

Now. Don't take me out of context here. There are plenty of things that need some help. There are plenty of issues that we have that need to be addressed. If you come into one of our South Dakota cities and join governments and clubs, the express purpose causing radical change. You're not going to be very well welcomed or appreciated.

We love what we have there's room for you. If you appreciate what you're moving here for join the South Dakota side, my friends. The force strong with us. All right, everybody there, you have it. The four yeses and the three nos. Although I live and work in rapid city, I have contacts all over the state that I love to refer you to real estate agents across the state, that do business like we do with heart and a smile.

Of course, I am kind of partial to the rapid city and black Hills area so much so that I put together about 13 reasons why you should move to rapid city the download link. is Below. Thank you so much for watching. We've got great information out of this video. Take a look at some of my other videos  either here or here?

Have an awesome day. Everybody. Remember love where you live.