Well, of course, I'm gonna tell you about the wonderful things about rapid city, but I've been here since 1990. What about those people who just moved here? What do they think about rapid city and the black Hills I've had the privilege and honor of helping a number of people move from all over the country to our little area, rapid city, South Dakota, and the black Hills in December of 2021. I sat down with Josh and Tiana and asked them about their home buying experience and their story. Well, you know, a lot of it was driven by Tiana because Tiana's family was from Las Vegas. So it wasn't really an easy decision for us. But I think with the lockdowns and the way that all played out, I think that was probably the big driving force. Yeah. Of trying to find another place, keeping our eye on like the country and seeing like, you know, what states were doing what. And we just, uh, wanted. A better quality of life. You know, we just like the freedom of choice that South Dakota has. You know what I mean? It's like, if you want to do something great, if you don't, that's fine too. It's everybody's got their free choice. So we like that about it. Yes. That was a big part of it. you know what? I think I just liked that I got the vibe from you immediately, that you were gonna be honest and straightforward about things and not be pushy or, you know, steer us in any one direction. You were just gonna kind of work for your client, so to speak and, you know, you were always available. You were always very prompt in getting back with us. Uh, you were great with knowing all the areas, because of course we were just moving from outta state. So we needed somebody who could guide us. You were great at that. So I would just say that would be the, the biggest things that I really appreciated about the experience. Yeah. The videos really helped us kind of like. Get our heads around where we were going, you know, outside of like reading articles online or looking at a map, like it gave us a vision. Yeah. That's true. Your videos, which Tiana got addicted to your videos. So then it was like tristan videos all the time. you know, this is, this is what's going on here. This is what this is. This is what that is. And so then I went down the rabbit hole too. So then it was just extremely informative. The pace I liked it. There's not a lot of tension. When you go outside, you know, there's not traffic everywhere. When you go to a store there's not the entire city at that store, you know, it's just except for black Friday, right? No, I guess. Yeah. I mean, we stayed in on black Friday. yeah. Smart. Yeah. So, but that's really it. Like, I just remember having lived in other places, just the getting in the car, you already feel tense. Mm-hmm here. There's none of that. Yeah. And people are so nice here. Like I. You know, I don't want to generalize it, but like, people are just a lot more friendly here. They're very, uh, family friendly. So if he's having a fit. You know, we're just having a moment. Nobody judges you, they just kind of smile and say like, Hey, I've been there. You know, there's families everywhere you go. And, and yeah, when your kid's two year old's throwing a tantrum, somebody just looks at you and says like, I've been there. You know, they try to help, you know, they'll come in and try to help. We went on a walk in our neighborhood the other day we talked to five or six of our neighbors along the way, you know, Really unusual for us, you know, coming from the places we've come from that we've lived before we don't experience that. So it's a whole different ballgame, you know, it's sort of like, uh, somebody described it as like the city and the country combined, and I guess that's a good way to describe it, you know? It's nice. Mm-hmm yeah. Yeah. We're just kind of a big town. Really. We're not. we're, we're a city, but we're not like a big city by any means for sure. Yeah. But at the same time, I feel like we got everything we need. Like I was telling somebody that the other day too, I'm like, I only need one target, you know, I don't need 45 targets. You know, one target is enough, you know, , you know what I mean? So I like it. I just like that, that vibe of it, it's just really relaxed. Yeah. We sleep really good here. For some reason, like Josh sleeps, like I used to never be able to sleep and now I'm sleeping. so , it's just crazy. Yeah. It's like, you have to find things to obsess about or get stressed out about, you know, they don't just come to you on a daily basis. You have to go seek them out. If you wanna stress , which isn't recommended. That's not doctor recommended. So yeah, another client that said, yeah, you get here and you just go. And I think that's a hundred percent, the way I've I've heard is from other people as. You know, um, that we just don't have that rat race kind of going on. Yeah. If you're coming from a big city, you'll definitely relax by coming out here to rapid city. Yeah. Even going, we, my mom came and visited, uh, a few weeks ago and going to the airport was actually pleasurable. Like it wasn't stressful. They give you free parking for a half hour. It's super easy to get in and out. Um, yeah, it's a beautiful airport. I mean, they had, they checked bags. That was no problem. it was super pleasant and I've never had an experience like that at the airport, so never, never. So yeah, it was really fun and our neighbor works on motorbikes, so that's really fun. It's fun actually. Like he's really nice. It's cool. He's a nice guy. Yeah, he's already. If this sounds too loud, let us know. That's the other thing. Yeah. People are just really polite, you know, and just, I haven't experienced that. I lived in Vegas in Los Angeles before this, and that was not my experience in those areas. And so here in rapid city, when this guy said, Hey, if these motorbikes are ever too loud, just let me know. I'll stop. I've never had a neighbor come to me and say that before. Yeah. So that was just really awesome. Yeah. Really nice neighbor. I'm glad that you had the good experience with neighbors cuz that's you can never. Really, you know, UJA said, I know you moved into a great neighborhood, but you never know you could have an idiot for a neighbor. You know, it, it happens track record. When I saw the motorbikes, I got nervous, you know what I mean? He had a boat before. I think he kind of flips vehicles. So he's had multiple vehicles in and out, and I got nervous at first, cuz I've had that experience before. not here. So this guy's been super polite. It's a really cool relationship. So it's nice. Yeah, really nice neighbors. Definitely a, anything else about the experience we're living here that we haven't talked about that you'd like to mention that comes to your mind right now? . I mean, if you're trying to like grow your family and, uh, you just want a little more space, a little friendliness, like I've just had the best experience going to the park and meeting other moms and, and dads. And we found a really great church that we love and, um, all the local restaurants and businesses that we visited and even the corpor corporations are really pleasant here. Like everyone is just. Um, generally really nice. Yeah. It's just an easygoing place. People are really kind and yeah. If you have a family, a young family or trying to grow a family, I think there'd be a great place for it. Cuz everywhere you go there's families. So it's just. It's like a community that way. So it's nice. Mm-hmm definitely. Yeah, we love, I love it here. We both love it here. Yeah. Hudson loves it here too. Yeah, he did. we got three parks right around. Gotta go to the parks. You walk, you walk and you could to a park around here. So yeah, we went to three in one day. We took the bike. I got a seat for him and we went to three park in one day. It was awesome. Yeah, you can do so much in one day and not. Stressed out or overwhelmed or over tired. Like it's just been definitely such a nice pace for us. Big time. Mm-hmm move to rapid city or don't because it's nice now, so yeah. I love. I mean, our particular house was fully renovated and they did such a great job, but they still kept the vintage charm, like, you know, the Archway and, um, I don't know, it just really fits the neighborhood and it just feels like such a, a family home. It reminds me of my grandparents' homes in a lot of ways. So I really like them. We have beautiful, gorgeous, uh, windows that face the French street. So we really. Part of the community. Love the windows. Yeah. I mean, yeah, so we kind of narrowed it down in the search. We kind of wanted to be on this side of town, the west side of town, because there's a lot of things nearby, a lot of parks nearby and all that. And so yeah, when Tristan was selling us the house, one of the things that he said that stuck with me is he said, you're basically getting a new house on the west side of town, which is like, sort of unheard of, because they did a full renovation here and they did a great job. And we even hired those guys to do a little extra workforce that we wanted done, just because we really appreciate the precision, the craftsmanship that they put in mm-hmm So we just feel like they did a great job with the house and yeah, it's built in the fifties, but it's almost like, feels like a new house. Mm-hmm so that's, that's what we love about. Definitely. Yeah. This sounds like the place for you and your family. Check on this video right here. The seven reasons why you should move to rapid city. And while you're doing that, I love it. If you'd hit subscribe, give me the like in this video and remember love where you live.