"My wife and I planned to move to Rapid City from Alaska after her retirement from the Coast Guard and we started looking at places on-line to get an idea of where we wanted to live and what kind of houses we wanted to look at. One caught my eye and I e-mailed Tristan. He responded immediately and I told him what we were looking for. He came back with ideas for my wife and I. We decided to have a new house built, and I flew out in June. Tristan offered to pick me up, but I needed a rental to take care of all the other matters associated with our move. He introduced me to the builder and his real estate agent, and was extremely helpful in making sure that everybody was comfortable with each other. It didn't take long to find the perfect location because he knew exactly what my wife and I were looking for. I flew back to Alaska, and Tristan took care of all of the details thereafter for us. He made several trips to the property and took pictures during the construction and went to great lengths explaining our choices during the construction process. We had some issues occur during the construction after our move to Rapid City, including the blizzard of the decade. Tristan helped us through all of this working closely with us and the builder. I honestly believe that I could not have gotten a better real estate agent. He worked so hard to ensure that my wife and I got the house that we wanted - his effort went way above what a person could have reasonably expected. If I ever have need of a real estate agent in the future, I will not consider anybody other than Tristan."