An Emond Team Client Story



Sometimes the right people just come along at the right time.

In summer of 2016, we had just opened up Mindful Living Realty.

That fall I got a text:  “Is this Mindful Living Realty.  Your name makes me think you are the type of people I want to do business with."

Elated that the brand had done what was supposed to do, I set up an appointment to see Jennifer's house in Southeast Rapid City and put it up for sale.

She did a few minor things to get your house ready and then we had her home sold within days.

It was such a smooth transaction she kept waiting for the shoe to drop.  We even had conversations where I calmed her down when she over-stressed about a detail.  But the shoe never dropped.

We closed on her home on time to a thankful first-time home buyer.

Fast forward to 2019.

Jennifer spent some time in renting in Hill City, then back to Rapid City.

Landing a job she loved in the city of Buffalo Gap, she started browsing in Hot Springs.

There she found a cute home with an even cuter yard.

A few trips to Hot Springs later and she's a homeowner again!


Once again…smooth transactions, happy clients.

Wherever life takes you, the Emond team can help you smile.  🤩


Here for you when you are ready.  Love where you live.


- Tristan