Welcome back to Tristan about town. Today's adventure. I got so excited for iron Creek Lake that I've got to do my intro on location. So here we go.

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So you'll be notified of all my rapid city videos. Roll tape. Iron Creek Lake. Is this amazing hideaway, just South of spear for South Dakota. It's about a 20 minute drive South of Spearfish on a scenic gravel road.

the Lake is a pristine black Hills gem with a trail circling the lake about one mile

The Lake was created in the mid 1930s by works progress administration, WPA projects.

With wakes and high-speed water cap prohibited. It makes the perfect light for floating kayaking, canoeing. and Just being

one side of the Lake. There's these people that own these vacation homes, still not sure how they managed to get these.

You can also stay the camp ground or bunk it out. And one of the rustic cabins.

There's even a store at the lake, the most necessary supplies for camping. picnicking has fishing license, lures, and bait. You can also rent paddle boats, get snacks and have short order meals.

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