Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond, and I'm Amanda Thune. We're with mindful living Realty. And today we're on a black Hills ice cream adventure.

Correct candy land just outside of Hill city today.

What'd we get? Peacan Prahling.

Very good.

Here we are stuck. Number two, dairy Swiss, Oreo Marvel, Marvel, Oriel, mint, Marvel, already marveling the size of this thing. Wow.

Okay, thats good.

Yeah, it's good .

Should we tell them what kind it is. What kind it it? It is citrus splosion Not bad. Where are we at. We are at Cream, Hill city, South Dakota.

We are in Custer. Lemon poppy seed. Horatio's Ice cream. Yup, i like that one. Lemon Poppy Seed

And don't forget

the dairy-free strawberry coconut.

It's the purple pipe place Moose tracks Ice cream. Has some chocolatey stuff in there. It it chocolate chips

Those are like those peanut butter cups are that? Oh yeah. Yup. Not Bad.

Going to see Mount Rushmore. I love this view though. Like when you come up on these people, get there at any of them.

and of course you have to go to Mount Rushmore for their ice cream. This is good stuff. Yeah. Tastes like freedom.

Silver lining creamery, rapid city mint, chocolate chip.

Last stop of the day. Armadillo. What is this? Heath Deluxe.

Nice. Woah. Everywhere, Now we are talking. This enough caramel. You need a Candy bar. You didn't make a mess, dude.

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Thanks for watching. And remember, love where you live.

We need outtakes. Outtakes are important. Are you rolling still?

Yes. Thank you okay. Okay.