It's time. Welcome to downtown Rapid City. Everybody's Tristan Emond with Mindful Living Realty, a realtor right here in Rapid City, South Dakota, the gateway to the Black Hills. So, of course, downtown Rapid City is the home for everything services, lawyers, banks, accountants, all those kind of things are downtown. Let's look at some of the fun stuff around downtown.

Okay. For the purposes of this video, we're going to define downtown as Omaha Street to the north West Boulevard to the west, Columbus Street to the south and East Boulevard to the east. Now, we'll meander a bit over here. Memorial Park. For the most part, this is what we're hanging. The number one thing you could go downtown Rapid City for is the food.

Some of our local restaurants are amazing. Highlighted by Talley's Delmonico Grill, 17 Italian Firehouse Brewing Company and Que Pasa and the right weather sit on the roof at Que Pasa. I mean, when a place is called the Mudhole, ya gotta Try it out, right? This is a place to go out here for biscuits and gravy. Plus, there's a variety of other restaurants and ethnic choices.

But don't sleep on some of the bars for food, such as Independent alehouse for pizza. And I love the steaks out of Murphy's Pub and Grill. There's some good grub at Thursdays, too. If you're looking to just knock back a few, there's Camp Wobbly Bobbly and the firehouse winery where the bright spots in our community is. Behind me is the Fork Real Cafe.

Not only can you get your own food, there are great lunches and stuff. They'll do some catering for your events, but they also give food out to the hungry. And you can pay forward another person's name. Let's not forget ice cream and armadillos and chubby chipmunk chocolates. For coffee you can always start Starbucks, one of the first places downtown you should go for coffee's pure bean.

located in the historic creamery mall. It's got a really cool atmosphere that features local art. Plus, you also have events like painting classes, improv and so much more. There's also the essence of coffee and harriet Oak. Sit and a VW. Another amazing thing about downtown Rapid City is its unique stores and shops. From comic books to organic food.

Downtown Rapid City is a great place to explore, is highlighted by Prairie Edge, where you can find original Native American pieces and so much more. Plus, there's Victoria's Garden flower shop and o&a farmhouse. The hub of downtown Main Street Square. Not only is Main Street Square a great place to hang out. It has events all through the year.

Plus the grass and foutains turn into an ice rink in the winter at the Shops of Main Street square. Get your hot chocolate at alternative fuel and your specialty. Ice cream at Silver Linings. There are also local stores such as who's toy House roam’n around, travel and adventure gear and Macy's books. Rapid City is the only thing in the world with

Presidents on every corner. the presidents are laid out on almost every corner in downtown Rapid City with every effort to have no preference to political party or popularity. While you're downtown, check out a movie at the historic Elks Theater. Test your painting skills at canvas to paint. See if you can get out of one of the Black Hills themed escape room and check out Press Start arcade.

Get prizes for your little kids upstairs with the ticket of games, and then grab quarters and go downstairs for your old fashioned arcade in the basement. Downtown is also the public library and the YMCA. Yeah, you know, I had to sing that. North on sixth Street across Omaha Street is the promenade leading to the monuments and etc.. Here you find gardens and flower beds, memorials, Rapid Creek and Legacy Commons Park, a newer park where playgrounds built for kids of all ages.

And I do mean all ages.

Right next to the monument, Civic Center is the first of a hotel option in the downtown area, and that's the Holiday Inn downtown. There's also the historic hotel. Alex Johnson, to give you a idea of just how historic the Alex Johnson was here before Mount Rushmore was even started. And finally, there's the Rushmore with South Dakota themed rooms, enigma restaurant and 445 martini lounge on the street level.

These tables are sitting right here beside the road because every Thursday night there's a band playing on a stage right there. Thursday nights downtown free band, beer garden dancing things for the kids to do food to eat come on down Thursday nights in summertime. Other local music venues are the cave collective music at Abby’s Feed and the Performing Arts Center, which is a theater in the original Rapid City High school.

There'll also be live music in the coffee shops and outdoor spaces around downtown art alley is one of the premier places downtown between sixth and seventh Streets and right now the working out, you can see the road closed behind me. They're working on burying all the cables up there and I think probably adding some lights just to make it a lot more of a friendly looking place.

But you can see lots of graffiti art. throughout the whole place changes all the time. Really cool. If the arts and museums are your thing, we've got you covered. Check out the Dahl Fine Arts Center with its free display that changes periodically. Dakota Drum Company, Suzie Cappa and other art galleries around town. Don't forget to look up and check out the amazing historical architecture buildings and signs throughout downtown Rapid City and finally stop and take a picture with the many murals, signs and paintings around town.

Now it's time to go driving. All right. Heading into town from I-90, this is 190 You'll just drop us right off Omaha Street, just on the corner of downtown.

There's also is the exit just coming up here to get to Civic Center and Central High School. And you can see in the distance straight ahead that's Highway 16 going straight up out of town towards Mt. Rushmore. Up to the right here is the executive golf course. It's a I think it's a three par basically putting golf course, golf course.

The longest one there is about 250 yards or something as a fun course. Nine holes after one after 190, it turns into West Boulevard. So this is the west end of downtown. Goes from West Boulevard to East Boulevard. Surprise, surprise. It's kind of like 10th Street to zeroth street two one way streets here. Main Street goes towards the west and Saint Joseph Street goes to the east Straight

This is the West Boulevard District. That's where a lot of the historical homes are. It goes up for a number of blocks and is a really pretty neighborhood with a walking path down the middle. There's a great park up there as well. That's where the rich people live. Back in the day when Rapid City was first, first getting started.

So we've got a lot of turn of the century, basically mansions from that time frame, but basically just a huge turn of the century. Homes, really cool homes up that way. If you wanted to live near downtown, that's your best option for a home that's within walking distance of downtown, downtown is not only as the hub for your banks, your services, investments, all that kind of stuff, but also have some great unique shops, local restaurants.

And up here at Seventh Street in the summer, every Thursday night, they're going to block off this street, going Seventh Street here, and they'll have a free band playing with beer garden. Summer nights in the summertime. Oh, I love the trees down through here. Historic buildings, lots of murals everywhere. This Hardee's is really the only fast food restaurant downtown.

Everything else is local.

As we get to the other side of Fifth Street, between Fifth Street and East Boulevard. It's not quite as popular spot of downtown. From fifth to West Boulevard is kind of more of the main downtown area. Coming up to the right here, we've got the Pennington County Courthouse, County Buildings, when you register, your car. This is where you go.

You are seeing some new development here. So we've got some new apartments finally going in to the downtown area. Not a lot of apartments at the moment and maybe many apartments you don't want to be in, But got some good new stuff being built right now. They're going to have some retail on the bottom. It looks like, if you keep going down east ...

Wow, I can't talk right now. You keep going down. Saint Joe, you'll run into School of Mines Campus.

Here is the post office on the side of downtown. This cool purple building over here is called the Ascent Center, ascent center. I can’t remember what it's called, but it's a newer building and that's where the basically the city of the Chamber of Commerce works out of. And they have a lot of cool things in it.

It's kind of an incubation center for the School of Mines projects. So they've got in the back, they've got some places for a new business to kind of study their new technology, see if it works and create a business out of it. Really cool building, really cool what they do right there. Ope, Fire department’s doing the thing after the drive through here I’ll highlight some of my favorite places some of the really cool places There it is again.

Cool places in downtown Rapid City. Coming up on the right is Main Street Square. That's the hub of a lot of the events and activities around town. You know, a lot of people in there playing in the fountains right now. Really cool space.

All right. Going to keep heading south and a couple streets just to the south of downtown. And that would be Quincy, Columbus one. What's the other one? Wow. Quincy, Kansas City and Columbus, that's the three. Oofta, It must be too early in the morning for this. These few streets up here you’ll see more churches, more historic buildings, and mostly offices and services.

Shout out to my friends, the Millers at the fire recording company. They're just right there. We just passed them. They have the rock band where a lot of you get your kids together and play in a rock band and I'm taking some drum lessons with them. So it's a kind of a cool place for my my friends at the Millers more Banks Library on the right Up on the Hill to the left, you can see Dinosaur park.

You keep taking this road straight that's going to take you up to Skyline Drive, which will show you that you both sides of the city, west and east. I love west Boulevard it’s a really cool area. See some of the bigger homes up here? Look, there's actually some condos up here to the left that I don't know if I've ever seen come available on the market.

It's the only condos in downtown that I'm aware of. That's the original Rapid City High School building Rapid City Central. Back in the day. It's now called Rapid City, actually called obviously high School. And it's kind of been an alternative high school for the they're sure to call it right now. All right. So let's now pop down over to East Boulevard and go down Omaha Street to get that edge of downtown Rapid City.

All right. Back down East Boulevard. All right. Here again, getting to East Boulevard and Omaha Street. You keep going straight down here. You learn this is East Boulevard will take you up and around east North Street, where there's a lot of other restaurants and services and shops and just kind of straight in front of us. Across the bridge, right there is a bread root

That's where your organics, supplies and groceries are a kind of your Rapid City Alternative to Whole Foods.

Omaha is the busiest street running east to west through Rapid City. It's kind of the main road through Rapid city school and administration building is off to the left here on the corner of Fifth and Omaha. So if you have your building permits you need to get all everything that the city requires that'll be there in that building. And then of course, anything you need to do with school had been will be there as well.

Oh wait the school moved out into different building. That's right. So that should be just city city building right there. You can see M hill up in the distance. They're actually replacing the M. There was kind of beat up and cracked. And they're redoing that. off to the right That's where you get to the monument Civic Center and holiday inn downtown. There's a cool legacy park.

Legacy Commons park. And off to the left is just your general right. Strip Malls and businesses. And that'll do it for the drive around. Well, I hope you're happy that took a little bit of time to put that together. Plus, I was out walking around downtown in near 100 degree weather, but worth it for you guys. I hope you enjoyed it.

Have an amazing day, everybody. And remember, Love where you live.