5 years ago, Greg and Heather were referred to me by a mutual military friend.

There was a little culture shock as we began looking for homes.  After being in South Carolina with their large entryways, smooth walls, and white trim, our textured walls and popcorn ceilings weren’t what they were hoping for.  We even talked with a builder about no texture on the walls.  The estimate back from the mud guys was a considerable sum…

It took some time to get used to homes in our area, but they did find a home with a 3 car garage they loved.

Here they began their family with a baby girl and kitten!

Duty would call again, however, sending Greg south.

They took great care of their home.  The pictures and videos looked so great!  But they endured more unexpected twists and turns than most sellers should.

First, there was the slow market showings in their neighborhood.

Next, we received a sight unseen offer with a home viewing contingency – meaning they could back out if they weren’t satisfied with the house after viewing it.

Sure enough, when the buyers came up 2 weeks later, they decided the home wasn’t for them.

Buyer 1 – gone.

The next offer came in a week later.  That weekend I got the call….they buyer had suddenly lost her job.

Buyer 2 – busted.

You’d think 3rd time is the charm, right?  Yeah, us too.

3rd offer in and accepted.  Another call that weekend.  The buyer’s husband had committed suicide.

WHAT?  Crazy?  I’ve ever had such weird, un-avoidable experiences with a seller before – all in the space of a month.

Buyer 3 – sadly gone.

The 4th offer did finally get closed.  Even after a sideways blowing snowstorm and 3 feet of snow in the driveway a few days before close.

Through it all, Greg and Heather were calm, understanding, and maybe more sympathetic than they needed to be.  We were even a bit scared what might happen to the 4th buyer after everything that happened!

We’ll miss them around.  Always fun to talk to and watch their family grow.

Life is unexpected.  Curve balls get thrown at you.  You can’t control everything.

But patience and perseverance will always win the day. 

We at the Emond Team are here to help you through your real estate transactions – no matter what gets thrown at us. Schedule a time to have coffee on us!