Hey, welcome back to Tristan about town. Best black Hills hikes today. We're on a French Creek trail in the French Creek national area. Just off wildlife loop in Custer state park.

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So here's the deal after about a mile 1.3 miles. I think it is. This trail turns into something where you've got to find your own trail. You climb over rocks, you climb over trees, you climb through forest like dense jungle. So if it's trail that you're looking, you're looking for a trail just to walk on down.

This is not, do you want more of an adventure? Come on down.

Oh, look, the actual trail.

Just coming back from our hike, we went about three miles up. It took us about five hours to get up there and back, or of course we stopped to pick a lot of pictures and a lot of video,

the trail was good in some places and others, not so much, it might be good to have a GPS enabled trail app map of some kind. So you can find the trail that you need to, but you'll never get lost. Just follow the river. Do you plan on getting wet? You're going to try to not get wet while crossing some of the river, but at some point you're gonna fall in and then you're just gonna ford the rivers

anyway, pants are a pretty good idea to walk through a lot of long grasses, thorns, thistles. Make sure your legs are protected.

Thanks for coming with me on Today's black Hills hike. I hope you enjoyed it. If you like this one, try one of these other videos. See you next time, Tristan about town. Remember love where you live.