Hey Everybody Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty here on today's black Hills trail. We're going to walk part of the flume trail.

We parked off the spring Creek trail head just off Sheridan Lake road. Took us about half an hour to get here from my house. Beautiful day 65 degrees. Sun is shining. Flume Trail is an easy to moderate hike and your Sheridan Lake that you can access from three different trail heads. This is a good trail that you can take your children on.

The historic flume tale takes us back in time to the mining boom of the 18 hundreds. The Rockville flume carried water 20 miles from spring Creek West, or the present day Sheridan Lake East to the Placer diggings near Rockville. The flume operated until 1885 and enabled miners to take over 20 million in Gold.

The entire trail is 11 miles. With a three mile loop, but there are plenty of options to just walk a few miles or stroll by spring Creek.

the most popular features of the trail are the two walk-through tunnels. These tunnels were drilled or blasted through solid rock in 1880.

In 1985, the tunnel entrances were reconstructed to assure safe passage. The rock is metamorphic schist, approximately 1.7 billion years old, likely to be one of the most ancient things you'll ever be able to touch.

Along the way, breath in the fresh air. Stop to smell the flowers, take in the scenery and take your dogs for an adventure. This is the black Hills nature at its best.

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