Something's a bit fishy in rapid city, South Dakota. That's right. We're going to talk about fishing in rapid city.

Hi everybody. This is Tristan Emond with mindful living realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything but moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black hills. Today's video comes at a personal request by one of you ask a specificly:

what about fishing near rapid city? I'm going to show you some places to go fishing in rapid city, South Dakota. Canyon lake is rapid city's premier lake

fish off the fishing bridges along the paths or off the fishing bridge.

we're using the boat dock for your canoe or kayak and go fishing in the lake, then go and check out Canyon lake park with its built-in ponds and streams.

and then throw your line in at the waterfalls after the spillway

on the west side of Canyon lake is the Rushmore lion's park that has a walking path going right next to rapid Creek.

Well on this path, you can find many unique and cool places.

one of my favorite spots is a wooden bench at the end of the path, where you can sit and watch the Creek.

Rapid Creek runs all the way through downtown, rapid city from the west side, all the way to the east.

find your favorite fishing spot somewhere along the Creek.

That goes from west

to east

Alright so, confession time I don't fish, even though I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes, you would think that fishing would be part of my past, but all I remember from fishing is standing up the shore, throwing out a rod, bringing it back in and never getting anything. We would rather be on the boat, skiing and tubing, having fun.

Than fishing near downtown rapid city is Memorial park with a fishing pond located just in front of the monument civic center.

this dock pond is a perfect place to throw in your line and see what happens.

and if nothing is biting there just walked down to rapid Creek. Outside of rapid city are many black Hills lakes. There's Iron Creek lake way up by spearfish,

Angostura reservoir down in my hot Springs Pactola and Sheridan in the middle of the Hills and bear view lake, just north of Sturgis. And there are so many other lakes in the black Hills already be sure to catch some fish. And what do you think about ice? Fishing? Fishing is very popular at Pactola and Sheridan lake would, you can catch some fish.

If you're going to be out fishing, you need the place to make sure you get your fishing supplies. Scheels. It's a good place to start.

Of course there's other places you might have heard of. It's called Cabela's

other popular fishing supplie stores are the rooster in the gap.

Dakota angler and outfitter for your fly fishing supplies,

and stores such as fleet farm, runnings. And of course, Walmarts can also check out used gear at played against sports. To learn more about the fishing rules and licenses in of South Dakota, go to the South Dakota game fish and parks website. If you click on the fish link, you can take them to the page where you can purchase your license.

Check out weekly fish, dockings, and even check out the, the various fish species in the black Hills. By clicking on the game species link for South Dakota residents, your annual fishing license is $28. You could also buy a one day fishing license for $8. No, license required for those under 18. And it's only $12 for annual license over age 65, ah, fishing in rapid city.

It's kind of a big deal. I hope this helped give you some great information, showcase some great areas. And there's probably a lot of places that I didn't know about. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day to remember love where you live. .