Dusty and Maggie Client Love


At closings, us REALTORS are usually just there to smile, tell jokes, and answer questions. 

At the closing with Dusty and Maggie, I got to do a whole lot more!

With another child on the way and a move from Georgia, Dusty and Maggie were looking for that family home close to Rapid City with a yard.  We found a home with plenty of bedrooms and space in a Black Hawk neighborhood.

Part of the financing required signatures from Dusty’s father who was still on the east coast.  Easy stuff with our digital signature system!

With closing just a few days away, I got the word Maggie was in labor.

Fortunately, the Title Company was gracious enough to come to the hospital.  We had a closing in the delivery recovery room!

While Dusty and Maggie signed, I got my baby fix in holding the newborn (after 4 kids, I didn’t want any more…but holding a new one is always amazing!).  I even sent pictures to my wife so she’d get jealous!

That was one of my favorite closings.  So many great memories!

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