No, don't move here. Everybody's Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty. Welcome back to my YouTube channel or talk everything while move to rapid city. And the wonderful thing is about rapid city and the black Hills. And since I've done so many great videos about what's great about rapid city, it's time to talk about what isn't. So here they are, the seven reasons you should not move to rapid city. The number one reason you may not wanna move to rapid city, South Dakota. If you don't like the cold. So we're in the north. We have winter exhibit a usually we're probably averaging 20 or 30 degrees during the course of the week, but then sometimes week, weeks of zero degrees and then the wind comes up. Yes. We have wind here as well. And that winter drops to sometimes double digits below zero. And it's fricking cold. And then we get snow and the snow melts, and then we get more snow on the snow melts again, and then there's ice. And then March comes along and we think we're almost the spring. And then we get dumped on about two foot, three foot of wet snow, and then we get snow, April, and then sometimes in may. And sometimes it's just like, would it just get to be spring? If you don't like cold, if you don't like winter, Rapid city, probably not the place for you. Don't move to rapid city. If you don't love nature. Agriculture is the number one economy in the state of South Dakota. There are over 3.6 million cows in the state of South Dakota and within a population of 844 ish thousand people that makes it about four cows per, per person living in the state of South Dakota. Plus there's over a hundred thousand horses putting South Dakota number. And horses per capita, just beyond Wyoming. There'll be farm smells. There'll be manure smells. There'll be smells of fresh cut alfalfa, and they'll be the smells of the Pines in the black Hills. In the rapid city area. The black Hills is an outdoor enthusiast dream with hiking, camping, biking, skiing, snowboarding, everything you can think of outside running your ATVs. Motorcycling. BMXing so many different things to do in the black hills. Outside that if you're one of those people that don't like the outside, don't like to be outside rapid city at South Dakota, probably not the place for you. Don't move to rapid city. If you'd love to shop all the big stores, now don't get you wrong. We do have everything in rapid city that you need. Target Walmart Sam's club, best buy Kohl's Lowe's hardware store. Plus we've got a great selection of local boutiques and shops and amazing restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, we've got a great selection of Cuisine. We just might not have as many as you used to, there might be only one or two Thai food restaurants and you know, our Mexican up here probably isn't really Mexican and our seafood. Well, we got red lobster. I'm standing at Rushmore crossing where you have a lot of great stores from Michael's to target, to bed, bath and beyond, but you're not gonna find whole foods. You're not gonna find Macy's or Nordstroms, and you're not gonna find Costco. And I understand that speaking from other Costco members, if I say, well, we got Sam's club, that's like Sacralidge. So I really won't even say that. So if you love to shop all the huge stores and love miles and miles of shops and stores, rapid city might not be the place for you. However, Denver it's only seven hours away for a weekend trip to go shopping down sixthteenth street street. You might not want to move to rapid city. If you'd like to visit the beach, like a lot, we're a long ways from any kind of beach and the rapid city airport, it's a regional airport. So while it's easy to get in and navigate, there's only seven gates. You could probably be there half an hour early. If you just had carry on and get in with no problem, it's still a regional airport. The main goal is just simply get you to a hub. So you're either going to Minneapolis or Dallas or Denver or salt lake city, and then the cost of that flight. It isn't so cheep. Usually you can't go anywhere for under $400. Now we do have Allegiant flight, so you can go direct to Las Vegas and Phoenix, most of the times of the year and some other times other ones during the summer, but then you've gotta fly during their timeframes. And sometimes those aren't very convenient. And if you wanna hop in the car and drive great, but here we measure time in hours, not distance. A three hour drive just gets you started going somewhere six hours. That'll probably get you to Denver, five hours to get you to Sioux falls, least wise. You'll be somewhere then. But if you wanna go any more warm during the winter to. You're looking at a good 20 hour drive just to get south far enough into the warmth. Now of course, a lot of people up here decide to be a snowbird that live up here during their summertime and go down south during the winter. That was always an option for you, of course. But if you're a travel bug, the likes to travel all the time, flying out a rapid regional airport is not the cheapest option in the books. Don't move to rapid city. If you hate tourists, tourism is a huge part of our economy, especially here in rapid city. In the black Hills, I know they drive slow and they take the wrong turns and they stop and things. What do you wanna move? But when they bring $161 million of tax coverage to the state, And 54,000 jobs. It's really hard to say no to 'em. Last year at South Dakota had 13.3 million visitors, which is the first state to come back from the pandemic. And they're not just around during the summer. We have many, many events during the year that tourists come flock into the black Hills. There's a stock show in February, uh, July 4th during the summer. And of course, there's that Sturgis rally that brings in just as many people to the state as are in the state. Plus there's hunting in the fall and snowmobile and snow skiing in the winter. So if you hate tourists, rapid city, probably not the place for you. Don't move to rapid city. If you think you're gonna get into. Super cheap housing. I know it's it's South Dakota, right? Housing should be cheap, not so much with the lack of inventory, the strong buyer demand from all over the place. Our average home sale price from 2020 has has gotten up 28%. Just to give you an idea. We sold a thousand square foot home, one car garage in December for $220,000 on the east side of town. We're working on selling one, a 1300 square foot home on the west side of town, 275. Multiple offers with over asking price. Bids is all part of the norm right now. And unfortunately the rental rates, they're not that much better. I just saw an advertisement for one bedroom, one bath apartment in a decent part of town, 900 bucks a month with new businesses coming in the area, a new military mission at the well worth air force base. Plus all the people wanting this to move into our area. I don't foresee this slowing down anytime soon. So if you're looking to get a whole bunch of homes for cheap, probably not gonna be in rapid city south dakota. And finally the last reason why you shouldn't move to rapid city, if you are on a big vendetta or mission to change things, South Dakota is full of hardworking Americans that love the state. Just the way it is. Yes. There's issues that need to be addressed. There's things that they probably should be changed. But for the most part here in South Dakota, we enjoy personal responsibility and having the freedom to do things the way we enjoy them. And that's something known here in South Dakota. Wants to mess up. So if that's you don't move to South Dakota. Very good buddy. Don't move to rapid city. If hope you enjoyed the video. It was really interesting too, because I took these videos over just a few days. You can see the different weather patterns just in the week or so that I recorded these. If you were interested to know the 13 reasons you should move to rapid city, go ahead and download my relocation, guide the link it's below. Thanks to get everybody have an amazing day. Remember love were you live.