Welcome to the central states fair.

This is Tristan Emond with mindful living realty, a realtor right here in the rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel where I talk, everything while moving to rapid city the wonderful things and things to do rapid city and the black kills. And yes, let's talk about the elephant in the room. I did cut myself shaving and it's still there.

I should probably do an advertisement for that sharp razor I wasn't paying attention to. Kids, be careful with your razors. The Central States Fair is a regional fair that showcases the true country of our area that highlights the agriculture of our region with animals, shows country pop stars, and four nights of PRCA rodeo.

The Central States fairgrounds are located on the Southeast part of rapid city with lacrosse streets of the west center street to the north Campbell street to the east and San Francisco street to the south. Parking for the fair is on various fields and lots around fair grounds. So make sure you get there early. If you have a scheduled event,

the slushie station, slushie station.

so close.

Go here too early for bingo. Wasn't Thinking.

Misty. August is a busy month for us here in the black. The first full weekend in August starts the sturgis motorcylce rally, which runs the entire next week. Then after a few days of rest, the chaps go off, the Cowboy hats come on and the central states fair comes to town. There's tractors, South Dakota royalty.

mutton bustin' and a whole lot of animals

You got a cup, must be some food in there. Kangaroos are asleep. They've done their boxing. I've done my job for today. Thank you very much.

Rabbit's here. Check out security. It's going to break everybody out.

Along with that, are arts and crafts, I can do that.

displays diorama's.

And SDSU pie and ice cream. And of course what's a fair without a carnival.

Fair Food

And Rides

I can do next is dying to be fair

Get your grand stand pass to attend events such as motor cross racing, demolition Derby, country artists, such as Josh Turner, Kip Moore, and big and rich the extreme Brock finals and range days. PRCA.

Thanks better. It's coming along with me. Talk to you next time, and remember love where you live.