Have you lost income or your job due to the corona virus? 
You may be eligible for a forbearance from your mortgage company!


Watch to learn what to do, and how things are going in the Rapid City Real Estate market:



Video Transcription:

Wow what a week of weird change, weird happenings and everything else under the sun.

Right now, we're going to talk about forbearance for your mortgage and your Rapid City market real estate report.  

And that's gonna happen right now!

I'm Tristan Emond with Mindful Living Realty. Today I have a very important announcement for you. Something that just happened over this past weekend.

If you have lost your job or even some income during this corona virus pandemic, The government is stepping in and helping out. You may qualify for a forbearance period of up to 12 months depending on your situation.

If this is you what you need to do is you need to call your mortgage servicor. This is the person that's sending you your bills and your statements. Call them up and say, "Hey I've been affected by the corona virus." Tell them your situation.

Apparently they're trying to make this very easy and significantly non-paperwork type process, where they are not asking for 20 documents to be signed.

Now this isn't a forgiveness. This isn't a loan.

This is a restructure of your mortgage in some way.

It's potentially tacking on a couple months on the end of your mortgage.

In some way to help you out through this time until we get back on our feet again.

I wanted to make sure that you saw this video so that you knew that there was options for you if you have been impacted by this virus that's been running around.

So make sure you make that phone call. Even if you think it might be possibility and leastwise get an answer for you and your family.

Now you may stay on the line for a while but have patience, have diligence, have some perseverance and see what you can do.


So let's talk about the Rapid City real estate market. How are things going? Things have changed since last week. Are things still moving along?

In the past couple days there have been 20 new homes on the Rapid City area market. Also in the past couple days nine homes have gone under contract with an average days of market of 28 days. There have also been 16 closed properties.

While this is certainly not a normal spring market, and these numbers aren't huge it does show that there is some real estate activity still going on.

There are still buyers and sellers willing to buy and sell during this time. And everybody that we have to do their jobs is still doing the jobs at this moment.

We'll see what happens in the next couple weeks, of course, but right now Rapid City real estate market still grinding along.

From Sarah, Michael and myself we're certainly hoping that you are well. That you're staying safe and healthy, and that you're taking care of yourself and your family in every possible way.


If we can be of any kind of assistance please reach out. We're here for you, we'll do what we can.


- Tristan