FOUR Minutes.  It only took 4 minutes for Claton and Renee to beat out the competition and get their home.

Wait, wait.  Let’s back up….

Claton and Renee were ready to buy a home.  Kid was on the way, their space was too small…it was time.

They had some unique needs in a Westside home that, quite honestly, I was skeptical we could find in their budget.

But then we walked into what would be their new home.  (spoiler alert)

It was springtime.  In Rapid City.  And the market was hot.  I called the listing agent to let him know an offer was coming.  He had just received one that day.

BAM.  Bidding war.

Claton and Renee were not discouraged.  They presented a strong offer that included a “we’ll pay ‘x’ more than those guys” clause.

The next morning, I got a call. 

“Both offers were pretty similar,” the listing agent said.  “Here’s what we are gonna do.  At 1:30, I’m going to send both parties a counter.  The buyer that gets it back to me first wins.”

Game. On.

I immediately called Claton and Renee and told them the situation.  (the “sitch” if you are Kim Possible fans…)  Then we practiced.  I sent them a document to digitally sign through our e-sign system so they knew what to expect.

The next few hours we waited.  I. love. waiting.

1:30 – email came in.

Save to file, upload to system, send to Claton and Renee.

Text to both:  GO! GO! GO!

Claton signed….

Renee signed….

I got it back…

Download the file…come on, computer – faster!

Upload to email….SEND!


S  O  L  D

The other agent hadn’t even been able to contact his people yet.

Thanks to Claton and Renee’s attention to detail and the ability to quickly sign digitally, they got their perfect westside home to start their family.

I walked around the rest of the day with my hands in the air.


Are you are ready to begin your real estate journey with the Emond Team?  You deserve a fantastic real estate transaction.