Welcome to Canyon Lake park. This is one rapid city's most popular parks. I'm going to show it to you right now.

Everybody Tristan Emond here mindful living Realty. Canyon lake park is on the West side of Rapid City. Canyon Lake park a total of 29 acres. Cast your rod from the fishing bridge or from any of the many docks,

Rent the gazebo on Gazebo Island for your wedding graduation or special event.

There's always a collection of geese ducks and other birds hanging out. Enjoy butterfly gardens one of rapid city's community flower, regardless. This is my favorite protect shelter. Chimney shelter is one of four shelters in Canyon Lake  park

The Boat Dock off the West end of the Lake allows you to launch your canoes and kayaks easily.

There's so much green space and trees for you to enjoy, including a sand volleyball court, baseball areas, and multiple tables and barbecue grills. Watch the kids slide down on the playground equipment.

The three shelters on the East side of the park are near parking lots, have barbecue grills, tables. Bathrooms and playground equipment.

Appreciate the water running through the park.

This is the spillway. Canyon Lake is formed from rapid Creek, which starts at Pactola reservoir in the middle of the Hills.

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Don't forget to come by in the evening to watch the glorious black Hills sunsets

kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing are popular sports on the Lake. Sorry everybody. No wake boats.

Here you can see rapid Creek coming into the Lake and the boat ramp during the summer, you can also rent pedal boats.

Hey, thanks for watching my video. If you haven't already check out my moving to rapid city video and also check out this playlist. Other great rapid city areas have a great day and remember love where you live. .