Sometimes we have to win our clients over.


Bad past experiences with another realtor can really suck.


In 2013, Brian and Mahala’s kids were gone.  It was time to downsize from their family home to a West Boulevard charmer.


A mutual friend hooked us up and we got the call to help out.


We had our work cut out for us. 


When Brian and Mahala originally bought their home, Brian never felt like his agent had their back.  He silently questioned his loyalty and whether or not their best interests were really at the forefront.


Which led to a general distrust of realtors.




Since Mahala’s job at the time allowed minimal contact during the day, Brian became the guy to deal with “them thar” realtors.


Sarah and I were managing both transactions at once – making sure the buyer bought their house and arranging for the purchase of their new one.


It was a BUNCH of emails, texts, and phone calls.


And fortunately, with consistent communications and updates, we changed his mind about real estate agents.


“They made me believe again”, he wrote after the transactions were complete.


“The process was seamless from A thru Z. It could not have been more trouble-free. Tristan and Sarah held my hand through the entire process (figuratively). Tristan worked closely with our banker, inspector, and title company. He left nothing undone and kept a close eye on the details of the two transactions (even to the extent of gently nudging me on occasion)”


Since then, we have leased commercial spaces for his family.  We even helped Mahala into a wonderful space for her business when she decided to venture out on her own.


But it doesn’t stop there.


We regularly meet for lunch.  We talk about our kids, our businesses, Brian’s soccer and my football.


Because this real estate stuff is more than buying and selling.


It’s a relationship.  It’s a family.  Doing it right.


If you are ready to start your real estate journey with the Emond Team and become part of our family…let’s meet up.  We ain’t scary.  😊