This weekend, we're, um, off iron mountain road, gonna go backpacking spending the night in the Hills, out of the campground new experience for me, if I'm not back by 10 Sunday, um, some, you know, call the cops.

We got Harney peak over here. I seem to see way over here. I see the baldies other side of Mount Rushmore. time to get more water at the Creek. and watch the sun go down.

hope you enjoyed watching our backpacking adventure. Sorry. For the vertical video I did at a time where I thought that was going to be the next best thing. I guess not so much to see more videos about the black Hills.  Check out my black Hills playground playlist. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel where I talk about moving to the rapid  city area and everything cool about rapid city, the Black Hills. Thanks again for watching and remember, love where you live.