Hi everybody. I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. We'll talk everything about moving to rapid city and the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills. The grass is green. The leaves are going back on the trees and it's time to get out of the studio.

Back on the streets. Today we're going to talk about the unique things about rapid city. Wait, so you're telling me you don't have a Brontosaurus overlooking your whole town. Never fear. Our skyline Brontosaurus is not alone. He is one of seven dinosaurs in dinosaur park on the top of skyline drive. Established in 1936

this is one of rapid city's , premiere free family fun attractions, where you can see up to a hundred mile views at the top of the hill. Yes, there was some stairs to climb. Right. So I had gone up to skyline drive, which is our next segment to take a video of me in front of Skyline drive just like the rest.

Right. Well, I got back to the office, looked at my video clips and this is what was there?

tried to go back to refilm it. But because of the construction, how long it would take me to be there and my schedule, I didn't get it done. And of course today it's cloudy. So, so I thought it'd be fun to do a little behind the scenes of Tristan Emond doing video and hitting all the wrong buttons. Anyway, back to the show. Skyline drive has the best views of rapid city.

This road is about two miles long and you can see all sides of the city, both east side and west side.

Stop at any of the parking spots along the way, get out and enjoy the views rapid city. Plus just off of skyline drive is a skyline wilderness area. This is a 150 acre area park with all sorts of trails. Great views. And even a look at an old amphitheater site that was never used. I gave up here one 4th of July and there was a couple sitting in their classic Ford Mustang, convertible top down, looking out east, watching the fireworks, kind of cool.

We've got a whole alley dedicated to graffiti art. And this isn't in the graffiti that you and I did back in 1989, between sixth and seventh precinct in downtown rapid city is art alley.

Period. Is it constantly changing tapestry, full of amazing graffiti art,

personal political community, global issues, all kinds of different expressions that evolves sometimes almost daily. When I called the city of presidents for nothing 43 presidential statues standing each quarter, downtown, rapid city from Washington to Jefferson, Regan to Obama. They're all here.

Downtown rapid city.

The city president's project began in 2000 to honor the legacy of American presidency. A series of life-sized bronze statues of our nation's past presidents line the city streets and sidewalks. You sculpture privately funded and the pattern of placement was chosen to maintain orderly structure and eliminate any sense of favoritism or political gain.

After the middle of November, the presidential statutes are donned with hats, coats, and mittens, a free will offering from the residents of rapid city. Do those indeed. And for my Norwegian friends, a church made entirely of wood. The chapel in the Hills is an exact reproduction of the famous Borgund Stavkirke in Norway, this chapel was built in 1969. The only metal use was on the ornate door furnishings in locks, instead of nails, they use wooden Dell pins. This free attraction, not only showcases the amazing architecture and woodcarving of Norway, but also has a museum meditation trail and stair-step back patio.

This would be used for weddings and events. What do you get when you cross a carousel? I train and mother goose storybook. Island, of course. Storybook has been in operation since 1959. It was founded by the rapid city rotary club. You'll find all your favorite story characters here from Cinderella to the three little pigs to aladin.

You can't go through a story without hitting your head.

During the Christmas season, the entire park is decorated with lights for Christmas light display. I don't want free. It's great for those kids and those kids at heart. And of course there's only one gateway to the black Hills national forest. The black Hills national forest is 1.2 million acres of public lands.

We've got rugged rock formations, canyons, grasslands, streams, lakes, and unique caves. This includes 11 reservoirs, multiple swimming beaches, over 30 campgrounds, two plus scenic byways, 1300 miles of streams, 13,000 acres of wilderness, and over 450 miles of hiking trails. And all of that is in our backyard. No one else can say we're 33 minutes away from Mount Rushmore, the premier attraction of the black Hills national forest.

We're 15 minutes away from crazy horse and ongoing mountain sculpture. If you've ever come across South Dakota. You'll see, sign after sign saying go to wall drug. We're only 52 minutes away from wall drug, shopping and backyard full of stuff. Badlands national park. It's a South Dakota treasure. That's received lots of great reviews the past few years.

We're only 57 minutes away from the Badlands in 43 minutes, you can be on the wildlife loop and Custer state park. There you'll find the South Dakota traffic jam of buffaloes wandering around. For winter fund we're 67 minutes away from Terry peak, the Black hills premiere snow skiing and snowboarding hill and were only 29 minutes from legendary Sturgis.

Where an ordinary town turns into a motorcycle rally hosting over 600,000 people every year. Hey, thanks for coming along with me today. I hope you enjoyed the ride and enjoyed the views. It was fun showcasing you the unique things about our town of course are so much more. It's going to showcase.

Keep watching the videos, including this one and this one. Thanks for watching. Have a great day and remember love where you live.