Do you have a dream of owning land in the black Hills stick around for the six things you must know for buying land in the black Hills.

I'm Tristan Emond with mindful living Realty or realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel, where I talk everything about moving to rapid city. And the black Hills and all the wonderful things about rapid city and the black Hills to begin with. Let's look at the black Hills on a map and talk about the different areas in the black Hills and Hills is those areas just off the spear, fish and Sturgis coming down to Deadwood and nemo and Rockford in this area right in here.

Central hills are those areas, just East of rapid city, going down a Hill, city and Custer and Southern Hills are by Custer and down to your hot Springs. You'll notice  the majority of the land opportunities around the lead-deadwood areas. A lot of the mining claims are now being opened up and buyers are coming in and buying those mining

 claims the other area that we'll find more land listings than others is the Southern Hills South of Custer, near hot Springs. As you can imagine the areas right around rapid city, a lot of the people have decided the same thing and said, you know what? I really have to like to have that nice property in the black Hills.

Right close to rapid city. So land parcels within 30 minutes of rapid city are few and far between they're sort of subdivisions. So what happened is the owners of some black Hills parcels decided instead of just selling the parcel, they should subdivide it. Now they're not going to be like your small city, lots of 0.2, five.

Or even half acre, you'll probably have one acre lawn to have three acre, lots, maybe even up to five to 10, even 20 acre lots, but they are still within a subdivision. Now some of the subdivisions are miles away from the nearest town and most of those miles are on Gravel roads. And if you're looking for a black Hills view, don't forget, you have to go up a Hill to get to the view.

So you're not going to have blacktop roads all the way up to your driveway. Point number three, if it says black Hills in the title, The price is going to go up with everything that happened in 2020, a lot of people are escaping their cities, escaping their big areas and looking to find a spot they can call their own.

That's maybe a little bit further away from neighbors and other people. And the black Hills has been a great choice. But what has  happened then in this past year is prices have gone up in 2020, the average price of a five to 10 acre parcel within a black hole area was about $88,000. And most of these parcels were in subdivisions that had covenants of some kind, your average price of your 10 to 20 acre parcel was about $130,000.

And then it is search for land in the black Hills with no covenants, regardless of acreage. And the average price was $206,000. So, if you're looking for that black Hills acreage, that's got a little more space to it. So you can get away from your neighbors, expect to spend over $50,000 just for the lot itself.

And if it's under $50,000, There's probably a reason. I looked at one property of the day that was on the market for over 3000 days. That's eight years. It's on the market. Chances are these properties have either no power. You need a snowmoblie to access it in the winter, or it's just simply built on a hillside.

Last year. I showed some property to some clients of mine that I bought a bus and retrofitted it, and just wanted to go. Take their bus park it on some land. We found one property that sounded amazing. We took a look at it. First of all, you had to drive past another neighbor to get there. And that driveway was small, narrow, muddy the ravine on the one side, by the time you actually got to the lot, it was an angled lot.

It was basically a hillside. There might've been one building spot in that entire lot. They couldn't even get their bus into it. And if they got their bus, they're not even sure how they would turn it around. So I mentioned subdivisions. They've got covenant. And most of the sort of that have covenants.

They're not going to be one of those scary HOA's that you've heard so much about, but these covenants will have stipulations about keeping your property clean, how many animals you can or cannot have when that you can have a mobile home on your property, that type of thing. In addition to that, it's also going to list what size of home they're requiring you to build.

Most have a minimum build size of at least a thousand square feet. Most of also have a timeframe for you to get your building completed in. They want to make sure that you're not building your house for years and years and years and years, they also have a limited timeframe that you can have a temporary structure while you're building a home.

So you could live in your RV for up to six months. While you're building your property, but after that six month time period, you're not allowed to be living in that RV anymore. So for those of you that just want a piece of land to put up your RV and stay in it every once in a while, or you've got a tiny home that falls underneath a thousand square foot.

Square-foot building requirements or any kind of other temporary structure, you will not be allowed to live on your property in that manner. With covenants attached these past couple of months, I did help some of my clients with the tiny home, find your property for them to put their tiny home on before they got here to actually look at land, they were sending me lot after lot had a lot considering what about this one?

This one looks great. What about this one? And I would look at each one and everyone that had a covenant had a building square foot requirement. So their tiny home would work on that property. So we had to look for properties that were only listed as no covenants. Number four, let's talk about utilities, the majority of your properties in the black Hills, you're probably going to need to Drill a well

well, there's not going to be any water on a property. You're going to have to go find that by drilling a well, you also have to install a septic system of some kind. Now, if your light isn't conducive to a normal tank system, there's also mountain type septic systems and other options that we can look at as far as getting that system installed.

Those though. Are more expensive, natural gas won't be available. So you would have to get propane and a propane tank to fire your furnaces, gas, fireplaces, and whatever else you need. Finally, electric service. Most subdivisions will have electricity to the lot, but there are some lots, electricity might be far enough away that you're going to have to get the electric company, come string up the wires and the poles to get electricity to your lot.

Fun fact, if you buy a property in Pennington County with no covenants and you park your RV there for longer than six months, Pennington County is going to require you to install a septic system, to make sure that that sewage goes in the right direction to make sure that whatever county your in you pay attention to the rules and regulations.

Number five, the internet. Now I know we'd all love to have broadband internet with us wherever we go. But when you're in the remote areas of the black Hills, with those lots of granite rocks and all sorts of things, the internet guys don't seem to want to come and dig cable all the way out that way. So your choices at that point for internet is satellite internet.

If there happens to be a phone line out there, there might be a DSL service, or we might be able to use self service for your internet. However, take a look at these maps, both by AT&T and Verizon, you can see then many years as the black Hills. There isn't even service readily available. So if you're looking for black, his land too far away from the city, chances are your internet.

Isn't going to be fantastic and filing number six, money, money, money. As I mentioned, the utility section, there are a lot of things that you need to install prior to you even really getting started building your house. The first thing is a well. That could be $50,000 all by itself. You need to install a septic tank, need to build it a driveway for your property.

What if you need to clear some trees or you need to do some extra, additional groundwork to make a flat spot for your property, all these other things you need to look at to consider when you are putting all the numbers together with how much money is going to actually take to build your property, you could be spending a hundred thousand dollars.

On these pieces and that doesn't include the price of the land or the price that takes to build your home. Now, if you are a home builder and you want to build it yourself, more power to you, I just asked you to do one thing or maybe three things. Number one. Check with the County for their building codes and regulations.

Make sure that you follow those. Number two, you can do your own electric work, but you need to have the South Dakota state guys come by and take a look at it and give them their thumbs up. Same thing with plumbing. They have to have their own South Dakota. State's got their plumbing guys have a plumbing inspection.

Do you please do those three things because if you don't do those and then you go to sell your property, it gets very expensive to get all those things caught back up to code or up to the inspections that are needed before you can sell. You're black whose land dream is possible. Over the past two months, we sold two black Hills properties.

The first buyer found a property inside customers' city limits. It's about half acre, but they wanted the city sewer. They wanted the city water. They wanted the services close by with the city. And in addition to that, They also got a view in the distance of the rocks, uh, coming out of the black Hills.

The second is the family I mentioned before that had the tiny home they wanted to put on a lot. We found them the perfect lot. 14 acres, fully fenced, no covenants, a few miles outside of Custer, but they paid $175,000 for this property. But man, it's got a nice view. I can imagine waking up every morning.

Watching the sun rise over the black Hills. I hope the information I provided you in the city. What has been helpful? If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email me, call me, let me know what common questions you have in the comments below. I'll be sure to make a video about those comments.

If I see enough of them. Thanks again for watching. Have an amazing day to remember love where you live .