2021 Setup

So things are looking a little different around here. Aren't they? Everybody I'm  tristan Emond with mindful living Realty, a realtor right here in rapid city, South Dakota. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I talk everything about moving to rapid city. And the wonderful things. So we're rapid city and the black Hills.

So here it is. 2021. I got new stuff. I got new glasses. I know if you noticed I got new glasses, I got a new background and I thought I'd spent a time to share the stories of what's in my background. And then also give you a sneak peek of my equipment, the things that I use and provide some links below in case you want to, you know, set up your own studio.

So let's take a look.

All right. So first of all, I'll talk a little bit about the shelf within our office. We've got a lot of this pipe and dark, dark wood atmosphere. So it was perfect. When I saw an Amazon, I said, that's a cool shelf. I want that. And it's not actually supposed to come into the corner like this, but we made this corner like this because a lot of people said do it that way.

Let's cool. So there we go. I found an Amazon. That was really cool. Let's talk about some of the pieces that are on the shelf. Cause they've all kind of got their own, their own story. This is a couple of giraffes here. My mom loved her and she had a giraffe collection. Uh, she died of cancer in 2000. So this is my, my homage to mom.

Uh, one little, little giraffe, mom and mom and baby giraffe.

Uh, this piece is a little toy. It's black. Well, hang on and hold it right now. That's why now it's Black. Now. It's white. When I first started in real estate and I was working with a commercial real estate broker, and she would always go to the commercial real estate shows, I mean somewhere. And then she would bring me back these toys.

And so this is something that I've always had and I enjoy playing with. And usually the kids like to play with it as well. And it's just my remembrance of where I came from and that piece of those as well as well. Uh, this here, sand from when my wife and I, we took our first second honeymoon to Daytona beach, Florida in 2013.

And it was amazing time for us as a first time. I actually get away from the kids for a long period of time. So we enjoyed. it so much that, uh, that it's kind of a very important moment in our lives. So it's some sadness when she sells. So from Daytona beach, Florida, these are just some decorations and they don't really have any meaning.

They were just, they were just there and it looked good. So that's how that went. My grandma was a. Ceramic store owner in Malta, Montana. So whenever we'd go to visit grandma and grandpa in Malta, we would go to the downstairs to their ceramic store and we'd paint something after grandpa died and grandma got old enough to decide that she wanted to go to a retirement facility.

She had had us all over to her house and said, Hey, what do you want? And I've always enjoyed. I've always loved Bald Eagles. And so she had this piece on her mantle and I said, that's the one I want. So this is my, my piece from grandma's house.

And she also painted this. This also is grandma Millie's painting here as well. And I thought it just kinda fit in with the mood and the motif that we had going on here.

This is this little rock, just smooth stone. I pulled this off infalis Island in Ireland, my wife and I and my daughter went to Ireland in the spring of 2019. And this is of, it's kind of a funny story because it was raining that whole week. It was thirties to forties temperature wise. So it was better than better than South Dakota.

But it was raining that day as we were going to go ahead it to this Island. And there was this big boat hanging out in the Lake that we thought we were going to take, because it was a boat with a cover on the top of it kind of a tourist boat. And we thought we were going to get and could get on that.

And I, I saw these guys and they were low. They were getting these smaller dinghy type boats ready to go. And I was kind of like Boyce, Soo bad for those people have to go on this little boat. It turns out those boats were the ones we were going on. So here we are boating across this little. To this Island.

It wasn't very far, but there's a couple of minutes in the rain when the wind was kind of blowing. It was just kind of funny watching everybody just kind of cuddle up and get, try and find protection from the rain their Island. But the other one that we went to had this very etheric, other worldly feel to it.

I mean, there were, it just had this. Feel of another planet and the energy and the feel that it was, was just amazing. And so this is my tribute to that trip, going back there and remembering what it felt like to be on the Island that day.

I first got started in real estate. When I finally got myself, my own office, my kids for Christmas wanted to get me something. Actually I asked for something for Christmas. I wanted to decorate my office. So they got me an alarm clock. I'm not sure why, but this is what they chose when they were 10 years old, whatever they were at the time, they got me an alarm clock.

So I've always appreciated this little alarm clock cause it's, you know, an old fashioned alarm clock.

And finally, for this decoration over here is a star trek pizza cutter. This is. The clothes, the gift for my first YouTube close deal. And so it was very, it was very special to me, not only the fact that they decided to get me something, but as you, if you've watched any of my videos, you know, I referenced star Trek, I've referenced star Wars.

So the fact that they, they liked me enough to say, Hey, Tristan, like start star Trek. Let's, let's get him up. Let's get him a star Trek pizza cutter. So I keep this back here as well as a reminder of how great all you guys are and how amazing this a YouTube journey has been. And I know that you all, you've all seen this flag before, and I want to tell you the story behind this flag.

Cause it's not just something that I went and bought back in 2012, I had a client who was a military member and he was going to be deployed on January 1st of our six months. To go to Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we couldn't find him property that he really enjoyed that was already built. So we decided to build something.

So we got it put together before he left. And then I kind of watched over things during the construction while he was gone on to deploy here in South Dakota, we have Ellsworth air force base, which is one of two squadrons that have the B-1 bomber. So he went out there too. Iraq Afghanistan were wherever he, wherever he actually got deployed to my client was a weapons systems operator, which they also call themselves wizzos.

And he just got that sat in the back, uh, behind the pilots and they controlled where the bombs went on a few of their missions. They flew flags in honor of certain people. So this flag was flown for me, the real estate agent. You know, I was thinking most people  probably with flow from their, their parents or their children or whatever, but no, it was flown from me.

On, where was it? It wasn't as there's a, on June 30th, 2013 can really see that. But the certificate shows that this was flown for me and it shows the different who was the pilots and who was the service operators. And even the payload of the bombs that was listed at the time. So that was certainly a great honor to receive that when he came back to the States, shout out to puffy.

Thank you so much for that honor, man. I I'm always hanging it back behind the, behind my desk in honor of who you are and what you've done. And thank you for what you've done. All right. A switch to my phone now to kind of give you a feel, we'll turn it around so you can get a feel of what it looks like behind the scenes.

And I'll talk to you a little bit about the fun things that I got and, uh, how I  do to make the video. So here we are exciting, exciting. Here's our office space. Obviously you can see the camera right up there. That's a Sony s6400 and I've got a microphone there attached to it. I just bought this MSI computer that I really enjoy.

It's really helping out with the speed of the processing for the, um, editing. I've got my lights over there. Soft box up there, and another light, like the one over there.

few other things to kind of show off here. This is my selfie stick that I really enjoy. It's a Fuji tech. It really is extends out far, really can be used for real. I like that one. And then this is just my, when you have a normal, sometimes you need just to cheap, lightweight. Tripod to take it with you whenever you go traveling places.

So I got us a cheapo Walmart, one from 15 bucks, and of course we got the camera bags, put everything in there. That's where I've got my Canon camera that we use that for our real estate photography. Uh, this is my gimbal for the phone to make some smooth shots. Of course the cleaning stuff, all that kind of stuff.

And the additional bag for the Sony camera as well.

One of my other new features is my green screen.

I haven't had the chance to really have a lot of fun with this, but don't worry. I will. And that's all there is to it. Or you enjoyed this little story time and showcasing what I do and how else? Thank you so much for watching my videos, hitting that like button subscribing, all those other things that helps YouTube know that Tristan must be kind of cool.

The links to all my fun video equipment. There'll be below, take a look at them and check them out. Of course, if you buy something, hug a little piece of the action too. Thanks again for watching. Have an amazing day and remember, love real live. Scooby Scooby doo wa uh, you, we got some work to do now.