What's my Home Worth?


I know.  You were hoping to find a form here that you enter your address and BAM! ➡️ You’d be forwarded to a website saying “You Home Is Worth This Much.”  Simple and easy.  Don’t have to contact one of them thar REALTORS.

Unfortunately, there is so much more at play than a computer system can accurately process.  You know those 10 second online home evaluators?  Those are great but it’s simply a numbers and algorithm mathematical formula.

(Okay, Okay, Fine. Put the pitchfork down. Of course this site is built with a home value estimation tool. 
➡️ Here is the LINK. ⬅️ Don't say I didn't warn you.)

 There are so many other things that affect the value of your home that the Instant Home Valuation Estimate does not take into account; such as condition (Have you done any maintenance and painting in 10 years? 🤔), location (Do you live on a busy street or have a drainage ditch in your back yard?) and local and economic changes.


To determine an 🥰 accurate home value:

Give us a few minutes to walk through your home.  Show us what you love and what you have updated.  We’ll take that information and run a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) of your home.  We’ll also show you key things to 🔨 fix, update, or repaint 🖌️ so you can get the best bang for your buck – along with references to the best people to do it for you!

Once we have a value, we’ll meet again and show you what we’ve found.  Show you what you can expect to 🫰 net on the sale.  And allow you the opportunity to ask questions and relieve your concerns.  

Don't worry - we won’t corner you and make you sign 📝 anything.  
(Well, until you decide to list… then the signatures gotta happen)

When you decide to list with us, we’ll put our 6 week Ongoing Home Exposure System to work for you.


When should you list your Home?


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We'll be with you each step of the way.